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    EJFord Had his gallstones removed on Friday

    Saturday they removed his gallbladder.

    Then they brought in a front end loader to remove all the shit out of him. You would have thought all the coffee would have already done that. EJ is doing better today got some rest last night

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    Blink 182 said, it's all the small things right? Figured I'd continue the blog with the small items that have been done since the last update. 6-8" of snow last night so nothing else to do but putz around on the sling in the garage anyway!

    You know I'm bored when it comes to dress up things. That said - a fair amount of the cruises we do here in the Springs start with a car show n tell. Mod as well make it worthwhile to pop the hood - so I guess I'm onto the pretty things up phase? Started with these break, oil, clutch, etc.. trim caps. Only one that came with the kit I couldn't really make work was the radiator. Was designed for plastic radiator cap for the OEM overflow tank etc... Ebrake handle was changed and glad to get rid of that clunky plastic looking one.


    Scorpio Alarm - went back and forth on this one. Even had another

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    No other mods left to do, so figured it was time to knock out the wife's LED lights. The work bench looked like this when I started, but wanted to lay it all out and get an idea of how it was supposed to go together before starting! Have Wheel ring lights, Halo's, and a night rider bar to install. Plan is to wire to my fuse box in driver storage area as that fuse block is on ignition on etc...


    TRIC LED lights used - and started with the halos. Typical alcohol, prep, install. Taking the one torx out for the headlights on the outside will allow you to route the wire properly. The halo harness has six plugs to accommodate for Canadian light setups. Pretty easy to tuck away after you start at one end of your halos and work your way towards where your fuse/control box is going.



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    For those just here for the pics/vids I'll skip to the good stuff. Yolo is back home in my garage!!!


    Wife shot this short video when we I first got home -

    First spin around the block with it -

    Hooked the laptop up last night to check some numbers after I mispoke in a FB post about AFR going up under boost. What I was most likely seeing was when my buddy was coming off boost etc... According to Kyle who was right there to help me interpret the data - should be going from mid 14's on AFR to 12 and that's what mine is doing. Was high 30's low 40's temp wise as I took it for quick spin around the block and definitely wasn't shifting under boost with the summer tire on those cold roads. Will hook it up again this spring and get a good 3rd gear pull like Kyle mentioned, but looks like the tune is on point and 6-6.5psi in line for stage 1. I'm a happy camper!

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    It's been awhile since I updated this, but it's for good reason. We are into the part of the winter project that is just slow and we both hate wiring things! That said I really think if we work on this tomorrow for a few hours, it'll be back in my garage. Easiest way is to post the pics that were taken since the last article and catch you all up!


    DDM master brake cylinder brace got mounted, LED bulb swap out and wired, and mount made for rear exhaust to keep things tight. I'm not using the dual tips and instead have the drag tip on the ZZP rear exhaust coming out just past the battery box area. Vid posted in previous article is still the latest I have of it running - tomorrow will get some driving hopefully! -


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    Six hours today on the sling and although we made progress it doesn't feel like that much... Up first was finishing the gauge install and routing the wires in a way that kept things clean. Man oh man is there a lot of room behind the radio! I did run the com port for laptop connection into the glovebox to enable some of the programing options and data logging with this gauge. I should note this gauge has a powersafe boost controller type function, which i am not using. It's just T'd into the boost line and that feeds that MAP sensor that came with the gauge for the readings etc... That said it's working and will be good to be able to keep an eye on things. Video of us firing it up to test after install - can also see with exhaust finished and drag tip on it's a tone or two lower than previous video.

    The next part of this adventure takes a slightly sadder twist as honestly I've never seen my slingshot so tore apart and it doesn't even look like a sling to me at the moment! Like

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    It's alive! For those who aren't into reading and want to just see the video, here you go -

    Started the day with the transmission mount now that I had the right pieces for it. Super simple and now have the room needed for the exhaust.


    Next up was the lifeblood aka fluids and making sure those were topped off. Put 5 quarts of oil in to run it, but added another half based on the dipstick after it ran for a bit. Figure this is because of it being 100% drained with the oil pan off etc... Same on coolant, ran till thermostat opened and then topped it back off. Had a few bubbles to work through, but felt good when we got all those out and ensured it was running through everything including the turbo.


    The exhaust I'm using is the ZZP rear exit dual, however I don't like how the rear exhaust coming out from just under the deck looks. Also I didn't want to relocate my plate, I like

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    Felt like we made some real progress and didn't have to run the propane heater nearly as much today to keep the garage warm. I hear it might be 50's next week so nice change of pace from the cold and wind for sure! Up first today was the angle drive. Figured easier to get that done prior to getting the new exhaust in. Pretty straight forward once you get it in your hands and see where it's going. This is the ZZP angle brace and feel better about having it to get me through until I get to the quad conversion.


    I'm putting on the ZZP rear turbo exhaust - figured it made sense compatibility wise since the turbo is ZZP etc... I have to be honest though I don't have a solution, but not a fan of how close the downpipe is to the frame/coolant line. It fits don't get me wrong and it's up above the frame this way where it avoids damage so totally get it... just figured we should probably wrap where it's going to touch so went to work on

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    Well there was some good today and some challenges, but like anything else I expect ups and downs. I'll leave it there and just get into it.

    The Good:
    Just how many times are we going to have to take the radiator, intercooler, While I maybe frustrated my buddy is very meticulous and wants to make sure this is 100% done right and to his standards. I can totally appreciate that and noticed today just how meticulous he is when all the hose labels are facing so you can see the brand and are right side up. I don't think people will be asking about who's parts these are with DDM and ZZP labels all over! That said the radiator fan air box came out and got trimmed. Instructions say you can do this in the car and you could have but wanting to keep the nicks on my pipes and stuff to a minimum we pulled out.


    With that done, we

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