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    When we decided to repaint the interior of our house (3400 sqft) we got one of these Werner ladders at Home Depot.

    The hoop at the top did wonders to help me feel more stable & secure when painting trim on 11-ft ceilings. They also had an accessory tray that clipped onto the hoop to hold paint trays, brushes etc.

    They have taller varieties, but the 8-ft did everything we needed up to 13-ft ceilings in the bonus room, and it was light enough that I could lug it up the stairs to 2nd floor rooms with no trouble.

    I have shorter step ladders, but this is my go to for big jobs... gotta say, there's no way in hell I'd get up on more than a 12-ft ladder anyway, so there is that!

    That's what the director of design for the new Corvette told his team according to this article. this article.

    He said: We listen to our customers (mostly older men), but we want to capture the younger buyers, too. "Aren't we all 10-year olds at heart?"

    I think that spirit captures the Slingshot design philosophy perfectly.


    Heck man, you're practically in the neighborhood! I live near Fayetteville and we get down your way occasionally. If you're going to ride up our way & call the Hogs, give me a shout & we'll go for a ride!

    Brilliant choice!

    ... and blue is my second favorite color! 😉

    Welcome to the fun house... somebody's gotta ask, what's your first mod gonna be!? 🤠

    Curious about your changing out the O2 sensor.

    Did the old one go bad or was this a performance upgrade?

    I am almost 7 years out from my major 'clock stopper'. I changed jobs, moved to a quieter area, changed my diet & dropped 60 lbs.

    It CAN be done, but discipline is needed. Fortunately, navy men are no strangers to that. Strength, prayers, and people who love & support you are the main ingredients in your recovery. We'll supply the love & prayers, I'm certain you have all the strength and courage you need.

    God bless, & get well soon!

    Installed a set of Vozada Headlights. H11 LED lights into the center lamps of Ruby.

    These are 4-sided, 36 watt equivalent COB LEDs. They put out 8000 lumens, about twice as bright as the OEM halogen bulbs. Instead of a warm 4000K (yellow-white) light, these throw out a blue-white 6000K light. They come with round glass covers that can change the light to blue or yellow if you wish, but I figured that the covers would add heat & shorten the bulb life, so I left them off.

    Install was dead simple... once I figured out that the 3-lug fittings were asymmetrical! The top lug is a bit wider than the other two.

    Unplug the old bulbs and plug these in, they have an adapter that ensures there is no flicker or other electrical issues. Looking forward to trying them tonight and taking the Captain out for Pizza! Also very pleased that between these and my light bar, my drive to work which is in the dark for most of the school year, will be much safer.

    For $29 & free shipping, these were a bargain!

    Vozada H8/H9/H11 Headlights…?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

    Doc&Ruby , Doc you are compairing Nitrogen to Oxygen to plain air we breath, and that is what we inflate our tires with. The air we breath will leak out of tires over time and so will Nitrogen. It just takes longer for Nitrogen. And that is fact not science.

    Nitrogen and oxygen are the gasses that make up our atmosphere (78% & 21% respectively), they are the gasses we breathe and that we fill tires with.

    Any time you pressurize a permeable membrane, be it a rubber tire or a balloon, gas under pressure will leak or diffuse through the membrane. "Permiable" means the membrane has holes that gas leaks through, whether this is a gap in the rubber or a gap along the bead of a tire or a gap in a pressure valve makes no difference.

    If you are leaking gas through a membrane, for any given size gap, smaller molecules get through easier and faster than large ones. This only makes sense if you think about it for a bit. Oxygen molecules are larger and heavier than nitrogen molecules. Check any periodic table on this, Nitrogen is number 7, oxygen is number 8. Nitrogen, the smaller, lighter molecules will diffuse faster (leak faster) through any given barrier.

    If you are comparing pure (100%) nitrogen to air (78% N2), there is very little difference at all, but pure N2 will leak away slightly faster. The difference is VERY small; you would have to have a very precise experiment to even measure the difference.

    For the average driver, there is no detectable difference in tire wear, handling, or anything else when filling with pure nitrogen over regular air. There is a cost difference however, but the added expense and bother don't pay off behind the wheel.

    Sorry, in this case the science doesn't support the advertised claims.

    Nitrogen has a bigger molecule than oxygen so it has to squeeze out of a bigger hole.

    Sooner or later all the regular air will leak out and you’ll have nothing but nitrogen.

    Sorry, no.

    Nitrogen gas (N2) has a molecular weight of 28 amu*, while oxygen gas (O2) has a molecular weight of 32 amu. Oxygen also has 8 electrons (6 in the outer shell) while nitrogen has just 7 electrons, (5 in the outer shell.)

    (amu = atomic mass unit)

    Nitrogen is the *smaller* molecule, but in fact the difference in molecular weight and diffusion through a barrier is virtually undetectable.

    Some folks say that oxygen causes more deterioration of the rubber; so I ask you, has anyone EVER seen a tire fail from the *inside out*!? Has anyone EVER taken an old tire off after years of road wear & found the *inside surface* crumbling and corroded?

    No, sorry. There is no science to support the nitrogen myth, but there is ample evidence that dealerships and tire shops use it to bump up prices and tie consumers to their particular business. "Be SURE you come back to OUR shop Mr Jones! You don't want to dilute your nitrogen filled tires with a few puffs of ordinary air!" This of course gives the dealer many opportunities for follow on sales.


    I pay close attention to these kind of things....they have been saying it for years....facing rear in the back seat....

    Half right again... no one recommends child seats up front any more, they haven't for 20+ years.

    Wasn't this thread about helmets... for adults?

    Ever seen an infant in a helmet? Didn't think so.

    Would any parent trust their child's life to your amateur opinion? Don't think so either.

    21 years ago after my youngest was born, nurse came in & discussed properly securing my son in a child's safety seat - before we left the hospital!

    Oh yeah.... they said nothing about helmets.

    Price is always the first ting we look at, but you also have to consider customer service. I have never heard of this DSS, but I know if I buy a part from DDM or ZZP, they are a phone call away if I have questions or need support. Dave has the tech support phone with him constantly, you can call or text him anytime during an install or if you need help with a product. I'm sure ZZP has something similar.

    Kyle's service at ZZP is spectacular!