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    Well Happy New Year my friend.


    I seemed to have missed out on wishing all you fine people a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!:(

    Well, @#$!% Happens!!!!

    Looks as though Velma and I will be in Clarksville for both the Wine Festival AND the Slingshot event! I believe I told you ya'll she likes it over there!! See ya' soon!!!!

    I had the same issue. My wife and I decided to take a 3.5 hour road trip to Brewer Cycles in Henderson, NC. I could have opted for a 4-mile drive to my local dealer...but that is another story, for another time.

    I told the folks at Brewer's that I had already purchased and installed a new knock sensor. They did some trouble-shooting, found no problems, and reset the Code. They also did "all" my Recall work...minus the battery fuse block. Everybody needs a place like Brewer Cycles in their town. Great service, and great people!

    I am going to be in the People Republic of California - it is scary out there

    I'll second that!!!!

    Too bad I'll miss you on this trip. We gotta get something drummed up so we can get everybody back together again!! :thumbsup:

    Got the knock sensor code earlier in the year. Replaced sensor. Code would not clear. Dealer had to use Digital Wrench. Mechanic said some codes will not clear.

    And the Knock Sensor Code is one of those that seems to not want to reset. I replaced the Sensor and still have the Light. Heading down to Brewer's Cycles in Henderson, NC on the 26th to get it reset...along with some Recall stuff I've been putting off. Hey MACAWS , let's do lunch!!! I'll even let you buy!!!!:thumbsup::00008172::00008356:

    Hey Cameron Roberts ! Long time, no see! That was us (the Hampton Roads Crew) tooling about. We are routinely in that neck of the woods...either heading to the winery or just bumming about Williamsburg. I still have your number, so I'll give you guys a shout when we're heading to your area. I'll be heading to Rota, Spain on 24 June for the week. Hope I have the fortune of running into @The Rock while I'm there. Take care and Happy Father's Day!!

    We love you Rob the Slob !!! All of us are praying and pulling for you in this fight!! Know one thing . . . if you need anything, just reach out and we'll be there for you and Luann!!

    Keep up the good fight, Brother!! We're all in this, together. A whole bunch of us still want and need you around!!!!:00008040:

    Brothers and Sisters,

    A few days ago, I received probably the most heart-breaking news about one of our Slingshot family members. A member I consider more than just a dear friend. I'm talking about Rob the Slob . If you are fortunate enough to have ever met Rob, you would agree that he is truly a special person. I'm not talking "short bus" special!! I'm talking special in a very humble sense. Truly a good friend to have in your life.

    Well. . . Rob is now in a fight for his life. He has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It blinds me with anger to even say. I don't know why I'm so angry. I just keep asking myself...WHY!?!? How could something like this happen to someone so great? I know it is not right to question issues like this. But I'm just feeling selfish right now.

    Rob is a very strong person. But even the strongest person could use a little prayer or two to help them over the hump. I kid you not, this is one hell of a hump. He's scheduled to start Chemo real soon. He is also looking forward to seeing everyone in Maggie Valley this year. He is truly a trooper.

    Right now, Rob could use our collective help in prayer. Since Velma and I got the news, we haven't stopped praying. This has affected us in a very heart-felt way. If you've ever met Rob and his lovely wife Luann, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    If you have a special prayer in your heart, I ask that you send it out for Rob and Luann. Right now, they both need our support. Given the camaraderie and fellowship of the Slingshot community, I'm sure we all can give him the support he needs to get through this.

    Rob, you and Luann are a special part of mine and Velma's life. I'm not ready to say goodbye. Not now. . .Not ever! Any and everything you need to give you strength, can be found in this Slingshot family. This is OUR fight. We are in it with you. We are in it to win it. We ARE with you. I love you, brother.

    "@$#% Cancer"

    (Just trying to cut down on my profanity):cursing: