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    They are some of the best you'll ever want to meet. Stil;l can't believe they opened up their place for one heck of a BBQ and a "let's swap over body panels from one Slingshot to another" I was there and saw it happen and STILL don't believe it. Congrats guys

    My gas gauge hasn't worked for over a year. I just reset the mileage on the trip "B" setting and refuel anywhere from 175 to 200 miles or at the end of the day. It's no biggie except for seeing the bards all flash and the low fuel lights starting back at you all the time

    I don’t care who or what you are - you kill a cop - you get an express ticket to the needle - I don’t give a crap what the social justice warriors say - that thin blue line is the only thing stopping us from sliding into anarchy. Pretty sure most here would not hesitate to pull a trigger for protection- no PoPo would most probably make most of us cross a line we hoped we would never have to.

    DITTO. Do NOT pass go - do NOT collect $200. Screw your last meal and be prepared to meet your maker. That's a lot more than they gace to THEIR victim. Or second thought, don't take 'em alive. A singular placed shot to the head is a LOT cheaper than a trial and a lifetime of incarceration

    Just got my slingshot and was disappointed leaving somewhere at night and being SO dark I couldn't even see where to put my key. Had to dig out my cellphone to turn on the flashlight.

    I bought stick up lights that plug into the USB port but the key has to be one for it to work - doesn't help if I can't see where to put my key...

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Congrats on your new purchase and welcome to the Forum. You'll find it a great place to hang out for tons of ideas, information and just plain fun. I have the Flux Capacitor lights by Tricled. It's just enough interior light when needed and the colored lights are a geeky fun thing to impress people who actually KNOW what it was in the Back to the Future films. It was $99.99 when they first came out and I don't think they still sell them. But take a look at their video from 2015 and you might be able to find it somewhere online

    Good Luck

    I understand. Kinda like wearing TWO bags over your head in case one of them falls off

    With all that insane weather, are you sure Bill Martin wasn't there? He seems to attract that stuff for a while now. :)

    Sorry Bill, you know I love ya like a brother