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    Tried out my windslayer foam wind shield this morning - it actually works pretty well, Took a ride out highway 111 to windy point as a part of my ride this morning which is about the toughest test I could have thought of - hit over 80MPH and there were very strong gusting winds that were actually moving the Slingshot around - its not perfect, but it sure makes the wind noise less objectionable

    Thanks for the test... going to get one for my SJ8 camera!

    Gently used exhaust system available...

    Just took my stock exhaust out - I have the whole kit. Header (with cover), down pipe, muffler, heat shield, springs and hardware. The Captain love the lovely rumbly new ZZP exhaust, so the old kit needs a new home.

    Available to the first taker.

    My preference is to pass it along at Eureka Springs, I'm just a short drive away so y'all can come and collect it.

    Cost? I'll leave that up to your generosity, just taking it home is doing me a favor! Most important point is that I get it out of the garage...

    Actually, it's in dangerdarrell 's garage, I'm going to collect it from him next week and get it out of his hair - now it's your turn to get it off my hands! LoL!

    PM me!

    Hi folks,

    I've mentioned my trip to San Antonio here, and many members have offered to meet me, ride with me, even put me up - unfortunately, I'm gonna have to turn down all these kind invitations.

    I'm going to see one of my brothers, we haven't seen each other in 35 years. We've phoned, sent the occasional card, but haven't gotten together in a dog's age.

    When my brother let slip that he wasn't in good health (a real understatement), I offered to come see him - he was really reluctant to accept my offer. It took a few more phone calls to figure out why.

    He was worried how I would feel seeing him as he is now, house & wheelchair bound. He was worried about being able to feed me during my stay (how did I feel about Ramen noodles for dinner?) Typically, he was worried about his little brother and how I would feel on my visit.

    We've managed to get past that. I going to come, spend time with him, meet my two nephews (I've never seen or spoken to either of them) and my nephew's wives & children. I'm going to cook for my brother, stock his pantry, and take care of him for a few days. Gracious as always, he's going to let me be the big brother for a few days. It won't make up for missing years, but it's a start - better late than never.

    I love my slingshot family here, but I have a chance to rebuild relationships with someone I've *always* admired; and I'm not going to miss that chance.

    I'm very thankful for everyone who offered to welcome me with open arms, but I know y'all will understand if I say: "Thanks! Maybe next time."

    God bless. :thumbsup:

    -- Doc

    Time for a first blush review of my new SJ8 Pro action camera...

    I wanted something on the Go Pro 7 line, but frankly couldn't afford it. After research I chose the SJ8 Pro from SJCAM. This thing shoots in 4K, is 6-axis gyro stabilized, and shoots in just about every format that the latest Go Pro does. The primary difference between them is that the SJ8 is not waterproof on its own - it has a waterproof plastic box that also acts as a mount. Some folks complain that the waterproof box cuts out the sound - and it does.

    The SJ8 Pro will support an external microphone (about $25 - and you have to use their model, 3rd party mics won't work.) I plan on drilling a hole in my WP case to put a microphone cable through. Don't plan on taking it diving, so water proof doesn't matter to me. Bug proof does, however. Took the camera for a 50 mile ride along AR-23 (the Pig Trail) today, did the loop out AR-16 east to AR-23 north, then back home along AR-74 to Elkins, AR. Take a look at the case after the ride...

    The case is full of bug splatters, but the images were clean and the camera undamaged. I had purchased a frame (open mount) that would leave the camera microphones clear - but I don't think I'll be using it on the Slingshot! Bug splat will ruin the lens and front display, not to mention if I got a pebble or even some sand from a passing truck. You can get a new WP case for about $10 - new camera runs $200.

    The remote for the SJ8 Pro is a champ! My pal Doug & I mounted the camera before the ride, turned it on and the wifi remote automatically synced up. Note that you have to press the "photo" button twice at the beginning. The first press wakes up the photo function, all succeeding presses take the photos. You can see my finger on the button in many of the photos!

    The remote is about 1.5 inches square, about the size of a wrist watch. You can take photos, burst photos, and start and stop videos, even power down the camera. Switching from photo to video is easy, just press the function button you want - first press activates the new mode, next press starts the photo/video process. Remember, you can power down - but not power UP. The camera has no standby power to listen for a signal from a remote, so the remote only works AFTER you power up the camera.

