Slingshot Owners Group (SOG)

  • It's time to introduce you fine folks to the Slingshot Owners Group.

    We've all probably talked about it since the first day thinking about a Slingshot. How do I get more info? Where can I find other owners? What cool products are available in the aftermarket and how do I install them?

    You find a post on Facebook, Instagram, or even a forum and you learn about a rally - an event where other owners are going to be with group rides and vendors showing their products. You clear your calendar and you go the event - you have a great time meeting the people you only knew online, you see some great products, and you go on some group rides. You really connect with some of the folks you met and you continue to communicate with them about your Slingshot and the new products you see become available.

    The next year, you go to the event but it's just not the same. There's even more friends you have made and the atmosphere has changed somehow but the rides just aren't what they were last year. You can't quite put your finger on it but it isn't as awesome as it was.

    Well those same conversations happened in the summer of 2018 with a bunch of friends in the corner of a parking lot at an event. Now, these friends were only brought together through ownership and participation in a community focused on the Slingshot but their conversation turned into how to solve the problem. Creating an organization for members and by members was the solution, an organization that ...

    • puts owners first and is not-for-profit
    • is dedicated to owners
    • helps get more owners involved
    • supports small owner vendors and their innovative products
    • holds affordable events
    • is staffed by owners and enthusiasts

    It didn't take long for the group to grow. It grew in ideas and it grew in participation until the not-for-profit Slingshot Owners Group was born. Hours of planning turned into days and days to weeks and weeks to months until here we are today, your Slingshot Owners Group (SOG) Board of Directors, bringing to you the best of the Slingshot community.

    President - Ross H. aka Ross

    Vice President - Trent A. aka Slingrazor

    Vice President - Jim H. aka Painter

    Treasurer - Jim C. aka SlingRider

    Secretary - Darrell B. aka dangerdarrell

    Al M. aka Nemesis1701

    Anita K. aka adventure4me

    Brody K. aka bjk81

    Danna F. aka DKF Texas

    Erica S. aka ericastar76

    Joe D. aka Jdin

    Mitch S. aka MACAWS

    More about our Mission, Vision, and future in our next post

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  • Brothers and Sisters. You are the people we've been following. The people with vision. Show us the way.

    There's no Koolaid involved, right?

    Right. Ross my offer stands unconditionally. You all rock!

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • Brothers and Sisters. You are the people we've been following. The people with vision. Show us the way.

    There's no Koolaid involved, right?

    Right. Ross my offer stands unconditionally. You all rock!

  • :00000441::00000441:

  • In for the ride and happy to help if there is ever a void.

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  • Go to the website and click the "Join SOG" button.

    Damn it...blocked at work...will be joining later today.

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  • Ross , when do you foresee the section about "Get Help On the Road" going active? I think it is a great idea... That is one of the weaknesses of this forum right here, is that the map relies on voluntary information supplied by each member, and it isn't necessarily easy-to-navigate on a handheld device. Makes it kind of hard to network, especially from the road. If you make the address a part of the sign up process for SOG, then it would be a nearly complete listing of all the members of the group.