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    While I thank all for the input, this thread (like most) went high jacked from my original post and question for the most part. I've put my $$$ into performance on the SS even on the first one. I don't give three craps about impressing someone at a stereo contest (or lighting event), just wanted to have a system that sounded like the stock one did new, or maybe a bit better. I have Ultra High Performance tires from General, QA1's, DDMWorks Supercharger with the Big Kahuna package (a spare angle drive in case), DDMWorks sway bar, Welter FSX exhaust, DDMWorks brake brace (whatever it's called, it helps), among other things. What I specifically asked for was a replacement speaker for the 5 1/4", as mine was popping. It just happened last night, and no, it wasn't from the head unit, it's a broken voice coil. I knew what it was right away. I just wanted something to replace it with the same or maybe a tad better. I put nearly 50k on my first Slingshot in 4 years, and already have 3K on this one since early October (ish). Weather here hasn't been the best, that's pretty good for Indiana. I'll put 12K or more per year on one. I'm doing OK financially, but I prioritize what is important to me. I'd rather take more vacations, more long weekends, and ride! Lighting and massive stereos are fine, just not for me. The time spent (with great friends ThomaSS Bu11sh1t ) is much more precious here!

    I need to thank Neosolidus for his reply. I know he would like to see this stereo all upgraded, but that's not me or my style. His link however, was spot on! Well, I didn't need the adapters, I just ended up using the speakers he had in the link and a piece of 1/8" rubber sheet I had here at home to back them up and seal the fit. The Pioneer speakers were at least as good as stock was new (likely just a bit better), and were an easy install. I used some stainless 1 5/8" stainless self tapping screws to mount them (think deck type screws, they are hidden behind the wire mesh cover). They look good, and I'm very pleased with what they do based on what I wanted. I looked at maybe 300 or 400 speakers. While this is a Coaxial speaker, the stock system breaks it into a woofer/low mid range speaker and it just works. Not sure it will hold up over years of service, but at $50, I'll just get another set as long as it lasts a year or more.

    I have searched the forum. Many of the posts were in the longest thread on here. I found a couple that looked promising, only to find out they weren't available now. It really sounds good overall for my needs. That is, other than the speaker pop that recently raised it's ugly head. I'm not planning to replace the system, nor put in an amp. Below is what I think I know, and what I'm looking to find out.

    Stock speakers need to be no more than 1 5/8" mounting depth.
    Can use 6 1/2" speakers with adapters that are designed to be used to convert from 5 1/4".
    If using adapters, I assume the thickness of the raised part could be added to the mounting depth.
    I don't know how much power the stock 2016 head unit puts out. What speaker range power should I be looking at? I know 250W speakers don't work well unless the power matches somewhat, meaning with an amp they sound great, but stock might well sound better if the power isn't there.

    Matters not to me if it's a 3 piece setup, or something I can just drop in for the woofer. I do like the amount of bass I get now, and would like to keep that or improve on it even. I don't want to lose space with a sub behind me either, as we travel in our SS up to 9-10 day trips and I use all the storage plus have hoop bags. I'm just looking for something I can drop in and have it sound as good or better than it did. I'm sure this is like an "OIL" thread, with many opinions. I've very thankful for any help with this!

    So very sad to hear the news of Rob's passing, many, many heavy hearts today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Luann, the family, and his countless friends, he will be sorely missed. ;(

    A year or so ago Rob sent Rho a link to his 2008 South Dakota You Tube video. Wasn't on the trip, we didn't even know Rob back then. As I sat watched it this morning, thought maybe it would be nice to share.

    In Loving Memory

    This touched my heart! I have been out there (2004) to probably 90% or more of what he had in that video! Song was perfect, timing in the video was perfect! I was on 2 wheels then also. But he and I met on 3 wheels, and I consider him to be a brother to the end!

    I feel so bad for his wife Luann.... sending hugs, big ones! Prayers for the family!

    Going to miss our brother Rob! I nearly went to see him last year at Maggie, was going to hit the last weekend. He said to me, "No, we'll meet up sometime in the near future".... something to that effect. Now I'll see him once again, but it will be after I've gone to where he already is.

    Godspeed Rob, loved you like a brother, and miss you like one too!

    A little overdue on this post, but in the old thread I promised I would follow up. I did finally get the Welter FSX installed. Did it fit where the Alpha went like it was supposed to? No. But I was able to make it work. This exhaust is the best all around that I've ever seen or heard! Stock sound is the tone, but deeper, a tad throatier if you will. Not loud at any point, but louder than stock by a bit from idle to redline. It gets a tad louder overall if upper RPM, but great sound from the cabin! No complaints here, and no fumes that my wife (very sensitive nose) has! Winner, and highly recommend!

