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  • Finally got the pictures of my new 2019 Grand Touring SS.

  • Only 1 G in canegrinder. Seems I cannot correct It.

  • I think I just joined this forum. I rode motorcycles for more than 60 years My last Bike was a 2009 Kawasaki Nomad. I had to let it go because it got to hard for me to handle. I thought that was the end until I did a test ride on a Slingshot. In October 2018. I purchased a 2018 SL Slingshot. It sure was a good feeling to get the wind in my face again. So here I am. I just got bit by the Mod Bug and ordered an F4 windshield. I hope I'm not disappointed. Funny thing about the SS though is that after 2000 Miles I have never met another SS on the road. Do you guys ever ride? I would like to find someone to ride with. Its lonesome here in Middleburg, Florida.