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    Hold the nozzle so that it is pointing to about one 'o clock. If you look inside the fill tube you will see that that is the angle of the tube going to the tank. Lining the nozzle up with the tube should make it better.

    I experienced an extended wait for a Holley carburetor and an even longer wait for an Edelbrock manifold. The carb eventually showed up but when I got tired of waiting for the manifold I cancelled the order and got a refund on my credit card. Why did I wait? Because I wanted those parts and liked the price. But when I got tired of waiting and couldn't get a clear date I pulled the plug. If/when they can offer a definite shipping date I can place a new order if I haven't sourced it somewhere else by then. That's what I would do if I were you MADDMOE and Frankie55 . I know you want your stuff but why sit there waiting with cash out the door when you can always place a new order once they have product?

    Thanks for the ideas wokka, used the front half of a ZZP Rear Exit kit and I had to customize the back end myself as the original plus 1 kits had the same top cross bar issue yours had. However on Our new V2 Plus 1 chassis I moved that top tube rearward so the Factory ZZP Dual Tip Rear Exit will now fit without modifying as not everybody wants to mess with the 14 welds and three v bands neccessary to mod the way I did this one . Kyle is sending me the original dual tip section now and Ill pull that upper lower tail cone fairing to show how easily the stock ZZP Rear Exit will mount right up with the new V2, Plus 1 Quad Kits.

    I have no idea how many iterations you've had but your Sling is very classy, one of a kind, and you just keep making it better. I wish I had half your talent and creativity.

    WHAT'S NEXT???

    I know little about wraps except that they look good on the side of a boat or on a Slingshots. My question to any of you guys with knowledge on the subject is can I wrap a guitar body in a wrap. I would like to do carbon fiber and flames. Also is it hard to do?

    Absolutely no knowledge here but I bet you could find a cheapo guitar to try it out on DJohnson . I'd find one close to the same shape as the one you want to wrap. If it works out you can sell it or give it to a new strummer.

    Bill, if I may call you that, if not my Slingshot brother. It won't be the first holster I bought and didn't like. BTW I thought you was one of those that carried one of those little mouse guns the 22 LR.

    Well, it's actually a .22 mag.

    squeak, squeak, BANG!

    I popped your pimple! Now watch me RUN!

    I don't remember if they are 4 ohm or 8 ohm but they are connected to a crossover inside the pod. When I replaced mine back in 2017 I used the stock crossover and experimented by connecting the mid-range to the high-pass and low-pass and used whichever sounded best. I don't remember which one I used.

    Someone else will probably know what the resistance is on the stock speakers. I don't even know if they have a wattage rating. Mine went straight into the trash.

    snowflakes - - - - the far left, with their hold on the education system and the media has created an entire generation of overly sensitive and easily offended snowflakes

    I personally find them and their needy selfish existence to be offensive - - -

    To add to your thought, in a couple more years you're going to be able to rob a bank with a bag of peanuts.

    Just Sayin'

    My state of Washington was considering legislation to make it a felony if you accidentally showed your weapon while carrying concealed. I believe it died, but if it passed I was going to try to start a statewide practice of carrying an empty holster in partial view to burn out law enforcement on trying to enforce it. You could still carry in another location on your body of course.

    The racks will install with that top but the luggage space is limited to approximately 5 to 6 inches in height by the bar behind the hoops. There are guys that have found bags to work as long as you're not looking to maximize the amount of luggage you carry. Kind of like motorcycle travel.

    Different top but same mounting system.

    Congrats on the 34 years SlingLow. In Dog Years, that's over 200 YEARS. I hit our 35th in 5 months, so i feel your pain j/k

    That's Dog years. In Doug years we divide by 2. Congrats on the long run Funinthesun ! When people ask me for marital advice I have two pat answers. The 1st is, 'I don't try to run her life, and I don't try to run mine.' The other is, 'Don't ask me, I've only done it once'!'