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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I haven't heard of the issue you're talking about yet. But if you have a Polaris dealer close by that has the 2019 GT (Grand Touring model) in stock, go take a look at how they mount the factory fender on that model. If your fender is similar, you should be able to fabricate something that will work or even buy the bracket that they use if its sold separately

    This new crop of left wing liberals are worshiping Robin Hood as the first liberal and their inspiration saying he was a savior of tyranny and provided for the poor. In all honesty, Robin Hood was the first Socialist. The only reason he robbed from the RICH, was the poor didn't have any money

    Sorry for your loss, but you'll be able to keep his memory alive every mile you put on the slingshot for him. Just one basic question. Do you have the clutch pedal depressed when trying to start the engine? There is a switch that will not allow the engine to start if the pedal isn't depressed. Also another problem could be that you turned the key too far and are not in the "run" position but the "accessory" position. It will not turn over as well if that's the case. Hope one of these two solves your issue

    I WOULD check with Dave (not for the location, but why the need to replace the map sensor). if I'm not mistaken, didn't you just have a s/c installed in Maggie Valley this year? if so, he probably installed a 2 bar map sensor and Bob's tune is programmed for that. if you're replacing that map senbsor with a one bar map sensor, I'm sure you'll be asking for issues with the fuel tables being less than desirable. Of course the new map sensor could be a 2 bar sensor anyway, so there's no need to replace it. And as a side note, even if it is a 2 bar map sensor, I wouldn't use it if it's not a GM part.

    I was just informed from headquarters (Switzerland) that I have to reschedule my vacation because I got just one of the biggest order from a customer, and I have to organize everything with them. The only good things are I get a commission and they will pay for hotel and gas on my next trip equal to what it would have been.:(:(

    Can I send you my money now for a few cases of the best chocolate in the world?

    CAUTION: protect your hands from getting burnt from the heat. One of the old time ways of finding an exhaust leak is the easiest, cheapest and most reliable. Take a wet rag or two and a good pair of insulated gloves. With the engine running at idle, use the wet rag (wet it good to give you a few extra seconds before the rag gets too hot to touch) cover the end of the exhaust thus creating a lot of back pressure. If you have a leak, you will surely hear it and hopefully find it before the heat gets too hot to handle.

    Good luck

    Randy, words can't express our feelings reading this. There's never a good time to go, but 32 is WAY too soon. He's getting all the medical attention he can get and he's still breathing, so there is still hope. He's in our prayers

    I sure wouldn't add that to the front grill if you ever plan to add a turbo or s/c intercooler to your ride. It's bad enough that the intercooler has to be in front of the radiator, but to add this much more of a restriction would be asking for trouble in high heat conditions