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    I take that back. I thought it was a notification that I had a PM on here. It was emailed to me from here. Below is what was in the email, just copied and pasted.

    Dear Goats_Hogs,

    „aveline75“ sent you a message on Polaris Slingshot Forum:

    ( )

    Hello My Dear My name is zenaida , I have something important which I will love to share with you but not in a public site like this, Could you please contact me direct at ( ) for more details God bless.

    ( )

    Well, shout out to Mitch at RevDynamics ! ThomaSS and I, along with our brides, went up to LaPorte, Indiana the Friday after Thanksgiving to stay with Bu11sh1t for the weekend for the Christmas Parade there on Saturday. There was some calcium on the roads, and it rained lightly overnight. It wasn't raining when we left, but the roads were wet. My Sling got really messed up from all of that slinging up on it (see what I did there?). I called Mitch to see if I could get it in for a detail. He said yes. I picked it up today (had company too, thanks ThomaSS) and it was even better than when I bought it new! Mitch did an awesome job.... So very pleased!

    Granted, I live at the edge of town, not in the country. I also live in east central Indiana. My property is about a acre, house is bigger (ranch style, custom build) that the one pictured and I have a full basement. I have a two car attached garage, and a 1 1/4 detached garage along with a 10 x 12 shed. Property around here is very cheap compared to most areas. My house is probably worth around $130,000, give or take.... including the recently remodeled main bath and kitchen remodeled 2 years ago. Taxes are just under a grand each year.

    Whoa, there, I didn't mean to offend anybody, I simply expressed my sincere dismay that folks have to live where they sincerely believe that these items are actually needed. I apologize if it was taken in any other way.


    "Folks have to live where they sincerely believe that these items are actually needed".

    Do you actually believe that you live somewhere that evil can't cross your threshold? Evil exists, whether you choose to be aware of it or not. If you think you are untouchable, you are naive, if not foolish. The camera might deter a thief, but it's really only for evidence after the fact. The gun will not keep you safe, it's only a tool to give you a better chance to remain alive.

    I've never needed the insurance for my Slingshot as of yet. I've never needed the camera, gun or fire extinguishers that I own as of yet. There may come a time I do have a need for them and it will be too late if I don't already have them.

    The concept is pretty solid and since the CEO has some experience producing reality out of crowd source funding, I think it will really get off the ground. I have a 2018 LEAF now and if that thing has no issues in the snow, I am sure a front wheel drive 3 wheeler would be just fine.

    The only problem I think would give issues in the snow are the times that the snow/slush is building up in the center of your lane but the wheel areas are clear or just slick but flat. During the snow season here, we get that often enough. Many people will end up in the ditch because they got out of the tire tracks that were more cleared while running at speed. I can only imagine what that rear tire on the 3 wheeler would do on that.... wouldn't be pretty.

    I look over mine so the rain water doesn't affect my vision unless I am ducking down during a monsoon rain like we had in Maggie Valley this last May.

    Good Lord, I remember that ride! When we got back, I could wring water out of my undies.... worst I've ridden in! That said, we'll be there next year!

    Welcome TxTiger to the best forum for Slingshots that exists! Great people, willing to help, and some of the best advice you will find on the 'net about the Slingshot! Enjoy!

    "You'll never know your limits until you exceed them. That is my license on life."

    I totally agree! If your not living on the edge you are taking up too much room. The only way to honestly know when your on the edge is to occasionally go over it! Yeah, sometime it hurts but it's a good reminder.

    For about the last 2 decades, I've said, "If someone is blocking your view, you're not close enough to the edge"......

    Personally didn't care for this one much. Too vague and generalized. "For high speed driving, choose the Vanderhal". For me, running high speeds with corners, I prefer rear wheel drive.... not to mention she said the Polaris was fastest. The other thing that really turned me off on her comments was talking about the Polaris being a better choice for off road driving. She said it twice. Yes, choose Polaris RZR for off road driving, but this wasn't about the RZR.

    But to be fair, after seeing most tests or comparing any three wheeled vehicles, most reports leave me thinking that the person just doesn't get it. Too many times there's non factual reporting, or it's opinion biased so swayed against it that it is sad. If people that report on it would just think of it as a three wheeled go cart on steriods for adults that's legal to drive on the street, I think they might change their thoughts and reporting about it. If they didn't ride a go cart as a kid, forget the previous statement..... and they likely shouldn't be reviewing something like this.

    I'd daily drive that S10 until the snow flies! I've driven the S10 V-8 conversions, and they are a blast to drive if they were set up correctly! Like my Slingshot, just scary enough to be perfect!