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    Brothers and Sisters,

    A few days ago, I received probably the most heart-breaking news about one of our Slingshot family members. A member I consider more than just a dear friend. I'm talking about Rob the Slob . If you are fortunate enough to have ever met Rob, you would agree that he is truly a special person. I'm not talking "short bus" special!! I'm talking special in a very humble sense. Truly a good friend to have in your life.

    Well. . . Rob is now in a fight for his life. He has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It blinds me with anger to even say. I don't know why I'm so angry. I just keep asking myself...WHY!?!? How could something like this happen to someone so great? I know it is not right to question issues like this. But I'm just feeling selfish right now.

    Rob is a very strong person. But even the strongest person could use a little prayer or two to help them over the hump. I kid you not, this is one hell of a hump. He's scheduled to start Chemo real soon. He is also looking forward to seeing everyone in Maggie Valley this year. He is truly a trooper.

    Right now, Rob could use our collective help in prayer. Since Velma and I got the news, we haven't stopped praying. This has affected us in a very heart-felt way. If you've ever met Rob and his lovely wife Luann, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    If you have a special prayer in your heart, I ask that you send it out for Rob and Luann. Right now, they both need our support. Given the camaraderie and fellowship of the Slingshot community, I'm sure we all can give him the support he needs to get through this.

    Rob, you and Luann are a special part of mine and Velma's life. I'm not ready to say goodbye. Not now. . .Not ever! Any and everything you need to give you strength, can be found in this Slingshot family. This is OUR fight. We are in it with you. We are in it to win it. We ARE with you. I love you, brother.

    "@$#% Cancer"

    (Just trying to cut down on my profanity):cursing:

    You do know that is 50 % clear for Friday --- 30% clear for Saturday and 50% clear for Sunday

    I agree, BUT....!!!! I don't knock my Slingshot driving prowess in the rain. It's those other idiots out there that raise the hair on the back of my neck. That, and that uncomfortable 3 to 4 hour ride in the rain that bothers me. Call it what you want...I just hate Slinging in the rain. This past year in Maggie Valley had a lot to do with that!!!!

    I'll keep an eye on the forecast, and make my decision tomorrow. Fingers crossed and prayers sent!!!!!

    Has anybody taken a look at the forecast for this event?

    Friday - 50% chance of Thunderstorms during the day. 90% chance of Thunderstorms Friday Night.

    Saturday - 80% chance of Thunderstorms during the day. 50% chance of Thunderstorm Saturday night.

    Sunday - 50% of scattered Thunderstorms during the day. 90% chance of Thunderstorms Sunday night.

    Don't get me wrong, we already have Hotel reservations. On top of that, we love the ride to Clarksville, as well as the wonderful people there. The chance of seeing old friends and new...priceless!!! Right now, I'm keeping an eye on the forecast. If it continues to slide downhill, I'll have some tough decisions to make.;(:(||

    Big wrench day today. Getting ready for Clarksville. Oil and oil filter changes, rear diff fluid changes on my Sling as well as V-SHOT , Bear , A-Team SS , DJHype , and Levi’s Sling.

    Installed rear protection plate on my Sling, and new QA1 shocks and steering wheel on Levi’s Sling.

    It's always a good day when we can all get together, turn some wrenches, scarf down some breakfast sandwiches, tell some lies, and get out for a little ride...just to make sure of our workmanship!!!:00008356:

    And it is even more fun helping other people spend money on even more mods!!!!!!!!:00008172::00008172:

    All Sling riders need to have a crew like ours!!!!!!!!8o:S;)

    Of course you know, I'll be ordering this today!!!!! Great idea!!!!!

    50 Degrees today. Decided to jump in the Sling and take the wife to the Winery. Well, actually, it was her idea. She found out one of our favorite Vineyards was having an Oyster Roast, and instructed me that we were going. Who am I to argue!!!

    Gauthier Vineyard is a relatively new winery in our area. Only a little over five years old. We made their Grand Opening back in 2014. Well, they have made some major improvements. Every Friday and Saturday, they now serve Brick-Fired Oven Pizzas. Really good!!! On the second and fourth Sunday, they have Farm-Raised Oysters...Raw or roasted! Either way is good!!!

    We placed our Oyster order, then went inside to taste some of the newly released wines. Big mistake! I'll let the pictures do the talking.8|

    Yes, the Slingshot can transport 24 Bottles of Wine...even with one of the Cubbies sacrificed for the sub-woofer.

    Roasted Oysters!!!!!! Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!

    Hand-made Pizza!!!! Yum!!!


    Killer Brick Oven!

    New additions to our Wine Bar.

    All in all, it was a good day. I am truly thankful she dragged me out of the house today. I think I really needed it. Now, if you all will excuse me, I have some bottles of wine that look like they may need some mouth to bottle resuscitation!!!!:00008040: