Looking For Some Prayers From Our Slingshot Family

  • Brothers and Sisters,

    A few days ago, I received probably the most heart-breaking news about one of our Slingshot family members. A member I consider more than just a dear friend. I'm talking about Rob the Slob. If you are fortunate enough to have ever met Rob, you would agree that he is truly a special person. I'm not talking "short bus" special!! I'm talking special in a very humble sense. Truly a good friend to have in your life.

    Well. . . Rob is now in a fight for his life. He has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It blinds me with anger to even say. I don't know why I'm so angry. I just keep asking myself...WHY!?!? How could something like this happen to someone so great? I know it is not right to question issues like this. But I'm just feeling selfish right now.

    Rob is a very strong person. But even the strongest person could use a little prayer or two to help them over the hump. I kid you not, this is one hell of a hump. He's scheduled to start Chemo real soon. He is also looking forward to seeing everyone in Maggie Valley this year. He is truly a trooper.

    Right now, Rob could use our collective help in prayer. Since Velma and I got the news, we haven't stopped praying. This has affected us in a very heart-felt way. If you've ever met Rob and his lovely wife Luann, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    If you have a special prayer in your heart, I ask that you send it out for Rob and Luann. Right now, they both need our support. Given the camaraderie and fellowship of the Slingshot community, I'm sure we all can give him the support he needs to get through this.

    Rob, you and Luann are a special part of mine and Velma's life. I'm not ready to say goodbye. Not now. . .Not ever! Any and everything you need to give you strength, can be found in this Slingshot family. This is OUR fight. We are in it with you. We are in it to win it. We ARE with you. I love you, brother.

    "@$#% Cancer"

    (Just trying to cut down on my profanity):cursing:

  • I have not had the pleasure of meeting Rob or his wife yet, but I hope and pray that at some point I will. And I also pray that when I do he is cancer free and healthy. God please hear my prayers and pour your love and strength into Rob so that he can win the battle ahead.


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  • Oh no... 😔

    I'm with you John. FUCK CANCER! I've met Rob and his wife Luann and they are very special... VERY!

    Prayers will be made and Rob, you better get through this. 🙏

  • Prayers in deed, we know you can pull through this. There is hope with prayer, my mom is still with us after 22 years of cancer free. After 10 hrs of surgery I thought it couldn’t get better. God proved me wrong.

    We have a ride for the relay to raise money for the American Cancer Society and this year we ride from Santa Monica to Chicago on all the Route 66 that’s still left. Anyone that would like to do this ride can go to:
    www. Ridefortherelay.net

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  • Prayers your way brother. I too am fighting stage 4 colon cancer as we speak but with prayers , faith and a positive attitude you will get through this as I am. :saint:

    Prayers headed your way also. Keep up the fight. Just hate to hear that our family is fighting all this stuff. Again prayers your way also.

    Keep Three Wheels Down

  • Rob the Slob - I know what a tough bastard you are and will kick cancer’s ass. I’m only a few miles away if you need ANYTHING !! Gonna send a prayer up to the big guy for ya - please allow the kindness you have shown me to be returned in any way I can

    Your sad but hopeful coonass buddy !!!

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it

  • Just an FYI...I certainly didn't post my issue to take away from Rob. Just wanted him to know that he is not alone in this fight. We all stand together. Prayers to Rob. Stay positive and lots of Faith. The Man upstairs knows what He is doing.

    Ok so who is next. Haters are gonna hate regardless

  • I feel like both are family,, I am not very good at wording my feeling when it comes to people being sick. I just wish you both all the power to heal up as fast as possible.

    My step daughter Katey is 34 years old and never smoked and always eaten super healthy food and she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer had her bottom, middle, and part of her top right lung removed. She is healthy and well now. And my Mom has had portions of her colon removed and she is doing fine now. So y'all fight it because there are positive outcomes everyday….

    And as everyone has said. I will be thinking about you both. Keep us all in the loop with all the info you feel like sharing…. One thing you all know about this forum by now is that we are more of a family than any other place on the web.