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    I'm very late to this thread. Bought our first Slingshot May 22nd of 2016. Joined here (after reading as a non member from late April) on Jun 17th 2016. Even after we bought the SS, I didn't have much to say, just wanted to read and learn even more. Eventually, I wanted to post, so I joined. Just under 50k on that first one when I sold it in October of 2019. I had bought bjk81 's 2016 the same color but only 10,700 miles and it was Supercharged! That one now has over 35k on it, looks great, drives great, runs like a beast!

    I was a regular on here, posted often and tried my best to help others. Still check in often, but not as active. I don't look at newer threads like I should. This one is 6 months old, and I just noticed it. I will try to do better.... I do know the Slingshots pretty well overall. Many roadside repairs I've been a part of, but not one that we couldn't get back on the road. :)

    Weather here, beginning to suck. Was a good day, no rain, but high of 58. Took my "new" (old, 1996... missed 2 wheels and bought it Labor Day just after a bout with Covid) Harley out after work to warm it up and do service for winter. All is done on it, but tomorrow and Friday is rain. Sunday should be OK, but high of low 60's won't hit until 2pm and dropping by 5pm if not before. A week from today, we are in for much lower than normal temps if the weatherman is correct. We had frost this morning.... gonna be a long Indiana winter it appears.

    We did a 150ish mile ride today. I had a new tire put on this week for the rear. I got 4 miles from home and told my wife, "I didn't check the air in the tire before we left". I figured we would be fine. I usually run 25 PSI give or take (lower pressure, lower down force). I didn't go back home to check it, but soon I felt "oddities" in the rear. At one point, I was running 50ish, accelerating (with supercharger) in 4th and changed lanes. I had my foot about 1/3 into it. Sling went sideways! I thought this was the film on the new tire, so next stop I hit it a bit in 1st and 2nd. That helped. But at least 3 times later, it was weird in the rear for the tire for traction. Cornering was very noticeable. We got home, and I checked it right away. Digital was dead, just flashed. Went old school to the ones used 30 years ago, but only scaled to 50 psi, but likely taps out around 60 psi without markings. This tire pegged the gauge hard! I assume the tire store used the high pressure to seat the bead, and forgot to reset it. After changing the oil, and resetting the rear tire to 26 psi, I went for a ride. All is well, it sticks like it's supposed too!

    Short ride around the back roads of Elma, IA. Amish worship service must have been over. Passed at least a dozen one horse buggies in clumps of two and three. Slowed WAY DOWN to pass. Courtesy. PLUS a spooked horse is worse than a mad bull.

    One of the buggies had three little kids looking out and waving like crazy. I would have stopped and offered a ride or at least a look, but I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad would not have been happy. They have their believes, and every one of then that I have ever been around were good people. They don't preach and I don't push my ways on them. For all I know, they could be right.

    We have many Amish around where I live. Mostly this area, and south and west. We have an Amish store run and owned by Amish 7 miles away. Per their ways, there are differences in the store. It has skylights, and Propane powered lights in the building. I'm tall, I can feel when I get close to one, they put off heat. They use meat and cheese cutters that look conventional. However, they are air powered, they use wind and propane to power compressors to run the cutters. While the use of gas is frowned upon, they do allow exceptions. This store, and several greenhouses around that they own use gas powered weed eaters. And go figure, diesel is OK for water pumps and bush hogs.... at least in my area.

    does that fluid help with the rough shifting issues?

    I've had 2 Slingshots. around 48k on the first, current one is 35k and supercharged. I've ran this in both, and put it into at least 4 others (friends) that I can think of. None of them had rough shifting issues before or after. I can't say it makes it better, just that it works well for me and my friends and that's what we use. We all do everything from lazy/easy driving taking in the sights, to running the dog mess out of them (pretty regularly, the supercharger isn't for bragging rights.... it's for smiles). Wish I had more helpful info, but I don't.

