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  • slinglow looking to build luggage racks for my 2017 can you give me some dimensions and how you built yours

  • Hey Slinglow I am new member to the forum but had a question on your storage racks for the slingshot. Can those be used with the factory top? Got an 2018 and trying to travel some but the storage issue is a pain, your racks look great so hope it’s possible to adapt somehow. Can you send me a closeup pic so I can see how they attach, thanks for the info. Newbie Bullwinkle71

    • thanks for the info, afraid what you would say but it is what it is. Had I known what problems with the sunshade I would have gone a different path, but great for the sun blocking. On to plan B what ever that may be, thanks for your help. Good to know I now have a place to go with issues!

  • thank you for trying to help me get my nascar shield ordered. i still have not heard from anyone.


  • Ok, tell me about the luggage racks.

  • The back has had me down for the past 5 weeks and have done nothing. I had planed on taking Sling II to the track day but neer got the mods that I needed changed over.

    • Man, I know that's tough for you. Take care my friend - better times are coming! Does your weather let you ride this time of year? I get an occasional sunny day but my schedule has kept me busy otherwise. Working on another empty rental this week.

    • Yes, I can pretty much ride year round. I do mind leaving home at 53 degrees to go to Maggie Valley which is 5 hours ride. I have not road much either for the past 5 weeks, I was just too uncomfortable.

  • I just do not like misinformation, but I am not going to beat a dead horse.

    • Well it's not surprising where that went given the participants. Some people have input on a very limited number of subjects whereas I am a full-spectrum asshole, willing to cover any subject! Happy holidays Gerald! I hope your changeover to the new Sling is going well.

  • Like your luggage racks. Do they work with a Stinger roof?

  • Slinglow, I’m interested in one of these.....

    Bare Diamond Plate: $65 shipped (ready to paint)

    does it look shiny already? It’s not scuffed to take paint?

    I want I can polish it. How durable would it be if it was clear coated? My truck has coated aluminum wheels and when it starts coming off they look like crap..

    • Bigdog, I have unfinished plates and they are shiny. They can be clear coated with high gloss and they keep the same shiny look only with the clear coat protection. The only clear coated plate I have right now is a satin clear to give more of a stainless look. The raw plate could be buffed over time to renew the finish but no one has chosen to do this yet so I can't tell you how often that might be. My nephew builds high-end boats from diamond plate and they are not clear coated so I know it is durable over time. I haven't had any peeling of the clear on my red one and have not heard of any others peeling but they haven't been around all that long. I can't figure out how to attach a photo here so I will PM one to you to show you what they look like.

  • Hey Buddy, not sure if you got my post but here is my address. Thomas Krpata, 935 Meansville Road, Union, SC, 29379

    • I saw that you are looking for the hood pin nut size. It was Slingrazor that offered to send them to you. I think you meant to send him this message.

    • Yep, sorry for the mistake

    • No worries! Hope you get 'er put back together. Will we get a chance to meet in Huntsville next month?

  • Doug. If you want to hold off on the tune when we get back up to your area we can swap ECM for a couple of days/rides. Then you can tell what a tune will do for you before you drop the bucks.


    • That would be awesome Glenn! I have what I think is a reasonable expectation and am not unhappy with the way I'm running now so there is no rush on my end. I'm also interested in hearing results from the ZZP tune once they bring it to market. Looking forward to seeing you guys again this year. Ride on!

  • I've copied and now posted your contact info, on the Facebook threads, that I've shown your rear plate on.
    As I have previously said, I'm very pleased with the results.
    Hopefully it will generate some sales for you.

  • Luggage rack info please. I am on the fence about luggage racks but like the ones I see on your site and possibly you make not sure. Any info you can pass along would be appreciated thank you! Bob Shigo a.k.a. SOCAL

    • Good morning Socal. The racks have mounting brackets that fit into the recessed openings in the back of the roll hoops and the loose mounting brackets fit into the recesses on the front of the hoops. The bolts that are included go through the brackets on the racks, pass through the slots in the hoops, then the loose mounting brackets on the front, sandwiching the hoop between them. They are currently priced at $295/pair including shipping. Thanks for your interest! Doug

      I sent this reply along with a pic to your email this morning also.

    • Thank you for the reply! Do you have a retail site? I have two leather barrel bags from my motorcycle that I am thinking of putting on in this location. If I cannot afix them to my liking I am thinking that a luggage rack would be the best next thing. Thanks Much!

    • No retail site SoCal. I'm just a hobbyist selling stuff on the forum for fun and a side hustle. I'm just breaking even.

    • Found you, I think. Would like photos of your luggage racks for my 2017 Slingshot.

