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    You did less damage to yourself and others than my step brother who fell off a ladder and cracked three ribs and lacerated his liver. But now I have to wonder... did that bullet ricochet off the dishwasher in Alabama and hit my step brothers ladder in Iowa? Is that what really happened? I think we should do an investigation and find out.

    We'll save the tax payer money this time.

    Opened the dishwasher and picked up the mangled hollow point slug that was laying in the bottom.

    I will take the ribbings...

    If you will hear what I say.

    Respect the weapon!

    If I had any idea of the stupidity I was gonna perform this morning, I would have skipped this day.

    At 5:00 A.M. this morning, was preparing the wife's 9mm pistol for her trip. Unfamiliarity with her weapon and I failed to properly clear the weapon.

    Blew a hole through the soft carry case and kitchen counter top. Mega sawdust to clean out from cabinets below.

    Got a hole in the dishwasher to patch.

    Woke Guardian_Angel and myself up faster than any cup of coffee.

    And here at near 8:00 AM, ears are still ringing.

    So, gonna swallow my pride...

    And will take the razzings...

    If you will listen.

    Not gonna bore you with all the rules of gun handling.

    But, remember this one!

    Always keep the weapon pointed away from yourself and others.

    Feel free to add any comment or joke that you feel is appropriate or not.

    Just know this for a fact...

    Ain't nobody can kick my ass better than I can.

    Very happy that you like them. I do also, but with my 6'4" height they sit me too much to the front and I'm seriously cramped. PRP worked for me, but they are more expensive and the quality could be a tad better overall. Those gave me 2" of much needed leg room, and I plan to have them reupholstered next winter.

    That would be something the young'uns don't see...

    Upholstery and machine shops every other block...

    If you spot one now, it's been closed for tweny-five years.

    Polaris couldn't find their way to market, even if, someone dropped them dead square in the middle of said market.

    Guess I have been around too MF long.

    The base model should have been manual transmission only...

    The SL and R models offered with automatic options.

    But, now if I want manual, I have to buy the premium package.

    Good news! Red Pearl is back!

    Already have one and manual transmission.

    Hey Polaris! This big marketing release announcement was a flop! As an owner of your product, I wanted to know why I should consider buying again. Those shots of palm trees flying by against a blue sky... just wow!

    And your big announcement release was an offer to build my own and pre-order.

    More than likely, I am currently driving my last Slingshot. You may have prolonged the last Slingshot build, but only by a year.

    And just to show my age...

    As Mr. T would say, "I pity the poor fool" that pre-orders first to market vehicles.

    Not seeing anything but pics from folks... thank you.

    Been keying up everything that might send a feed.

    Hope I don't freeze up with all these open windows...

    Should be okay with all these devices kicking out heat.

    I believe that sales of the 2020 model will determine the future of the Slingshot. This year, Polaris is dropping it's reliance on purchased engines and transmissions. And with that, target the masses who shy away from manual transmissions.

    As for transmission.... gonna lean toward AMT.

    Manual transmission with shift module and hydraulics does not greatly increase size and weight.

    Would be a bonus if Polaris included both fully automated and driver input!

    Check out all the India originating AMT videos on YouTube. And while there, you can learn to drive a vehicle with an automatic.

    Pretty sure the front wheel drive is no where in the picture. Requirements to reconfigure weight distribution across the tripod not to mention retooling .


    Fully automatic, CVT, DCT, or AMT?

    Fully automatic would be most preferred by customer, but most limiting due to overall weight to vehicle and limiting future potential plans.

    CVT would be cost friendly to produce for the manufacturer but a hard sale in a sport vehicle.

    DCT, high cost for manufacturer and customer alike.

    AMT, a manual transmission with no clutch pedal. Clutch and shift are hydraulically handled through a controller. Can be fully automated and/or controlled by user.

    Which way do think Polaris will go.

    Find out soon.

    It's now been almost 4 months since the passing of Alex. I am Jessica his mom. I have to say its been rough, hard and trying to get use to going in the new year without him. I want to thank everyone that showed up at his services, and a special thanks to Pam and her husband for being there for me and my family. Thanks for taking care of Alex on his first ride as well. He will be truly missed. I miss him so much. Everyday, every night, and every second of the day. I love you son..... RIP ALEX MONTOYA 09/30/01-09/13/19

    Jessica. You walk in that area that none want to tread.

    Words, thoughts, actions from the world may become distorted.

    Know that your son suffers no longer, the restrictions of the earth bound, nor the pain that must be endured by those left behind.

    Hold his memory close and those around you closer.

    Our deepest thoughts go with you Jessica.

    Well, it wasn't today, but....

    All the holiday dinners were done. Gifts had been exchanged. And the massive clean up was done.

    Christmas day and the temp was heading to mid 60's. It was time to ride.

    My son gag gifted Guardian_Angel and I, a set of 'onesies'....

    So, figured I would reverse the gag.

    Guardian_Angel and I donned the 'onesies'...

    Cruising through town handing out snickers and being the DAD joke.

    This onesies for you, Son!

    Your Dad on YouTube!

    Digital video shot on GoPro 7 Black with Feiyutech G6 gimbal.

    Kudos to my camera person, Guardian_Angel .