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    I havent seen a station that offered full service in a very long time - - some years back there was one station that had one set of pumps that were full service, but the price per gallon on those pumps was also a good deal higher and no one ever used them - at least not that I saw. That station like all others I know of is all self serve now - also when I say full service I just mean they pump the gas for you - havent seen a real full service station where they wash the windows and check under the hood in 40 or more years - when I was a kid the stations all sold batteries and tires and most had full time mechanics that could do just about anything you might need - - actually that one station that I told you had the full service pumps actually still has service bays and mechanics that always seems to be full of cars and trucks being worked on - - but they won't pump your gas ;)

    My first Job was a service station attendant for Standard Oil. I had to go to a service school in order to get the job. Paid $15.00 a week. I only got a raise after I joined the Navy my salary went all the way to $63.00 a month.

    Saw this while having my coffee. Comrade Bernie has another giveaway .... under his plan taxpayers would foot the bill for all sex changes and aftercare. This guy is like the Pied Piper to the young voter - sure hope there is enough of us old voters to stop him from leading them (and us) off a cliff. I never in my life ever thought a guy with policies like Sanders is proposing would be the leading the Dem field for the Presidential nomination. Not so far back he used to be just Crazy Bernie - now this guy is becoming a genuine threat to get into power??? What the hell has happened to us ??

    We let the Democrats take over our schools and let them teach our children their doctrine. We also let them take God and Country out of the schools so we only have ourselves to blame. What we need to do is put God and Country back into our schools and get the Government control out. Also we as parents need to take back control of our children. We have let the Government raise them for us for way to long.

    Nancy Pelosi broke the law when she destroyed an official document (SOTU Speech) I've heard over and over again from the Democrats that no one is above the law.. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi will be charged or is she above the law.

    I have quit watching regular TV. I watch the news media, it has become more entertaining than Sitcoms. I get the most laughs this way. The democrats are acting like children with Nancy leading the pack. Her tantrum of tearing up the speech showed her age. She acted more like a 3 year old than an adult. The Democrats are losing it in more ways than one. God help us if they ever gain control of this Nation.

    Edward Neal You hit the nail on the head. This was a total partisan Sham that took place without a By Partisan vote in the House. That is why no republican in the house supported it and most of witnesses were coached behind closed doors. Question; Would you like to be tried for a crime in this matter and not have a chance to defend yourself?

    Dems will never allow that because all it could do is help the Republicans. The Whistleblower can only testify to hearsay evidence of one side of a phone call. The Dems have already called 17 hearsay witnesses - can’t help their case at all for one more to testify - only hurt it IMO or they would have already produced him/her.

    If the Inquiry was illegal to start with why do we need more witnesses. This whole SHAM is Illegal. because there never was a vote in the house for an inquiry. Pelosi took it upon herself to assign the inquiry to the comity which is illegal.

    I have a question. Can anyone tell me how many ways a phone call can be twisted and broken down??? The Democrats, mainly Adam Shithead have twisted a phone call so many ways that I can't count them, Please help me.

    I've never heard of these magical beads. Curious, knowing how the SS is inherently less than a smooth ride. Did yours have a specific shake or shimmy at a certain speed or do these things actually smooth out (to an extent) what would be the typical ride we have come to expect on the current SS.

    Also after installation did you remove the original balance weights?


    The 2020 with the 2.0 engine is To fast for me. My 2019 GT is more than I need. Any of the SS's will get you a ticket. I think I will hang onto my GT. Hint; Since I installed 2 oz. each, Dyna Beads in all three tires my ride is much, much smoother than before.

    I can't believe that we the people have let things go the way they have for so long that States like Virginia is trying to ban all guns and North Carolina wants to ban the pledge of alleagance in public meetings. And States that don't want to procecute criminals like California and New York. And the one thing I see in common with all these States is they are all run by Democrats. God Help us if Democrats get control of this Great Nation. Just my $.02 worth.

    Guardian_Angel , without saying anything you are not supposed to, can you clear up some confusion for me ? Today the Base S has disappeared off the website with the Ecotech and only the GT remains on the site as of right now with an Ecotech but listed as a 2019 model.

    Has Polaris announced, that the Ecotech will or will not be available in the GT as a 2020 someday ? and the S ? or are they still keeping us in the dark and guessing on the future of the Ecotech in Slingshots? IF THEY ARENT OFFICIALLY SAYING ANYTHING YET IN THAT REGARD, don't be afraid to tell me that I may still have to appear in a state of confusion, lol

    From what I understand the GT will keep the 2.4 engine and 5 speed transmission. No change

    Imagine This: 1 Trillion 163 Billion 90 Million Dollars for the 2020 Budget. That's more money than a freight train can haul. I can not comprehend that much money. I can remember when a nice home would cost $20,000 A new car around $2500. Lets go back to the good old days I consider myself very lucky to be retired for 30 years and own a 2018 GMC Acadia, A 2019 SS GT free and clear and a home that is 51 years old.

    I salute Mr. Brian Mast Congressman from Florida for asking congress to give one name from the Veterans wall that would not justify the killing of The Iranian General. He sat silent for about 2 minutes and waited. No one gave him a name. Thank You Mr. Mast

    Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind. I read this morning that she says that one way or another Trump will not be President in 10 months. I wonder if that is a threat or a promise?

    If my memory serves me I think I voted for JFK but he was the last Democrat I voted for. Go Navy!!!