    I put $100 down on a reservation. Not refundable. Gave up long before I bought my first SS in May of 2016. I was interested, but if they made it today I'm not sure I'd care. Even back then, I talked to the people at the show and was hoping for a more powerful setup. They mentioned a performance one that might have 125 HP. Nope, lost $100 but gained a Slingshot with a DDMWorks Supercharger. I'm good, but thanks.

    Some people get cancer and some don't. Goat_hogs and wife are down with covid. Wishing them well.

    I'm not here to judge anyone that did or did not get the shot. I'm not here to tell you anything OTHER than our experience. I'm also not trying to influence anyone by what I'm about to tell. I've tried very much to stay away from the politics surrounding the choice and to respect what others have chosen. I would be thankful if you would offer me the same consideration.

    Neither of us have gotten the shot. Like FunCycle stated, we had looked at the vaccine, the possible side effects (for us, blood clotting and autoimmune issues that can be caused by the shots, and we both have had issues with these in the past) and chose not to get it. We have been on a daily regiment of Vita C, D (fall thru spring only on D), Echinacea, and likely the most important one.... Zinc. My wife hasn't been taking the Zinc like she should, she didn't like the taste it left in her mouth. She came down with it by being exposed (most likely source, as two others where she works also got it) by her 75 year old boss. I came down with it 3 days later. We both (by the CDC) have been non contagious for 2 days.

    We were down less than a week. Never lost taste, smell, nor had any nausea. We were both able to drink lots of fluids. We did have the craps for a couple days, and no appetite. She has lost over 20 pounds, I've lost about 17-18. We neither had any breathing issues along the duration of having it. I got over it quicker, but I feel that's because I've taken the Zinc faithfully. Zinc stops the replication of the virus. I've known this for years, and used it against colds/flus. My wife is in better shape than I am, she eats right, never smoked, walks 2 miles on the treadmill 6 days a week (pre covid, hasn't during this). Me? I smoked over 20 years, eat anything, and while active, I don't use the treadmill. She will be 60 in January, I'll be 62.

    I had read that the best defense against covid was a healthy immune system, and that these things I've told you about were the way to help strengthen that. We chose this path, and for us it worked.

    I ordered brake pads from DDM. I mistakenly ordered the ceramic pads, and minutes later realized my error. I attempted to contact DDM thru the website to have the 5.0 pads sent. I never heard from them. Don't get me wrong, my error. I have the brake master cylinder brace from them and love it. I also have their supercharger, and REALLY love that! I never installed the ceramic pads, but with my aggressive driving on twisty roads I need to get the 5.0 ordered. Dave@DDMWorks has great products, can't say enough about them! Back in 2018 in Maggie Valley, SlingRider and I worked on a veteran's SS under that tent that Dave had set up. The Sling was Black Cherry. It was pouring rain, the vet was older, and couldn't do what he wanted done. Dave was busy, so we installed the parts using Dave's tools. Put in the short throw shifter, and a powdercoated to match cam cover and top cover. Was a great evening.....

    I have Zero to say bad about DDM, all positive.

    Love the hood cut out like that.Wish I was brave / talented enough to do mine.Good looking Sling!

    Thank you! I can't take credit for the cut.... that was done at the legend's house Painter (who did the first ever of these that I know of, and many since) with him overseeing SlingRider while he cut it. This hood was pristine, zero flaws. My old hood had a couple of hard chips when I bought it. I can only take credit for the labor of taking it all apart, readying it for prep and paint (all the black is black pearl now on the hood) and applying some of the early stages of paint. We did mine and one other in 2 1/2 days, and the changes on the other Slingshot were much more intensive on the labor and time.

