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    Well, back from my trip to Painter's. What normally is a two day up, 2 day back and some time hanging out, turned into a 3 day TOTAL round trip. Who could drive the speen limit knowing there was a masterpiece waiting to be seen? Then once I realized that it belonged to ME, who wanted to dp the speed limit home when the sooner i got back the sooner I could tool around town in it? So it will get unloaded from the trailer and a full bath in the morning and I'm sure they way this finish feels, it has an extra 35 horsepower just from the lesser drag.. Jim, you're the best. Thanks for allowing me to show off #77 to the world

    I won't be around tomorrow to post an "official" today's mod, so I'm going to jump in here a few hours early. While I guess you could argue that it really ISN'T a today's mod since it was done several days ago, but I'm off first thing in the morning to go retrieve my slingshot. It was stolen several weeks ago and the pictures of the recovered trike shows just how much of it was vandalized. And I have to say that Painter is one hell of a VANDAL!! If it wasn't for the 345 rear tire I spotted in one of the pics, there's no way I would have thought that it was mine. Even still, there's no way I can believe that I actually OWN something this awesome. Jim, if I live to be a hundred years old, there's no way I'll be able to express all my thanks for the endless hours of talent you invested into this slingshot. I'm sure there were several long days and nights that Kay must have thought you were having a card game or something. I hope I'm able to do it justice by keeping it clean and shiny to show off your talents. Maggie Valley, here I come..................

    Just a teaser of what this guy can do - or more importantly, what this guy can DREAM of doing, then goes out and accomplishes that dream.

    Thanks a lot there Donald Trump. Because of you my money is leaving my wallet faster than I care to admit. The final straw was tonight when i brought home dinner. I picked up our usual order of Hot and sour soup, Pupu platter, Moo Goo Gia Pan and Beef Teriyaki. BUT this time it was $65.25. I questioned the amount of the bill and they said that Trump's tariffs have added to their wholesale price of CHINESE food. That's taking trade wars a bit too far. Looks like I'll be planting corn, tomatoes and beans as soon as I get back from Maggie Valley. I knew something was up when the local massage parlors started charging $500 for an hour session. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Rob, I just saw this and it hit me like a Mike Tyson punch. The support you gave to both Bill and myself when we had the worse year of our lives meant tons to me (and I'm sure Bill). Now please let us repay you for that act of kindness. You're one special guy that always has a kind word and contagious smile no matter what's been happening. I know we're not neighbors, but i do consider you to be a friend none the less. I know you'll kick this with all the determination you apply to every day of your life. I'm looking forward to riding with you again soon bro. Get well so we can share some good times and bench racin' soon

    Polaris will not void your warranty if you swapped out your antifreeze. They would have an impossible time to explain why green antifreeze caused your brake switches to fail. The only thing they COULD try doing, is deny a warranty claim for anything related to coolant. Since green antifreeze is typically the original Ethylene glyco stuff that is not GM approved, they could win that fight. But what about those of us who drained out ALL antifreeze and are running the waterless coolant. Are you saying that Evans is selling a product that voids all warranties?