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    Sorry for the repost, had to fix something in the posting.

    Initially when I purchased the DDM turbo, I had planned to leave it at the default boost, with a stock engine, it just wasn't advised to go any higher, or not much higher. However, when the gen 3 engine was installed and it built out, I have a lot more leeway on how much I can shove at it.

    So, a boost controller has been installed. Dave suggested I go with the Innovate SCG-1 so that I get AFR, Boost pressure and a controller. Not only will it control your boost, but if o2 or AFR get out of set bounds, it will cut boost and go back to spring pressure. A nice safety feature in my mind.

    This pic isn't with the engine on, didn't grab one when I had it on and then took things apart to work on stuff, LOL. My triple gauge setup had a voltmeter, that I didn't need, since I have one in the glove box, so it was removed and the SCG-1 was installed. It doesn't quite match the other two, but meh, it's functional and that's more

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