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  • Happy Birthday Dieter

    • Thank you my friend

  • Well it rained heavy for a few hrs. around Columbus OH, but we are in St Louis for tonight, here it was 92 F and it feels like 98. the rest of the trip should be fine.

  • Is it still raining on you? That and the rain and wind here on Sat. was why I finally decided against going to ES.

  • The mug has arrived now, I will try and send it tomorrow .

    • Thank you my friend

    • It's now wrapped up and ready to go.. I'll try to send it tomorrow.

    • It got posted today & it's on the way.

  • I emailed, but it looks like it fell over, somewhere in the system.
    I have trouble receiving mail through this site (prob the same problem), so can you email me you delivery address, directly (NOT through this forum) to:

  • Certainly wasn't trying to step on your toes with visor suggestion in Patrick's accessory thread. When Goats Hogs and I first discussed it back in June was not aware anything like it existed. Apologize for any trouble it may have caused.

  • Miss ya

  • Do You ever sleep?

    • Once in a while, was making the roll hoop decals for Rabtech

  • thanks

  • thanks

  • Hi got your name from MaCaw on the forum I think that's the name anyway..........We are from Pa Williamsport area and we are thinking about going to Maggie Valley this year. So far I don't have anyone from our area that's going. Just tossing it out there if you have a group going or don't mind someone tagging along keep us in mind.. I haven't made any reservations yet..........Thanks Paul

  • I thought that was the case, but wasn't sure enough to fire off a question to him without checking first.

    Big Thanks!

  • @raptech

  • Hi from the UK!!!
    Who is the main person running this site?
    Nothing is wrong. I just have a question for them.

  • I will, but you owe me a lot of moonshine because you did not say happy B Day. We miss you too three or four times.

  • All is good here - been huntin a lot - lonesome for you guys - can’t wait for MV to get here again - you guys doin good - ready to eat turkey till ya pass out like me ??? Give Barbie a kiss for me

  • Happy Birthday buddy - I hope you have been enjoying your day!

  • To a very DEAR FRIEND...You are more of a family member to Velma and me. I hope your Birthday brings you lots of joy and happiness. You deserve it!!!! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, buddy!!!! And here's to many, many more!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday, my Dear Friend, I hope you enjoy your day.

  • Happy Birthday my dear friend!

  • Good Morning Dieter and may you have a very good day. Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday Dieter

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Thanks a lot for info mytoy. Found info and photos I think I need for project.

  • An interesting side note to my visor...since it's made of black marine plastic....the heat from the sun has caused it to lose some of it curve...and it's flattening back you its original shape in the middle....I'm going to have to reheat it bend it back into the curve I want and possibly use some curved aluminum strips bolted on to keep it curved.

  • I checked the roof out it may work, but make sure the diameter for the mounting bars are correct. I'll post the list on the tread which I started.

  • I don't think this will work with your roof, It works with a tubular roof like twist dinamic

  • Fab factory panoramic roof.

  • Hey I am in on the how too and material list for your roof visor. I have the panoramic roof so just a width adjustment will be needed. Been wanting to do this for a year now.

  • I would like a Black cover if you have one available at SSITS.

    • I don't have any left, to my knowledge DDM Works will sell similar ones soon.

    • I need two nut covers

    • I reserve two for you, you can pay via PayPal to also provide shipping address

      Thx Harvey