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    Is the Magneti Marelli controlled by vacuum or is it electronic? Do you think it would respond well to a Pedel Commander? I'm guessing these should have semi-manual controls already on the market. How soon will you be offering the upgrade? :S

    it is electric solenoids over hydraulic from what I could see. It literally moves the innards of the shifter portion of the transmission. It appears that it is trained to make the same motions that your hand makes when moving the shifter. I feel sure that there will be some enhanced programming to the shifting ECU that can be done. It is completely separate from the engine ECU. The automatic uses throttle position to know when to start letting the clutch out. As you mash the gas there is a specific point that you can hear the clutch releasing. It is freaking smooth..... When its downshifting and upshifting you can hear the exhaust let out a rumble. For lack of a better definition it almost sounds to me that it is stuttering the ignition when it shifts.

    One thing that you will notice is that on a hill in the automatic you will have to hold the brake... It will roll back. You cant forget that it is just a manual with the clutch pushed in....

    Ditto what he said...

    While Dave was looking at the engine and transmissions I was all over both of them looking for smaller things that I thought the regular buyer would like. What I found was a massive amount of change. And all for the better. I am using the word massive because it's the best adjective to use when so many things are different. Truth be told.... there are more things different than that are the same. It's actually closer to a complete redesign.

    Some things that you need to look for....

    Hood release cables now have a 90degree steel tube toward the end where it turns the curve into the latch below the windshield ….

    Hood release cable ends now have a plastic locking tab that hold the ends tight in the latch.

    The radiator NOW HAS A DRAIN...….. No more shop floors turning green with the blood of the slingshot....

    Passenger side is heat free and the drivers side won't burn your kneecap off. ...….. It is so well insulated that I had to open the vent that provides the passenger air so I could get some warm air...

    WAIT..... What vent! You heard it right....there is a vent that opens in the firewall that the passenger can get air thru. right below the glovebox

    The venting of the radiator is done via 2 fans...… AND a tunneling air dam that has a bypass that lets air from the highway open a flap. It is all pointed down toward the road and the cooling fans are mounted at a an angle.

    The antenna for the standard radio now has a booster/amplifier for better signal reception.

    The steering rack is a lot quicker. It felt like it was lock to lock in 2 revolutions. I believe I made out the letter KYB so you know it is a good unit. Also the tie rods are much larger on this steering rack

    The radiator burp bottle is mounted in a neat little rubber holder that helps keep heat out of the cockpit.

    The final drive is massive.. It has to be 1.5 time larger then the original. And from what I could see it is a work of art...… It has gold grade 8.8 bolts holding it together.

    I will touch quickly on the console, cupholders, and phone caddy. Most have seen this on the promotional videos. But it is a nice twist....

    All have keyless start and the keyfob is a healthy feeling chunk of metal.

    Another huge bonus is the main fuse block that is mounted up front. (Along with the battery now...) The main block is a heavy duty feeling part. It is not like the three gang fuse holder at the back... It is like an aftermarket part that we would normally buy to replace the crappy one.

    I could keep going on and on but I'm kind of getting depressed about mine now. I feel like I need to go pick up an antique tag to replace my existing tag.

    As I remember other goodies that have been changed I will edit this post.... This is just what I could quickly remember..... More to come soon.

    Something else Dave mentioned was the comfort of the seats... They are actually so well padded that I almost (because I am super fat) could not reach the seat belt latch. The seats are like a marsh mellow you left on the counter overnight.. Just a little firm and still hold its shape well.

    Avgas has lead and will screw up your wide band O2 sensors also. When we are participating in the 1/2 and 1 mile top speed races I run a 50/50 mix of Renegade 110 low lead and 93 octane Chevron gas. So far I have had 2 oxygen sensors to just stop working and error while doing this. But it was an expected loss. I do like having the lead in the mix during these long runs so I'll just keep a spare O2 sensor in the toolbox. As far as daily driving I just keep 93 super unleaded in the tank.


