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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Frankie55 - you are so correct - I would venture to say everyone in this thread pays a substantial tax. I just paid my 2019 property taxes to the tune of just shy of $17K. Good thing I get my SSI checks now - I get it from one government and turn around and give it all and then some to another. We are all taxed into oblivion and what does our money get now ??? Endless investigations, spending like drunken sailors (no disrespect to the Navy) at a $5 whorehouse. We are already supporting generations on welfare. Now these vacuous liberals want to penalize you for working hard - being successful by expanding governmental social and environmental projects that if implemented would destroy the current economy. The AOCs - Sanders- Warrens “vision” will lead to complete disaster for us and even AOC is to short sighted to see she will be screwed at retirement age of 80 - already to late for Warren and Sanders to live see the damage they will do. IMO (thought same thing in 2016) the 2020 election is not going to be about the actual politicians but how this nation will be defined in years to come by their policy. And that my friends is why if Trump shot Adam Schiff at 12 noon on the Whitehouse steps with CNN and MSNBC we’re filming it he would still get my vote :00008172:Now WOLF you can officially call me biased, blinders on and a Trumper forever fan !!! :00008356:

    I truly believe if Hellary had been voted in for president we would be in a revolution by now and I am fully with you Bill Martin on that.

    God I'm glad I don't have to live my life worrying about getting bad gas

    You do know that if a lot of people would not have that problem if they were not buying the cheapest crap out there and that goes both ways OCTANE and CHEAP

    Socal, I like to use the Fuel Range as a accurate gauge of how much fuel I have. My fuel consumption was consistent at around 28 mpg. So taking looks at that value gave me a good indication of if I needed fuel for my trip and where I need to stop to get some. This is just for added information, the fuel gauge would also be better than the bar gauge. I know there are some new owners that don't know what the black mode switch is used for, as I have been asked and had to do a video on it. So for anyone that does not know how to access the fuel range indication, here is a link to my Mode Switch Video

    Mode Switch Explained

    On the 2015 the fuel gauge had 9 bars which was one gallon per bar, I have not looked at the 2016 to see how many bars it has. I know that some of the later models did not have 9 bars

    Starting packing for track day, I am even bring a back-up tire If there is a problem with the Kenda that just got to the wear bar. The spare will be that piece of S--T Nitto 555 G2 maybe it will have some traction when it gets hot. I also printed out (I Think) the tech sheet. I will not bring my new Riken ZR street tires, saving them for next summer.

    I find it interesting, not all that long ago the Democrats claimed to be the party of the everyday people and they said the Republicans only cared about the rich - - - it seems clear that today the Republican party is the one that actually cares about normal people and the Democrats only care about the elite left like the hollywood types

    I don't know how much the party likes it, but Trump has really redefined what a Republican can be and at the same time he has made the Democrats show their true colors and the self serving nature behind their lie of caring about the middle class.

    But just remember that the old republicans are part of the SWAMP ALSO

    Sling II is still sitting after 5 or 6 weeks with 12.9 volts, with the small battery. It may even be the original battery. I bought a volt meter for it to keep check on the voltage, one day I will hook it up permanent, when I decide to start driving it full time after I get everything changed over.

    Against my better judgment I decided to watch some of the impeachment hearing today. As someone who understands parliamentary procedure and Robert's rules this thing looks like a shit show. I can't imagine what it looks like to the average citizen. No wonder nobody wants to watch it.

    I have one question. Is there anyone in the democratic party that will tell the TRUTH? Are all of them liars? Oh well that is two questions.

    Last night I reconnected the sling to the battery. This morning it's showing 12.9. So now it seems to be fine. Not a warm fuzzy feeling. Will definitely be carrying a jump starter from now on...... I also order a battery tester and a clamp on ammeter so I can check the current draw with the battery connected, while starting, with the engine running, etc..

    OK! I am just asking why. All that you need is one of those cheap volt meters.

    You will have to remove the muffler first. Then lay the muffler on the floor with the exhaust side pointing toward you and also on the top half of the muffler.. Straight up from the exhaust outlet in the top right corner, cut out about a 3 to 4 inch square hole. You will be right beside the internal cat. Now take you a large bit or one of those tapered bits and drill you a bunch of holes right beside the internal cat. ( I think that I had about 8 each of 3/4 inch holes in mine) Now you just weld the square that you cut out back in the hole you cut out. I plan on running mine on Sling II for a good while. Right now I am not planning on putting the Welter Dual back on.

    Edward Neal you also forgot one of the most important ones. Yes we all vote on the same day, BUT NO VOTE/BALLOTS ARE COUNTED UNTIL THE LAST VOTING POLE HAS CLOSED. For those that do not understand that. There are those people that do not vote after the NEWS MEDIA start calling the election as to who has the most votes.