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  • Hay there ! I thought I would wish you guys a Merry Christmas.


    I'm in the process of building my own version of a Frame mounted trailer hitch.

    It's been an undertaking, but I think I'm getting the best of it.

    I also got myself a 43" RC Catamaran shell that should do speeds between 75 and 100 MPH

    but we will see after I get all the parts to put it together. I haven't built a RC boat from scratch

    in over 40 years so I will see how much I have forgotten.

    • Great to hear from you Dale! Merry Christmas to y’all to! Been trying to get away and ride up there but have been tooo busy working on changing stuff inside the house. Weather looks pretty good Thursday and Friday. Maybe Patti and I can take a ride your way. She rode to work this morning to test her new coat. I tested mine a couple weeks ago with an hour plus ride at 30 deg. Love Duluth Trading coats!!! We are planning ahead for our Pike’s Peak ride. Still haven’t finished my rack for the little trailer though.

    • Sorry I'm late on replying to your post. I don't get on the site vary often. I too have been quit busy with modifications to our ride. I added more lights in front and rear and after seeing your trailer hitch I decided to attempt to build my own. It has been quit an undertaking but we are getting close to the finish.. I still have to repair the trailer after loosing it on the way home from the Texas rally. Going out today to find a turnbuckle.

      That's it from my end for now


  • Hey Darrell, I seen a video of yours where the rear was making noises, in having the same issues, dealer says it's the belt, been adjusted twice still making noise. I have video how can I post it to see if someone on here might have any ideas

    • I had to save the video to YouTube and then you can post it easily. Also sent it to my tech at the dealer and he sent it to Polaris. They agreed quickly that it was the angle drive and replaced it. Took about two weeks from when I sent the video to them.

    • I posted a video in the tech section, take a listen and see what you think

    • Hard to tell from that angle exactly where the sound is coming from but if the dealer can't hear that they would have to be deaf! Did you hang off the back to take that vid?
      Not sure where you are located or how good your dealer is but you might just contact Polaris directly and get the video to them. Still amazed they can't find the problem. Did your dealer drive it, did they see you video?

    • Yes when I took it in to the dealer he saw the bolt that the other dealer left loose he put it on the lift and readjusted the belt and tightened everything up then took it for a ride. Came back and said he could barely hear it and that it should go away now that the belt was adjusted properly, just give it a little time. so I drove it a half mile down the road and it was just as loud as it was before so I turned around went back and took him for a ride and he hear it then. he supposed to talk to his Polaris rep and see what he can do about it. he still thinks that it's the belt. I told him he needed to replace the belt if that's the case.

    • Polaris turned down my claim the first time so my tech sent my video to them. They then agreed and replaced the parts.

  • Hi Darrell, I am on my way to Colorado but need to put the group rides together for the Ozarks event.I would like to keep the groups down to a dozen.I know you are well acquainted with the area so would appreciate it if you would lead a ride on the Thurs &Friday mornings.Alan wants to ride lead and another couple who went last year also.
    I would also appreciate some ride suggestions
    Am about to board so willliase later

  • Yes sir. For now we are by the Comfort. Fairgrounds is filled with bikes right now. They will be cleared out tomorrow and I’ll move the trailer over there then.

  • Did you guys get parked up..??

  • Still would love to ge them , we have never talked cost? and would be nice if i got them from you in maggie valley!

    • Sorry man. Been in TX for past 11 days. I will try to get a current price to ship on Wed. I will be bringing them to MV though if they are to expensive to ship.

  • any update on those parts plus shipping?

  • I got your request to sign up on the members list. I gave permission. I am trying to get the setting to allow without having to get permission, but try it to see if you can enter you info. Thanks. let me know if you have trouble.

  • Welcome! Hopefully we can all get together for some rides.