    Now that's pretty darn cool! What does the QR code do? Nice work SZurlo !

    Thanks. The QR code takes you to, of course :)


    Ok. I like this... Message me with more info on these. Pricing in larger quantities and colors that you can make these in. I need some attention getting business cards.....



    With sales down, Polaris does major retooling of Slingshot

    Polaris retooled its Slingshot with automatic transmission on the model R.Polaris retooled its Slingshot with automatic transmission on the model R.

    — Brian Nevins, Polaris


    February 15, 2020 - 9:04 AM

    The Slingshot three-wheel motorcycle seemed like the coolest thing to fly out of a Polaris showroom when it was first introduced in 2014.

    With headlight eyes and brow-like fenders, the street-legal beast frequently stopped traffic as crowds gathered to see a real life “Batmobile.” Initial consumer response “significantly exceeded” Polaris’ expectations, officials said.

    But sales have since sunk — including in 13 of the last 14 quarters. In the fourth quarter, officials said sales were down more than 25%.

    Industry onlookers wondered if the Slingshot would be retired as an eccentric try — but a dud nonetheless. Trade publications call it “hard to categorize” and a “niche” that baffles consumers.

    Instead of retiring the Slingshot, however, Medina-based Polaris doubled down and reinvented the vehicle after a full review from customer feedback to engineering.

    “We are confident and excited,” said Chris Sergeant, Polaris vice president for the Slingshot. “This is not a gamble. It is a very educated move to serve our Slingshot customers.”

    Introduced in January and hitting the showrooms in the spring, Polaris said the Slingshot is 70% different. First and foremost is a switch from manual to automatic transmission after strong dealer and customer feedback; 80% of the population does not know how to use a stick shift.

    Polaris also switched out a 2006-era General Motors engine for a newer, faster one made in-house, the first 4-cylinder engine made by Polaris.

    Also, after much lobbying, the three-wheeled vehicle has been reclassified as an automobile in every state but New York and Massachusetts. Before, customers had to have a motorcycle license.

    The changes open up the Slingshot to many new customers, Sergeant said.

    But it could still be an uphill battle for the Slingshot.

    The vehicle still “perplexes” Car and Driver senior editor Ezra Dyer. “Updated with a new engine, optional automatic transmission and a host of other improvements, Polaris’ latest Slingshot three-wheeler remains a bizarre novelty,” he wrote last month.

    Even with the recategorization, the Slingshot remains under Polaris’ smaller motorcycle division. Motorcycles had fourth-quarter sales of $119 million, compared to the off-road vehicle division’s $1.1 billion. Still, officials view the business as a potential growth area, especially since the Indian Motorcycle line has made gains against rival Harley-Davidson. Full-year motorcycle and Slingshot sales rose 7% to reach $584 million in 2019.

    The Slingshot is estimated to represent less than 3% of Polaris’ $6.8 billion in sales.

    Wells Fargo analyst Tim Conder said in a January note to investors that Polaris’ Indian Motorcycle line is poised to grow “in line with the heavyweight market. We are less optimistic for Slingshot and feel that should pending product updates not bear fruit over the next 2-3 years, Slingshot will likely be discontinued.”

    Polaris officials said they remain confident. New vehicle product sales often lag after the first three years, only to be rejuvenated by the launch of new features or models, Sergeant said. “That’s how we view this.”

    The company has deeply researched the market for two years, including customer surveys.

    “Customers have told us they love the ‘Look at me’ style of the Slingshot,” Sergeant said. “They love driving into a Target store and finding their car surrounded or that people are sitting in their vehicle [gawking] when they come out because it’s so unusual.”

    Next up is a national marketing campaign. Soon, Slingshot ads will hit Hulu and YouTube, social media sites and magazines such as Men’s Journal, Car and Driver and Forbes.

    “Our new AutoDrive transmission will open the door for more people to get in, stand out, and take their driving experience to a whole new level,” said Mike Dougherty, president of the motorcycle division. “With roughly 70 percent all-new content, we left no stone unturned both inside and out.”

