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    Well, we did get the Welter mufflers on it, but I'm going to have to go back, he didn't have any v-band clamps in the 2.5" or 2" variety (the welter uses a 2" pipe after the Y on the rear dual). So, we did some temporary work to get me going.

    FunCycle was correct, it was 1/5 the price quoted from another shop, and while they aren't mandrel bends, I'm ok with it for now. I may go back and change it up again later, we'll see. The trakhamr does make it challenging.

    With the rear exhaust, I can actually hear my turbo spooling now! :)

    One bend is just prettier than the other but both flow just about the same.

    Did everyone see the latest thing to develop on the investigation? All I can say is O-BOY this is going to get interesting and everyone should watch Fox News tonight for some more on this. This is all coming from the X CEO of Over and stores who has been involved in this from almost day one pricejh61 and Bill Martin

    So one night my family is having dinner at a locally owned place here in town. Our server is chatty and is sharing her life story. Long story short is she moved her family to Alabama from Pennsylvania because the taxes were too high, cost of living was too high, lack of jobs, etc. Huntsville leans to the conservative side and has a pretty good job market because of local and state Govt efforts to attract industry (like Polaris) and she tells us she moved her family here specifically for those opportunities. She then goes on to tell us how much she loves Bernie Sanders and his policies. I almost fell out of my chair the hypocrisy hit me so hard. I'm an independent in terms of political parties, but for the life of me I couldn't understand how someone could rationalize leaving an area where liberal fiscal policies had created an environment she didn't feel she could raise a family in and then want to apply those same fiscal policies on a national scale. The liberal fiscal policies where she came from had made the conditions so bad that she pulled up roots and moved to an area where she had no family, friends, etc solely because she felt she could be successful there. I couldn't believe that she was standing there telling me how bad it was where she lived before and in the same breath saying how she wanted Bernie Sanders to be President so we could have those same policies on a national scale. There's just no reasoning with some people....


    Just wondering what is the best paint to use to fill in the Polaris logo on the front of the SS?

    Go an get the colored duct tape of what ever color you want. Get some painter's tape and stick on and mark with a pencil or pin. Put the painter's tape on what ever medium you are using and cut out and then install. The painters tape works in making patterns for just about anything. For making patterns for side trim or for cutting out rock guard for an area. Also use the 3/4 inch tape for lining off where you want to install something. I makes installing a whole lot easier

    as much as I would like a Trump hat here in California its not worth it - - I prefer to keep my political views among friends and I wouldnt want to hurt any of the snow flakes little feelings ;(

    You know that that is part of the problem , don't you. Everyone is scared to speak up for fear of hurting someone's feelings. If people would just stand up for what they believe in things could improve, maybe.

    I am up to about 80 Trump hats that I have ordered and given out. I have 9 different ones that I wear, never the same one. I rotate each day. I still wear the Make America a Sh--thole also and always someone says something good about it and all the rest of them.

    I called around until I found one, said he looked forward to the challenge and could fit me in. Said it would take about 2 hours, but I think it will take a bit longer, but he's hard at work and says he's interested in getting a slingshot and trakhamr, lol

    If anyone needs a custom exhaust shop in/near the DFW area, I have a hookup now!

    I told you and it just might cost you less money

    The road in front of my house is going to turn into a by-pass next year. It has been nice and quite since 1975. Now there is no telling how much the traffic is going to increase. This was the reason I put my house on the back of my 3/4 acre lot because I knew sooner or later this would happen.

    I hope that you can see over it. It is not nice running 85 mph on the interstate and having instant fogged wind screen that you cannot see thru.

    heck - Reagan was Governor back then and our politics was still reasonably sane - - what stopped you?

    Decided that I did not want to live in the hustle and bustle of Cali. I thought that I wanted to live in the big city. WRONG! I live in the best place on the East coast, we have 5 rivers and the woods and do not forget living in a coastal area. It is just starting to get crazy with all of the Damn Yankee's moving in and they want to make it just like the place they moved out of. :cursing::cursing: