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    I was looking for info on the 2022 models and instead of finding out what Polaris has planned, my attention was drawn to the confederate flag icon for this "GOP discussion", a topic that is almost as active as the technical forums discussing the actual Slingshot. The site feels more like a Slingshot info site for people who believe that Trump is secretly still president and are probably waiting patiently at this very moment in Dallas for JFK and JFK jr to return with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent blaring to pass the time while they wait.

    One suggestion I have is that you at least change he icon in this discussion to something less racist. I get it that this is Merica and you have the freedom to choose whatever symbol of hate you want (swastika, tiki torch, pepe the frog, etc) for your forum discussions, but does this site have to seem like I just stumbled into OANN or a Trump rally? Not all of us are fans of Sedition, racism, overthrowing our democracy, disinformation, are antivaxxers and/or fans of rigging the elections so that you remain in power at the cost of our democracy. I am sure that this will fall on deaf ears of the MAGA hat wearing admins, but why not focus on Slingshot info so that people can enjoy discussing the Polaris
    slingshot even if they do not subscribe to what the confederate flag represents.

    Hi David and welcome to the forum.

    First off, I am NOT the owner of this site, not do I speak for him. But I was one of the handful of people who helped beta test the site with Robert before it went live. I can say that he takes this site VERY seriously. That being said, he also understands that a lot of us go way back to the beginning and are a tight knit group. Almost more-so than some families. There are plenty of forums out there (BORING ONES) that are run by major companies and monitored by people who have no clue about the subject matter of their forums. I can safely say that this forum has some of the best vendors with decades of experience in motorsports as well as working with the original 2.4 liter GM Ecotec engine that was standard since day one in the Slingshot. One of those vendors iis so involved with the R&D of performance and aftermarket items for the Slingshot, that he was one of the first to order and receive the new Polaris Prostar 2.0liter powered Slingshot so he could put it through the tests and find ways to make improvements as well and first hand suggestions to potential buyers.

    The OG's have done things for the community here that others would have never done for their forum members. Everything from putting "strangers" up in their homes when their residence was destroyed by a hurricane, gone hundreds of miles with their trailer to rescue a member who broke down miles from their home and towed their Slingshot home for them, offering his vast knowledge of painting and doing complete custom paint jobs at a fraction of the normal prices and on and on. We have been their for our family members through the birth of a child, their wedding, several near death illnesses and YES, the sad times where one of our own passed away.

    This forum is a place that when used properly can direct you any subject you need assistance with, and hopefully once you buy your Slingshot and get more and more into it, you'll be able to assist others as well as going in with some group rides and annual rallys. This can be your home away from home. As such, there are threads that people have ZERO interest in. If you don't want to read or post anything about guns, just ignore that thread. The same thigs as the NSFW section and this one that obviously offended you. I can say that the member who started this thread and uses that avatar is one of the most respected and friendly person you will ever meet. He would give you the shirt off his back to anyone who needed one. I can safely say that he is most definitely NOT a racist and means no disrespect to anyone by using it. His routes are in the south and that is part of history. tearing it down does NOT rewrite history. And has what was already posted, if this thread does not sit well with you, then hit the ignore link to this thread.

    I hope you do stay here and become another valuable member of this family. But if you decide that this is not a place you want to come to to find the vast knowledge of all things Slingshot, the loss will be yours. Do a search and you'll find other BORING sites that has less knowledge and is run by for profit people who care about their bottom line with pop up ads and spam messages sent to you. This forum is NOT a FOR PROFIT site and is run by an OG SLINGSHOT OWNER who knows more about Slingshots than some of the Polaris people.

    Your choice, but I for one would love to see you hang around and see what this site has to offer before making your decision to leave based on one avatar you saw. The choice (and loss) is yours to make.

    Have a great week and be safe

    It sure would have been nice to actually have some options without having to change what model to buy. being one of the og's, there were only two models - the base or the SL. So if you had a color preference, you had to choose grey, red or accept the fact that you would either paint or wrap it. or if having a standard radio, backup camera with bigger tires and forged wheels, you had to settle for Red only. I know that way 7 years ago, but how much of a problem would it have been to offer the US models with the security system or have the GPS as an option since the radio displayed it as being one?

    Who knows. maybe by 2025 they will allow us to pick and choose and we can have the Burger King model - having it OUR way

    Looks like you guys had a GREAT time and put smiles on hundreds of kids faces. It would have been nice if you all moved to Daytona and we could all do these things together. Not too many Slingshots doing things as a group.IF you don't follow them on facebook, you are not in the loop of their plans

    We're heading out for a morning ride and going to a small road side joint that has dercent food. Wings, fish and burgers. Enough of a choice that everyone ion the group will be happy with something. PLUS, if it's too cold to ride, I'll have a chance to try out my heater in the vanderhall to see how well it works