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    You can get you another one. You want, that might make you happy again.


    I've been eyeballing another one...aaaand...I have been keeping tabs on my old one. lol

    Hope all is well with the family.

    Everything is good here. Just ramping up for the holidays. Got family in from Indiana right now.

    Hope all is well in your world!

    California is just it's own little weird corner of the world. That article is also from 2016. My guess is that in California the Atom could be registered as a kit car...even though there is no kit lol. I do know that there are plenty in California just based off the Ariel Chat forum.

    unfortunately I don't think you can just buy one and drive it in California - Is it legal

    if you read that link it tells you the process needed to get one to be street legal in CA - - - considering this and the price you would probably be better off throwing a quad kit on your slingshot along with a DDM supercharger - - - probably even save some money

    You can actually get it road legal from the factory. I have 2 friends that have bought them that way.

    As far as doing a quad kit and boost...I did that. And I drove both back to back on a track. It is a completely different vehicle. The quad gives you good stability...and the 2.4L with the Hahn turbo gave it good power...but the Ariel Atom is more of a surgical instrument. In the proper hands it can do amazing things. The Quad with boost slingshot is lightyears away from an Atom. It's the reason they get the asking price and then some for them.

    hands down the most precise driving machine I have ever had the pleasure of driving. It carves up corners like a scalpel. Only thing stopping me from owning one is the price tag.

    I recently read an article saying most gas-oriented buyers focus too much on longer range that raises cost significantly.

    I don't doubt that. I had a Nissan LEAF that had the 149 mile range and I was ok with it. I am not really sure why people want an EV with 400 mile range...especially since people rarely drive more than 40 miles a day. Here in Colorado I was roughly paying $20 for every 1000 miles driven on electric. Learning to drive to get the more of the estimated range was always a fun game. I think the best I ever got was 183 miles on a single charge...but that was with a lot of regenerating on downhills.

    Love the hood, love the gap fillers, love the heated/cooled seats, love the Slingshade...but at over $40K...I'll be looking elsewhere for a toy.

    I tried searching and most of what i saw was threads on folks talking about having it done or the old 2x4 process. I'm looking for someone who might be familiar with this Bosch system that apparently some dealers use. Called the local dealer and they don't do laser alignments on slings, said they follow factory process so assuming that means 2x4 method... Got number for CO guy who was doing these and he got back to me that he moved to CA and was also using the "True Track" system. I really don't want to wait until maggie valley next year (wife 90% sold on going) so started looking for a system.

    I have one of these dealer Bosch systems on the way to me - anyone know how to use it? Seller said it's new in box never used so hoping it has some instructions...but I'd rather talk to someone who's used it or seen it used and the process. I hear it differs from TrueTrack in the sense the tires stay on - thoughts or comments greatly appreciated - Thank You all!

    Hey Steve, did you ever get one? I know that Eric was looking for someone to do an alignment locally since Bryan moved.

    I have owned 5 different favorite of the 5 was the NASCAR tallboy +2 from All Things Slingshot. Closely behind that was the Madstadt 11 inch. They both have pros and cons...but both are substantially better than the factory windshield.