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    When ever you get caught in the rain you WANT to turn OFF the 'nannies' push and hold 'traction button' until both the traction control light and ABS come on. You want control NOT the computer. Same a do NOT drive a car/truck in cruse control in bad weather.

    Agree entirely with EjFord on this. The nanny computer is designed for dry roads. In wet weather if one front wheel slows in a bit of water, the nanny puts the breaks on the other wheel an sends you into a skid.

    I was very lucky, I was in the outer lane of I-40 and the right front wheel hit a puddle. Nanny slammed brakes on LEFT front tire causing me to skid anti-clockwise and slide left across 3 lanes of interstate.

    I counter steered (turn right INTO the skid), foot off the gas. Wheel speed eventually equalized and I regained control of the vehicle. I was close enough to the concrete divider to literally reach out and touch it. God was with me and my Wisconsin winter driving skills helped save my life.

    Pulled off the interstate, got a hotel to shower, cry a bit, and change my underwear, then headed back home. Still raining much of the way, but with all nannies OFF, Ruby behaved like a real lady & gave no more trouble.

    Remember: one click of the T/C switch turns off Traction Control (REAR wheel only.)

    Holding the switch for 5 seconds or so turns off Stability Control (FRONT wheels only).

    Would LOVE it if I could mod this into two different switches, but as it is ECU software, I don't think this one will happen.

    Just be aware of how your vehicle works and drive appropriately. Y'all be SAFE out there!

    I've been seeing something odd the last few weeks.

    When I'm riding over 25 mph, the left hand mirror starts vibrating rapidly, giving me queasy rear views!

    Right hand mirror stays steady as a rock. Neither mirror has any problems holding position, no need to adjust 'em on any regular basis? Stock mirrors on my 2019 SLR btw, have never removed or worked on either of these mirrors.

    Anybody have an idea what's causing this or how to fix it?

    Dropped the SS off in Ft Smith this morning. I already ordered the sprocket and had it shipped to them. Cheap Cycle Parts only charged $395 for the sprocket but said it will be 7-15 days to get the part. X/ Oh well. At least the dealer will be checking any issues with the bearings, etc. before the sprocket comes in.
    Tulsa dealer said 3-4 weeks before they could work on it so a 1+ hour drive to Ft Smith seemed better than 2+ hours to Tulsa.
    Jim Farabough hauled it down in his trailer with his new truck. Only problem was the air conditioner quit before we were out of Fayettville. Got a little warm today. Was 91 in Ft Smith. X(

    If you want to go for a ride, just give me a call and I'll come pick you up!

    Doc&Ruby - here you go the current tiered rate schedule for Southern California Edison - the "Baseline Allocation" changes depending on the rate area you are in and if it summer or not - in hotter areas like where I am the baseline is higher and is also higher in Summer - - - back before we went solar we were always well into the third tier every single month - the AC just sucks the power - - Since we went solar our system has consistantly produced more than we use so this Tiers no longer impact us

    We had tiered pricing where we lived near Temecula in Riverside County. We were consistently in tier 3 as well, even though we opened the house at night (cool breezes off the plateau) and only cooled to 80F.

    Our electricity bill in Arkansas for a house 2x as big is about half of what we used to pay. Water bill is about 1/4 or less.

    No not hot at all. So freaking ungrateful and disrespectful not only to just about everyone. But treats her parents like second shit. The last 2 times her older sister came over she got in a fist fight with her and punched her in the face. No as a man your not allowed to look at her no matter what she's wearing. Then your objectifying her and making her a sex object. She actually has gotten in my face a couple of times recently and I just jokingly de-escalated the situation out of respect for 1 her being a women which she wouldn't want and 2 her parents were right there. But her dad told me after the fact hey I appreciate the thought but sometimes people just need there teeth knocked down there throat. He has said repeatedly she needs her ass kicked. He won't do it because he told me if I start my wife will have to pull me off her. I can't describe to you the things I've seen her say and do. I can't imagine what I don't see and hear.

    Time for possessions out to the street with the trash and a new set of locks on the house.

    When she gets mad at being locked out & breaks in (you KNOW she will) call 911 & press the charges.

    There should be video on so that when she assaults her parents (you KNOW she will), the Old Man can prove self defense.

    Y'all remember that the counterattack must stop when the threat ceases... revenge and personal satisfaction aren't acceptable in court.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    Just to let people know what’s going on with my SS right now. A lady ran into my belt sprocket last Thursday. She told the officer taking the report that “In AR it’s legal to turn left on red after stop!” He said “Yes it is, as long as someone isn’t in the intersection.”
    My local dealer no longer sells or works on Slings so I have to take it 90 miles away to a dealer in Ft. Smith for repairs. They have a 4 week wait list. Taking it down Tuesday so I hope to have it back by the end of July. The ins co has rented me a car until the work is done. At least everything will be working right for our Epic Adventure in September.

    Holy cow! Glad you are okay, pal!

    To change the subject, I found this to be extremely interesting…

    Plastic of the future?

    Love this idea... let's save oil for fuel, not plastics!

    I wonder if the relatively slow speed of growing compared to forming products will be limiting.

