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  • Dave You can get a backstage pass for free on the Polaris websight


  • I think that someone needs assistance...check web site!

  • Can't access PMs. Send a PM email to Thanks Dave.

    • Email sent, thanks

    • Sorry, can't answer your question. I believe the event is being hosted by the Las Vegas SS club so perhaps contact them? P.S. I bought mine through Eventbrite.

  • Good Morning, I would think that Bobby has made it there already. Don't let him work you too hard.

  • Hi Dave, I ordered the big brake kit...from Slingmods, do all the calipers go in the same direction...mine do?

    • There is all black Willood lettering on the it stock? Is should be white?

  • Does anyone here know of a DDM specialist in SOCAL who can work on my DDM modified SS? I live in Venice CA.

  • I have a superchager...would like to now how much is the 100 inch pulley. But how will affect the engine?

    Thanks, Lui

    • U may want to put a message in his vendor section. I'm not sure he will see the wall post.

  • [Resend of my e-mail]

    Close me! I wrote sales training manuals in a former life and that's what the top gun sales guys would say. Anyway, I've done extensive research and your firm's product seems to best fit my needs.

    MY RIDE: "DATSling" 2016.5 SE

    TIRES: Bridgestone RE71s, 245/40-18 in front and 295/30-20 in back

    COILOVERS: Polaris OEM


    -Greater comfort and control over bumps and rough asphalt

    -Enhanced cornering

    -Lower the vehicle about 1/2-3/4" (or at your recommendation)

    -My driving style is about 10-20% as spirited as traffic allows; 50-60 just cruising; and the rest, in traffic


    -Adjustability -- I'm hoping for a "set it and forget it"

    -Ride height -- I'd like to set the suspension from the 5" stock ground clearance to 4.25 or 4.5. If you recommend 4.0" we can go there too (adjusted at the factory?)

    -Rebuildability -- will probably move on from DATSling before these are close to needing replacement/repair

    Uncle Sam was a light touch this year so I've got the budget. Cheers!

    -Darren aka "dalancroft"

    San Mateo, California

  • Hi Dave, I'm installing an Autometer oil pressure gauge that has a tube running to the gauge. My question is, where is the best place to install the fitting on the motor. I saw the oem placement of the sensor, and I thought to do I get to it, and take it out? I have read that the oil pressure can be taken from the back of the head? How much is the pressure reading loss there? Thank you, in advance of your response. Cheers

  • Hello. I was referred to you concerning my wanting to get tune on my SS? Thanks.

  • Dave my e-mail is

  • OK how much for just the rear now and in a month or three how much for the front 2

  • Dave: Thanks for your input and your advise was right on. I had already asked Bob what to do. He in fact, stated it would be best to have it installed before I had the header installed. In essence, you agreed with Bob. My whole purpose of the thread was to see what the folks on the Forum had to say about this but I definitely was going with what Bob told me. All that being said, hopefully you can come up with a date to install my header and brakes. Waiting to hear from you.

  • Question: I am very much interested in the 1320 Turbo manifold/header (Version 2.0 I believe) to go in my SS. It has the Stage 1 Alpha turbo with the 2 bar sensor and alpha turbo side exhaust. Will you guys be installing the 1320 turbo header at SSITS and will Bob be there for retuning?

  • Diffenatly can use one or s set. Can I PayPal you for overnight?

  • Dave are the oil cooler brackets almost ready?

  • if I was wanting a supercharger installed while at the Texas get together in April, what needs to be done? I am seriously wanting one in blue, if possible. what would be the total cost and what be needed to start the process. I know on the website it says a 1000 deposit, can payments be made after that like monthly til the event and payoff at the install or what? you can send me a pm or email at with all the info. thanks.

  • Yeap, black ones will be available in about a month.

  • Dave

    Any chance we can get the Sway Bar in Black or Grey "Not Red"