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    I wish I had time to be bored. I'm still working and then caring for my father-in-law who is on Hospice care(Leukemia). Hospice care is a shadow of what it was before Covid 19. No aids, no hospital...all things that are "normal hospice care" are limited or on hold completely.

    That is a cool machine I would have been proud to make on my time off.:)

    Hi Wolf,

    We went through hospice with my mother last fall and the Captain and I have been helping out with an elderly neighbor who just lost her husband a week ago. She took care of him at home and he was only in hospice for a few days - my mom spent months and went by inches.

    I know how hard it can be on the family - please know that you have our sympathies, and our prayers. God bless you, Sir.


    For my $5.00 ears the Polaris Sound system is fine. I hate the fact that the am/fm reception is nonexistent. I do have lot of music on memory sticks and that works fine for riding the by-ways.

    I have the the same model ears. If I'm not wearing my hearing aids, I can't hear crap unless I turn it up!

    I usually put Pandora on my phone and play it through bluetooth through the ride command.

    If you hear Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Maynard Ferguson, or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy rolling down the road, it's me! 🤩

    If the hospitals get overcrowded, who gets care and who does not?

    These decisions, known as ethical triage, have been only in the realm of academic ethics classes and speculation before now. But the realities of the Covid-19 emergency - especially in places like New York - mean that some doctors and nurses may have to make the life saving, and treatment denial decisions sometime soon. As the article says, "No one who participates on a triage team emerges undamaged."

    Here's the link, its about a 10 minute read.…19-shortages-health-care/

    I also like the higher mounting point, but with our extreme summer heat I would be very hesitant to do any mod that might disrupt airflow to the radiator

    This was a primary concern for me, I also wanted the bar lower and underneath because the Nilight bar puts out a tremendous amount of light (9000 lumens or better as I remember)

    Didn't want to blind other drivers!


    If you search for Nilight, you will find a series of posts I made last May when I got this and installed it, plus a more in depth review of the product.

    Hope that helps, feel free to PM me if you have questions or need photos of the install.


    Doc&Ruby can you give us some info on the light bar and whee you got it sir. thanks

    The whole thing was under $35. I used speaker wire & tapped into fog light wiring for power. Also used clear silicone to seal the light bar, wire input, around the front plexiglass lens. Also took off end caps & sealed them. Some reviews complained about water intrusions and some LED elements shorting out - I've had no problems after 9+ months.

    We (me) and staff continue to work as residential painting I hope a little $$$.$$ comes my way...need gas for Slingshot.

    Any chance y'all want to do some house painting in northwest Arkansas?

    The Captain & I contacted a painter, but we haven't been able to get ahold of him since the virus crap started....

    We're ready, got the color picked & everything (Captain's choice, o' course!)

    Is it legal??? Law says 4 headlights for US auto/MC... That's why the Canadian Headlight system only lights on 'high beam".

    I've never had a problem, almost never get flashed by other people. The light bar is mounted 6-8 inches back of the front lip of the splitter, so nothing shines UP at other drivers.

    The bar also has 2 rows of 12 LEDs. The outer 6 are wide angle floods (120 deg) - these light either side, great for dark corners. The inner 6 are spots (60 deg) that throw light straight out.

    Went to the vet to pick up flea & tick meds for the boys. They told me, call when you get here & describe your car & we'll bring your prescription out to you!

    Hi, its Doc Barth, I'm here to pick up dog meds....

    My car? It's the three wheel, red & black job with the shark fin on the back and tiger king stripes on the front fenders.

    Looooong silence.

    Then the vet and all three assistants came out to see Ruby.

    Hello ladies!

    Oooh! Do you give rides for free?

    (Big smile behind my mask) Sure do!

    What's it called?

    This is Ruby. She's a Slingshot!

    I suppose we can't do it today... but I want a rain check!

    (More grinning behind the mask) Absolutely!

    Social distancing sure is tough in a Slingshot! 😁

    One of the best things about this light bar is that it helps make you more visible to other drivers both night & day.…f-driving-cars-are-racist

    So here's another data point showing how corrupt the Left is, and how they filter EVERYTHING through their own twisted political viewpoint.

    Scientists did a study and found that the "person detection" algorithm used by many self driving vehicles is 5% less effective when viewing a darker skinned person.

    Okay, fine. You might argue whether 5% was significant or important, but let's leave that aside. Should the researchers point out this flaw in the software? Absolutely. Should they call on companies developing self driving vehicles to improve their software to make folks safer? Yes!

    But call out the *companies* as racist? This is asinine political theater that actually works against actual improvement and implementation of safer software. Companies will waste time, energy, and resources fighting the charge of racism instead of working on a better performing software system.

    This is the Left. Screw the people, push the agenda, divide the people with identity politics. 😡

    Apparently you guys are much better at math than I am which was really not ever my fortes. I have a question. I see all these graphs, tables, predictions in the news. Are these just “extremely educated guesses” ?? Can’t another new epicenter break out at any time completely blowing up all predictions?? Perhaps I should have actually learned calculus instead of squeeking by with a barely passing grade promptly forgetting that nightmare:00008172:

    You're basically correct, Bill.

    Much of the data is incomplete, a lot of what we see is projections - not data.

    And yes, nobody's crystal ball is very good. We won't know the whole story until well after it's all over - and probably won't even then.