    The camera can adjust ISO (100 to 6400), shutter speed (1/500th to 60 sec), exposure values (+2.0 to -2.0 in 1/3 f/stop increments), you can control color profile, white balance, photo sharpness, metering mode, distortion correction and more... and if that camera crap is a bit intimidating, you can just put the thing on AUTO and let the camera's internal software make all the decisions. That's *probably* what I should have done today! I was using custom settings, but on the ride we went from clouds, to bright sun, to shady lanes from one second to the next - many of our photos were too washed out, but some of the ones shot in the shade were quite excellent.

    Color is very good for a camera this tiny, 7-layer glass lenses and a good SONY sensor help there. Clarity and color were great and the stabilization worked wonderfully considering we were going along twisty, lumpy, rural Arkansas roads from 40-70 mph! Some of the better photos are below. When I get a proper external mic and learn to use some of the features a little better, I'll post them here.

    This is the link to the package I bought off Amazon, SJ8 Pro Package its going for $210 (after coupon) with accessories included just now. Shop around and you can find it bundled with the remote for about $10 more. SJCAM has just released the SJ9 - a waterproof version, so prices may drop a bit in the coming weeks.

    -- Doc

    Bigdog says I don’t like looking at mine sitting there all winter..

    Then put on some warm clothes and go riding! Right EjFord !!!!

    A good pair of bib overalls, a warm jacket and boots, and I'm good to go down to about 15 degrees or so. I've done up to 100 mile rides in sub-freezing weather, but I prefer to keep cold weather rides under an hour.... pub crawling is a recommended method for keeping saddle time down to an acceptable level in cold weather! 😁

    When are you expecting to get into San Antonio? And what part of town will you be staying in? Depending on the weather maybe we can get a ride in while you are here. And Wednesday night Alamo Cycle Plex is having a bike night so if you are here may be a good stop for you.


    Coming into San Antonio Wednesday afternoon. I'm in town to see one of my brothers who is in poor health right now.

    The plan is for me to see him Wed & Thurs. Plan was for me to join some other forum members Friday afternoon/evening, then ride Saturday, head home Sunday.

    Weather is looking ify now, don't really want to drive home 9 hours in the rain. If the weather looks poor, I may take off Friday morning or Saturday morning - just not sure right now, but I will post here when I know more.

    In any case, thanks for the kind invite!

    good point Doc&Ruby I will be careful - - as a side note when am I going to see some of the results from that new camera of yours??

    End of semester, graduation, & Mother's Day being over, I hope to have some more time to dig into the camera.

    Going to San Antonio later this week, probably have time for extensive camera work when I get back. Kinda frustrating having a new toy & no time to play!

    Why would I take a pic of my slingshot with some girl named Muriel that I don't even know? :/:/:/:/

    Is Muriel pretty?

    Does "Ruby Red" look good on her?

    Does Muriel "want a ride"?

    Does Muriel admire your prowess with a stick shift?

    Will Muriel kick in for gas if you give her a ride?

    Did Muriel wink at you and say: "Oooh, are you my Uber?"

    Does Muriel want you to explain SLR to her?

    Does Muriel wiggle her hips and begin "seat dancing" to the music of your ZZP exhaust system?

    Gee Funinthesun , so many questions and all with pretty much the same answer. 8)

    I don't like this roof at all. You can "take the top off"... sort of. But only the front half comes off, and even then you have a nest of abs piped above you. Who the heck wants that!?

    The worst "feature" is the edge across the back of your head when you get in or out. Dunno about anyone else, but I'm sure I would bang my dome on that dang thing time and time again.

    The whole video convinced me that Meansling's sport top is brilliant.

    That's an awesome thing to be part of!

    So, did you graduate this year or are you coming back again next year?

    I'm back every year!

    Told the kids to 'make a date' to call the person sitting next to them 40 years from now & say 'remember when?'

    That's what I did before graduation, talked to my best friend from college for an hour. I'll be seeing him next week in San Antonio!

    Okay, after reviewing videos & photos, I dove under the hood. S-pins seemed to be seated properly, latch cables were not bent, kinked, or fouled. Latch pins were likewise in good shape, not bent or out of place.

    I have a CAI, but the SLR does not come with an air box (gotta get me one!)

    dangerdarrell suggested that we try lubing the latches with some lithium grease. We did that, lived the cables where they came in to attach to the latch.

    This seemed to help immediately and Ruby's bonnet closed right up as it should without further problems. I also have a much better understanding of how this system works now!

    Thanks everyone - problem solved!

