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    Did this setup right before going to MV and never did a proper write up.

    I wanted more gauges, water temp and oil pressure, but didn't want to clutter the dash with pods, so decided to try and mount them above my eye level on the front/top roll bar of my TD soft top. Along with the 3 gauge setup (AEM triple with voltage), I also wanted a good place to put my TPMS display and the radar detector.


    I didn't get any pics of the "shelf" I created for this, was in kinda of a hurry doing last minute things for MV. I used Stainless Steel Cable Clamp, Pipe Clamp to go around the bar's at the corners and a aluminum flat angle for the shelf. I wanted the angle to provide structural strength so it wouldn't bend too much. Putting the clamps at the corner kept me from having to cut the soft top any. One draw back to the shelf, I can't take my top off very easily if I ever want to. However, I've only removed it once, just for testing air flow and didn't keep it off for more than an hour.

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