Blink 182 said, it's all the small things right? Figured I'd continue the blog with the small items that have been done since the last update. 6-8" of snow last night so nothing else to do but putz around on the sling in the garage anyway!

    You know I'm bored when it comes to dress up things. That said - a fair amount of the cruises we do here in the Springs start with a car show n tell. Mod as well make it worthwhile to pop the hood - so I guess I'm onto the pretty things up phase? Started with these break, oil, clutch, etc.. trim caps. Only one that came with the kit I couldn't really make work was the radiator. Was designed for plastic radiator cap for the OEM overflow tank etc... Ebrake handle was changed and glad to get rid of that clunky plastic looking one.


    Scorpio Alarm - went back and forth on this one. Even had another

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