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    I was brought to my attention that you can find these superchargers with a manifold for 500 of less on Facebook. Coupled with a kit from ZZP, and a tune, it seems like you could have boost for under 1500, yet I haven't been able to find anyone doing this...what am I missing?

    The issue you will have with a stock M62 from a cobalt is going to be the intake side of the supercharger will stick right into the firewall area of the Slingshot. There is one guy that I know of that did a custom setup using the LSJ intake manifold with an adapter plate to a TVS setup, but he ended up spending a lot more money on it than just buying an off the shelf turbo or supercharger kit. So it can be done, but it is not going to be a plug and play setup on the Slingshot.

    If you have any questions about it, just let me know.

    First thing I would do is disconnect the cable to see if it is a frozen cable vs a caliper issue. If it's in the caliper, I'm sure a good used one can be found really cheaply and you'd have yourself an extra $700 or more for your favorite beverage while doing the work yourself

    Yeap, agree with Funinthesun , djvj pop the cable out of the parking brake mechanism and try to isolate where the problem is, once the cable is out you will be able to see if the caliper is the issue or the cable. If the caliper is the issue, just let us know we have several here from Big Brake Conversions like MACAWS mentioned.

    The fitting in your picture is an Autometer #2278. It has the metric thread on one side that screws into the Ecotec block and a 1/8" npt fitting on the other side that will accept that 1/8" NPT to -4AN fitting on the setup you currently have. You can buy those Autometer parts at a lot of different places, Amazon, Summit, Jegs, etc. Here is a link to one on Amazon -…Temperature/dp/B000CIJ39O

    Ok so have the DDM Angle drive brace to install on this 2021 R model here and im seeing its not fitting (the 2 silver halves) , am i missing something, is this year specific..... Dave@DDMWorks

    Yeap, not needed on the 2020+Slingshots, Polaris did a good job of the redesign on those. The angle drive has a much stronger pinion nose design. Give us a call and we can get that angle drive brace back and also get you a refund on it.

    Heading to the Slingexperience in Houston, anyone else heading out there? I know rabtech will be there with some new goodies going on his slingshot. I will get some pictures and videos posted for those that can’t make it also, usually some interesting builds out there.

    I had Bob update my ECU in 2019 or 2020, but my Miles Left until Empty and MPG numbers are still way off. I've just come to ignore the Miles Left until Empty and MPG numbers and just track things in my head.:|

    Bob may not have put it into the Hahn turbo tunes, it was something that we wanted on our tunes and worked with him to get it correct. I don't think that Hahn is doing any active development with Bob anymore, which would make sense if he didn't roll it into any updates. You could give him a call though, it is pretty easy to do, once we found the table in the ECM that changed that reading.

    I'd love to see something like that!

    All of our supercharger and turbo tunes that use the larger fuel injectors have been modified about a year ago to keep the reported fuel mileage correct. Bob @ Mefiburn should be able to update your tune for you with that update.

    You guys are making me jealous of how better the ride is with the SC. Just got an email yesterday mine finally shipped and saying should be here Friday. Might have to take next week off from work and get this installed and going. I don't have a tune on mine and purchased one, which I understand you have to have one anyway for the SC. Did you send your ECM back to Dave@DDMWorks for the tune or somewhere else?

    The tune cost is included with the supercharger kit, like cward59 mentioned, just put the ECM in a box and ship it out to Mefiburn or us with a return label in the box to get the ECM back. There is a sheet included with your supercharger kit that has instructions on how to send the ECM also. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us - 1-864-438-4949 or send me a message here or via email -

    Somewhat discouraged, bought a ddm short shifter and assault shift knob from SlingMods. I read the instructions several times, took the parts out and discovered the shift knob does not work with the short shifter. Why would SM sell someone parts that do not work together? Unless I'm missing something.

    You need the piece that connects between those 2, it is an aluminum piece in your Slingshot stock.

    We are not having any steering issues but some abnormal tire wear, (outsides.) I am thinking that if I show up with a dozen or so 1mm shims that that should be enough, don't you all think?


    Sounds like a toe issue more than a camber issue. For toe adjustment, no shims are necessary.

    The sad thing is MOST of the alignments done to the Slingshots only adjust the toe and not the camber or caster, The toe adjustments are a simple turning of the tie rod end into the sleeve and requires no parts to set it. I did have the camber on mine checked during the alignment and it was within spcs so no shims were required.

    Hope that helps you. But to do a complete alignment properly, the camber should be tested and adjusted if it's off

    Yeap, that has been our experience also. I have not seen anyone adjusting camber/caster on the front of the Slingshot. We did play with the camber on the front of the Slingshot though and did find that at -1.5 degree of camber you can get the front of the Slingshot to really hook well and get it to go on 2 wheels pretty easily. Pretty sure that is why Polaris ships them with 0 camber.

    Realized I haven't posted up some of the more recent builds going on.

    Finished up some tuning on a Stage 3 turbo install, built engine and basically everthing else in our catalog of Slingshot parts -

    Finished up the new tune calibrations for the 2021 models on a beautiful 2021 that stopped by -

    Doing some upgrades to another Slingshot, built engine, Haltech, Stage 3 turbo, etc. -

    Another Slingshot here getting everything installed, Stage 1 turbo, Coolant tank, 3 way shocks, sway bar and mounts, gauges and mount and a bunch of other things in the back of the Slingshot -

    We also had someone show up with this last week, swapped in a new angle drive and installed an angle drive brace for him also -