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  • EJ won't be able to make it, looks like we have his spot filled. Picked up t-shirts the other day, they look great! Brent and I are coming in Wednesday, 8/29, but may not be riding in together. We may trailer in, definitely will if it's raining. Is the cookout thing with Toy Store still a go? Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    • Cool! I"ll see Brent tomorrow, will let him know your coming in Thursday. Harvey and Diana will be in sometime on Thursday, likely late afternoon-early evening. Cya soon DER!

  • DER what room did you book, keeping track to let others know what's available.

    • On the 1st floor?

    • The one just before front desk is the Wooten. They told me that room was not available.

    • Great! Can you open an excel file? Have a route or two may see if you would be able to pre-ride for us, check out roads, construction and all.