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  • Jim, I found your swiss Army knife in the recliner. Could you PM the address you would like me to send it to? Steve

  • Painter I have been reaching out for a while now and I still have yet to hear from you. Can you please contact me?

  • Jim, I'm feeling slightly slighted. Are you guys doing OK?

  • Hey Painter, figured I would message you on here. Did you happen to get my double nut cover painted yet?

  • nevermind... i found it, sorry

  • Painter... I seem to not have saved your address, I have something I need tosend to you next week for Danna, please get me your addressagain. Thanks, Mark

  • PPG
    Shopline (JBP). 5931

  • Searched and did not find. Anybody have the black pearl paint code? Thanks. LC

  • Still own you dinner or drinks one night for all the advise and help with the question.. We have to hook up one day at SSITS that week!!! Thanks!!!

    • Just look me up when you are there. Just ask around and you will find me. No need for buying dinner as it will be a pleasure just to meet !

  • Hey, I may have a project for you for valve cover... not sure I want to do it myself. Can you shoot me an email so I can send you some details? saltyclown@ gmail dot com. Thanks!

  • Not seen it yet.... sorry

  • “Dragon Green”??? Is that even a Sling color.

  • Good afternoon. Would you by any chance have the color code for the “Dragon Green” color? Thank you

  • I'll do it today

  • Painter could you send carol & i the PPG formula for Titanium Grey thanks in advance
    ..................... tom n carol

  • I'll email tomorrow

  • Give me your emai address and I'll take a better picture and send to you tomorrow

  • Posted it on the thread

    • Sorry painter, i cant read the code. Can you please email me? Or call 702-752-7741

  • Is this painter? I'm looking for the PPG code for 2016 grey paint

  • Sent you a PM.

    • Hello
      Do know the paint code for base grey? I read you have the PPG code? I appreciate it ride safe thanks tom

  • So would it be easier to paint the tubes and SC parts (air intake, etc...) BEFORE I have a SC installed? She's thinking hot pink, Painter. It's not as bad as it sounds... :-)

  • Very welcome!!!

  • Jim, I installed the valve cover you did for Paul Erler, Thank you for the amazing work you did sir!

  • Had my sling apart for 3 months to paint it a bit and no time at all to even do that.... !!!! This "retirement thing is making me an old man quick! On the Forum when I can but usually just to read and like.

    Is your family back home from Germany?

  • Jim, how are you doing? Did I offend you in any way? What is going on and you can be honest as you always have. Steve

  • LMAO Sure looks that way since it is dated 9/30/16

  • No not at this time. Thanks for the offer!! Your the best!!!!

    • ?????? Are you answering a question from last year???!!!!

  • Painter
    5187 Pony Road
    Terre Haute, Indiana. 47802

    Do you want a custom one done? My treat!

  • Hi I just would like to donate a valve cover for your next project. No Strings attached just give me your address and I'll ship it (has 1500 miles on it_

  • Hello Painter.. Trying to get paint for Base SS I have a Paper that has a code B,49ST,T.Metal ??? Trying to find code and dealer could not tell me.
    It is Dark Titanium Metallic almost ( metal flake look ). Going to order quart and will I need to order reducer to paint this and activator ??
    Thanks Joe in NJ