    OK, I believe that I have just learned another lil tid-bit, at least with our SlingShot, where the warmer/tighter the belt, the more it wants to move inward (towards the tire.) This winter with the cooler temps, as adjusted, the belt was running quiet, but yesterdays first ride of the year with the temp in the mid 90s, we noticed a lil squeaking and the belt was rubbing on the inside. This morning after cooling down the gap returned, so I adjusted the belt a quarter turn further out.


    I keep it clean and put silicone lube on the belt. Rarely makes any noise.

    Maybe I can help a bit here.

    Front wheels hit the water first, if the puddle is deeper than the tread, you're in trouble. Water is non-compressible, this means the normal force (upward force equal & opposite to weight) lifts the tire off the road surface. There is now a laminar layer of water flowing between the tire & road surface - and there is no longer any effective friction between tire and road to provide steering control.

    Modern all-weather tires are designed to channel water away from the tire, preserving tire-road contact (and friction). The tread acts in effect like a pump, but the force needed to move water quickly & effectively is gravitational, provided by the weight of the vehicle. Tire designs count on about 800 lbs of load per tire, the sling provides less than half that.

    Force of gravity (weight) creates pressure (force per unit area). Larger, wider tires (bigger contact area) generate less pressure than smaller, narrower tires do - and the Slingshot loses again.

    Once the front tires hydroplane and lose contact with the road, they still maintain their momentum. They keep going exactly as they did at the second contact was lost - speed and direction are unchanged. The problem is that the front & rear are now uncoupled, the interactive balance between straightline thrust and steering forces no longer exists. If there is ANY angle between the rear tire thrust and front end momentum, the force of the rear tire now works to SPIN the sling around its center of gravity.

    You hit the water, spin out, and potentially crash.

    There is more to it than this, of course, but that's the gist of it. If you're really interested in the maths, PM me for additional lecture notes & homework problems.

    -- Doc

    Today I traveled to dangerdarrell garage to install my new ZZP exhaust system. Darrell is generous to a fault with his time, expertise, and tools.

    With his help & guidance, this was accomplished in about 3 hours. It was definitely a two man job,

    Polaris continues to conspire to make the Slingshot easy to assemble in the factory, but tricky to work on later.

    The two biggest obstacles were the $%@#$ springs on the factory muffler, and disassembly of the side panels to get the old components out & new ones in. We DID get it all together, but there was more than a bit of knuckle banging and grumbling, the new header was an especially tight fit - but we got it in.

    I have to admit, this project was beyond my personal skill level, but with Darrell's expert help, all went smoothly. I kinda feel like the kid in the old Shake-n-Bake commercial... "We put in a new exhaust system - and I HELPED!"

    Kudos to Kyle D and the ZZP team. The system itself is absolutely brilliant. Beautifully crafted, precisely fitted, and solid as a rock. No more rusty, narrow header hidden under an aluminum plate bolted to a flimsy, spring-sprang vibrating contraption of a strangler... er, muffler.

    ZZP's system is clean, rigid, no springs needed. And my engine can BREATHE again!

    The old little kitty purr has been replaced by a deeper throaty rumble. Ruby now has a whiskey & cigarettes throb like Lauren Bacall. A compelling, alluring, don't give a damn who's watching, look-at-me! exhaust note that the Slingshot always deserved, but never got from the factory.

    Is the performance better? Damn right it is. Acceleration is up a tick, not huge, but very noticeable behind the wheel. Throttle response is much improved, mid-range response is terrific, I found I was downshifting less just because I didn't need to. Tickle the go pedal and Ruby is ready to play, but she now sounds like she's all business.

    In short, I'm in love with my Slingshot all over again....

    Body by Polaris; music by ZZ Performance!

    You will not regret getting a fender from Doug at Metricks. After I bought my sling 11/14 his fender was my first major mod. Now happily on my second one since I went to a 345 rear. Some day I will learn how to load pics and show that and his other handiwork on my baby.

    Bigdog,, I seem to recall that you bought your fender off of Ebay and had a litany of problems with it. Don't compare yours and its' poor quality with a picture off of a website. I can assure you there is no comparison with each and every rock solid component of a Metricks fender and the POS you thought was such a great value. Anyone who has bought a product of any kind from them will attest to the quality of the workmanship.

    when google fails, try

    Thank you, sir!

    My elder brother just retired after 48 years as a Ford mechanic. He's torn into more automotive engines than anyone I know. Asked him about that on a recent visit, he says Mobile One & filter change every 3K.

    At $50 a change, this comes to less than $0.02 per mile. As my brother says, seriously cheap insurance compared with engine work.

    For my 2 cents, that's good advice.