    The SL model comes with a no clutch, no stick shift AutoDrive transmission. It boasts 178 horsepower and 8,500 RPM and comes in “red pearl” or “blue steel.” The R model comes in manual or automatic and packs a growl with 203 horsepower. It is available in “stealth black” and “Miami blue.”

    Prices start at $26,499.

    CEO Scott Wine recently told analysts during the fourth-quarter conference call that with so many new features, including “significant interior enhancements and eye-catching LED lighting, the 2020 Slingshot’s allure extends far beyond those who simply do not want to drive a stick.”

    Some stock watchers, such as Eric Brandt with Motley Fool, think Wine could have a point.

    Brandt said in a recent note to investors that while the Slingshot has been “a drag on the bottom line,” the new redesign could attract a “whole new kind of rider.”

    “If the new Slingshot does become a little more mainstream thanks to greater accessibility via an automatic transmission option, it could grow the motorcycle division to be a bigger part of Polaris’ business,” Brandt said.

    That’s what company officials are counting on.

    Polaris has beaten the odds before by digging into engineering and quality issues.

    The company’s much larger off-road vehicle product line of four-wheeled ATVs and “side-by-sides” suffered significant problems a few years ago.

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Polaris, hundreds of thousands of Polaris vehicles were recalled due to a fire risk between 2015 and 2018.

    Polaris, which has been sued by customers and fined $27 million by a regulator for failing to report some fire incidents in a timely manner, has since invested heavily to identify and fix overheating problems and fire hazards.

    Last month, Polaris reported that off-road vehicle sales rebounded, which helped boost all product sales 12% to a record $6.8 billion in 2019, while earnings slid 3% to $324 million.

    Polaris’ stock price is trading near $94.00 a share, up from $83 a year ago.

    Dee DePass • 612-673-7725

    I actually put the heavy duty velcro pieces under mine in a few spots. I did not do this at first. But after removing them a few times I broke a few of the plastic studs that you screw into. This caused them to raise up just a little out of their grooves. So after adding the heavy duty velcro they lay flat and hold perfect.

    Boost never gets old. DDMWorks boost will even make you feel

    The noises mine makes at 85 and 90 mph will make you smile and giggle. Here is a short 12 second video of me running 85mph and easing into the gas. You can tell which number is the boost pressure I'm sure .... just listen to it..... You can even hear how my torque converter unlocks when I mash the throttle down a bit.

    That is what has happened. The templates have an issue with an update I applied the other day. It has been a while since I did the last update so it had me a bit confused. .. Ill work on it and get it fixed. For now a temp solution is to switch to the regular theme till I get it corrected.

    If your gas is anything like it is around here I would definitely burn or drain that old fuel out before you run it with the supercharger. The stabilizer you added just keeps the gas from becoming jelly and varnish. It MAY help retain some of the octane level but why would you chance detonating your engine. It's way to easy to drain the tank. Just undo the fuel line under the hood and connect a hose to the fuel line fitting and turn the key on. It will pump itself dry pretty fast. Get the 3 things that I will list below to drain your tank in a hurry. Have a couple of empty 5 gallon catch it all in.

    Well guess what guys and gals. RABTECH IS BOOKED FOR THIS EVENT. I'LL SEE EVERYONE OUT THERE. I'm staying at the host hotel.....

    I have several tires mounted up and plenty of boost available for the weekend!! The panda will be there as well. It's the panda that does the stupid stuff that some of yall like..... I've seen him do it......:thumbsup:

    Ill be arriving on Southwest air at 7:15am on Thursday.....I fly out at 9:00pm Sunday night.... The White Beast is being delivered with its brother sling in the DDMWorks trailer.....

    That reminds me.... I need to make sure I put a spare belt and final drive in the passenger floorboard for transit. You never know when things are going break. Better to have spares than not have them. :P

    Imagine a trailer with around 1100 combined Slingshot horsepower!!!8)