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    As for gas miles left, I do rely somewhat on the gauge but not the "miles left" by Polaris. I normally fill up about 2 bars left... that is about 4 gallons in the tank by the pump filling. Unless I am running a top (MeanSling) and on interstate at 80, I should make 140-150 pretty easily by 2 bars shown. I will run it to "reserve" if needed occasionally, but I am very careful not to do hard turns and corners. If at reserve, I'm really easy on the throttle, as I don't want to lean burn in a corner and do damage to the engine. When going out west this summer, if I can't find at least 91 octane fuel, I told my wife I will consider taking off the blowoff nut and removing the piston to allow all boost to be let off there. No boost means little chance to have a very expensive fix. I realize this means I can't push it (around 3750 with supercharger tune and no boost, it is limited by the rev limiter as I understand), but I also will live to see another day. Dave@DDMWorks , what say you?

    Not 'boosted' and I can get better than 20,000 miles on a rear tire....

    I understand where you come from EJ. I've gotten over 20k non boosted too, on my first Slingshot. But the fun that comes with the SC is worth the extra.... and then some! Cost is but a factor, like getting a really great steak compared to one that isn't so much. If balanced out over the life of the Sling while you have it, the $$$ to me seems much like a bargain. Some things are worth paying up for, we only live once and none of us live forever! I smile like a 5 year old on a great Christmas morning every time I get into the the SC! My wife giggles and smiles whenever I push the right peddle down! That alone is worth the price of admission to me! Life is short, rear tire life isn't! If it costs me a grand more for tires to enjoy the 20k miles this way..... it was a bargain! It's not about the destination, it's about the smiles along the way....

    Next time we hook up, let me take you for a short ride..... you will smile like :D or look like =O, that I promise! :thumbsup:

    In my very humble opinion, these machines weren't made to brag about tire life or gas mileage. They were made to have fun, meet friends, and remember there's more to life than work. The fun and friends made are priceless......

    Trust me, I am sure of this.... it was Chad's (and Becky's) honor and I'm very sure of this. I've helped (ok, visited mostly) with Chad on his Sling twice this week. I could tell you more, but sometimes "Extended family" can be important enough to keep silent. I'm so glad you all were able to spend time together....

    Looking forward to our upcoming meetup this summer!!

    When y’all going. Bout 3 or 4 of us planning to do same?

    Week after the 4th. Hope to see you out there somewhere! We have a dozen (up to 14 is wives drive too) Slingshots and it's going to be a challenge to keep us all together along with gas stops, pee breaks, food and lodging..... with the aggressive routes we have planned. It's still a work in progress.....

    And how far west? It'd be a hoot to hook up with y'all for a couple days riding in the Dakotas.

    I'll PM you here soon.....

    I have a question for Dave@DDMWorks and I'm not sure where to reach out to. A group of us including Painter and SlingRider are looking at a trip that includes South Dakota. There will be at least 3 of us (including those mentioned) that are boosted with DDMWorks superchargers. It appears that 91 octane is available out there, but 93 is few and far between. Average elevation is 5280 feet, so that would likely help with the thinner air.

    I'm concerned running boosted and not being able to get 93 (what I've always ran). At the higher elevations, would 91 be safe to run with the Big Kahuna package? I have the earlier tune, haven't opted to get the current one. I would hate to go on vacation and do engine damage due to lean conditions using the available 91 that's local there. If 91 won't be safe, would any octane booster work to help?

    Any help or suggestion would greatly be appreciated!



    Thanks a lot friends! We met up with ThomSS and his wife Rho and had dinner this evening (thanks to you both!), then I came back and finished the install of the stereo and such on the SS. Now just chillin.... (who am I kidding, it was 28 degrees in the garage, now I'm warming!)

    Thanks again!!

    AKA, Brent

    I text with Ross and Painter (at least in group texts) some, and spent time with both of them last Sept. Just heard from them both over the holidays. Both are well as far as I know. Painter did have the Covid back in January, and still has low function in one of his lungs. He still looks as acts the same, but gets out of breath easily if pushing himself.

