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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    On behalf of the Slingshot Owners Group Board of Directors ... THANK YOU to those who purchased VIP Tour passes. Your purchase will help to make a difference in a child's life through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Additionally, a huge THANK YOU to Polaris for adding on another VIP tour to make more spots available for SOG owners. For those who may be still be interested, we do still have some tickets available

    ohhh myyyyy looooook at the time - get your emails in for the VIP tours

    Here’s how it works:

    ·         There are a total of 72 tickets available – 36 for Friday ($50/ticket) and 36 for Saturday ($25/ticket)

    ·         At 5PM CST on Friday, June 14 you must send an email to (emails received before 5PM CST will be ineligible)

    ·         The email must include:

    o   YOUR NAME



    o   NUMBER OF TICKETS (limited to a maximum of 2 tickets per email submission)

    o   YOUR TICKET PREFERENCEFRIDAY ($50 per ticket) or SATURDAY ($25 per ticket)

    Ok ok. Now in all seriousness. Really looking forward to the homecoming. Most unfortunately wasn't sure until last week if I'd be able to make it so missed out on reserving the free tour, grabbing a shirt, or getting a discounted hotel.

    So you know what no tour, full price hotel, and I'll be shirtless(j/k. Wouldn't put everybody thru that) but I'm still really looking forward to it. If I happen to get lucky enough to get the VIP tour and contribute to a great charity even better. Excited to pick up where I left off meeting everybody in maggie valley and hopefully putting even more faces to the names. Wouldn't miss the hopefully first of many homecomings! Thanks in advance to SOG for getting this together and all you guys and gals have done putting in the hardwork so we can have a good time!

    On a side note, since I'm kinda on the unofficial free tour wait list. If anybody on social media with their panties in a bunch that registered early want to cancel I will gladly take your free tour and hotel discount! :thumbsup:

    Connect with me Friday morning....I'm sure we'll be able to help with the free tour and maybe even a t-shirt - you can try the host hotel and ask for Iris - I think they only have king sized beds available

    Glad SOG could make you feel better - please wait AT the front door for your gifts to arrive

    Thought it might be helpful to share some ride routes for Homecoming. You can find them on our website at

    Better yet, if you use FURKOT for your trip planning you can download the rides to your Garmin, TomTom, or other navigation device by clicking on PLAN WITH FURKOT then logging into your FURKOT account. Once the route displays you can export by clicking on TRIP and then the up arrow for EXPORT. The file will download and you can add it like you would normally add a trip to your navigation device. Kinda of a cool option

    If you try it out, let us know what you think.

    Thanks for your support Panda - as always, it is appreciated

    Now that all the info is on the table, I plan to put in for the floor tour. I'm not sure what the uproar is all about (my wife tells me TwitFace has it's panties in a bunch) except, I guess, the way this was introduced as Flybuddy pointed out above. Just think of it as a donation to a worthy cause with a bonus! Nothing else that has been presented to us by the Board has been changed and nothing has been taken away. They can't call all of the shots as it has been previously pointed out. Let's roll with it and make this a killer inaugural event for SOG! (Insert theme song here.)

    Thank you sir

    Thank you Guardian_Angel . Your support is appreciated.

    I am far from alone in the hours of daily work done to coordinate and promote the event for owners and vendors - the Board of Directors is where the thanks really should go.

    I am a tad disappointed with all the negative comments on social media - it weighs heavy on me. SOG continues to work with what SOG was allowed to offer by Polaris. Hopefully there are more people excited about this event than disappointed.

    I wish that Polaris could offer more floor tours, but they don't. Sounds like that in the past too many disrespectful people taking photos when they promised they wouldn't and sharing (and even mis-sharing) information they agreed not to disclose. We surely don't blame Polaris for taking these kinds of actions to protect their product and brand - we want the product to have increased success and to continue for years and years to come.

    We have more than 300 registered for the event (registration continues to grow each day) with nearly a dozen vendors and a couple of local food trucks.

    The SOG goal for this event is simple - bring owners together. We want owners to come first because their voice is so important. We want to make the experience for members to be as cost free as possible. We want to bring vendors into the event without having to charge them hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We want owners that come and don't want to purchase modifications from a vendor have memorable experiences.

    We met with Polaris and discussed several ideas and made several suggestions. They allotted just over 100 of the video tours. With the understanding and responsibility of SOG to make sure that there is no photography from the catwalk. Floor tours were approved as well thanks to some very hard work by Slingrazor . Thanks to him we were able to get 6 dozen floor tours spread over Friday and Saturday. Proceeds of the tours will allow SOG to be able to give more to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

    Some are complaining on social media because they had a different idea of what is currently being offered by Polaris. I don't know what to say - we are working with what we were provided. Some are complaining about not allowing alcohol, tobacco, or firearms on the property. This event is being held at a place with flammable and explosive materials where the property owner has an obligation to protect employees as well as guests.

    For those on social media, I'm not sure I can do anything more other than say, I'm sorry. I know that won't be enough for some of them, but we are doing to best that we can to provide an awesome experience for everyone that attends. Truth is, if we charged owners and vendors the current average rate to attend an event, we would have had more than $30,000 in revenue. Even though that would be a great donation for a charity, that was not the sole purpose of this event. We wanted the event to be affordable for everyone and more importantly, a place to gather where the Polaris Slingshot was born.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in Huntsville.

    The free tours will run hourly on Friday