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Attention Vendors. Please email robert@rabtech.com any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • Would you put a permanent thread up for the 2020. Your info on the 2019.5 was great, especially since I confirmed my 2020 order yesterday. The more I hear about these the more I am sure Polaris has a hit.


  • Hey Rabtech. How do I get added as a vendor? It's DS Designs. http://www.dsdesign.biz

    • drop me an email me at rhbrinson@gmail.com just letting me know your info. it's going to be a busy weekend but I'll try to get the rate sheet right back to you.

  • I have my slingshot up for sale and when I went to it to try to edit it I get the message Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page. How do I change that for I can edit it

    • Try it now. It was marked as Done.

      Offer: For sale slingshot and trailer Item done

      FOR SALE - $20,500 (Make a good offer) About 35,000 invested.
      2016 Polaris Slingshot SL. The spec sheet for the slingshot I can email to you if you want it.
      4,555 miles, Red w/ matching Bullet Speed V-Back Canvas Top, Paramount Plastics Stealth 2.5 Mega…
      $20,500.00 or best offer

  • Do we have or could we have a slingshot new product notification thread? With comments locked so nobody could say anything derogatory. Venders only could post a product description with photos. Strictly to introduce new items.

    Here is the item, here are the pictures, and this is what it does. Include the suggested retail price. This is where to purchase.

    It’s kinda hard to check every vendor site to look for something new.

  • How do I become a vendor on this website?

  • Did I understand that you were going to bring over our old friends list? I had not noticed it was not here.

  • Thanks DLROSS . I am doing the best I can... I will keep on working and if you or anyone notices something that needs fixing or something you cant do that you used to be able to do PLEASE post it so I can fix it.

  • You can't please everyone don't try and don't worry about the few people that have no class!

  • first impression I hate the new site. Won't be back unless there is something I am missing.

    • What is it that has changed. I am trying my best to put everything where it goes. I just stopped and opened the site back up so y'all could have time to post, It must really be a severe change to upset you bad enough to leave the site.. What is wrong

  • Just wanted to circle back re: the duffel I bought. Embroidered stitching is excellent quality and the bag overall seems well built. Now if I just could have gotten RED stitching!!! ;-)

  • Come rabtech don’t lie you sell more than shirts on here :) you sell fun excitement , years of experience of know how and most of all offering good friendship between motor heads just looking to see how it feels running balls out while missing a wheel :)!

  • Have you ever purchased anything from Slingshotinfo.com. If so, how does it work? I clicked accept offer and the ad went away. Is that what normally happens? I have not heard anything from them.

    • You must have the name confused. This site is slingshotinfo.com. it's a forum. We do sell anything except shirts for the forum .

  • Happy Birthday my Good Friend, hope your day is as awesome as you are.

  • For access to the NSFW section.....

    You have to apply and I can add you. Click on your name in the top left and go to user groups.. then click to apply to the NSFW group

    When I see the application I will approve it

  • Could I be grated NSFW access

  • NSFW access please?

  • Hi, was wondering how I can gain access to (not safe for work) thread. Also was trying to figure out how to introduce myself

  • I want to thank you so much, my new forum page will be just what I have wanted for what I want to do. You have a way of recognizing something and taking action. A True leader. I will do my best to use my page to promote and make a positive contribution to our cause, my pledge to you.

  • It helps if I include the link... Doooow

    What was today's Sling project-Mods , goodies.....?

  • Hi rabtech
    As the top tech guy on this site please follow this link and if you are able pass on any info, as to how forum members can watch the Top Gear crew, with my Slingshot.
    Many thanks, UK_Paul

  • Can you send me an email, I need to talk to you about something that would not need to be public. Thanks glewem@gmail.com

  • Can you forward instructions on installing the NAPA brake switch. Have a 2016 with an on again, off again ESP warning light.. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • rabtech, no hurry on the front end protection kit. It is the holidays, kick back and enjoy them. Too flipping cold to work in the garage now, -6 degrees.

  • Hi. I understand that you are the ultimate guru. All hail to you!!!!
    Question: If you would be so kind...
    I’m trying to install a Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX. I Need to find the “car speed signal input” wire. Also, is there an easy access to the parking brake + wire?

  • So good to see you at SSITS. I know you were being pulled in so many different directions, that is why I appreciate the time you took to evaluate my ride. Thank you once again.

  • Good Morning I know your a busy man and hope your feeling better. But I have a quick question about your head light dyi from my understanding you just locate the black wire on the relay and cut it and add a toggle switch. is this correct? I am wanting to cut my headlights off at times.

  • Is it against the rules to post a SS I have for sale ?

  • Sorry for posting the link to the Service Manual. I wasn't aware it could cause problems. It came from my dealer who didn't tell me I couldn't share it. Regardless, I will be more careful about such things in the future! Rob F

  • This is the first time I have looked at my wall in months. I don't check this area very often. If y'all need anything just start a conversation with me.

  • Sir Rabtech;
    I was bouncing though the forum and stumbled onto this error;

    ID: 82e9d3ad695751e9a572f671be75390310f9b287
    Please send the ID above to the site administrator.
    The error message can be looked up at “ACP » Logs » Errors”.

    • That message usually appears when you use the back button to go back to a page. If the previous page has changes dramatically it will give you that message. I have also seen this happen with the Easter egg game. If you click on the easter egg then you go to the next page and then hit the back button the same easter egg appears HOWEVER its actually just a cashed image. If you click it agin you get that message ...