    We took out this morning for an early ride. Was supposed to get up around 90, and with the humidity here in Indiana, we planned to be back early afternoon. Well, the humidity wasn't all that bad, it did get hot though. We ended up riding over 300 miles. We rode about 75 miles of mostly 1 1/2 lane wide back roads, many with canopy of trees that met from one side to the other. We rode one of my favorite roads, one that I've not been on for a couple years (IN 62, Chief Whitehead Trail). The road was mostly redone in the past year, so great condition overall. Basically I rode from home in Lynn, In, to Madison, In (think Regatta speed boat races over the 4th of July) and back in a very roundabout way. Didn't take a single pic, but had a great ride and a great time with just me and my wife of nearly 43 years. :)

    OK, pic so y'all don't feel shorted. This is of our 10 day, nearly 4,000 mile trip to SD, WY, and Montana about a month ago. 7 Slingshots were there, several members from this forum were with us. I had the top on for the trip, but shows our Slingshot well from the front ( 35k, Supercharged, still doing flawless bjk81 ). Oh, and that's my close friend's wife (Also a close friend) that was very excited about the buffalo! ( Detective6811 )

    Phil, I'm hoping and praying that you are getting better. This thread, like many if not most, has been derailed by politics and self serving A-holes. Please keep the two to yourselves or in another thread. We all have our opinions, our research, our pick of what is the right way or the wrong way. You have that freedom last I checked in this great country.

    One of our own is sick. Must the posts be about why, or how, or what would have been? The ones that have been making this about politics or anything else I feel sorry for.... No, perhaps angered by would be a better way to state it! Choose what you may, but please have the decency leave it out of this thread.

    Still praying for you Phil. May you get better soon!


    PS, I come here for the Slingshot community, but not so much in the past couple of years. What's in this thread is the very reason... politics and opinions have taken over many of the threads, and most importantly... what really matters. I came here all along to help others... that other BS is already everywhere you look. I don't need to come here to see more of it.
    This may be my last post on here.... This place has evolved and not in a good way.

    I would say it's in the tune. The one I have has 33,xxx on it, and it did it from the new install according to Brody (who I bought it from with 10,700 miles). Mine doesn't do it every time, in fact it's only perhaps one in ten or less in the summer. The cooler it is out, the more likely it will start up then stall. Mine has the early tune, and I just attributed it to trying to keep it lean as can and still be safe when not under boost. At idle, there are light popping sounds, again notorious of a lean idle. This hurts nothing, as long as it goes away as soon as you give throttle, which it does. I usually like to let it warm up a bit too, throttle is more fall on it's face until it's getting warm. Enriching the tune when cold would fix it, but I'd still not hit it until it's completely warm.... so really not an issue for me.

    I'm not fixing something that's not broken. I'm running with several other Slingshots, some with the tune, some without, and if we all drive the same I'll be within $1 of the same cost at the pump as they are. At times, I'll beat them getting better mileage than they do. But use the SC hard, that changes. With the MeanSling top on it at 85 on the interstate, MPG drops to 23 or less if headwind.

    I usually try to fill with 2 bars showing. I've ran it to the reserve flashing, but that still leave 2 gallons of fuel. When I'm down that low, I won't hit it hard or run curves hard. I just don't want the chance of the pump sucking air for a second, and the system going lean under boost.

    Numbers should be good. Glad you found what you were looking for.

    In the past 10 days or so. Got the Slingshot detailed. All fluids changed (oil with filter, transmission, angle drive, clutch fluid refreshed, brake fluid refreshed) New 2020 style headlamps installed, Replaced center headlamps to LED, installed halos around the center headlamps. I have those in, wiring run, but ran out of time and just decided to finish tomorrow. Trip coming soon, have about a week and I'm way ahead of the prep.... :)

    Supposed to be 91 tomorrow, and set up for rain the next 5 days. They are calling for really strong thunderstorms tomorrow midday. They expect tornadoes, we are central to the path (both work and home). Fun stuff...

    I'll be watching the weather best I can in the machine shop. No windows, will have to rely on my phone and checking the door for weather updates. I've been around many bad storms, and seen tornadoes. I'd rather be a couple miles from the shop in the car if they show up. No where good to take safety at work, but 2 miles away I'm in the country and can move to avoid any that show up. I've had storm classes (back when I was a firefighter, and because of riding 2 wheels and wanting to read the weather), and where I work has little for safety if a tornado hits it. Hoping it's a blow over, but this one looks promising not to be.