    The other thing I promised a follow up on. I took the Nitto 555 off the back with little tread. I hated that tire, just no grip whether forward or lateral. If you just cruise and never hit it for going forward or around curves, this could be the tire for you. It drove just OK, and rain wasn't really a problem. But if you want traction and cornering, and can work with the sizes they make, the General RS UHP (Ultra High Performance) tire is a great one! I just put a new one on (275/35-20 on stock 2019 SL rim), and tonight was my first ride in it with the Supercharger. AMAZING! It did slip in 1st, but 2nd held to the rev limiter, 3rd wasn't a problem at all! DDMWorks rates my setup at 330 HP at crank, 285 at rear wheel, and it held through the gears after 1st.... which still held very well! The Nitto I had on was a 315, on the SLR rim. I even put an older General tire that I had that had about the same wear left, and the difference was night and day. The General didn't act up like the Nitto until it was into the tread wear bars.

    Have pics of the Welter, not sure how to do pics of what the General is capable of.....

    Yeah, I figured you guys were talking about tires, but I was amazed at how much knowledge I lack on the subject. Maybe when my stock tires finally give up the ghost and I'm in the market for a new set, all of that will make sense to me. No, no trolling here... lol 🙂

    I didn't really figure you were, I should have put a sarcastic smiley at the end!

    Roadhawg might not know all the answers but not a 'troll'... We've had some good conversations. Brent hope all is going well in your area.

    All good here EJ, hope the same for you all!

    Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't know a Nitto 555 G2, if it snuck up and bit me on the ass... lol 😆

    Just so you know, these are all tires we are talking about. No matter the HP or how it works (turbo or supercharger) the bottom line is if you can get traction. That was my first response, assuming you don't know about any of it, and that's all good.

    If you do and you are trolling, well, I have a much better response, but I'll keep that to myself for the time being! :thumbsup:

    Goats_Hogs i’ve noticed a mileage drop that’s for sure but I haven’t kept track. I find that I end up PLAYING more often than not!

    I’m starting to find the sweet spots in 2nd and 3rd where I can get it hook up pretty well and I just pulls. I’m running a nitto 555 right now, thinking I will get a different tire later this summer. I’m looking at wheels too, maybe a 305 or 315 will get more traction but so far I’m happy with it.

    On my prior SS, I had a General GMax RS, 275/35-20. On this SS, it came with a Nitto 555 315 (on SLR rim). That Nitto was worn about the same as the General. The Nitto (30% tread, then less) didn't stick well in corners, and 2nd was not usable much after 3k RPM unless I feathered the throttle. I finally switched to the General (less than 30%, only about 1/16" to the first tread wear bar) and was so much better! It will stick until at least 5k in 2nd, and I've not had it break loose under hard acceleration in 3rd. I will never have another Nitto 555 on my SS. I've been very please with the General GMax RS, and will be getting another on this rim soon. I already have one on a different rim that's not been on the road yet. I'm just not sure I'll get 10K miles on it with the supercharger, and I drive it about 12k a season.

    Good luck with whatever you go with. :)

    I have one also, albeit that I bought it from someone else. I bought my first SS in late May of 2016. I sold it after buying this one (thank you again bjk81 ) and haven't looked back! I kept some of the nice parts from my other one, bought new (other) parts to update this one, and in the end I have a nicer, tighter, better driving SS with the Big Kahuna package! Did I mention mine had just under 50K on it, and this one had just under 11K on it?

    The power is addictive! The mileage didn't drop that much, maybe 5 MPG from what I was getting before with the way I drive it. I have some highway, some in town, and then there's the PLAYING, which is addictive! With a sticky tire, it will really pull in 2nd (until it doesn't, about 5k plus) and 3rd!

    Happy you are enjoying yours, I know we are ours!!

    Happy birthday my friend! Hope you made it a good one! Here's to one of the greatest over 60 (well, over 70 in this case!) drivers that I've known or been riding with! Hope to ride together again this year....

    Plate fee here is like $20. Property taxes are another matter. Just got the annual tax bill for my 2019 SLR. $486.84.

    Property tax here is just that.... property. Our house (3 bedroom, 1800 square with 1600 square basement), attached 2 car garage, detached 1 1/4 garage with about 1 acre of land on a corner. The taxes were less than $1200 for the year. Nothing for vehicles, that is on registration. We do have a "wheel" tax here. $25 per year, but it covers everything you license for plates. For me that's 7 things, another $175 a year. They'll get you when they can....

    Feel for you on this. Over $500 for your tax for the SS alone..... Wow!

