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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Wishing you Happy Birthday and many more. Are you coming to kerrville?ill take you on the twisted sisters with EjFord . Just think the stories you could tell. Again a Happy Birthday, enjoy your day


    Boomer, I had plans to go back to Texas and enjoy the comradery, friendships and especially to ride the sisters again. But I had to cancel due to having a slingshot down for a while. But plans are to attempt Maggie Valley and the Poconos this year and who knows, maybe even Eureka Springs

    Thanks for the well wishes guys. Yo quote a wise man from the forum..... another trip around the sun.......... But this last trip seemed to take forever and it was one hell of a bumpy ride. Sure hope the next rotation goes a lot smoother and fewer layovers in strange places where everyone wears white outfits.

    So if we have a question, we need to wait till Maggie Valley for an answer?:( What if "we" don't go to Maggie Valley this year?:/ Damn, I'm screwed,... and I didn't even enjoy it!:saint::00008356::POKESS:

    That's because you went home too early. I just met you before one ride, and tried to find you later in the afternoon, only to find out you left early. If you do gp to MV this year, PLEASE text me so we can hang out and share some good lies over something cold

    I agree, I had saddlebags back there before I mounted my hitch. Anything you put back there will get road spray and dirt. I'm going to cut a piece of 1/8" ABS plastic with a curve in it, to match the bags, have the velcro straps hook on that and mount the ABS plastic to the V mount. I'm no expert or engineer so it's a matter of trial and error

    I had saddle bags for years until i started going to Weight Watchers 8)

    All booked! I could have had the host hotel but decided on an Air B&B house on a mountainside with a view of the valley, hot tub on porch overlooking the mountains, and a garage for the Slingshot. Hurry up May! I can't wait to see hundreds of Slingshots all in the same place and meet some of you from here.

    Sorry if this comes across as being an ass, but did you check what the driveway looks like? MOST of the places in the mountains have dirt driveways and depending on the amount of rains and how long since it's been since they maintained it, you could have a surprise climbing the hill and dodging the potholes. You might want to verify before you get there

    I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the @$$, but my 2015 was built in July 2014 and I took delivery in November 2014. It still has the original battery. the only time it has ever gone dead on me was when I left a switch on for the under hood leds and didn't find out until the following weekend. Jumped it and rode that weekend and ever since. It stayed in the garage without being run for almost 3 months last year and it started up just fine before Christmas. That being said, I'm probably going to replace the battery later this year before heading out to the event in the Poconos so there's no issues out there

    After watching the turbocharger group buy fiasco, I would have to have anything from Hahn delivered and installed on my Sling before I would even consider paying for them and he would have to be the only one with the product for sale on the planet.


    I can understand your rationale and your opinion. I am sure that Bill will be the first one to say that it didn't go anywhere near as planned for many reasons that were out of his control. But you can't lose fact of one basic thing. This all started by Bill offering a major discount on an already reasonably priced turbo system. He probably would have sold as many as he did over time to probably the same buyers at full price had he not come out with this major price savings to forum members. He is an honest person who unfortunately ran into a perfect storm during this time frame. I don't believe that anyone did not ultimately receive their items. Could the communications have been better? I know there's no doubt that there could have been. But there also no doubt that Bill Hahn's system for the slingshot provides a performance improvement that is second to none while remaining relatively safe when operated properly. You might want to judge him by his future performances and not of his past shortfalls as there aren't too many small businesses that could have navigated their way through the issues he has to deal with. I'm only a few miles away from his new shop and go there quite frequently and see nothing but an improved environment for the slingshot community

    Not by a long shot. He's made the relocation to Beach Street Daytona Beach FL. He has all his equipment installed and working. He's in the process of finishing up his showroom and a few projects in the shop as well as ramping back up his production of parts and pieces. He's going to have his grand opening during bike week next month. I'm sure he's going to be able to hire and keep more and better employees now that he's no longer out in the woods.

    I bought me a small piece of land 10 feet by 20 feet. I figured I'd get rich off that. I knew a hooker who was worth millions and she made it all on a small patch no bigger than your hand, so I thought I'd easily be in the $100 million range with mine