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  • Happy birthday to you.

  • I sent you an email

  • any way to get the password to the slingshotinfo zello channel??

  • Hey slingrider, this is busatodd, just registered here, just wanted to say hi and thanks for the info on this site.

  • I build all aluminum trailers just for Slingshots If you go to the site and go to the contact page and give me your info I'll send you all the cut sheets, options and pricing. Thanks Capt Van

  • 219-363-8281

  • Please don't feel slighted by my "friend request" denial. I did it once, saw no point in it and ended that one. I just don't like the number telling me how many are online, and I couldn't get rid of it. Also, I really don't need to know which thread anyone is looking at, at any given time.

  • Jim, I am still going to Maggie Valley but do to my back I will not be following you guys down. I need to stop about every 2 hour to give it a break. I still want the t-shirts. Great Planning on your part. If you need a contact No. it is 765-499-2885.

    • Understood. If you start with us you are in!!

  • Jim, my contact number is 502 387 7745. Kevin, aka slung low, also has my info. Please pass it along to painter as well. Thanks. Joseph Theriot, KYjoe57.

  • Jim lets wear T-Shirts on 6 Aug and send a pics to

  • Jim was just thinking about getting some Indiana Slingshots together for
    lunch some Sat or Sun/ Was thinking about Sportsman Inn on the river and US421 in Monticello. Nice 1/2 way location between Northern Indiana and Indy. Any thoughts --- dates... Good food - reasonable prices, Georgia and I sometimes meet Indy friends there for lunch.

  • Jim, BlackDeath (Aaron) cell # 774-277-9188 we are sharing a room in
    Maggie Valley.