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    Having seen people stand on top of the Vback and the Twist dynamics roofs, I would be shocked if the hood would damage any of the current roofs.

    My vote will always be for the NASCAR tallboy +2

    Here is a review I did on another slingshot forum a looooong time ago:

    This is now my 5th windshield and so far my favorite. I've reviewed the Madstad, Klockwerks, Stock, NASCAR Tallboy, and now this one.

    The reason I love this one so much is that it's a full windshield...but one that doesn't need extra items like the baker air wings to be comfortable. The shape of the windshield allows for wind to come just enough around the edge and too to keep you cool. Today's 300 mile ride was the test for that. Temps got up to 97 degrees in slow moving areas and I stayed as comfortable with this windshield as I did with the Madstad 9". Add to that...less bugs in the face vs the rest of the windshields I've reviewed. This is more important for those road warriors than to those city cruisers. I sit somewhere between those so to me...this was important. Being able to see through the shield is nice. No warps, no skewing in the corners, and just a clear vision of what's ahead of you. Makes a huge difference when the rain is falling or when you are dealing with flying debris. With that being said... I wish there was a version that was slightly tinted. A light grey would really make this windshield pop.

    Now the cool part...the NASCAR windshields are essentially modular like the Twist Dynamics adjustable and the Madstad. You can swap out different sizes in just a few minutes. I think it took me about 20 minutes to swap from the Tallboy to the Tallboy +2. It's 11 screws to go from one to another.

    Fitment is going to be tricky on a slingshade...but if you have any other top, you won't have an issue. Plus you'll have a nice little gap up top for a good amount of airflow.

    I'm a multi-tool person. It has a blade, but pliers and a couple of other tools in an all in one solution always works. That is the onsite IT person in me. Especially when I was deployed, I didn't always have the tools I needed but that multi-tool always had a fix.

    Having owned an EV and 2 Hybrids...never had a battery issue and I think it's an old narrative that people need to stop using. Batteries have as good or better of a warranty of any mechanical part in a car. It used to be hard to get some batteries but for most cars you can get them at no expense to you up to 10 years.

    Is it cool looking - of course, is its performance Impressive - absolutely! But its range would only get us a half a day when we tour plus no mention of storage makes this a really cool thing to look at, but not for me to consider. Plus as cool as it is, it’s a SS rip off in my eyes.

    This whole electric vehicle thing, my gut tells me it’s not gonna be around long and will end up being like a CD. It’ll be here for a while and then more than likely hydrogen fuel cells will take over. Yes, fuel cells are still electric generators but at least they don’t derive their energy from oil coal or gas then convert it .IMO

    Most of the time I would agree with you. What I found interesting with my Slingshot when I had it...I only got about 180-210 miles per tank. And I rarely filled up on any ride I went on. If I babied it, I would get like 230 miles So an Electric toy that has that kind of performance that only gets 180 miles per charge is pretty safe for me.

    Just killing a little time this am and went shopping (not buying) on Facebook market place. Looks like a lot of Slingshots with low miles and prices seem to be dropping. Going to be interesting to watch.

    I have been watching prices drop a lot. At this rate, I should be able to snag one in a few months and start a new build.

    I guess. By an annoying, smirking, cable knit sweater guy. I took that as contrarian more than a recommendation. I bet that guy will never own either of those 'cars'.

    He definitely comes off as smug on all his videos. But the fact that he said "you could do what everyone else is doing..." or buy a slingshot, was a nice change of pace from him.

    Post them on Facebook market Place..I sell everything off Market Place....But Price has to be right to sell or just wasting time ..

    Can't tell you how many times I have been ghosted on Marketplace. I have been trying to buy a car for 6 weeks and 4 no shows, no messages after setting up a meet up time.