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    Bill Martin No! I did not go see Trump tonight. I saw one guy that stood in line for 7 hours and did not get in the door. People had been there since early Thursday morning waiting to get in.

    And if i said to you or for that matter anyone on ''ANY'' Motorcycle / Trike forum ' That i buy my oil and filters from the dealers......You or 10 others are going to post back.....Don't buy it from the Stealers, Go on the internet and get it cheap[er].........I've been on forums from 2007...And that all i see, Like when some says i want to buy a helmet or jacket but i'm not sure of the size.......Someone will post back go to the dealer see what fits .....Then go to the internet its cheaper....

    I never even used the internet until 2015, but I did buy American made if the item was available. The problem was that the buying public would buy cheap even if it broke the next week. Then they would just order another the next week. Most of the time you get what you pay for.

    I just switched my florescent 8' high output daylight bulbs in my shop to all LED 8' 5000k bulbs.
    So far they are faster to come on and a slight bit brighter. I have (6) 8' double bulb fixtures in 1000 square feet .

    That is what I wanted to know about from someone that had real world experience with the LED versus the Flour.lamps. I knew that the LED would be a bit faster on start up, especially in cold weather.

    Hears what happened ....WW2 and to some extent Korean Vets would only buy American cars, And once the car company's figured that out...They invented planed obsolescence....Then the Vets started dyeing off, And their kids didn't buy into that....And around 1973 the fuel embargo days The foreign car came along with better made cars.....And 30mpg Vs 8 mpg cars...And that's what happened...So if people went back to only buying American .....Planed obsolescence will be back...

    All they cared about was buying cheap and put American manufacturing out of business.

    Agree, but at the same time I believe Dodge trucks are now made oversees? I believe some Ford cars are produced oversees? I look at the union stickers in the windshields for USA Made. I like to afford U.S. products the first consideration but not the end-all-do-all. My F-150 was made in the states. I love it and those balances are what made my choice.

    Supply chain management and "just-in-time" procurement may come into consideration with this Corona virus? Down the road it may come to realize the U.S. is a consistent reliable producer of products. I hope so!

    It is not like it was but the blame is on the USA buying public. Only they could have changed everything, which they did and not for the good of America and then they complain.

    I am a Ford person. Have owned the for years. No issues ever. But... my wife loves Toyota and they put out a great product! Toyota seems to back their product well. That's important. Lexus

    , (a higher end Toyota) has some really sharp looking crossovers! I think many are made here and that's a plus! I do like the Lexus.

    Yea! Made here but where does the money go? Just ask my to sons they will tell you that when they see me buy something other than the USA old brands that they will know that (Chevy - Ford- Mopar) I have really lost it. That is right, no off shore brands. That is where the problems in the USA started with the American buying public buying out of market.

    I worked around 5 years with six 4 foot bi pin fixtures in the play room 26 x 36 never enough light and that was why I went with the eight 8 foot single pin fixtures

    This, my friend, will solve all your problems. Bought them at Home Depot and had them professionally installed. Those are the brightest LED lights Home Depot sells. Absolutely worth the money.

    How many fixtures are you using in the garage? Two might be good if you only park in it.

    I worked around 5 years with six 4 foot bi pin fixtures in the play room 26 x 36 never enough light and that was why I went with the eight 8 foot single pin fixtures

    That was the reason I had extra lights to install cross ways in the parking area so that what ever you wanted to work on was surrounded with 4 each 8 foot tubes. I still have them in the attic that I never installed. I built the Play Room in 1982 after the divorce to work on the 4 dirt bikes and the 2 street bikes. It was more important than building a house for my 2 sons and I.