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    Remember, if you meet 1 ass hole a day, you've met an ass hole. If you meet ass holes all day, you're the ass hole. And I meet them ALL DAY LONG!

    All of the people that I have had the pleasure of meeting from all over the USA. I have run into very few ass holes. Most times you will know it within 5 minutes after meeting them.

    I should have stayed with halogens.

    I could not do that, I had to change over to the LED's at the time to lower the AMPS. This was before the light recall and I was putting miles on out of town and needed the bright lights. I could only make about 1/2 mile before the relay would start going on and off on overload with the high beam HID's on.

    Any idea how many SS owners will be there in August?

    As much as my wife and I would like to meet other owners, we are thinking of cancelling. We live close enough that we can ride that area anytime. It was the rest of the agenda that enticed us to register for the event.

    No parade???? Let’s see.... I was in a huge line of traffic last weekend. No one banned stop and go traffic.... I don’t think I can catch Covid while driving in a line of Slings. I guess we could rename the parade a protest and then it would be ok...

    Stupid NC governor...

    Riding is not the point except for those that never get to ride around the mountains. It is meeting the people, kind of like I use to do car shows for over 10 years from Indy to Daytona. Someone asked me one time why and I told them that I would bet them money if I went to any large car show in the country that I would run into someone that I know. The whole point is meeting new people with a common interest. OH! SURE, you still run into the ASS HOLE every once in a while but I can overlook that.

    Woe is me! Bought the LEDs from Slingmods in May. Driver outer side stopped working. SM contacted mfgr and mfgr sent me 2 replacements. Went to install driver side and it worked as expected. Then I noticed passenger outer side was out. Put in 2nd led that was sent. Called SM to see if I could return all and apply return to DDM hids. Well, SM is discounting the DDM HIDs so no go. Rep said LEDs are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. So I guess I just have to keep getting replacements if they continue to stop working. After a year I will go back to regular bulbs if I still am having issues. Just sent an email to TRICLED, supplier of LEDs about them not working. Curious to see what they have to say. Center LEDs have not had any issues.

    Amazon and cheaper Even so I am on my third set of LED's. (98,000 Miles) When one goes out I change both so that I am sure they are the same color LED's So right now I have one matched set and 2 single spares.

    I am not sure what I am going to bring yet. I really don't want to bring shirts and stickers and have to sit in the sun all day. I believe we are a large enough group that we can find each other. I don't do well in hot weather. I plump up like dough set out to rise.

    I don't see what would be wrong with just leaving free cards and stickers at a few of the vendors booths and just let everyone have what they want.

    You mean you will at least ride a few miles each day, :thumbsup:

    Peanut butter and jelly go together. Milk and cereal. Chips and dip. You folks kinda get the idea. Well let's just let the picture speak for itself.

    My baby and I had some much deserved alone time today. It was a great day. Some two wheelers had to let me by on the mountain, I was on a mission.

    Hey! I know that turn, it is a good one for drifting around. There was one of those Indiana 4 wheelers behind me the last time that I did that. Painter

    Oh oh yea. I have waited a month to do this and today was the day. I just got back from riding for hours and not really going anywhere. Those of you that know me know this was way over due.Somebody has got to teach me how to turn these pictures around..

    I just got back home from doing the same thing. They are already setting up for Bike Week in Murrel's Inlet

    Grocery shopping. I need to get one of those side nets. So many times I fill the cart and forget I have the sling. I find myself stuffing the storage behind the seats, the back racks, and hoping I can fit the remaining items in the passenger side. So far I always manage, to date have not lost anything out the side. I use the Slingshot as a primary vehicle every chance I get! :)

    It is my primary

    FunCycle - why this couldn’t possibly be you:

    1. It’s sunny out - you’d be in your Sling, not a truck.

    2. You wouldn’t be caught dead entering Commiefornia.

    Love ya’ Bro! 😁👍

    I normally carry only one. As to the state of CALI, i started to move out there when I got out of the Navy. I am sure glad that I did not,

    Your young - pills are the easy part - there seems to be a big gap between the pills effect and your bride’s willingness — YOU’LL SEE - something for ya to look forward to - HAPPY THOUGHTS!! :00008172::00008172:

    HOW TRUE! That my friend is what people do not talk about. That hot babe back in the day, comes to a time the answer is NO and it don't come from old age either.

    As long as we can find a place to eat some of us will probably still be there. When we were there 3 weeks ago each county still had their own rules for food joints This was 2 weeks after the governor started to open up on the rules.

    Just FYI. Manufacturers all provide air pressure recommendations. But tires have a fairly wide range of pressures that are acceptable. Manufacturers use their recommendations that provides the best ride, but it's not something that has to be followed 100%. Some people (usually on cars) like to go up a few pounds to try to get a little extra gas mileage (and yes, it's really LITTLE, but there's always that 1% who love getting an extra two miles per tankful. But the higher pressure usually gets you a rougher ride by having a stronger sidewall. Sometimes that will also give you some better feel in cornering since you don't have as much sidewall deflection. Softer tires may get some more tread contact to the ground for a slight improvement in traction, but it also diminishes gas mileage and could damage the sidewall by having more flex in cornering. Also if you hit potholes with a softer tire, you could damage the sidewall (bubble) when the wheel actually comes in contact with the sidewall bulge. So there is no perfect tire pressure as it's up to the individual and what he's trying to get out of the tires as long as the pressure remains within the tire manufacturer guidelines.

    Whatever pressure you do run, just make sure you keep a close eye on the tread wear pattern that you get and adjust the pressure up or down as needed to get even tread wear

    I have never ran the recommended tire pressure . The tire pressure for the same tire is relative to the width of the rim it is mounted on. Keep up with the wear pattern on the tire as Funinthesun says and adjust the air pressure accordingly. Even to tire brands like on the Slingshot you may have to run different tire pressures. Now on track days I have run cold tire pressures as low as 23 PSI on the front and the rear. When I spun out last year on the track day I had started with 23 PSI cold front and rear when I came back in I dropped another 3 PSI hot and no longer had the problem. That stock Kenda that no seems to like, when hot sticks like glue.

    I have ALWAYS said that the REAL racist were the one's that talked about it all of the time. If we had a REAL education system for let us say for the last 50 years, we would not have the problems we are having now. You have to teach our children that there is more to life and they can be anything they want to be.