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    First place I visited yesterday couldn't do it they said, their pipe machine won't make those types of bends they tell me. I'm not asking for 90's, but I'm not an expert on it either, just showed them which route I wanted it to go and they said nope.

    2nd place (only other place here in this small town) said they weren't sure, but they'd try.

    I'm sure you have some place that can do this without issue. Years ago (likely nearly 18 years as I recall) my then supervisor (and good friend) had a 1970 Chevelle SS that he bought new originally. He ordered it (because his wife wanted White interior with a bench seat as they were expecting their first born) in red with black SS stripes, 396 with a 4 speed, white interior with a bench seat. He drove it for the first year he had it, then used it only in nice weather as they got a daily driver for other days. He hadn't had it out for a few years (this was around 2000) but when I built a 1967 GTO clone (no badges, just all the good stuff, still had Tempest lights and such) he got the bug. He had the engine rebuilt from the standard 396 to a mid 500 horsepower pavement pounder. Now, mind you... this was all naturally asperated and carbureted to boot. He needed a 3 1/2 inch exhaust thru 2 chamber Flowmasters to make it breath right. The shop he went to bent the pipe above the axle and also "flattened" it. Basically it was still the same 3 1/2 inch, but was oval shaped and then arched over the axle. It did not impede the flow, and the sound was awesome!

    All that and 6-9 MPG depending on driving styles (on 105 race gas)…… and yes... he still has it with (last I knew) near 70K actual other than the changes. I asked him about whether he'd sell it for the right price..... he said that will be something to ask the estate directors. Until then, No.

    Sorry for the long post.... just hoped to share a backstory that I thought was along the same issues.

    wow, ok so I need to take a look at mine then. I am currently running lights from Ride Effects that are 2600 lumens for the outside bulbs and 3300 lumens for the inner bulbs. where can I get the 6K lumen bulbs?

    I have researched LED's. I do not have them, still running stock bulbs. The issue I've had that's held me back was that LED's don't project far enough in some cases. Brighter yes, but I need depth also. I drive my Slingshot to work many days, and all of those days I leave in the dark. That said, I've considered these, although I've not tried them. The Hb3 I believe will work for the outsides, and the H11 is usable for the H9. That is what I've read anyway, doesn't mean it is correct. Do your own research on bulb cross referencing.…kb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

    While not as cheap as venting using shop vac hose or similar, I have the best of both worlds now. With the MadStad windshield I have (7", I don't think they make it any longer, but 9" would probably be better) if I have it lowered I only get wind in the forehead up for the most part and the heat stays in the foot wells. If I raise it up to the highest position (about 2" higher), the way they have the wind channeled it sucks out much the heat from the foot wells. I would guess at highway speeds, at least around a 60% reduction in heat when the shield is up. I am amazed how well it works! I may run something else for later in fall and early in the spring, but once it starts getting warm out thru when winter starts to show up.... it will forever be my "go to" shield.

    40 Slings.

    I wish no ill will toward the popularity of this event, but I hope all the spots don't fill up before I can commit 100% since I am still Slingless.

    Ditto here. I'm not Slingless, but there are other factors. I've not committed, but it's not from lack of want or ability. I could say I was coming, book a room, all is good. But is that fair? No... what if I knock out a SS owner that really wants to go.. and then I don't?

    I'd register and book if I knew I wasn't gambling.... only to knock out some one that wants to come.... really wants to! I want to, and I understand!

    So just so you all know.... I will be holding off a bit longer, but might make the decision to come at the last minute! If I do, figure there will be 41 (or more) there... 'cause unless y'all come at me at once, I don't think there's one of you that can convince me otherwise.... :D

    Seriously trying to work out the details on my end!

    Pressure stability and reduced water vapor are the big reasons.

    Air alone is actually 78% nitrogen to start with. You are just eliminating 22% of stuff that causes pressure variations and corrosion causing water vapor.

    I've had several GM vehicles with aluminum wheels. Many of those were daily drivers, so 10 plus years old. The rims could be cleaned and sealed, but they would start leaking months later. Then they got cleaned and filled with Nitrogen. No issues with leaks after that. I know of at least 4 cars I had that were that way, and all were fine after switching over to Nitrogen. Wasn't expensive, and fixed the issue. IMHO, not snake oil in some cases.....

    Sad But True. Although the Austin area on West side has the worst crime. Not Proud of that either.

    The irony of that Chicago Sun Times photo is that El Paso and Dayton were both shocked and reeling from the shootings, but Chicago had more shootings over the weekend than either of the aforementioned. Many shootings over any given weekend happen in Chicago. This article blames the guns and lack of gun control laws, whereas Chicago is basically a "gun free zone".

