Not really a build, but a posting that is worthy of a blog entry, at least in my humble opinion.

    Slingmods responded to a post here about the newly released Pedal Commander offering us group pricing if we got at least 20 people who said they'd buy. I think we got 30+ interested in the thread within a week or two. I tried to get them to give out a demo unit to someone, they declined, but I spoke up and offered to buy a unit and let anyone borrow and review it if they wanted. So far, no one has taken me up on the offer, but I figured I'd try to do an honest review.

    I tried to use the app that Edward Neal had found for iOS that would give you timed speed runs, but the app didn't seem to be reliable at the time of this review. I'll continue to work with it and the author. I did buy the suggested Skypro XGPS 160 that your phone connects to via Bluetooth to enhance the GPS signal (basically a bluetooth GPS modem).

    I did some timed runs first, without the Pedal Commander on, to get

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