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  • I plan on Being There just Sat. Only Also Work Fri. And Church Sunday lol

  • I will be working at OU Medical Center

    • ok cool, I know where that is

  • My job in Tulsa was changed to OKCity. I will arrive Thursday Jul 20 and leave July 25.

    • even better, I live in Mwc near Tinker AFB

  • Sounds good

  • That will work, I will be working at OU from the 21st to the 25th.

    • ok cool, my phone number is (405)388-1212. we can set up a place to meet while you are there and do the exchange.

  • I will be in Tulsa around the middle of the month.

    • cool, we cool meet up and I could just hand deliver them to you

  • Where in OK are you?

    • I am in Midwest city, outskirts of okc. my zip code is 73130

  • I thought you changed your mind. I still have the calendar. How do you want to do this?

    • sorry, I have been extremely busy lately. I still haven't found a box yet, I will see what I can do this week or next.

  • Sounds good

  • Good to hear from you. How about a swap? 228-806-0563 or

    • Let see if I can find a box big enough to fit them and check the price to ship to you, then we can discuss what to do

    • By way my number is 4053881212,

    • I'll cover the shipping.