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    Did we really just lose Mitch over this shit?

    (That is a sad, sad, loss. And it's our loss, not his!)


    Not just Mitch.

    There are a few folks here who think the whole world is waiting for their well-though-out, intelligent, logical and well-articulated opinion on everything.

    We're not!

    Like MACAWS , when it stops being fun it's time to move on.

    I'm glad you said this. I would be much less eloquent.

    Funinthesun /Phil I wish you the best. You're a man among men and I'm praying for your full recovery and a bunch more years dancing on this planet. Cheers!

    SlingLow out!

    DER it looks like everything is going as planned. I sure wish I could have worked into your ride but your most westerly point is still well east of me. It looks like your having the time and trip of your life! We will be taking a scenic boat ride on the Missouri River this Monday in western Montana but that is as far east as we'll get on our trip.

    Your not just racking up the miles but also the memories. Enjoy the moment and your friendships. It doesn't get any better than this! Safe travels my friend!

    Why couldn't Polaris have come out with the Slingshot sooner when I was younger and in better health so I could enjoy BEING there to enjoy the ride and not sitting home in pain watching it through the eyes of the fortunate ones? For years I was upset that I was born a tad too late to have been in the middle of the crazy 60's and being there when OLDIES weren't old and seeing hotrods from their early days. Now in my old age life does it to me again and this time I'm born to EARLY to be in my prime when these first came out. I guess it wouldn't have mattered anyways as there probably wasn't enough extra cash to have enjoyed either "option if I had been offered the choice. So post away DER, as seeing these adventures do some pf us much good as it does to you guys being there in person

    I've always thought I was born 200 years too late. I should have 'rode west' on a horse (I do NOT like horses), claimed my square mile and built me an existence. I wouldn't have missed internal combustion (and cell phones and internet, etc. etc.) because it wouldn't have been invented. Back then your world was what was immediately around you and you took from it what you produced. I think I would have thrived.

    I was only depressed when I couldn't find them. They were a favorite in my younger years.

    Just stopped by to see what this thread is about. Thank you for the title enhancement Edward Neal . Nobody can complain about this thread, eh? I can admit that I used to pay my rent as a young man with compensation earned from picking mushrooms. My buddy and I knew a number of fields where they were abundant out in the neighborhood I live in now (cow country). We would pick a boatload and he would eat all his and I would dry mine and market them in another jurisdiction. I would make somewhere between 200 and 300 somethings per day. For anyone tracking me, this was over 40 years ago so the statute of hallucinations has expired.

    And yes, I've tried them. It just wasn't my thing. I was more into earning bank without any more work than going for a walk, running away from mean cows, and moving to the opposite side of the field from the lazy cop with the shiny shoes and a megaphone.

    Carry on!

    Don't hold anything back tell us how you really feel!

    We can take it

    And most likely agree

    I'm not known for holding anything back. Ask either one of my friends!

    Seriously, Portland and Seattle need to secede from the union and start their own socialistic nation somewhere else. They have no values in common with the American people.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled debauchery.....

    And what looks to be a '65 Ranchero. Anything for sale?

    I wonder if there are any Alpha parts still functioning?? I’d bet very few 🤔

    I'm still running the Alpha cold air intake, Alpha coil cover, Alpha short throw shifter, and Alpha header, all working as designed, and an Alpha side-exit exhaust that rattles like a Chinese pacemaker. I really like the side-exit exhaust configuration but I can't find anyone to work on it nor can I find a replacement that uses the same hole.

    This spammer that always sets up a username with Mariaxxxxx is about to get on my shit list. I am going to knock out the whole ip subnet coming from Pakistan. I don't think we will miss anything from that region.

    apka shukria !

    We took the Sling to a local car show this afternoon. It's an informal Father's Day get together at a local pizza joint that's been going for 35 years now. We saw some pretty nice cars.

    Then we headed to an 80 acre forest park near our house.

    Just to

    I think it was a 'phone app' but either way .....NO....

    When I called my insurance company to explore insuring the 'Vette they tried to hard sell me on that app. They told me, 'we have a client that saved over 15% on their bill'. I said, 'Lady, I'm insuring a Vette and I have a Slingshot. That guy probably has a Prius. If I get your app you'll raise my rates, then cancel me, and then I'll go to jail.

    I ended up with Hagerty which insures non-daily-drivers (but not the Sling). Much better deal.