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  • Are you tired of the house yet? One big bottle of crown is gone.

  • Just to let you and anybody else here know since selling my slingshot I'm enjoying my Cheetah V8 trike. I hereby renounce my citizenship on the slingshot forum but retain the right to use this forum for covert Cheetah operations and to give people Jit on the political forum. That is all... return to your battle stations.

    • hate to hear ya sold your SS but glad to hear your sticking around. We will take a ride together yet !!!

  • Hey , just a FYI I got 2 bottles of Screwball in the fridge. My liquor store had a sign saying mix with cranberry juice and you get a PP J tasting drink LOL.

    • I looked for it at my liquor store and they had to order me some - thanks for tip - wonder if you mix it in a shot form if it would go good with a cold glass of milk chaser LOL

    • I usually never mix just ice. But the wife does have some cranberry juice, I might just have to give it a try with a milk chaser. LOL

  • Dave to work on it . Retreating from the heat - it was bout to kill me after not very long. See you today

  • I seen you Sling parked by the vendors ALL day, but didn't see you anywhere!

  • Happy Birthday Bro. I know it's been a hell of a year, but as we spoke, it's all gettin better. Looking forward to 2019 with happy smiles and many fun miles of rides

  • Hey Bill, how do you keep the love bugs off of that sling? I spent a few years in South Louisiana with motorcycles and keeping those little bastards out of the fins was a challenge

  • Are you doing o.k. ? I just did not see you posting much.

  • Happy birthday Sir

  • Happy Birthday Bill

  • Do I have to remind you at your age that TODAY is your birthday?! LOL

    Happy Birthday Bill <3

  • Happy Birthday Bill! Enjoy !!

  • I believe it might be somebody's birthday today? Mr 61?

  • I'm not sure but I will make it a point to meet ya this year. I go to so many of these Sling events it is hard to keep all the screen names and real names straight... I ain't that smart. Lookin forward to it

  • Did I meet you at the Arkansas rally last year? I cant seem to put screen names with faces. Cigars and whiskey dude all 4 days from what I hear. :)

  • Bill I can't seem to find your email... I promise I do not sell insurance! Steve

  • Yo!

    • Wuz up??

    • Not much. Just got through doing a 1 hour job of halo headlights for T's Jeep in about 4 hours. I'm good. Tomorrow a tuner and dynomax super turbo muffler kit.

    • Mt Rainer tomorrow

    • Cool send pics

  • Bill, are you slighting me? I'm only on the forum until I sell my tires so that's fine. In any case, I miss your insight and banter. I do not need the feedback from the forums anymore. I volunteer with the VFW, American Legion, and Patriot guards. Please check in! Steve

  • Hey how are you doing?

  • When are you planning to come to Oregon/Washington? I'm just a few minutes SE of Portland and would love to get together.

  • Missed seeing you this year... But I eyeballed your sling while it was in the Alpha tent... Sorry to hear about your turbo. Don't think we will be buying any Alpha products anytime soon either. Our variable exhaust needed a cap on the gear actuator, bought it last ssits with supposedly a one year warranty. Mr. H. Couldnt/wouldnt/didn't/ take any time telling us that he wasn't interested in having returning customers. Steve did not press the issue, but I personally will make sure we avoid Alpha from here on out. Warranty and service is what creates happy customers.

    Not to mention before we ever got home from ssits last year, the actuator failed to work properly and required disassembly and repair when we got home.

  • Thank you guys again for the Awesome meet and greet plus a great ride.

  • We are gonna get up there and figure out everything cause different ones are bringing stuff so we will pool it all together then I'll go to store and fill in any gaps

  • Bill, you and angie doing the barbeque gig friday night? Ejford? The details are scarce on the thread.. would love to see all of yall this year even if for a few days anyway... :)

  • Bill -I might bump to 5000, but stick with 3500 for now unless one more 5000 makes a difference in discount. Rob

  • Damn - I can tell ya it's rough for her and you when one is not mobile. Angie did it but I know it was hard on her for about 3 month - 1 month I couldn't put any weight in my foot at all. Hope she has a speedy recovery and you guys have a fantastic holiday season. See you in Maggie Valley bro...take care

  • Brenda's using a walker, right knee replacement last Thursday morning, I am sticking close to the house. Just about to drive me crazy.

  • Hi bill we would like to have your full address First and Last name because Barbie would like to send a handmade X-Mas card

  • At the Beau, 6 minutes from my house. Wish yall would have called!!

  • Bill and Angie can't wait to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gonna be great to get us all together again!! Can't wait!!