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    Planned a nite ride to some local San Antonio TX hospitals to do a sling parade to show our support. Bigger turn out than expected. Usually I’ll randomly invite Marco via text since bookface is a no go for him. Whadddaya-know, he showed up!! Good seeing you man. Lol


    You can find them here…lingshot-pinion-brace-kit I should have more ready in about 2 weeks. I can't seem to make them fast enough. My last run of 46 sold out in 1 day. Not a bad problem to have I guess.

    You may have 1-2 threads still showing once it is tightened down. As long as the gap on the top and bottom are even, you're good to go. I have also updated the instructions to warn people of the potential of losing a few drops of gear oil as well.

    You should have a quote on the website about the possibility of this install making the rear quieter than new!!! Seriously I have confirmed 5 slings report a quieter rear end due to the brace.

    Should have known better, broke a rule, didn't post a pic. Then again, it was dark when I got home with it.


    That would come in handy for wrench day participation. Think of how many tools you could drag down and STILL bring your sling. Nice.

    I might be interested in a flat bed trailer if it hauls a sling and even better if it will haul 2! Let’s chat.

    Such an easy install my wife tackled it alone. I know... #goals! Any who... she got the WP dual rear 2.5” removed from the rear with ease. Removed the stock angle drive cover bolts, assembled the brace around the pinion and had it buttoned up fast. She was stoked to try the torque wrench and was just as stoked to know she did it herself. She gave up on the exhaust reinstall after the brace and I soon learned why. It was a royal PITA to get the rear most section back on as the extended bolts really left almost zero room to move and get a tight fit. Some wood... a pry bar and hammer made it work. It’s doable with a 2.5” WP dual rear... however the exhaust now touches the swing arm when the airbags are lowered. I’ll monitor and adjust if possible/needed.

    Here she is happy as can be!

    thanks ZZP... quality product and instructions!! Will report tomorrow if my angle drive is quieter. Too exhausted. Beer me!!

    EDIT: After a short ride the next morning, I am happy to report my rear end is much quieter than it ever has been on my 2016.5 Base. Super stoked. lol

    Try checking your battery connections. My 2015 did the same thing 2 weeks after I got it home. It was a loose cable. Pulled it off with my fingers. Cleaned & tightened, never did that again.

    Was here to add the same. Even though the codes don't match up.... this is a common issue.

    It could be possible. Typically whine comes from having the wrong preload on the gears, so if the case flexes a little when the brace was installed that preload could change in theory. That is the first I've heard of that. I've been one of the "lucky" ones I guess and neither of my angle drives has never been very noisy to begin with.

    First I have heard of wrong pre-load equating to a noisy angle drive. Will have to do more research and see if this is a garage fix or validation of spec.

    ... but in many states, including Arizona, the law says you have to have some type of red reflector on the back of any vehicle driven on public roads. Taillights don't count, unless there's a reflector built into the lens, like there is on most cars. Ride safe, my friend.

    Meh, Just like no more than 4 total head/fog lights... 4 solid years of driving the sling and never once questioned about no red reflectors in the rear/rear side. I'll sweat it come fix-it ticket.

    Some interesting news and possibly unintended consequence of the pinion brace. This is a quote I pulled from a friend on BookFace who just installed the brace over the weekend here in TX.

    "Ok folks, I found a fix for a problem I have had on my 2017 Sling for a long time. I have taken it to the dealer numerous times and they have never been able to correct the loud whine I get when I am driving 50 or above and when decelerating. Well today my son installed the ZZPerformance pinion brace kit on my Sling. How I don't know and don't care but it completely eliminated that whine. Never expected that result, I bought the kit for what they advertised it for, but it also fixed an irritating loud whine I have had for a couple of years." - Richard Wiley

    That's a company who stands behind its products. Glad to hear they took such good care of you. I put a Mob Armor phone mount in most of my vehicles... Make for easy one handed mount and dismount as opposed to many other holders out there. I love my phone mount!