    MMMMM you may want to check that out ..... That won't get me one sling and I have a perfect record. ( $828 / year for the sling for me with State Farm 250/500 )

    I really feel bad for most of you. I live in rural Indiana, just got my bill from State Farm for the Slingshot yesterday. I have the same coverage ($1000 deductible) and my annual is.....

    $292 and change.

    Then again, they know you likely drive it on joy rides nearly every day there!

    I'm only 60, but I've chased FunCycle more than once! He can drive like most wished they could when they were 30 plus years behind him! I was 4th behind him at Bristol rally last fall running the "Back of the Dragon". I could stay up, but it pushed me to my comfort limits with the road conditions (rough in places, and debris in the road.... not to mention that woman on the cell phone meeting us calling the State Police.... whom we had the pleasure to meet later without incident.... ).

    No doubt, Gerald can drive. Loved visiting with you in Huntsville during SOG too!

    HeRSling and I both got to ride our Slings some today. Only 30-40 miles but it’s the first time she has been able to ride hers since Feb 23rd. On the 24th she had a double mastectomy and here’s hasn’t been started until today. She had a conference call with her chemo doctor and was told she will NOT need chemo. She will start radiation in a week or so but no chemo. When she hung up she said “Let’s ride.” She rode her’s and I rode mine. Went to our daughters to drop off something and for her to see the grand dog.
    BTW, love the Duracell Group 34 AGM I put in hers over a year ago. Sat for two months without a charger and started right up.

    I didn't know about her having this. I'm sorry I've been mostly absent from here other than hit and miss to catch up on my notifications, not been looking at new threads much if any. I've lost 4 good friends this year, first one Jan 19th (best friend of 41 years) to one last night. One of the other two was a 17 year friend, and my brother in law since 2010 (we introduced them in 2008). My sis in law, his wife, is my wife's sister. She had breast cancer detected in June. No chemo, just radiation. She ran the bell in November, 2 weeks later her husband found out he had it and it got him.

    Sorry for the digress, just updating what's been going on here at least somewhat (there is much more, but this too shall pass). Sharon and I will be praying for you both as you face this together. You both are family, and family cares for and prays for each other.

    As for this virus. My wife and I have been deemed "essential" and we've worked through all of it. Washing hands, Clorox wipes, gloves, masks, and not much leaving the house other than work. I have discovered just how much I waste on eating out and such though.... LOL! We did get a nice day 2 weeks ago, and while practicing social distancing, went for a SS ride with ThomaSS and his wife Rho for a day of fun and distraction! 250 miles later, we all felt better than we had for a good while! Picnic lunch was awesome too.......

    We have nasty stuff coming sometime an hour or more away. Temps are to drop for the high by nearly 30 degrees. Last few days had been great, mid to upper 70's and lots of sunshine! Easy to get used to. Back to reality, maybe in another month......

    They are calling for hail the size of half dollars, and possible tornadoes..

    Thanks I'm mulling this over. I don't like to carry things in pockets so am not sure. I will keep it in mind as I'm not sure I am going to find a rocker that will do the trick.

    All good, whatever you want is fine with me. It has been sitting in a box in the garage since last October. Just thought I'd offer it up. Good luck in whatever you decide and I hope it works out for you.

    My mods have been mostly all for comfort, function, or performance. I'm on Sling II (Sling one is sold and gone with 49k on it) now. Shocks, sway bar, D steering wheel for ease of entry/exit, console padded arm rest, short throw shifter, summer grippy tires, DDMWorks Supercharger. Mine is a 2016, love it in all ways. I have other upgrades, but these are the ones that come to mind.

    Only lighting added was Canada front lights. Stereo is fine, other than it won't connect to Bluetooth with an Android. I use my Ipod instead. I may put some LEDs under the hood (have a hood vent to release heat) to make that look nice, and I have some LEDs to put under dash and in the glove box. Those are for function, so that I can see in there at night. Under the hood I have powder coated Supercharger parts that match the Slingshot, and a custom cam cover and coil pack cover that is also matching with gold and silver leaf flames. I got the latter two parts from a great friend and well known person on here ( Painter ) and the Supercharger powder coating came with the Slingshot. I'm happy I have them, but likely wouldn't have ponied up for them.

    Peg, I have a Digital Dog with two remote "fobs" that I'm not going to use. I took it off my Slingshot before selling last fall. It has a rocker switch that fits in the normal slots. It is either "On", or "Off". It looks for the fob, but if the fob is asleep, you just press the button in the center of the fob. It worked great for me, although I did need to press the button quite often on the fob. The other fob (I put it somewhere I'd never forget.... and now need to look for it) is new and never used. I'd make you a great deal on it if you are interested. PM me here or Facebook, my link is on the avatar/profile pic info. It is plug and play, just plugs into the wiring for the original ignition switch.