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    I was "all in for $100". I still thing it's a great idea as a starter car for students or a smaller car for tight areas such as the city. Eventually the wait turned into a slingshot which is now my primary vehicle (for necessity and enjoyment) as weather permits.

    Much the same here....

    New ZZP performance clutch installed!

    Two things first: BIG kudos to dangerdarrell and Boomer These two guys are terrific, they gave many hours of muscle, sweat, & know-how. This project was definitely beyond my skill level. I'm not saying I didn't help, but there's no question about who the mechanics were & who was the assistant socket fetcher! 8o

    The second thing is, if you know you need a new clutch, PAY to have this done! This is a lousy job. It took 2-1/2 workers more than 2 full days. The design of the Slingshot requires that the entire engine be pulled to change the clutch. Because of the way the frame is welded together, the transmission cannot be dropped so the engine must move instead. This makes things very difficult indeed. dangerdarrell doesn't really cuss at all, but the way he says "Turbo" and "Polaris" you know they are his special swear words!

    (The heart of the beast!)

    The good news is that the new clutch is amazing! Its a 'self bleeding' system, you just have to pump the pedal about a hundred times (no, I'm NOT kidding!)

    Once we had everything adjusted and tightened down, the driving experience was amazing. The clutch grabs right off the floor as soon as you release the pedal. And I mean GRAB! It's really clear how much the OEM clutch was slipping. I'm getting the full power of the engine and the turbo - its stunning 😍 I'm going to need several hundred miles just to relearn how to drive this "New Ruby".

    I've put several photos in here... not for the squeamish!

    My Wife had her first heart attack at 50 and had a second scare 1 year later. She had her 67th birthday today, but has been dealing with shortness of breath and low energy. She had CT scan that cleared her as far as the Big C is concerned and had an Xray today so we're now waiting on word from her cardiologist.

    My prayers & sympathy for you and your wife.

    I had my big "cardiac adventure" at 52. Three cardiac surgeries, retired from high school teaching and left California for a less stressful teaching job in Arkansas.

    Eight years in, I still struggle with this and hide little aches and pains from the Captain. More than anything else, I regret that she has lived in fear of my life for so many years.

    Be strong for your bride. Never forget to express your confidence in her. Smile often, kiss often, and hold her as much as you can. Remind her how proud you are for everything she has done to protect her health and how resilient she has been in spite of all the poking and proding of her doctors.

    I've learned these things from my dear Captain. I hope they will be of some value to you.

    Unless you are a hermit everyone is going to have their chance to have the virus. No if's ands or but's about it.

    I agree... its just the really high proportion of asymptomatic cases that intrigued me.

    Makes me wonder if we'll all "get it" and then the pandemic will burn itself out.

    A big local food processing company recently tested a large number of workers. 13% (590 or so) were positive.

    The bad (or good) news was that 95% of the positive workers were asymptomatic. Is that GOOD because most of the infected people had no symptoms? Or us it BAD because they had no way of knowing and were unwitting carriers?

    Yeah too bad for the conservatives in California but if the earthquake split off all of the liberal cities like San Francisco and let them float free in the Pacific I wouldn't complain.

    Sadly, the Pacific plate is moving northeast. San Francisco is on the North American plate though, so its *possible* that the Pacific plate could jump up & bury it... :/

    I've been in quite a few 5-6, and three over 7.0. (Just ONE of the reasons I left Southern California!)

    A 6 is nothing to be afraid of if you are in a modern building that is up to code.

    That said, 6.0 quakes have killed 100,000+ in both China & Turkey. By contrast, the "Great Quake of '94" in LA killed fewer than 70, 63 of these unfortunates were in one under-code apartment building.

    6.0's cost lotsa $$$, but rarely kill people in the USA.

    And leaves. Just stay away from Poison Ivy

    Remember being out hiking with my ex. She leaned against a tree to pee - poison ivy on the neck and down her lower back onto her bottom.

    Just to make it perfect, she grabbed a bunch of stinging nettles to wipe herself off.

    ...after divorcing the crazy bitch, this became one of my favorite memories ❤.

    I have a bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup in the pantry, also a box of Cream 'o Wheat. Gonna keep these containers and refill them as necessary. Doing it in honor of hard working Black Americans who should not be expunged from labeling & culture to assuage liberal "white guilt".

    ^^^ Yeah, the 2020 may be different but I wouldn't think so. I would make no sense to have a separate speaker & amp system for the GPS.

    I'd check with the dealer if you can't make it work. They have to take care of you, its a brand new vehicle!