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    Well I got out yesterday for the first day of the year. Sunny and maybe 55 degrees. I had to go to the bank to get some money so I took the Sling. This is Daybreak park on the east fork of the Lewis River. It's nowhere near the bank.

    Today I'm taking the truck and trailer across Washington State to pick up a '62 Mercury Meteor. Cute little hot rod. Maybe I'll post it up in the money pit thread...

    Y'all have a great day!

    I have already lost all legal remedy as evidenced in the contract of 1984 which resulted in a hostile takeover of said nuts. Subsequent attempts to reacquire said nuts have been fruitless without expressed approval from holder which can be revoked without notice. As the contract ages out both parties have agreed on a weekly consignment of said nuts for a length & time determined by the consignor. Hopefully this will explain my precarious position in this matter... yours truly... Nutless in the Mountains :00008172:

    Now that's some serious CoonBilly lawyer shit right there!

    All I've got to say is:

    If lack of access causes, or is a precursor to the formation of a negative impression of one's manliness, then a repositioning of the physical control of said nuts is pre-mandated by section 27(a) of the 1984 contract, placing them firmly in the hands of the original owner for a period of 5 minutes, after which they are returned to the nightstand indefinitely.

    I've always named my vehicles.

    • Current SS is "The Force"
    • Previous SS was "X-Wing"
    • 1st SS was "Batmobile".
    • Current truck is "Lily" (license plate starts LLY, not custom)
    • Previous truck (2008 Chevy Avalanche) was "Ruby" (color was "Dark Ruby Metallic")
    • 1st 2003 Chevy Avalanche was "Bad Avitude" (not a mis-spelling).

    Makes it easier to identify them.

    And I've only named one of mine. When my mom gave me her Subaru after she quit driving a few years back I started calling it Forester Gump.

    Thanks so much, James! Really good advice and appreciate the referral to the texas dealers. Definitely worth the comparison.

    I wondered if the luggage racks would work with s slingshade. That is too bad they do not. Hopefully someone will rectify that.

    Love the Elvis quote too!

    Neither the Baker racks nor the ones I make will work with the Slingshade without major modifications (meaning cutting on the Slingshade mount and some fabrication).

    My girl friend often ask me how these Slingshot fair in accidents with cars and roll overs.

    DJohnson I got rear-ended at a stop light and shoved into the car in front of me and the frame sustained minimal damage. The Sling was totaled because I was able to show frame damage but it was minimal (almost non-existent). If it was an uninsured accident I would have had no problem fixing the machine and riding it but I didn't want a branded title. I was able to get off the brakes and get slightly angled before impact so that helped. I can tell you that if I was on a bike, it would have been on the ground and I would have been on the hood of the car next to me, but that's because I saw it coming in the rear-view. I feel that the biggest risk in this vehicle is a side impact so I am overly cautious entering intersections because of that. Same as a motorcycle.

    I don't know how us old guys survived.

    I do. We're tough as nails...

    Just as there’s no set definition for a “mass shooting”, there’s no set definition for what constitutes “an arsenal.” The MSM throws out words & phrases for dramatic effect. I’ve seen on TV where someone is arrested & OMG, they had “an arsenal!” (The “arsenal” consisting of one single shot rifle, a handgun & 50 rounds of ammo... Sigh. Seriously?!?!) I consider that “poorly armed.” SMH

    A big-ass pile of snowballs is an arsenal if you only have one...

    68 degrees and a beautiful blue sky day for riding!! :thumbsup:

    That's what I'm talkin' about!

    EnjoyLifeToday my wife and I are flying down to your area April 5th through the 10th. We haven't figured out where we will be exactly but will be in the greater Phoenix area part of that time. We may or may not have friends from Idaho join us as well but I'm wondering if there is a day we could meet up for lunch or dinner. We won't be Slinging and we're not into swinging but would enjoy meeting the two of you!

    I might be able to DIY the repair if I can figure out how to add a PVC nipple and pipe to a 90 elbow and then a threaded PVC adapter to connect to a ball valve. Hopefully I'll find some YouTube videos with tips on making everything fit in a small space. I'll be adding some pics later tonight.

    If there was just an inch or two below the PVC-Metal joint, It'd be a lot easier to try and wrap the leak with FlexSeal Tape.

    BKL I just saw flex seal in a spray can at Home Depot yesterday. I personally have not had satisfactory results with the tape and a permanent fix is always better, but it could be worth a try.