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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I visited a friend's son in the hospital yesterday after finding out he suffered serious injuries to his liver while snowmobiling with his dad (my friend) on February 9th. He was life-flighted off of Mt. St. Helens after losing over half of his blood from internal injuries. Tyler is an outstanding young man working towards his goal of becoming a firefighter, and this will end up being a temporary glitch in his path as he is expected to have a full recovery. In the meantime he is unable to work until released to do so, probably in 8 weeks or so. The family is facing monumental bills from the life-flight, which I don't believe is covered by their standard medical insurance, Paul (dad) has burned all of his vacation time while living in the hospital for 2 weeks, and, of course, will have the responsibility of paying off the liabilities not covered by his insurance. I've heard that Life-Flight can easily hit $25k and, in this case, the local life-flight refused to fly that day in spite of reasonably clear weather and a private company was hired out of Boring, OR to get Tyler off the mountain and save his life, having to stop for medics on their way.

    So in an uncharacteristic move for me I am reaching out to any of you who might be willing to pitch in with a small amount of financial support for the family. I feel like this is a bit intrusive into your lives so please feel free to pass this by and accept my apology. I wouldn't be putting this out if I didn't feel like the family was deserving and in need of help that they won't ask for - like most of us.

    So here's the link for anyone so inclined. :…campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

    You can enter your name as the donor or, like me, just put first name: Slingshot and last name: Family. That will show them where the support is coming from and I know it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading this, thanks in advance to anyone willing to help and here's Tyler earlier that day. SlingLow out!


    I hope you're taking notes because I'm going to be picking your brain on how all this works.

    Social Security that is, not women and marriage.

    I've known more than one couple who has married just for access to better social security. It's not that uncommon.

    I know you're not doing this in a vacuum. What does Caryn think about all this?

    Roadhawg another option could be a cargo rack like mytoy has which mounts on a hitch receiver behind the Sling. If that meets your cargo needs it's a way to haul without another set of wheels on the ground and, in my state, another registration tag. Guys have also built racks on their tops that are pretty roomy.

    One of the issues I have with small trailers is the small wheels and tires. Personally, I wouldn't use anything less than a 14" wheel at highway speeds. Those small tire generate too much heat and bearings tend to fail. Nothing is worse than a breakdown when you're on the road recreating. It can ruin an entire trip!

    thank you! I am working in this area as well however the ABS plastic that I will be tinkering with will be on the right and left side. I am looking to fill that area between the tub and the side pieces. This area has always been a “scratch my head area” in that it was never filled in in my opinion well. And the aftermarket part for this, for me personally looks a little clunky.

    Again thank you everybody for jumping in on this and offering help.

    lowlander has done what you're contemplating. Perhaps he'll see this and offer up his advice. His description and pics are in here somewhere, probably in the 'What was today's Sling projects thread.

    Hello again UK_Paul ! Glad to see you back on the board. Weren't you getting ready to build a Slingshot garage on that beautiful property of yours?

    To anyone newer here, take a little time and check out Paul's thread (link above) for a well written, beautifully photographed chronicle of England's countryside and rich history. For me it was time well spent.

    I've been known to spend several months looking for the right deal on something I'm looking for including my trailers. If you're constantly looking, you'll know when a deal comes along.

    Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to offer half of what someone is asking if you perceive motivation to sell or it's been on the market for awhile. Some will say yes.

    Harbor Freight trailers: underbuilt, poorly welded and finished, non-existent warranty. I wouldn't buy one to haul my trash can to the curb. I t might do what you want but why? It's going to last a year or two and break doing what it's made to do.

    Just my opinion.

    Well i bought one for my Dodge diesel for one simple reason. I find the 3 gallons of Rotella t6 is like water when it gets changed and the way it gushes out while removing the plug it makes one hell of a mess no matter how i tried. The valve makes it so much cleaner and easier to drain. I have never seen another vehicle that i think it would be necessary to install a valve

    Well I never said I don't make a mess...8o

    10 minutes total maybe if you are on your game that day

    That's like, one cocktail. I do like my garage time. Only room in the house (without a throne) where I'm king!

    I don't have any problem making things easier. I just happen to enjoy changing oil. I'm kinda weird that way. I also like mowing grass which is good since I've got about an acre and a half of yard that I maintain.

    I'm not using the word yet Gerald but I might be permanently self-unemployed now.

    Even though I change oil on 9 or 10 vehicles, I don't feel like I need this. From the user descriptions it doesn't sound like a timesaver except for time spent under the vehicle. One bolt is pretty easy for me to remove and the pan drains in the time it takes to swap out the filter.