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  • Hey KayTwo,

    New to the Slingshot world,seen where you were close to me,thought I would ask a neighbor a favor.Thinking about purchasing a 2016 Bluefire edition like yours.Was wondering if you could give me any cons about it.Anything I should look for when going to test drive it this weekend.

    Thanks in advance for your time and input....

  • SlingShot Cal'
    3 off to be sent to me, in the UK.

    • Got it

    • All in one shipment.

    • I'm not involved in shipping. All I am doing is giving a public tally, so that Ross has an idea of how much support he has. His question right now is how many he is going to order, and a lot of that is figured by money, because he pays for it out-of-pocket ahead of time. It's a risk to him, but I am confident he will be able to sell whatever he gets. I just want to see him be able to sell as much as the demand is. So I'm really just opening up the floor for people to volunteer ahead of time how much they're willing to put in.

    • I realised that was the case. But thought I'd post the comment, on your wall, just in case he checked it out.
      Great work, getting the figures together.

  • Looks like an awesome ride following right behind you Great photos ! Leaving Virginia on Wednesday heading that way. I would love to catch up with other riders.

    • What is your route?

    • Virginia on 60 through WV and Kentucky. Heading north to Sioux Falls not sure route yet. Then 90 West.

    • I don't know of anyone on those routes or close, but check the map and maybe put out a public query. Wednesday I'll be in and around Indianapolis, and then headed back to SC on Thursday.

  • Sounds like an awesome trip Maybe we can catch up as you return Can’t leave Virginia until August 1 Safe travels

    • Thanks, and have fun on your trip as well!

  • I saw the front fenders you posted about your new fenders, how do I contract the man that made them? Thanks Tommy

  • You the man. Those worked out perfectly and I have them saved to my PC now.

    • Glad to be of service.

  • I just ordered one $42.58

  • I hear you may be using some sort of heat pad for seats. If you do I'd like to ask a couple questions

    • Sure, what's your question? I saw the discussion on the thread, I'll go on my amazon history tomorrow and find the ones I ordered. Love 'em.

  • Hope to see you around soon you will enjoy this area and great roads to ride on.

    • Thanks, we're really looking forward to the move! We'll definitely be in touch once we get down there.

  • Have you guys ever had Louisiana boudin before?? If not Imma gonna blow your socks off!! Lol

  • Hey, I'm one of the newbee's and for the life of me I cannot find the address for saturday. Could you pass me the page number or text me address 757-469-4511. Thanks

  • Well, I'll try it again!! Sent a long email to you, and it vanished!! Let's try this wall thing. Here's my cell #, text me if you get this!!
    860-922-7113 cell