    Thanks Goats_Hogs & dangerdarrell that's the info I was looking for. I'm sold. Most likely I'll put an order through DDMWorks just after the holidays. First for the 1320 Performance Header & Exhaust combo. I don't believe a flash of the ECU is need for the 1320 exhaust set up Dave@DDMWorks ? After the exhaust is set up I figure can order the SC and perform the ECM flash at that point.

    Merry Christmas!

    Header is fine. Exhaust is something to look into. You will need a 2 1/2" diameter exhaust for the SC. Anything less will restrict the flow/cut HP. I bought the Welter FSX (I think that was it, Front Side Exhaust in 2 1/2") and I'm really happy with it. Quiet when needed, not loud but louder as you build. Still gets the flow for performance, and keeps the fumes out (at least for us) so no downside....

    As much as I hate to drive in the rain or cold/chilly conditions I know it will happen. I'm leaning towards the supercharger as opposed to the turbo believing the drivability under these conditions will be "somewhat" better? Any input from anyone driving under those conditions? What to expect?

    I agree with dangerdarrell . The SC is predictable and a pretty straight ramp up from low RPM to about 3800, then it ramps up much quicker but still predictable. Cooler temps it runs great, but the tires are harder (suggest you run summer performance tires) and spin easier. But it's not much different than no boost if you just drive it easy.

    I still have the early tune on mine, I hate to try to fix something that's not broken. If I just drive it, I get 27-30 MPG most of the time. If I push it, with the top on, the lowest I've gotten is 23/24 MPG. I've hit 32 before, although that tankful was just a lazy day in the country running mostly 40-50 and enjoying the scenery. If you constantly hit it, it will use more fuel. And more back tires.....

    Can you install a supercharger with the hood and front end on? Just don't feel like pulling the 2020 conversion parts off from UAS, were kind of a pain to put on.

    Putting on a Supercharger is somewhat a pain also. But it's so worth it! I've helped with one, and it was at times, a pain in the arse! But, with nearly double the HP and nearly the same weight.... SOOOOO worth it! The first ride will convince you, I'm certain! Feels like the power is doubled by mid, more at higher RPM's....

    UAS has many things that look nice. If looks are your thing, go for them for that. If you want controllable power, supercharger is the way to go. The hassle is well worth it if the power is your passion, trust me on this!

    Dave@DDMWorks, any update on the intake tube that will replace the cobra head going into the intake? I understand it also moves the throttle body. I'm wanting to get one in Red Pearl as soon as they become available. My cobra head is rubbing a tad, only a matter of time before the eventual leak shows up. Thanks!

    Goats_Hogs Quick question I see the header is in your goodies list at the bottom of your posts. Did you install an exhaust system as well or just a header? And if just the header are you Satisfied with it? I have never owned a motorcycle without changing the exhaust system. A little more performance would be nice but I would like the candy of a better sound possibility as well.

    With stock muffler and a CAT delete, it will change the tone slightly. Not much at idle, but a bit louder when under load or higher RPM. With header and CAT delete, it was about as perfect as I thought a 4 cyl could get. Then I bought a different SS from a close friend and since my opinion has changed a bit.

    I got the different SS last Sept/Oct. Not sure of the exact date, but it all started at Mayhem in the Mountains at Bristol. Long story shorter (but honorable mention to Painter and SlingRider and of course Bu11sh1t..... not to forget to mention bjk81 ), I installed the Welter FSX (Front, Side, eXit) on it. I'm now supercharged, with header/WelterFSX. I could not be happier with the end result! This exhaust is what I wanted it to sound like! Boosted sounds the same, only a tad more intense! There is a video of it below (this one isn't boosted). Next to this exhaust, I'd choose the stock muffler with a CAT delete and Header. If nothing else, it flows better, and gets rid of the rusty cast iron manifold (and that one holds heat).…4BA&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

    We wanted to be there so badly! Happy it went as well as could be hoped for!