While I do think the stock power of the slingshot is good's not good enough when you ride with a few other slingshots that are boosted. It all started on a trip with my 14 yr old and on the "run" home we hit a tollway where I found out just how fast a stock slingshot is. Needless to say this was the first trip we lost portions of the group, us included. This ended up working out as we would of split anyway some just split from the group way faster than others! As soon as I got home I started looking at options to boost my sling. I also had a conversation on the subject with another local slingshot owner who goes way back with some prior employers and after some research I was pretty set on a ZZP stage 1 setup for the price point and what I read is a reliable way to add power.

    Almost as if it was a sign Dave from DDM works had listed a used turbo for $1600 that had come off a customers sling. Black Friday deals aside, I thought this was a smoking deal on getting into the

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