  • I think I joined !confusing. Tony C. We met yesterday; u now know 5 in Rogers,, we r booking room for Segt 29/30 for rally in Eureaka k

  • Thanks Darrell, sorry for the delayed response
    Hope you enjoy the SC maybe one day I'll get boosted...

    • No problemo! Found out yesterday it will be 4 weeks before mine comes in since I ordered orange tubes. That's ok. I still get my SC.

  • Hey Darrell hope y'all are well, just had a quick question. I seen were you posted that you ordered your SC. How much HP will you have once you install it, just curios..?

    • Good to talk to u again Larry! As I understand it I will have 320 hp after the sc is in. I believe that is crank hp. All I know for sure is my wife and I drove slingrazor's SS w the sc and after I got on it a couple times Patti said "We need this!"

  • Dude it was nice meeting you, had a blast.

  • Just wanted you to know we're we were, let me know if you need any help headed home...

  • Thanks Larry! Not certain of my route yet. Keeping an eye on the weather. The time I get started out of West Palm and the weather will make my final route decision. I really appreciate your offer!

  • Darrell not sure of your route back home, but we are close if you come thru bama, just keep that in your thoughts if you have any travel issues.... we have room for the sling in the garage and I work right off of interstate I 22.... just wanted you to know if you come thru this way.....we are about 45 miles north west of Birmingham AL... town called jasper...FYI...

  • HI my name is vernis i live in MT. Home AR.i bought a slingshot a few months back and i was wondering if there is any slingshot clubs in Ar. that you might know about

    • Hi Vern. Been working on getting one going. There are at least 12 Slings in my area and I have only been able to locate 2. My neighbor goes to Mt Home all the time. He has friends and relatives there. Mark & Rena Sandoval. They don't have a SS though. I will let you know as soon as we can get something going.
      You need to plan on our Slingshot Invasion in Eureka at the end of Sep. We expect 100 Slings. Slingrazor and his wife are in Little Rock and we will be getting together soon. I will let you know about that also. His wife has a SS and my wife gets hers next week. Bill Martin out of LA will probably be getting with us also. I will let you know what is going on.
      Good to know you are here.

    • We already have rooms reserved for friday & saturday the 29th & 30th of september for Eureka
      Not registered as of yet probably do that nex week
      If you guys ge a ride going were in
      Got to get my sling out of the shop maybe next week i have owned it for 4 months and its been in the shop for a month now

    • Garry to hear about your shop issues. My dealer is a Freedom Motor Sports here in Rogers. They have always been great to work with. I am flying to FL Monday to drive my wife's Sling back and they have already ordered my new swing arm and other recall items. Even ordered a red arm. They will be installing next week. My SS never sat in their shop longer then 24 hours.

    • They called me today and said it was done me and a buddy drove down to pick it up well it was not ready it was a mess the steering column was not put together the horn button fell off when touched it looks like they broke it taking it apart and it looks like they tried to glue it back together I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS

    • Hopefully you can get this stuff taken care of quickly. I would really consider making the run to Freedom for any future work. Never had any problems except a guy putting too much Loctite on my axle after the swing arm replacement. Caused power to shut off in hard right turns. They pulled and fixed it all in one day again.
      Don't know if you read the thread about Trent (Slingrazor in LIttle Rock), Bill Martin, and me doing all the work changing clutches but most of the work on these is really not that difficult to figure out.

  • Morning Trooper. I use Freedom Power Sports in Rogers. Right off the interstate just East of the Sam's Club. Probably a long drive for you but they do a great job and are easy to work with. Not sure which dealer you use but Slingrazor (Trent) uses a dealer in Little Rock that he likes. I believe he changed the dealer there that he previously used. But, if it's not warranty work, we do the work ourselves.
    Both of us are happy to help with work that needs to be done. It's just difficult sometimes to get together since we are all so far apart.

  • Good Morning Sir. Just wondering what dealership do you use? I live in southeast Arkansas and drive to Little rock for SS work at times.

  • Thank you. Please make sure I have your address!