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    The Toyo T1R is a great summer tire. If price doesn't matter look into the Toyo R888R or if you want a drag radial out back look into the Micky Thompson ET Street SS or the Nitto NT05. The NT05 and the R888R need to get some heat in them before they get really sticky so keep that in mind if you go that route. The MT is always pretty grabby and heats up fast. You'll get the most wear out of the T1R out of that list. The MT gets good wear for a drag radial and the R888R and NT05 wear pretty quickly but they are sticky.

    This was the one I was going to recommend. The R888R is amazing.

    I noticed a huge difference after going with the Hahn turbo. Having the factory shocks...traction was an issue. I decided I would just get a wider didn't really remedy the traction issue. When I got a set of QA1's and adjusted them over time, I was able to hook up quite a bit better vs the factory shocks. It's not a need, but it's a really big bonus depending on your driving style.

    I have had very little interest in mine. I think some of that is because of the price point, and some of it is because riding season isn't quite here yet. But if anyone knows anyone looking for a 4 Wheel conversion that is getting little use...send them my way. I will be happy to give you a nice referral bonus.

    I personally just don't believe the mask issue is the hill to die on. I have more important shit than trying to prove how free I am by not wearing a mask. Do I believe as an adult in this country you have the right to do was you please as long as you aren't hurting others? Yes. Just understand that your actions have consequences and those actions may or may not hurt people you love. The actions of others may also hurt you or your loved ones.

    I have owned both the V-Back and the TD Canvas. There are only 2 real differences... one piece design vs 3 piece design. When all put together they are identical with the exception of the back V's to the rear and mounts on the front side of the roll hoops, the TD rounds out and mounts on the rear of the roll hoops. I personally liked the TD one better just due to the design allowing me to strap up bags and other goodies.

    If you were one of the lucky ones that got into Slingshots in 2015 it was an amazing time. Filling up with gas was a 45 minute ordeal answering questions which was fun. Riding down the road and everyone taking pictures and the bar emptying out to look at this new phenomenon. Glad you were able to get a little slice of the fun it used to be DJohnson I always said if you want to be a rockstar and have no talent - buy a Slingshot :00008172:

    I don't miss these days. lol. I always had somewhere to be and sure enough someone would want to know everything about it.

    Got those hood vents knocked out today and put on those convex mirrors. Driveway still snow packed so didn't take for spin, but looks good and I can see more in the mirrors. Vents were easier than I thought after you get going and funny how that fear of screwing up is what made me put off this mod for so long.

    You know it's more fun when you spread the mods out over time right? lol

    Presently I have a double bubble shield on my Sling.

    I thought my next upgrade should be a top, now I'm thinking it probably should be a proper shield.

    How much quieter should a normal proper shield (about 9" for me) be compared to a double bubble?


    You will notice a pretty big difference. I have pretty much owned every windshield on the market except the double bubble...but I can tell you that there was a big difference going from the Madstad that I have in my picture to the NASCAR windshield. Having conversations with riders was easier...and the radio didn't have to be turned up nearly to the same level. (volume went from 22 to 17). To me the The NASCAR Tallboy +2 is the best windshield on the Market. Mostly because of 2 things...the angle it lays and the width of the windshield side to side. The angle it lays seems to give you less resistance at higher speeds with out compromising visibility or safety. The Width of the shield is perfect to let in air around the cabin when it's hot and keep just enough out when it's cold. Styling is obviously subjective, but to me it happens to be the best looking of the windshields too. Just my 2 cents.

    To all you Yankees, how do you do it? With this cold weather in Texas it may be 5 days till I can ride my Slingshot. How do you survive?

    Being in just wait a few days...for example...there is a high of 0 for Sunday...but it will be 40ish on

    Waiting on permanent work from home status which should be June/July - then looking to move to TX. Now if Elon and these other big companies would of waited till I was there it would of been nice. Homes I was looking at are all up 200k over what they were 4-5 months back now.

    So if you have a lead on a gig for me...I would love permanent work from home...all these damn changes in the work place is making this place a circus. And...sadly I'm no clown.

    Oh man...this could be an insane list of things...mostly because I have probably tried more products than anyone else here that doesn't own a company. A lot of it was learning experiences...but some were just bad decisions and having a little extra coin in my pocket.

    Couple of things I personally wouldn't do again:
    Big Wheels - going above 20 in the rear really made the ride suffer and made the slingshot very heavy to drive.

    Klockwerks windshield - Overpriced and not much difference from the stock one...especially at higher speeds.

    Factory SL windshield - Overpriced and didn't give me the air flow that I wanted

    Graphics - I love what was custom made by the folks at AMR racing...but I should have really considered a full on paint job.

    Sparco Steering wheel - Should have found a smaller one...feels like I am driving a school bus at times. Also I can't seem to line up the steering wheel where it's actually level when I drive.

    SSV sub box - simply an awful product compared to other sub boxes on the market.

    I do plan on doing some changes before summer...assuming everything goes smoothly with the new home and new baby on the way. New Spoiler, Powedercoat the current wheels, and need to get some of the tuning corrected.