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  • Hey Grant -- I noticed that the Slingshot in the Rockies is moving to the Springs. What do you think?

    • I love the idea of it and it actually allows for a different part of Colorado to be "shown off". There are so many things near by that appeals to the touristy type, that it could be a great location for the future. Also the Hotel Elegante that is hosting is a big hotel, it has several places to eat, so for those that don't want to venture out it will be a convenient location. For those that want to get out and explore the city, it's within 7 min of downtown, which has a lot of things check out. 5 min of the Broadmoor Hotel area and Cheyenne Mountain area. I really think that taking it to the Springs was a good move. I think more people from the Denver area would be able to make it 45 min south to join in...even if it's just for a day or two.

      I pitched the idea of rotating locations of the events for the Rockies, for example, one year in C Springs, one year in Durango, one year in Utah, so on and so on. I think that would grow the event. I have been in Avon several years now for the event and it's the same thing over and over again. It's great location, but with out the special events like the hill climb and the autocross, I didn't feel it was an area that could be explored a lot.

      I am really hoping for a big turn out and meeting new people that haven't been able to make it previous years.

    • I have been to Avon 3 times. This year I stayed in Silverthorne because I was meeting my brother, who was on vacation. I tagged along with you to Independence Pass on one of the rides. I agree that the scheduled rides are repetitive. I have been disappointed in the turnout, too. I live in Kansas, about 4 hrs. from the Springs, so that will be a plus. Thanks for the reply and I hope to meet up this summer. Kirk

    • Turn out is always going to be smaller for this event just because of being where Colorado is located. Colorado is a deceptively large state and there are stretches of absolute nothing to see that stretch from Kansas. lol. But it also doesn't pull in Cali slingshot owners like the LV show, it barely gets people from NV or TX up this way because of distance. Hopefully with SSITR being in a larger city, it will bring more people in.

  • Hey grant, do you know were Jeff got his rims at? Thanks

    • I think he got them from Discount Tire. He has a buddy over there.

  • Thanks the address is 503 North pine st. Hamburg AR, 71646. My Name is John Pryor let me know how to get your money to you,

    • Sounds good John, Once I get to the post office I'll get the price to send you use PayPal at all?

    • Yes Sir I use paypal some. Sounds good

    • Ok great, I'll hit the post office in about 2 hours. I'll get you a tracking number and total as soon as I get back.

    • wasn't able to get to the post office today. Got stuck on a long work call. Will send it out first thing Monday morning.


  • Got the alignment done, mine was way off. Sent Bryan some more customers. How did your quick release wheel turn out?

    • Haven't done it yet. Still need to find a steering wheel that I like that doesn't cost a fortune. lol

  • Hey, we might have to run an errand up north tomorrow so dont wait on us. If we can make we will.

  • We will be there late afternoon, still taking same route. Off highway is best for us.twisty roads/deer/gravel/and a good time on the way .....see ya there orange....

  • Yeah, I remember reading that you both were realtors and headed down corporate drive that day I thought.....I wonder. Her name is Laurie Klipfel. You have a plan for thursday yet? We had planned to go up through Breckenridge. Also would like to know who did your paint as mine is the first generation drip edge, paint over dirt version LOL.

    • Mine is just Plasti-dipped. Matt at Colorado Custom Wraps did a pretty good job. I didn't know what color I was going to stick with so I figured the Plasti Dip would give me a good idea. I am not familiar with Laurie, I worked with BJ Burns on my first home here. She did a great job. I have nothing but great things to say about the Platinum Group. Tomorrow I am headed up to Denver to meet up with Jim Varner for breakfast then head out to Avon. You are more than welcome to join us. We wanted to try and get a few of us together to do a small group ride up there.

  • Hey we spotted you yesterday heading west on woodman and turning down corporate drive. Our realtor is with platinum group. I like the color of your ss

    • Right on! I was just out for a ride killing time before meeting a buddy in from Afghanistan for dinner. Appreciate the definitely stands out in a crowd. lol. If you ever need a change in wife is with Coldwell ;) I kid I kid. Who are you working with over there?

  • Work just threw us a curve ball. I am not supposed to be working this weekend but we have 3 people covering 24/7 the next week and some change. I'll definitely let you know on Friday if I can make it down.

  • Would like to meet up if possible on Saturday. Let me know, later in the week if you think you can get away. I would rather go to Ft. Collins for that meet-up but I have family in Cheyenne and Denver and if they knew I was that close I would have to stay over. I can't be gone all weekend.

  • Awesome. I am just 40 min north of Pueblo just outside of Colorado Springs. Shoot me a message when you get out this way, depending on my work schedule I might be able to break away and head down there.

  • Thanks for the info on the meet-ups. I joined the group and hope to meet and ride with you soon. I'm about 4 hours from Denver, in SW Kansas. I'm planning on being in Pueblo at the end of the month for the NSRA Nationals. I enjoy classic cars and customs.