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    While I do think the stock power of the slingshot is good's not good enough when you ride with a few other slingshots that are boosted. It all started on a trip with my 14 yr old and on the "run" home we hit a tollway where I found out just how fast a stock slingshot is. Needless to say this was the first trip we lost portions of the group, us included. This ended up working out as we would of split anyway some just split from the group way faster than others! As soon as I got home I started looking at options to boost my sling. I also had a conversation on the subject with another local slingshot owner who goes way back with some prior employers and after some research I was pretty set on a ZZP stage 1 setup for the price point and what I read is a reliable way to add power.

    Almost as if it was a sign Dave from DDM works had listed a used turbo for $1600 that had come off a customers sling. Black Friday deals aside, I thought this was a smoking deal on getting into the

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    If your one of those rare breeds that kept your slingshot 100% stock and/or simple modifications... I applaud your level of self control! For us the desire to modify things was balanced with my personal trait of being a cheap ass. While I'm cheap, I've learned over the years it's also better to buy and cry once when it comes to certain things. I also had to try to balance my desire to really focus on performance with the wife's desire on how it looked. Here's our mod list so far, you can decide who's winning on the performance/looks battle!

    DDM Swaybar - 1st mod as I didn't like the way the steering felt in the front end on some mountain curves

    DDM Coolant tank - the start of adding RED to the engine bay and I was already ordering from DDM

    Hood Vent - Replaced the oem one with a functional vent to reduce some heat

    Twist Valve cover - starting to like the red look in engine bay

    Interior floor mats - another attempt at helping with heat

    DDM short shifter / new knob - I didn't like the

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    I don't know about you all, but when I get something I tend to go a little overboard on the research side. Maintenance, upgrades, reviews, etc.... Ironically a lot of my google searches brought me to threads on this site! :thumbsup: The other thing that research lead me to was local groups in Colorado that had slingshots. I don't know why I was surprised after all the motorcycle groups we rode with, however it was nice to see some locals that road slings together and we joined the group for our 1st ride.


    I think we've done 4-5 group rides now and the sling is just about to hit 5k miles. We love the group rides and the only problem is the wife and 14 year old having to decide who's going. While the wife will drive it, she prefers to ride it seems which is fine with me! It's been nice though having the slingshot as something we enjoy together as a family.


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    May of 2020 with covid going and the restrictions going full bore, we had just sold our 5yr old to us, used boat for 2k more than we had paid for it originally. Having bought a new boat and finding out we wouldn't get it till November we were looking at buying a motorcycle again. I had a few different ones when we were first married and sold them all when our son was born 14 years back now. I was looking at trikes and sending some to the wife when she stumbled across this 2018 SL slingshot in Daytona yellow. It had 1850 miles on it and the previous owner was selling as unfortunately his wife was sick and not able to use like they had when they first got it.

    15k later and I was driving it from Denver back to Colorado Springs and got caught in my first rain storm literally 10 miles or so from the prior owners house. Stopping at the mall to wait the worst of it out and then taking off I learned about how slick these can be in the rain, my first donut! Made it home in one piece and got

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    Not really a build, but a posting that is worthy of a blog entry, at least in my humble opinion.

    Slingmods responded to a post here about the newly released Pedal Commander offering us group pricing if we got at least 20 people who said they'd buy. I think we got 30+ interested in the thread within a week or two. I tried to get them to give out a demo unit to someone, they declined, but I spoke up and offered to buy a unit and let anyone borrow and review it if they wanted. So far, no one has taken me up on the offer, but I figured I'd try to do an honest review.

    I tried to use the app that Edward Neal had found for iOS that would give you timed speed runs, but the app didn't seem to be reliable at the time of this review. I'll continue to work with it and the author. I did buy the suggested Skypro XGPS 160 that your phone connects to via Bluetooth to enhance the GPS signal (basically a bluetooth GPS modem).

    I did some timed runs first, without the Pedal Commander on, to get

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    Sorry for the repost, had to fix something in the posting.

    Initially when I purchased the DDM turbo, I had planned to leave it at the default boost, with a stock engine, it just wasn't advised to go any higher, or not much higher. However, when the gen 3 engine was installed and it built out, I have a lot more leeway on how much I can shove at it.

    So, a boost controller has been installed. Dave suggested I go with the Innovate SCG-1 so that I get AFR, Boost pressure and a controller. Not only will it control your boost, but if o2 or AFR get out of set bounds, it will cut boost and go back to spring pressure. A nice safety feature in my mind.

    This pic isn't with the engine on, didn't grab one when I had it on and then took things apart to work on stuff, LOL. My triple gauge setup had a voltmeter, that I didn't need, since I have one in the glove box, so it was removed and the SCG-1 was installed. It doesn't quite match the other two, but meh, it's functional and that's more

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    My Welter dual rear exhaust didn't fit with the trakhamr kit, so we had to remove it, and then get some custom welding done. While doing that, I had v-band clamps put all along the Welter pipes for easier removal of sections and no more fighting to separate two pipes. I also wrapped the pipes all the way down.


    I love the looks of the rear-end now, I think the exhaust really completes the look of the quad.



    If anyone needs exhaust work done in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I highly recommend McKinney Muffler and Speed Shop. Nick does a great job, he's passionate about your exhaust and the prices are very good.

    Brakes are the breaks...

    The trakhamr was supposed to come with upgraded rotors, but due to a supplier issue, they shipped me the upgrades after, and I was slow to get them installed, but it wasn't hard, took less than an hour.

    Drilled/slotted rotor upgrade for the rear:


    Yes, I know my wheels are dirty, sling is meant to be DRIVEN, not constantly cleaned.... :)

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    Another long overdue article, but, better late than never!

    Trakhamr makes a marvelous frame for the quad kit, uses a rebuilt C4 Corvette rear-end, and is delivered looking brand new. This is the beginning of the journey, before Troy shipped it to me.


    When I ordered the quad, my sling was sitting at DDM in South Carolina, getting some engine upgrades, and Dave graciously (and probably regrets it now), offered to help me install the quad kit. I was one of the first to get the self-install trakhamr, and certainly the first 2017+ to install it. When I arrived at the DDM shop, the quad had already been delivered, so the first agenda was getting my new rim and a tire mounted. So went straight to Discount Tire to get mounted / balanced, Putting the wheels on it makes it much easier to move around, so we could do this:


    Just Insert tab A into slot B :



    We ran into an issue with the frame mounting, due to changes of the 2017+ models on the angle drive mounting, and the quad kit

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    This is a long overdue write-up, but it needs to be done and this really just won't do it justice.

    As many of you may know, when the turbo was installed initially, we had a problem with it and the poor little stock 2.4L couldn't take what the turbo was dishing out. The slingshot now has a gen 3 Ecotec that uses a sand cast process that is less prone to cracking and a more uniform surface area to the block. The gen 3 also has more material to build up the surfaces for strength, and more importantly, at the top of the cylinder bores.

    Combine this with forged rods and ceramic coated pistons, and this engine can now take the higher horsepower. Dave at DDMWorks does amazing work.

    While the engine was out, a performance clutch was added, because you cannot drop the transmission like in typical rear drive vehicles, the slingshot has welded cross beams on the frame, so to get the transmission out, gotta pull the engine.


    To help with oil cooling, a Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation

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