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    Yea this wouldn't be a lemon law issue. To old. But still under warranty.

    I'm just tired of paying for a Raptor and driving and Lariet. I'm tired of not having tinted windows. I'm tired of swapping loaner trucks and moving my stuff from one truck to another. They don't let the miles get over 3000 on the loaner vehicles.. I kept one for several thounds of miles and they freaked. They didn't remember I had it I guess.

    I haven't forgot about the Panda Coins. I still need to contact the vendors and see if each want to participate in providing products that can be purchased with the coins. I wanted to do this in person at Maggie Valley or wherever it's convenient to talk to each of them.

    Everything I do right now takes me 2 to 3 times longer than it should. It sucks so bad to know how to do things and my knee holding me back.... I have been trying to get my slingshot ready for this year. I work a few minutes and sit and rub my knee a few mins. I have to have a new left knee. There is no other solution. It only hurts when I put weight on it. It does hurt quite a bit when I am walking. I can tolerate it for now as long as I can sit down often.

    Here are my thoughts on having a knee replaced right now... I (like everyone else) have been stuck at home for over a year. I have had this awesome quad kit that I want to show off. I have a bunch of new goodies on the Slingshot that I need to show off. And mainly I have tons of members and owners I want to meet.. I can suck up the pain and make it to the events and enjoy my slingshot for at least a few more months I think. So I'm going to wait till I just can't walk then let them swap my knee out.

    I have been quiet on the forum because I didn't know exactly what my plans were going to be. Just like the Panda Coins,,,, they are a great idea but they need to be completed. I hate not having those finished. I will get them done. I promise. Just hang in there.

    Here is what I have been working on. I am at DDMWorks right now getting a few custom pieces of stainless steel installed. I am leaving my Slingshot here for them to bring it to Houston. I fly into Houston on the 8th and will be there for the Sling Experience.....

    Here are some pics of the new paintwork..... These pictures have a layer of yellow pollen on top of the white. I left my garage door up for a few days and you can see on the dash picture how much pollen is laying on the white...... And even with that much pollen it is still blindingly white.....

    I don't see the error exactly. I am able to pick the free shipping. However if I add the front end protector kit it will make me chose a paid shipping option.

    If someone else that hasn't purchased a welcome kit could place an order for one and check to see if you can pick free shipping that might help me.

    I just saw this and tried to grab one, but it is charging $7.50 shipping. Then I noticed that the post is from last year, odd that it was at the top of the list of unread messages. Is this still a thing or did I miss the party?


    Let me check and see why it is charging freight. I will need my laptop and its in he truck. I should have it corrected after 9 or 10 in the morn

    Just wanted to toss this out so people would know it exist.....Remember you can get X track now. You can latch the Etrack connector in both ways. I have 3 full rows of X track in my enclosed trailer. Tractor Supply carries 60" and 24" pieces.

    It was time for a new coat of white. I was thinking about thinning down the Raptor Liner. However after I thought about it I decided to just do base coat / matte clear coat. Artic White to be exact. First coat of base coat has been laid down. I will put one more on and then finish it off with matte clear. Hopefully I will have some surprises to post over the weekend. I can't show it all today. But soon. I may have to finish the rest in my shop. Just depends on the wind tomorrow. You get one shot on the clear. It can't be sanded or buffed. So what you spray is what you get.

    got 2 calls yesterday afternoon.

    1st call was from the Service Advisor..... He said Ford had finally authorized a whole new transmission.

    2nd call was from the Dodge RAM dealer in Pell City... Apearantly they have this sitting in the showroom. And Apearantly I have 1st dibs on it since it was ordered with the options I asked for.

    Now we all would agree that this TRX is already super expensive. In the real world we should be trying to get them to come off of the sticker price and possibly drop the price down to 82 or 83 grand.

    I was having a weak moment and offered him MSRP for the truck.. However the salesman was sticking to his quote and added $10,000.00 to the sticker.

    After sleeping on it I'm glad he turned my offer of MSRP down. If I ever get my Raptor back I have warranty coverage till 12/31/2022 or 125,000 miles. I only like 22 more payments and I'll have the title to it. With business being really sketchy now I really don't want to worry about making 72 or 84 more payments of 1500.00 on a new truck.

    So if someone wants a new loaded out white RAM TRX I know where one is sitting you can buy.

    well I still don't have my truck back. I was told last monday that they just needed to repair one seal in the valve body and it would be fixed.

    Friday rolled around and I got the call that it was leaking from that seal worse than when they started.

    So I asked the Service advisor what they would do now. ....he said they didn't know..

    So basically it's still broken the exact same as it was the day I dropped it off on November 9th.

    I don't know what to do anymore. .....