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    I believe it would work great w/air ride. Looks like there is a ton of room around the shocks and depending on the air ride kit would just need to mount the height sensors on the tubing. Would definitely love to see that.

    Can you think it over and let me know your thoughts on parts/cost? I am only a go on 4 wheel conversion if I can retain the e-level air ride. No way I'm going a step backward after air. Ride like a Cadillac when I want and get aggressive at the push of a button. My back thanks you for installing air ride Mitch. :)

    Welcome! Best advice I have for you... Buy the color and lowest model you like. Then outfit it with aftermarket parts. All too often I am swapping out factory upgrades for aftermarket and the slightly used factory parts pile up in my garage and I can't give them away fast enough.

    Be prepared for your wallet to cry!

    Oh yeah... Not sure how I missed this post over the past couple weeks. I think this setup has the potential to retain air ride!!! Price has me really contemplating a conversion.

    Anyway to order this ala cart? I have no use for the QA1 shocks in the rear. :D

    RevDynamics can a fourth airbag be added to your kit and will the controller accept a fourth? I recall seeing clipped wires under the fin where a 4th would have been wired.Trying to gauge additional costs to retain e-level air ride on this conversion.

    One final edit: THE WIFE IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!

    I was looking at the stock replacement and exit one on Slingmods. I liked the fact that it was ceramic coated, and it exited in the stock place. However, the Sling I got from Brody DDMWorks Supercharged, has the side exit Alpha, and it's going bad. I contacted Slingmods (William) and he told me that a 2 1/2" system for boosted would be available in 2020 from Thermal R&D. With the boosted, I would need to plug the hole from the side exit, and the original one (not for boosted) that they did for stock doesn't come with a CAT delete. By the time I pay for the larger size of 2 1/2", and the CAT delete, I was up to the Welter price for black Friday on SlingshotOnly. I ordered the 2 1/2" boosted system FSX with ceramic coating (and it comes off the header, no CAT delete needed) from them. I haven't gotten it yet, but should be coming soon. I'll give first impressions, and after the fact, including a follow up after the weather breaks and I've put some miles on it.

    Yeah buddy! You’re going to like that WP FSX exhaust. But them springs are fun. Sounds real good too.

    I got to say, after installing a handful of Welter Performance systems, the Thermal R&D systems are seriously lacking in QA and quality overall. The main run of pipes are butt fitted vs slip fit. Portions of the exhaust are smaller than 2". Alignment on the touring version (Lower rear exit) is a joke. There really isn't a lot of wiggle room to adjust it since the rear section is attached via rubber hangers. Neither version was truly above frame as both installs had different places exposed under the frame. If you're in the market for a rear exhaust... my opinion, pay the premium for a better manufactured system. While you are at it, snag a 2.5" exhaust incase you decide to boost.

    Oh, and if you are not switching from a stock exhaust to this system, be sure you have enough springs (6 total) Polaris part number: 7043726 and an exhaust seal Polaris part number: 3610211

    Thumbnail version of the photos attached.

    Best of luck Sam! Thanks for the videos and time you spent in this hobby to help the newer owners... and dare I say it... Some of us older owners as well.

    He has to be lowered and some say he is vertical challenged. Not sure bout the top being lowered as well. But hey if it works don’t fix it.
    Personally I like me TD ragtop. Use the bar for ease of entry and exit.


    Gee thanks... When your hips and knees give out due to overuse and old age... you def need a TD top to help with entry/exit. I have another 30 years before I have to worry. :P

    Just remember Polaris used two different alternators. We assume the newer units have a small (lighter) alternator to accommodate the top they made avail.

    2015-2016.5 - 140 Amp Alternator

    2017+ - 100 Amp Alternator

    Bracketing should be the same across all models and the 140 amp can be used on newer models.

    Had the Stinger put on in Maggie Valley this year.

    My biggest issue is exhaust fumes and added heat.

    As an early adopter of the rear dual and stinger top those two combined with the F4 +5 windshield I was faced with tons of exhaust fumes.

    The remedy to a livable system for me was the addition of a custom (tight fit) rear windscreen and UAS large wing. I still get a bit of fumes but not nearly as bad as it was.

    Here is the thread I made on the custom windscreen. I actually pulled off my windscreen to template it and make a few more for friends. Sure costs less than the versions offered through vendors.

    Custom Rear Windscreen for Madstad Stinger Top