  • Sorry to see your phone, did mine last year when we were here, cost about 150 to get info back. My phone number is 405 two49 eighty74two, did it that way to fool the number bots. We did make a Thursday run to the coast, stopped at camp 18 for cinnamon rolls. Then 53 down to tillimook, blue heron for lunch, air museum, then 6 back to 26 and home. Fun ride sorry you missed it, or we missed tuesday.


  • Just does not look like it in the plans for us to attend. I'm 8 to 10 feet over the max length of 66 feet allowed by the AB regulations for combined vehicle length, and waaay over on weight. Hotel fees are to much for us to pay to sleep in somebody else's bed for a few hours. Maybe if we ever go to a motorhome we can do it, maybe. See you before you guys head out.


    • I understand. Well get some rides in before and after. We'll only be gone a few days. I'd like to get a ride in up to Mt. St Helens.

  • Doug, not sure we can make the Sundre thing, we'll keep looking at the logistics of doing it though. I would like a set of his headlight covers though. Maybe I can work out a deal and just maybe one of my good slingshot friends could transport them back to me. HINT HINT


    • I just replied to your post about the trip. If you don't make it, I'm SURE we could get something like that through customs.

  • Hey young Jedi!! I tend to be more like a cave man than I would like to admit. I am sure some of my thanks has been extended to you but I didn't say it first hand. Just want you to know how much you are appreciated. Hard to explain to people how these simple gestures have affected me and others. But they sorta kick start us back from rough places in our minds and change the focus. Boy did you ever change my focus!! Anyhow,...I am honored to know you young Jedi and thank you very much for all you have done to help me on my own road to recovery. You are always welcome here in my home. A place to stay/crash out/raid the fridge and be among friends!

  • Looking at being up there in july-august time frame. Get ready for so riding! LargeCar

    • Looking forward to seeing you and Anita! I'll introduce you to my (way) better half! We're planning on attending the Sundre, Alberta Slingfest in late July and will be home sometime after that. We'll get some riding in for sure!

  • I am wanting a smooth unfinished rear protection, how do you want me to send you the money

  • Hey slinglow, how do you respond to someone that commented on a post you started, for example some said welcome to me in the new member post, but can’t figure out how to respond to them, or even personal message them. Can you help me,

    • To respond on the thread, hit the pencil at the left of the toolbar at the bottom of their post then hit reply. That will place their post on yours in a bubble and you can type your response below that bubble. You can also enter multiple quotes in a single post by clicking the pencil on each post you want to quote. To replay in a private conversation, hit their avatar then click the icon with the double bubble at the far right of the toolbar to the right of their name. This will start a private conversation. Hope that helps!

    • Yes thank you, how do you get in the not for work thread?

    • Sell your soul to the devil then private message rabtech with the request. It used to be Tripod but he is currently off the forum. If Rabtech doesn't Respond try @Kenny H.

  • Hey slinglow, I am interested in some of your meansling bag, you have some pics you can send me of them

    • Go to @RupturedDuck is the proprietor - they are not mine. The racks were original designed by FunCycle to use with them.

    • Ok thanks

  • Sir,
    May we give you answer concerning the luggage rack this Friday (23 Mar.)?
    Feel free to email me @ Thank you!

  • Hi everyone, it's been awhile since i've been on the forum. Has anyone purchased the polaris protection plan? is there another alternative than this plan?

  • Sir,
    Will your storage rack work with a MadStad Stinger Roof? Thanks

    • Hey Roughrider. I got another request from someone with the Madstad Stinger and we talked about shortening the inside mounting arms to mount them to the Madstad roof bracket, in which holes would need to be drilled. I'm looking into it now and will report back if we can make it work.

  • I am late noticing your post about luggage racks. Today I was starting to fab my own, then thought I should check the forum. What $$ for a 2016 set? To 33540.

    • Hey man, are still interested in luggage racks?

    • No, not anymore. I bought roll hoop bags from a vendor here instead. Thanks for checking tho!!

  • Hi from Britain!

    I am now a very proud owner of a beautiful red, rear protection plate.
    It looks great quality and is even better, in the flesh, than in the pictures.


  • Hey Doug, Glenn here. Are you still doing the rear armor plates for the sling? How are you cutting the aluminium? Are you powder coating it? Did not know you were such a talented guy. Send some pics or links. 405 249 8742


  • If I don't like the SC, I will consider it......hmmmmmm....nOt! LoL

  • I was wondering if your still taking orders for 2016. Thanks

  • Hi from Bitain
    Would you be interested in supplying one of you lovely looking rear aluminium plates to the UK?

    If you would like to help, then please let me know what price you would need - Don't forget to include your shipping costs -
    If you can do something (in RED) I'd be very pleased, if you can let me know.

  • Slinglow do you still have any of the aluminum plate for the back of the sling?