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    Let's see if I can help folks understand "Eco" mode.

    So, there was this "oil crisis" in the 70's.

    Gas guzzling mega cars, gas shortages, long lines at stations that had fuel, and prices to reflect those shortages.

    It took a few years for auto manufacturers to downsize vehicles and engines to improve fuel mileage.

    But until then, there were no shortages of gadgets available to help you maximize miles per gallon. You could spend as much or little as you wanted.

    One of the devices you could buy was an intake vacuum monitor gage. Similiar to the pic below...

    The idea was to mount the gauge top of dash or on the "A" pillar in order to monitor it without taking your eyes off the road. The object of this guage was to keep the vacuum in the green economy band as much as possible to maximize fuel savings.

    Now, you are running 35mph and enter the interstate on ramp and need to accelerate to the now federally mandated 55mph maximum.

    But, you have to keep the needle in the green band and slowly you increase throttle. You successfully keep the needle in the green band, two and one half minutes later you are reaching that mandated 55mph.

    Using a vacuum monitor in city driving where it would have been most useful was a lost cause. But, screw the monitor, you could drive as needed for the situation.

    This should be a fair picture of "ECO" mode.

    It might be a fair usage model for distance travel, but someone currently testing the Pedal Commander will have to answer the question...

    If I needed now acceleration, would Eco mode let me have it?

    The question posed...

    I posted this question in a previous post in this thread but it was mixed in with other information and many of you may have missed it. What setting works best for you doing NORMAL driving , understanding it will change depending on circumstances? I have seen 3 now where one liked the Sport Mode with +1 sensitivity and 2 folks have it set for Sport Mode with +3 sensitivity. I understand many of you just received your Pedal Cdr and are trying to figure out your normal driving setting and you may not have figured it out yet.

    And a response...

    Me thinks the Miller Time query was for those that actually own a throttle controller.

    Mileage may vary and my comprehension might be askew.

    You forgot a few things...

    turbo, performance clutch, oil cooler and relocation kit, built engine, quad kit...

    Kinder generation tip # 17.

    When dealing with the elderly.

    Do not use terms such as...

    "You forgot, aren't we forgetful, have you forgotten".

    These terms can add to their confusion and make conversation difficult.

    Stimulate them by using terms such as...

    "How about, remember that, where did, what did, who did".

    You get the idea. Help them bring their thoughts to light without pressure.

    Just joshin'. Made all this shit up.

    And SlingLow hasn't reached elderly yet.

    Just don't accept the candy he might offer you. 8)

    I think Guardian_Angel was asking if the 2020 events were going to be structured with an event overseer.

    Structured events are great for first timers as well as the old hands.

    Folks know they can book the hotel and expect to meet others there.

    They have an itinerary of things to do and can schedule their day around those.



    For three days, at this location, on these dates...

    we will open trucks, throw up some tents, food booths, be doing installs, and you can get a room.

    For the old hands, no problem winging it and making stuff happen.

    First timers, paying for a cruise package and being handed a box lunch and a bottled water, are gonna be a little more than disappointed.

    I can appreciate this so much! I saved many things from Sling I, (one of them ended up still going with the new buyer) and still I have many things to put onto Sling Deuce. I have stuff I didn't change over (still needs installed), and some I have bought from Slingmods. But the biggest will be the exhaust from Jeff Welter (and his sellout to them) ... from Slingshot only. Hate to say it, but I need to go there to get the one I need.

    But as of now, I don't "need" it that badly. Black Friday isn't that far away.... :thumbsup:

    It's more than two weeks out...

    Nobody can wait that long!

    A friend of mine asked me to come enter a show with him this evening. I walked away with Best in Show and got a $5 gift card for ice cream.

    Was he a good friend or did you end up eating the ice cream alone? :POKESS:

    Been following both threads...

    One con with the unit discussed was the fact that the unit is not waterproof.

    Makes sense due to the unit being designed for inside a car passenger compartment.

    With that in mind, let's roll with another possible con.

    The unit would most likely be mounted in a dash area, highly shaded, and protected from UV exposure (direct sunlight).

    Direct sun could cause the membrane buttons for mode selection, plus and minus buttons, to become brittle, crack out, and disintegrate.

    Just thinking back to some of the early fish finders and kids outdoor toys with membrane buttons.

    Food for thought...

    I just went to the dealer for the second time this summer to clear that knock sensor issue. I was told it could be many different scenarios to have that trip and have the engine light on. At 1st I accidentally put a couple gallons of regular at a pervious fill up and thought that was the cause. Then I made sure on the proceeding tank fills were strictly premium. same thing happened. Sure would like to know how to straighten that out. I asked about if the OBD could run thru my ASE mechanic shop, and was told only to an extent as Polaris has their own program that’s not open to the public. Anyone know otherwise?

    You are correct with the statement, many things can trigger the knock sensor. Unfortunately we can't clear it without the Digital Wrench software.

    Lugging the engine... trying to hard accelerate at low rpm.

    Troubleshooting the knock sensor with a screwdriver handle... tapping the engine block. (Not recommended if you don't have Digital Wrench and just goofing around in the garage)

    The wisdom of this,

    Don't lug the engine, duh!

    The second one may not be too obvious...

    Loosely mounted parts on the engine block (exhaust manifold, muffler collector ring, alternator mounts, loose or busted motor mounts) or parts that make contact with other non-engine related parts ( frame, firewall, fenders ) can trigger a different resonance that trips the knock sensor.

    Not saying that either one of these are your problem, just food for thought.

    Troubleshooting sucks but makes big bucks.

    Guardian_Angel and I went out an an Anniversary trip. Slingshot to Mentone, Alabama and a cabin rental. Spent two days riding the Slingshot and each other.

    Back home today, here's a short clip of the day rides in and around Mentone and Little River Canyon.

    Was experimenting with my new three axis Feiyu Tech WG2X Gimbal for action cameras. Shooting with a Hero 4 Black 1080p x 60fps.

    Figured the wind would upset the gimbal, but it held steady with a few minor hiccups. Guardian_Angel was throwing the setup in and out of the Slingshot cabin , in all directions, and it held the shot.

    Didn't experiment with the gimbal mounted to Slingshot. Will play with that later.

    Also picked up a Feiyu Tech G6 gimbal for action cameras. Played around the yard some to learn operation but didn't use it during the trip.

    And thank you YouTube for the extra compression... it improves my video so well, NOT!

    Night rides in the hot tub were too dark and too hot for camera...