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  • Good Morning and A Merry Christmas to you and your family

  • Good Evening. Would like to touch base with you in the near future, eve or weekend, and talk to you about your trailer. Seems I'm due to get one soon and I have some questions.

  • No need to send money, I can wait until I hand them to you. As far as I am concerned they are yours now.

  • I hear you for sure. I know what it's like being the "test dummy" with expensive things. I had to give up my slingshot for almost 3 months to be able to have the first turbocharged slingshot in the country. Then I paid the price to be the first slingshot to put out 300 rwhp, the first to put out 325 rwhp (well, you get the idea. Had I waited, I could have had a turbo or supercharger right out of the box doing almost those numbers and only being down 72 hours or less. I'm glad you have a trailer now that you like and works for you. That's the best part of the whole thing. And yes, I will be in Maggie Valley. We'll have to meet

  • No need for me to write any more publicly. I did have one of their enclosed trailers ($14,000!). So many things went wrong I ended up returning it. Thankfully, they took it back. Bought the first redesigned Slingthing Trailer (open this time), and am quite happy with it. That being said, when working, the Ultimate design is damned convenient, and they look great too! If one is somewhat of a wrench (I have faith you're in this category), then perhaps Ultimate is a viable choice. It just kind of irks me that with so much money spent (like the Corbin Bag issue!), that one has to make repairs and tweak the product to get it to work correctly. But hopefully you'll get yours in good working order. Will I see you in the Smokies?

  • hey fun did you get me reply?? haha...:)

  • fun i email you,yes on tire...:)

  • Was very nice to meet you...

    • Ms Angel, the pleasure was all mine. To put a face to a name helps lots. I'm glad you and your better half were able to make the trip to MV, and hope you make it back in 2017

  • As a professional poster, maybe you can tell me how to rotate my pictures in my posts. I have alreay used "paint" to orient them the correct way before loading them here, but the image is 90 degrees off?

  • phil , give me a call before 9pm tonight Thanks, Mike B

  • Am I just missing it ordid they delete Lou's Bar at the other place?? If so that will be the last nail in the coffin for me

  • Sorry guys, I never saw these requests. I was in the learning stages as well. or I would have gotten right back to you. It sucks being technically challenged at times

  • Holy crap - I don't have access to NSFW??? How do I access??? How can we have a NSFW thread without me??? This aggression will not stand!! LMAOROF

  • Hey fun. Can I get access to the "special area"

  • Earth to funinthesun

  • Hi FITS
    Can I have access to that bad place also known as NSFW?
    Please and thanks