    Plastic products spend seconds, perhaps a few minutes at the outside in the factory compared to a week or more to grow & heat treat fungi. The amount of product a given factory volume can produce is much less, but then, biodegradable packaging IS a big deal.

    Prolly the Big Government will mandate this product's use, then make it illegal for the individual to compost the stuff in the back yard. (Kinda like making rain barrels illegal.)

    To be fair, these aren't your old-school patriotic liberals like JFK... these are straight up facist sturmtruppen. Blackshirts with face masks.

    the scary part is, we don't know who their Fuerher is yet.

    The lady across the street. Well she's 18 so the young lady across the street is a feminist, bernie loving, by sexual. Her parents have pretty much givin up trying to talk to her. And most of the neighbors and her own family try to avoid her. Well we were over there lastnight and she came into the room we were doing game night. She heard us talking about current events and the topic of the the women who put her back to the flag at qualifying came up and we all were like how disrectfull it was and how she should not represent the USA. Well she starts going off on BLM and how we have no right to talk about 1 a women 2 a women of color 3 that we were all white and have no idea what she was going through. Now mind you she is a pale white red head. And then goes off on how this country is a shithole racists country that impeads and the rights of individuals. So at this point people start getting uncomfortable and leaving her parents are like Rachel shut up go in your room. She gets even more mad yells I'm trying to educate you all. And she yells I hate this country I can't wait to go somewhere else. I just look at her and say. You know why I live this country because even though I disagree with everything you stand for and say. You have the right to say it and I may not like it but I love the fact that you can excercise your right that this shithole country as you call it gives you the right to say it. I tell her please go to another country and riot and protest and March for gay rights. Yea she's bi sexual one day gay the next and then loves men and then hates them. And see what happens you would be sent away and never seen again. She of course has no rebuttal and starts with insults about being a white cis male and I just laugh in her face. Her parents are always so embarrassed by her. I just don't get the mentality. Walks out of the house with barely nothing on. Her parents will be like put some clothes on. She will tell quit slut shaming me. I watched her walk out the house topless 2 weeks ago with her mom chasing her. Later I asked what that was about. And her mom said I asked her to put something a little more appropriate on to which she went off on her and said if I want to walk outside naked it's my right and no one should be looking at me and objectifying my body. Ad she proceeded to take off her shirt and walk out the house to prove a point. Her parents at this point just want her out shes 18 and can go live in everyone gets a trophy land at 1842 everything is equal lane. Rant over sorry so long.

    I'd be happy to chip in $5 for her ticket to the preferred socialist paradise of her choice.

    I here that Venezuela is nice this time of year...

    I'm fascinated by the electric car concept. The idea of a car I can plug in (particularly into an off-line solar setup), commute in, and never change the oil strikes me as a good thing.

    And yet, the way Tesla & others bully their "owners" by making their cars inoperable or unchargable if the owner refuses to submit to updates or data collection (that's surveillance, folks!) convinces me I'll probably never own one of these. Just this summer, California asked people to unplug their electric vehicles during peak demand. Just as they asked us to put in regulators on our home AC units so they could cut off your air conditioning by satellite command when they felt like it. The step from requesting voluntary compliance to mandatory submission with fines & jail time for non-compliance is all too short.

    I also understand, as an engineer, how inadequate our current power grid would be if we were to shift the entire portion of our energy consumption in petroleum fuels into electricity. If we had a robust nuclear power supply, maybe. With our current phobia about coal & nuclear - its a no go. Across the country and around the world, electric cars run on fossil fuels, they're just burned somewhere else.

    That said, I'm all for choice and the free market. If the electric vehicle industry creates a product that is cheaper, more efficient, less expensive to operate, the consumer will switch quickly enough. The switch from literal horsepower to internal combustion occurred within a couple decades. Right now electric vehicles are pretty much uber luxury cars for wealthy people. There are no available electric cars under 40K and the average price tag is closer to 75K, topping out well into Ferrari / Lamborghini price territory!

    The article below heralds states that are mandating an end to gasoline engine vehicles. Not requesting. Not offering incentives on purchase. Not offering special driving privileges (HOV lane access). Not offering tax breaks. They want to eliminate choice and mandate demand because they fundamentally do not believe in the value of the product or trust the consumer to chose products in their own best interest.

    Anyone surprised that the 14 states doing this are states with the deepest Blue governments? The highest taxes? The worst unemployment? The highest crime rates? I sure wasn't.

    You can read the article here:…es-targets-end-ice-sales/

    The Captain & I got up & took off about 6:30 am, headed toward Huntsville.

    Lovely morning out AR 74! We stopped at Granny's Kitchen for breakfast.

    The Captain says, what are you talking a picture for? I explained that many folks on the forum take pics when we're out riding with our best girls! 😉

    The Captain objects, "Your not even taking a picture of me!"

    Knowing that she is camera shy, I immediately fix this, and then refuse to delete it! 😁

    The rest of the ride is delightful, down AR 23 (north half of the Pig Trail), then home to Elkins on AR 16. About 65 miles round trip, then home before the day got too hot!