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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Ok so I have decided on which rear tire to buy, now my question is who are you guys using to install it ?? I'm in the Daytona area. I'm sure the local dealers won't touch it ??

    Hey Brucee, give Carl a call at Tire Kingdom 386-523-2000 and tell him Phil (the guy with the red turbocharged slingshot that took him for a test ride) sent you to see him. He'll treat you right.

    Can someone please explain something to me like I'm a 10 year old who has to have everything spelled out for him? Why can an Ambassador (Bill Taylor) sit there and lie to the world that he is here under subpoena and is not on anyone's side then go beyond a simple yes or no answer so that he makes his point that he is a never Trumper? He offers his opinion on what he THOUGHT Trump meant or what he was trying to do and why, after saying that he's never met Trump, spoken to Trump or been ordered by trump to do anything? He reluctantly had to admit that under Obama, the extent of the foreign aid to Ukraine was limited to basically blankets and food and that there was NO MILITARY SUPPORT under Obama, yet under Trump, millions of dollars were sent to provide support as well as weapons to protect themselves from Russia. He further stated that Trump's withholding the $400 million (+/-) put lives in danger and the security of the country in weaker military position. It would all have made some kind of sense if it wasn't for his "associate" sitting next to him (George Kent) who matter of fact stated that money that gets allocated takes approximately 12 months to show up to the recipient. REALLY? If that's the case (and nobody disputed that claim), then how could Trump's withholding the $400 million for 55 days signal the Russians to attack and how would the Russians have even known of the money being withheld when the leaders in the Ukraine didn't even know about it for several weeks?

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck - IT'S a &^%$% DUCK!!

    Well, someone had to lead the way to see if a slingshot was able to be boosted. So I paved the way back in November 2014 when I had the first turbocharged slingshot to hit the roads (pre ecu tuned) to have 270 rwhp. A short time later, it went to almost 310 rwhp. So my base line comparison from stock to boosted isn't quite the norm since I picked my slingshot up from my dealer on a Friday afternoon and drove it fairly sanely for about 125 miles dropping it off to Hahn Racecraft to develop the first turbo slingshot. Other than the lost time to have it designed, fabricated and tuned, I've been happy to have the extra power available at the touch of the foot

    I have the first street driven turbo slingshot and other than a blown engine in the early stages prior to having a reliable tune from Bob and the 2 bar map sensor, i have had no other drive line issues. Polaris did replace the swing arm in the recall with zero issues about being turboed. They also replaced the noisy angle drive after complaining of the noise and also no objections to the added power enhancer causing the problems. I wouldn't worry about having to wait until the warranty expires unless your dealer doesn't care about customer service reviews. Polaris will pay them for the work, so why piss of a customer?

    I'll NEVER go into the woods deer hunting again. A buddy and I went hunting several years ago in a strange location and seemed to walk for miles before realizing we were lost and it was getting late. Not knowing what to do, he took out his hunting guide book and read that if you get lost in the woods, the best thing to do is to shoot three shots into the air and wait to see if anyone comes to find you. We tried that but it didn't work. He read that if it didn't work, to try it again and wait 10 more minutes. I did, but the same results (no help arrived). He suggested I try it a third time. I said to him that i hoped it worked this time since I was down to my last three arrows!!

    I wanted so much to be there this year, but once again, those plans have fallen through. Think of me guys when you're out having fun and I'm at home riding the white porcelain bowl prepping for a colonoscopy on the 11th.

    I know, TMI. Sorry for being so blunt. Just wanted you to know I'd be there if I could have been

    The only reason Obama reduced the unemployment rate was he gave jobs to all his cronies and well funded campaign contributors. Especially the ones that George Soros told him needed high paying no show jobs.

    But the sad thing is that Pocahontas was cornered and had to admit that if her Medicare for all gets passed, it would result in excess of 2 MILLION people being laid off. She says she's working on a plan to resolve that issue. Oh boy, more free handouts coming in 2021

    I hear Bernie is looking for more supporters. Republicans and Democrats are well represented here already, but there's room for a real life supporter of the SOCIALIST in sheep's clothing to join in

    Actually the saddest part and biggest hit to democracy is Republicans that would vote to impeach if it were an anonymous vote. Many, all the quiet ones of late would vote him out if it didn't threaten their chances for re-election.

    Many congressmen and senators have said they know a lot of Republicans would vote Trump out if it were a private vote.

    Basically they know he is mocking our system, breaking laws, has something going on with Russia and refuse to do a thing because it would hurt them in their home districts. Which is to say, they must think Trump's base is big, committed and to dumb to reasonably understand the threat to our democracy.

    I gotta agree with Wolf. It's not just the Republicans though. Just look at the last few elections in Chicago. Since the votes were all cast anonymously, there were more Democratic votes cast than there were people alive to vote. Gives new meaning to their battle cry - Vote early and vote OFTEN