Looking For Some Prayers From Our Slingshot Family

  • Rob, I just saw this and it hit me like a Mike Tyson punch. The support you gave to both Bill and myself when we had the worse year of our lives meant tons to me (and I'm sure Bill). Now please let us repay you for that act of kindness. You're one special guy that always has a kind word and contagious smile no matter what's been happening. I know we're not neighbors, but i do consider you to be a friend none the less. I know you'll kick this with all the determination you apply to every day of your life. I'm looking forward to riding with you again soon bro. Get well so we can share some good times and bench racin' soon

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  • I want to cry out “Why!!???” But, I know that it is not my place to question only to have faith and hit my knees in prayer. Please know that you are all being raised up in serious prayer.

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  • Prayers!

  • Rob the Slob, I remember when we met two years ago in Maggie Valley. We didn't really get to do much riding due to some rain, mods, and as I recall Luann had a stomach bug one of the days. We did share some good eats, including bear pancakes one morning! Last year we were at the same motel, and we got to have many conversations (some late into the night) including all the things you aren't supposed to talk about (politics, religion, you know...). I consider you to be one of my closest friends, and it is just tearing me up to know you are faced with this.

    Know that you are in mine and Sharon's prayers, and we will continue praying for you and Luann. I'm not one to just say it, I believe in the power of prayer and I will be lifting you up daily! Brother if anyone can beat this, I believe you can!

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