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    Most retail tools are guaranteed but your looking at this totally wrong. I use tools everyday for work being a millwright. I will admit I have a few off shore one offs for quick non intrusive work but to look at what you did and break that bar let's go one step further. The bar is warranted for replacement but what would you do if you were to hit your elbow when it broke and ended up breaking it. Off work for weeks, possibly medical bills etc etc. Save a few dollars to buy shit tools and possibly put yourself in harms way. I literally have thousands in snap-on and a Canadian brand called Grey and yes I have broken a few items but I can honestly say it was because I was using them for shit they weren't made to do. Just my $.02 worth

    I pulled wrenches for the last 20 years before I retired. It would surprise you what people do with tools and hurt themselves, good tools and cheap tools.

    Rob! Doing great, yessir I am looking...

    The time is right to start looking again... Seen a 2015 with 4k miles on it for 12,500.... Almost pulled the trigger right away, but they are in CA. Not sure on cost to have it transported and also have been feeling like I want a 2017 or newer.

    Am I being ridiculous...? ha!

    OH Boy! I think I would buy that if it were closer to home

    And the upper slots are different from the lower slots. These are the mounting brackets that FunCycle developed. The 2 on the left are '15/'16 and the 2 on the right are '17/'18/'19. They fit the lower slots on the sides of the hoops. I do use a self-adhesive foam to protect the hoops. I have several extras of these that are powder coated black and others unfinished that I can pass on, but I would think that the lower slots are not ideal placement for a camera. ZZP's bracket seems to be the ticket for that.

    Each set of slots are different so you take a piece of card board and make you a pattern as to how you want it to look and fit. It is just an option to how easy some things are to make. If everything is bolted down as it should be nothing is going to vibrate or fall off. Do Not let some people BS you that this will not work.

    Houston is getting pounded. Seen a few tickets issued there from posts on BookFace.

    I personally do not get the fad of adding excessive lights all over the place... Speakers too. but to each their own.

    I do not do the speakers and or the lights either. Not out to impress anyone. I did the car and motor cycle shows for years and sometime they did not even get cleaned up. I did the shows just to meet the people. At one time before 2005 I could have went to any of the larger shows in the USA and meet people that I had talked to somewhere else.

    I think this sounds like a good idea and also something easy to do with the hand tools most of us probably have.

    As a side note I think it might also be a good idea to put something to act as a cushion on the sides that press against the metal of the roll hoop to provide protection against making marks. Perhaps something like self stick pads

    If they are cut right and the edges are finished and rounded that will not be a problem

    Well i bought me one of those American Tesla Model 3 Performance models (This replaced my gas guzzling Dodge Charger SRT 8 (19 litres per 100km or 12mpg)) so the price changes don't effect me as much as i only have to feed the SS these days!

    Up in Charlotte, N.C. they have a parking lot full of those. So I was told

    I always wanted to give my kids the best i could but, showing them how we can cheat and lie to get them in a better school.

    May not be the best life lesson to start them off with.

    That is what is wrong with the parents today, they are not teaching their children life lessons. Hell they want the children but they want someone else to raise them.

    For those of you that are handy with your hands and tools. On your roll bar you have these slots, so what you think about is a sandwich. Like for the top slot on the side, you would take two pieces of flat alum. 1/4 inch thick and cut 3/4 x 2 1/2 inch that will fit in that slot and for anything that you might want to mount you would drill a hole and or maybe thread the alum. the size that would take to mount whatever you want. Tools would be a drill motor with bits and maybe a tap, some type of saw and then a file to help clean up the edges. Paint to finish off. For me it would take maybe 15 minutes a pair to finish with the paint. A nice and cheap little project for when you want something to do.:)

    FunCycle so basically you're saying that you're willing to spend $20-$30k on a slingshot but would rather go to home depot, buy a bunch of pieces to hodge podge together and waste the better part of a day completing the project from start to finish to make something that still will not look as nice as this billet mount? To each their own I guess.

    Sorry, I did not realize that this was your thread, I reckon I should have read from the beginning. I will not do that again. I will consider my hand slapped. As far as the hodge podge, just look at the luggage racks that I built and a few other one offs. I sold a few of the racks but did not want to have to do anything like a business because I am retired and just try to help others out.

    The wife and I have talked about "retiring" some other place, we have even considered retiring in the Philippines but we always come back to the fact that this is where our grandchildren are and unless we can convince our kids to move where we move it seems highly likely that California will remain our primary residence.

    When I was discharged from the Navy,I really thought about going to Cali to live. It took me about 4 years to make the decision to not go there. I am glad now that I made that decision so many years ago.

    To Macaw and Rob, these stick like nobody's business when 1) warm and 2) dry. I got caught in my first "real" rain -- enough that I could barely see from the drops on the windshield and helmet visor -- and they slipped around like greased cage wrestlers. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WHO DRIVE REGULARLY IN THE RAIN. But if yours is a garage/cover queen like mine, driven only during favorable conditions, by all means pull the trigger. Simply fantastic tires, best I've run with the possible exception of the Michelin Pilot Sports 2s we run on my wife's Porsche.

    They will work perfect for MACAWS then:saint: