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    It is made of graphite, I do not think there is anything to replace it.

    Now what is misinformation and who gets to talk about the side effects currently happening or efficacy of the jab overall? Fauci and the government only? If you are not under a rock on the social media world you would know how many scientists and physicians are being silenced etc. Edward Neal If you honestly believe banning accounts of medical professionals with the excuse of "misinformation" and "anti-vaccine" then you are already on some far far end brother.

    Thank You, you have just said it all. The information is out there, but some people still do not believe it. Why do they still keep saying the mask work, when it has been proved they do not. Why do they try to block the information coming from these doctors all over the world. Why have they blocked the only medicines that worked to treat the early on covid. The information is out there just read it and get your head out of your $ss believing anything they tell you. Thank You OrangeSlingFL

    Naw, that was a prototype because I need to clean the looks up some. I'm sure it would work as intended but I can't put something like that on my SS, even under the hood... LOL

    Just lay up some fiberglass I use to be pretty good at that. The last time that I did any of that was about 25 years ago on a glass body 1941 Willy's Coupe we built.

    How about now? You think you have covid and then you try to find where to take a covid test (How many days for this) Then you get a test and wait, WHAT 10 days for the results. Now, if positive you go home by yourself for 5 days with no kind of treatment. Only if you are about to die they may take you into a hospital where they may or may not treat you with anything. HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING HERE? This your GOVERNMENT at work

    I just tried to do a look up on any medication to help you out with the covid. The only thing I could find was to take something for the head and muscle aches. Here is an unofficial list from "The Epoch Times" Dandelion Root- - Zinc - Potassium - Vitamin D - Melatonin and of course the Multi Vitamin probably can also help but not on the Epoch list. OH! I also forgot one the saline solution for the nose.

    Always use on your drive way. If it is like the stuff that I have used , it is a good grass killer

    O Boy here you go again! I try!

    Technically that was the intent. If it said Homosexuals you would had still gotten offended regardless. A derogatory way would of been the word Fa****. Anyways, I like everyone here regardless of political belief or sexual orientation. I have 0 issues with homosexuality overall or even gay marriage as long as noone messes with my life they can do as they wish. Im pretty libertarian ish in that regard. I am not going to apologize for the joke but did want to make that clear to you.

    I agree, just as long as it is not shoved in my face, but they insist in doing just that. There lies the problem.