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    Okay, I have noticed that we now have a "friends" feature here on the forum. I have already accepted one friend request and I also sent one out.

    so having now made friends can someone tell me exactly what this feature is for? up until now I have considered everyone on here to be a friend and as such this new thing has me puzzled

    As for as I know it just let's you know when they are on the forum

    welcome TxTiger the group is a fantastic group, full of information and assistance. A wide variety of experience across the board. And yes they can help you spend your money lol. I bought a base model 2017 and since have put about 10K into it in mods. I still have a long way to go to get it where I want it or even a partial way to where some of these guys have taken theirs. . . . . . . .

    It is more fun to put the MILES on that Slingshot

    My point exactly, is it not a sad situation where our society has degraded to this? Otherwise Justina and I choose to live our lives where fear does not dominate us, that is what I am saying.


    It is not fear! It is being prepared. Kind of like, how much groceries do you keep in your house.

    Welcome TxTiger. This is a great forum. I somehow stumbled on it by accident googling SS stuff. One of the luckiest things that has ever happened to me. I too was a two wheel rider from nearly birth. Sold my last one a few years ago. Road it 52 miles in two years. We've put over 8 thousand miles on our SS since April and we love it. People on this forum are so helpful and patient with us newbies. The collective knowledge on this forum is awesome. As for your windshield, I am in the same boat as you. I want a bigger one but not sure how big. I want to barely see over window. I am going to Maggie Valley and see all the vendors and I am sure come home with another windshield.

    If you are planning on changing the seats wait until you change the seats before buying the wind screen;)

    Gotta love this state- there is not a tax that Dem's don't love:

    California considers charging residents a tax for sending text messages

    This allegedly will help pay for the "phones for low income program". According to the article:

    "the budget for subsidizing poorer users has risen by almost half, from $670 million in 2011 to $998 million in 2017"........ doesn't surprise me any. sad-squared

    You could pay for the wall with one year of the money that Cali. gives away

    There are many options and opinions about wind screens. I prefer to look over, have rode bikes since May,1964. I had never even rode behind a wind screen. With the Slingshot I have had the wind screen to fog up at 85 mph on the inter state, with that being said if you cannot see over the wind screen you are in trouble real quick. Welcome to the mad house and we CAN help you spend your money. Just make sure that the credit card is paid up. RIDE SAFE AND WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER DRIVER

    Shop has to be within walking distance or it is no good to really enjoy

    Shatneyman , I live in the Cleveland, Helen, Ga area, we have to the north Blueridge, Ga, Blairsville, Murphy, NC, Hiawassee, Ga. You mentioned Hiawassee, Ga, a place that has a lot of lakes and property on the lakes, so if you like boating, it is the boating capital for the area. Hiawassee is like central to all the places you mentioned. I am going to show a secret place that is awesome for a grand view of Hiawassee. Bell Mountain.

    My Bell Mountain Drone View of Hiawassee, Ga

    I have missed that one