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    I was turning at the end of the road I live on and it has a terrible rough spot that I forgot about. I was spinning sideways when I hit it and my back tire caught and made a loud pop. I knew I had messed up somthing because it had a knock in it after that incident.. I still could do burnouts and skids but it had this knock in it . So I bought a new final drive and I keep this one as my spare. One day I may even take it apart and see what is wrong with it.

    The final drive is really tough. You have to really shock it to mess it up.

    I have a video of the knocking noise I'll post. Just remember that was from super abuse. I knew the minute I hit that rough spot and the tire hopped that something was going to happen.....

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    Attendance hasn't dropped off to much. It's getting colder everywhere. You would think It would cause more people to be online. But it doesnt work that way. I think people are dealing with holidays and all kinds of family issues around this time of the year. And dont forget about football and stuff like that.

    People do check in nearly as much in the off season but jump back offline soon after.

    And yes.... people are waiting for the next new thing. That is normal. I am as well. I cant wait to see a bunch of new styled slingshots arriving in showrooms.

    Thanks FunCycle . I like it here also.... :thumbsup:

    Everyday we have new members. And lately we have had quite a few new members looking for all kinds of technical information.

    I have said it before..... Some of you that do the Facebook thing also keep an eye open for people looking for Slingshot information. Especially watch for those that are getting replys from others on Facebook that spewing out bad information.... =O

    Simply refer them to the site as polite as you can. I have found that most of the people I have brought over from Facebook are still around.

    Anyway. Thanks to every member here for keeping things where they should be. And if yall ever need me just mention my name or send me a message and I'll see it......

    Here is the current status of my Slingshot.... The engine has been ran and is perfect. It's been painted and all the accessories have been cleaned and detailed. The black frame in the front has been painted and is beginning to look new again. I have put 4 wire plugs on both sides of the front. These disconnect my switchback halos. I have redone the speaker cabinets where my subwoofers go and have epoxied in the special catch nuts so I can service the speakers easier. I have new plastic going on the armrest and I have a new JL 900/5 amp on the way. I am currently running the 700/5.

    I wanted to make it to Murphy to ride but several things are going on including the big family Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. Truthfully if the Slingshot had been ready I would have skipped the dinner and come to Murphy. But since it wasn't i am not going to hurry the process and will continue to paint and build back a clean and tight slingshot.

    I dont want the Murphy gang to think I was just putting them off. I would haul butt that way if it were possible.


    You can post large pics on the forum. And when you upload them choose "full image" they will be large in your post. Here is an example. Also if you just upload pictures in a post the save it the pictures will be smaller sized that you have to click to see the larger image. I like to just upload then click the "full image" button.

    We need more info and pics...

    I believe I know who this is.... If Dave is out there doing this install I am pretty sure I know....And if I am correct about who you are you may want to post below a short bit about the initial mess you went through. I think it might be good way to say hi to the forum and also let everyone know what you have dealt with.

    If you are the guy that I'm thinking about.... I am very glad to see it being installed by Dave. He will get you going and hopefully you can try to forget some of the earlier shops install issues. It is always easier to forget about a terrible experience when you are listening to the turbo sing and watching the back tire turn into white smoke....

    If Dave is still there tell him RABTECH said howdy and to drive safe.... And tell him the heart in the White Beast is just as evil as it ever was.......:thumbsup:

    Are you still planning to be in Panama City this weekend?

    No, It turned a bit rainy for me....

    I am still putting the Sling back together also. I am painting some of the black frame up front where it was pretty scratched up.

    I did find a paint that I can recommend for almost instant drying and has a lot of pigment in it. It is the VHT Roll Bar & Chassis paint. It is super black and if you have a spot that needs some touching up on the front frame parts you can just spray it quickly and it blends in with the factory paint.