    Harvey ( Bu11sh1t ) hooked me up with a windshield he has but wasn't going to use. My original SL windshield had lost some of the hard coat from years and miles, and was getting cloudy in spots. This is a 7" Madstad that I installed. I don't have pics, as we went riding after the install and didn't get home until late (install was done in a gas station parking lot about 2 1/2 hours from either of our homes). The look has grown on me, but the function.....

    i can't say enough good about this windshield! Lower it and most of the wind is deflected up, likely about the same wind I'd get with the stock windshield. But raise it up to the highest setting..... it's almost like I had air conditioning! Great airflow without getting beat up by wind, and took a great amount of the cockpit heat out of there! It was 91-93 degrees, and when I'd go under the shade from the trees, it actually felt very cool!

    Thanks to Harvey and his wife Diana for bringing it down!

    When is the last time you saw a commercial for the Slingshot? For all the good will ( via rides and pictures sitting in it) I have been spreading about the slingshot I should be paid....

    I saw a video today on the 2020. it was online, but still. New engine, new headlights, automatic transmission.... (I like the headlight change, the rest, not so much)

    What rock are you hiding under? Really.... really bad day to make this statement....

    My wife and I are so ignorant!!! Went to lunch in the Slingshot. We looked at the weather radar and it was raining in Terre Haute about 90 miles west. (For those of you who go to the Indy 500, "It is raining in Terre Haute" is some of the most iconic phrases spoken at the track. For the rest of you, your just saying - What is this idiot talking about!!!) Anyway, ate lunch ran an errand with no rain. We got close to our house and thought, we can ride just a short distance farther. We hadn't got anymore than about a 1/4 mile past the road to our house when the temp does one of those 15° drops in about a minute. For those of you who know Midwest thunderstorms, you know what that means!!! Torrential downpour and small hail on top of that!!! We got soaked and beat to death!!! The sad thing about it is that we both know better!!!

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    I've never been to the Indy 500. It's about 70 miles from my home (been around the track on a Yamaha, Harley, 1967 GTO clone, and a 1970 numbers matching GTO). But I know the weather, and can seriously appreciate what you say! Glad you were not far from home, and yes.... you knew better!

    I want to come to this very much! I LOVE this area, it's become my favorite area to ride in (due to mostly awesome roads and in that most are in very good condition)! But the fact is, I've hesitated due to taking a new position at work. I still am lead tooling designer, but now I'm also head over the tooling dept. That means 2 meetings a day to go over where we are at, and to look at problems and possible fixes. There are many changes going on there, and I'm involved in many of them (compensation package to be determined). I have more responsibility than before, and more looking to me for answers (read as stress). Until I can iron out the details, I'm holding off registering. I don't think motels will be an issue, but likely within a week I will make some in case I can get away. Wife's work also plays into this.

    I'm off work from Labor Day weekend for the following week due to shutdown. We get off that, then this follows close behind. I'll keep you posted, it's not from lack of interest on my part!

    Brent, what's that hole in the top of the cake image? Did you stick your thumb in it? :)

    Just a cake image I found on the 'Net. I'm going to go with this.... the hole was cause by one big candle to replace the actual number because of fire hazard.... not to mention the first ones would be melted down before you got the last ones lit! :00008356::00008172:

    I can say stuff like that..... cause I'm older than he is!

    Yep! Been there and done that, the last time was at 7:30 on Sunday morning when I left Bristol the last time. I think I passed 2 cars on the Snake on the way out

    And I was there about 4 that afternoon! But we went north to Damascus and over to Independence from there, to meet my wife's aunt for dinner. Went back the next day to get a shirt and stickers.... that's when I got to ride it! Still wish I'd known you were leaving, we were soooo close that day!

    We rode that twice on July 1st. With the lack of traffic early in the day, and the condition of the asphalt (paved last year as I understand it), it became my current favorite road to ride topping all others.

    My dealer just told me that the 2020 Polaris Slingshot will have the Polaris engine one point something with a turbo. Anyone know anything else about this

    I may or may not have heard whispers in Huntsville. If I did, it could have been mentioned that it was a new designed engine built for the Slingshot only, not one they grabbed off the shelf. There may or may not have been many rumors floating about. One that I seem to remember was that this also allows them to have an automatic. But I may or may not have heard that the automatic might be the only option, at least at first.

    Not saying the above is true or false. I do remember having conversations with some of the members here about the fact that if it's turbo'd already, it will be limited on how much HP more we could get out of it. Likely not a lot, so the Ecotech will still be the desired engine if you want to get bigger numbers. Good chance this might bring the values of the pre 2020's up also.

    Then again, I might have just been dreaming all of this..... :/;)