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    Just so you know, painting it red doesn't make the work go any faster ;)

    I was leaning toward Hammered Metal Grey for obvious reasons.

    When manipulating metals, the object of intent does not always receive the strike.

    Another option would be Rust Bucket Brown...

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Hope everyone's weekend rolled well.

    This past weekend was our ninth year anniversary on Saturday. Seemed appropriate to take Guardian_Angel out to hit the yard sales. Our first date was going to yard sales.

    Found a Sampson 5263 swivel vise. Totally seized. They wanted ten dollars, I gave then seven. Figured it would make a fine light duty anvil.

    Did a little research...

    Sampson vises were made by Rock Island Manufacturing Company and was branded for sale by Sears and Roebuck Catalog prior to 1927 when they started using Craftsman branding.

    Monday, my birthday, went to the garage. With a torch, hammer, wrenches, angle grinder, heavy twisted wire cup wheel, and a lot of luck.

    At the end of the day, had the vise disassembled and ready to paint.

    Still things out there older than myself that are still useful.

    Now, go have some fun!

    Made through the 32 deg start to the day. Saw a hole lot of nothing up the West side of the Rockies but we made it to Devils Tower, met another couple in an Orange Sling from LA, and now resting in Rapid City. Before we head out to my Rushmore tomorrow!

    (LA Sling)

    Hopefully you have the Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road plugged in for your Black Hills ride.

    I see the blue line generating klingon is still hanging on.

    Wish the United Federation of Planets would do something with him...

    Neither Charmin nor sandpaper have worked.

    The swing arm moves left or right on the swing arm bolt.

    Would be the same if you could adjust the rear wheel belt sprocket left or right.

    Never recall meeting Bill Hahn.

    But, based on his past performance here and on the dark side forums...

    If Bill Hahn is selling it, don't buy it.

    I have the all time winner of videos. If this video doesn't go viral and hit a million views then I give up. This is the best video ever.

    Please share it with my YouTube link.

    Just some good ol' boys...

    and at least one getting drunk.

    But it won't go viral cause....

    It didn't have anything about Mama, trains, trucks, or prison.

    The only problem with the Pedal Commander is that it adds an additional electronic input to the primary electronic throttle.

    A new vehicle to you...

    Gas and brake pedal respond different...

    Steering is maybe heavy...

    You learn and become accustomed to it and then you can actually drive it.

    Pedal Commander is the same as the new vehicle...

    You find a setting to meet your normal driving requirement.

    You learn and become accustomed to that setting and then you can actually drive it.

    People problem.

    You hit the twisties and choose to change the PC setting...

    Congratulations! You just put your ass in a new vehicle and have no idea what model vehicle your sitting in.

    Electronics break.

    If primary throttle fails, you may still have limp mode.

    If the Pedal Commander fails...

    Worst case and to this I do not know, you lose primary throttle.

    That's my opinion of the Pedal Commander.

    To those that choose a pedal controller

    People like to play with toys...

    Play with it to find your setting...

    And never play with it again.

    Get well EjFord !

    Like you, I look around and notice all my friends are getting old...

    Then I look in the mirror and think, and the bastards are dragging me with them.

    Only one thing left for us to do...

    We gotta get younger friends.

    Have a good day EJ

    Sounds to me like the starter is possibly locking up on the flywheel or failing to mesh proper.

    Possible loose bolt on starter or bad spot on flywheel.

    High Amp draw of the starter during the lock up would cause lights to drop out.

    Internal short in starter would cause same.

    Just an opinion from way over here.

    Had this problem...

    And just once I would like to answer a question with a simple yes or no.



    That coolant bottle on the firewall that everyone refers to as an overflow tank is a coolant supply reservoir.

    And contrary to everyone's thinking...

    Coolant only moves in this reservoir during expansion/contraction, and burps.

    Water (coolant) seeks its own level.

    The top of the water jacket of the Slingshot engine sits higher than the radiator but lower than the coolant reservoir.

    All coolant systems burp when pressure exceeds the cap capacity...

    It's the foaming antifreeze systems that get noticed.

    You can Google foaming antifreeze causes.

    What's the fix you ask?

    Get rid of all the air in the system below the coolant reservoir.

    On a cold engine...

    Check for any coolant system leaks.

    Check all clamps are secure.

    If necessary, bleed the coolant system again.

    Raise the left wheel a couple inches, don't get crazy. Drive up on a two by four or similar.

    Once again, on a cold engine!

    Remove coolant tank cap.

    On the left side of the engine, remove the steam line above the radiator hose. Have a rag handy.

    Using a clear tube on that fitting allows you to see the fluid, retain your overflow for use, and lessens the mess.

    Add 50/50 coolant to your tank and watch bleed line til free of bubbles.

    Put your steam line back to the port and tighten that clamp.

    As for the DDM Coolant tank...

    Half bubble on the window.

    Too high and steam has no where to go.

    Too low and you may introduce air back to the engine water jacket.

    Gonna add a samowens44 video in here to shorten some people's reading...

    Guess you didn't take the short road.