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  • Would you be interested in a track day on Dec. 9, 2019

  • If the "Tripod" cover is for sale it would look great on my sling that we call Tripod because of the three wheels.


    • what is your address? I have no need of it anymore.

    • Right now it is

      Glenn Wemmer

      44 Adam's loop rd

      Goldendale, WA 98620

      I'm not at home in Oklahoma because I'm taking care of my brother. He has had a heart attack and the a stroke, just yesterday they gave him a pint of blood. He seems to be better a little better, time and prayer will tell.



    • I am so sorry to hear this. Will pray for you and your brother.

      I know how you feel. My younger brother had a surgical procedure on his carotid three years ago. He had a stroke on the table. Scared the bejexus out of me. Fortunately, he made a full recovery.

      Any word on his prognosis? How long are you going to be there?


      An EWU alumni.

    • We are not sure how long we will be here, maybe several months, hopefully not more. He got a pint of blood a couple days back and seems to be doing better. Speech is a bit blurred and his thought pattern is screwed up. His short term memory is really bad, he will ask the same question three or four times in a row. His wife is struggling with the issues he is having, she and my wife went to see the new Lion King movie and I think that is the first she been able to relax. You know when your in the service and in a combat zone you would lay down your life for your brothers, it is harder when that brother is your flesh and blood brother. We all have our struggles. I'm lucky enough to have a strong family and the love of God on my side, we can survive. TMI


    • Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth but did the cap ship?

      Brother is doing some better, eating a bit but still not getting his fluids. Got a pint of blood and colored up pretty good, ate better afterwards. Still here at his house, thinking the wife and I might still make our 40th anniversary stay in Yellowstone.



  • Outstanding. We're dragging the Denali over there and Nancy is going to drive the Sling, I hope. Got her behnid the wheel yesterday for the first time. She hasn't driven a manual since we sold my '86 Mitsubishi Pick Up in about '94. Brutal, man, just brutal.

  • Just purchased a 2017 SLR Madness Orange Friday 5/4/18. I am also in LC. Going to Maggie Valley SS Event but not sure if I will take the SLR.