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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I was shocked, SHOCKED! to find out the Captain likes my second choice single malt (Glen Fiditch)

    If I wanna keep a bottle around, I'm gonna have to pony up for The Macalan again! :D

    I have the Cooper Zeon RS3-S on my SLR. I think I paid rather a bit more than the $135 quoted above, but this was the bigger tire for my 315/20/R35 rear end. YMMV

    After about 3,000 miles this summer, I gotta say I'm very pleased. A good balance between launch grip, spinning fun, and corners very well (much better than the stock Kenda.)

    I think I will put Coopers on the front end when those OEM Kendas wear out...

    Just don’t push it on the whole way.

    What year is your SS

    I had to cut a small “x” in the back of the boot to pass the wires through. As per the slingmods installation instructions. You could watch that video.

    Yeah, I watched the slingmods video, but it seemed clear to me that the fan needed more air - and the manufacturer claims full immersion waterproofing (I'm NEVER driving in THAT much water!) I was also concerned that any water that DID get in the boot was never getting out - it would be trapped in there and the unit would never dry out.

    Overall, I know that heat kills electronics and shortens the life of LEDs and their circuitry, so I decided to eliminate the boot entirely.

    Some may call this a gamble, but the manufacturer (or Amazon) will warranty for water immersion - but I KNOW that heat will kill my lights - and killing 'em would be my fault if I obstructed the fan.

    Judgement call, yeah?

    Arrived today and installed in about 20min.

    I put the boot on based on instructions other companies have and just left a gap between the boot and fan

    Let me know how having the boot on works for you.

    Couldn't see a way to do it without blocking the fan.

    Can you post a couple of photos?

    These work great - I installed them in Ruby about 2 months ago - great lighting and no problems. I did cut out the rubber boots on the outboard lights - the LED's are IP68 waterproof and the little turbo fan needs free air to work properly. I figure that heat will kill these babies lots faster than a little wet - and I don't ride much in the rain anyway.

    Good choice! I paid about $35 a pair for my H3 and H9 lights - got 'em from different companies, though both from Amazon.

    How do you do with riding in heat?

    I don't have a problem with heat, 30 years in the SoCal desert and I was fine. My wife is a more delicate flower, she has a quite narrow comfort range... below 70 or over 80 & she gets very uncomfortable!

    Mine is a daily driver (25 miles round trip) - providing the weather cooperates. I don't drive to work in the rain or the snow. Cold weather isn't a problem, down to about 20 degrees anyway.

    We tend to have a serious temp fluxuation here, 30 degrees isn't uncommon, so even if it is 30 degrees when I go to work, the drive home can be a comfortable 60.

    I figure I've saved 8500 expensive miles on my SUV, and I've had a lot more fun!

    Riding season in the Ozarks is year round - if you're tough enough and have the right all-weather gear. Heated gloves help in the cold months - gotta get me a pair of those for this winter.

    I grew up snowmobiling in Wisconsin, so cold weather riding doesn't bother me much. I've found I'm pretty comfortable down to 35 degrees for almost any length ride, and for shorter rides less than an hour, I've gone out as cold as 15 degrees.

    No snow riding though! LoL!

    Found this little beauty hovering above the shift lever on my tractor this morning.

    Tried to move her to the slingshot cabin - figured she would be MUCH better than a shift lock or handcuff on the steering wheel.

    Sadly, when I tried to coax her onto my sleeve for a ride, she said: NO! ||

    Arachnid pets are so fickle! 8o

    Thanks Kyle & gearhead!

    Kyle, I talked to Chris at CBM Motorsports last night and he said to give ZZP a call about a new tune, or not. I did not realize that you guys were here in GR.

    I will stop in this afternoon and see you (If your in the office) and we can determine the next step. Thanks again guys!

    If you're going to Eureka Springs, look me up.

    Ruby has a ZZP header, exhaust, and tune.


    Polaris recommends premium gas for your sling, but what you can get varies from state to state.

    We get 91 octane here in AR, but you can also get no ethanol if you shop around.

    I get it... I was a part of a couple of FB groups, slingshots, Akitas, astronomy & other stuff.

    Took the app off my phone months ago, I do check in now and again because I have family there, otherwise, not so much.

    FB has become an echo chamber filled with trolls; your description: "Drama filled high school playgrounds" is almost perfect....

    maybe "middle school playgrounds"! :thumbsup:

    I made a mod list early on that had three columns:

    Must Have (function & safety)__________Must Have (Performance)___________Want to have (looks, crazy performance, bling, etc.)

    I've checked off some of the things from each column (like lunch in a Chinese restaurant!), others I've let go. I made sure I had the cash for each one before I pulled the trigger, and I thought carefully about each purchase. Saving the cash spread the mods out, kept me in the Captain's good graces, and I haven't bought anything that I regret.... not yet, anyway! not Assault Rifle Model 15 or Automatic Rifle Model 15

    it is Armalite Rifle Model 15. It is NOT an Assault weapon

    But most of you already know this.

    Ummm.... here in the Ozarks, we just refer to it as: "America's Rifle" :thumbsup:

    You obviously need an ammo box that floats, or an orange buoy and some stout line attached to yours!

    Since weather is not particularly promising this weekend, if anyone is getting in early and wants to go for a ride Wednesday morning through lunchtime and tour some of our lovely Ozark highways and byways, send me a PM and let's roll! Ruby should be back together and ready for a test ride by Wednesday morning!

    Just one thing, I have to be home no later than 3:30 so I can show up neat, clean, and ready for my 5 pm class at the University. (A professor's work is never done!)



    My new parts will probably not be in until Wednesday afternoon, so Ruby will not be ready until Friday when I come up to the rally... Sorry, no early ride for me! ||