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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    As a side note, now that you do have the quad and all that power can you still kick the rear end out around the corners, I get a cheep thrill kicking out the back from time to time going around corners on my daily commute - its one of those things that makes me smile without putting myself at risk of a ticket

    Easy enough with a turbo kit. I had fun the other day just turning a corner a little faster than I normally would...punched the throttle out of the turn and the rear kicked out...and I completed the turn with a 4 wheel drift. This really has been the most fun mod I have ever done.

    I owned a Mavic Air and a Mavic Pro. I personally like the Air a little more due to the size and smarter technology it had vs the Pro. The Pro 2 how has all the same tech and is substantially more expensive. I can highly recommend the Air. If you don't plan on using it a can at least justify the low cost, high tech, and ease of flight.

    Installed the Tallboy +2 from last night. Got to say...I really dig it. I like being able to look through the windshield instead of just under the top of the windshield. Even though there is only a gap that is from 1/2" in the middle to about 1" on the corners to my Twist Top Frame...I still get a good amount of airflow.

    It took me about 45 min to swap the Tallboy +2 to the base of the NASCAR windshield. Pretty simple swap:

    - Remove the windshield from the Slingshot.

    - 10mm wrench for the backside.

    - Allen wrench for the front (forgot to grab the size).

    - Remove 11 screws. Line up the new taller windshield.

    - Put screws back in.

    - Mount base and new windshield back on to the Slingshot

    - I am paranoid so I drilled the glass to mount the shield to the center bracket post. (Not needed, kev provides another option.

    I am tempting Mother Nature today to dump down on me so I can give a review of how it handles the rain.

    Ok, more of a frustrated rant, but I can’t find anyone to do an exhaust for me. 4 shops now and they either don’t want to try and do the bends or don’t have a person to do it within a month or two. Last place had a mandrel bender, but only the owner can run it and he doesn’t have time. Wanted me to leave it for 2 months, plus he said that he needs to put it on his 2 post lift and doesn’t think he can. He had a lift that we drove it up on.

    So, back to calling around to try and find someone to take my money.

    This is the biggest issue I have in town. I know I need a new exhuast... have some heavy rattling from the muffler. But it's irritating that no one in town will do it or they want me to leave it with them for a long time.

    This weekend was "fix the neglect" weekend. After getting the TrakHamr installed...I noticed I was getting posi howl. So the fluid was changed to a 75W-90 Mobile One synthetic and I added a friction reducer to it.'s quiet as can be. Love it! I am a firm believer in louder isn't faster...with that being said... I also fixed a nasty exhaust leak I was's been an on going issue for over 8 months. Come to find out it was 5 loose bolts on the exhaust manifold. I told you...neglect. Also cleaned the Air filter. Did an oil change.

    This week I get to install the upgraded shocks from TrakHamr and I get to install the taller NASCAR windshield from I'll definitely post my reviews of both products on FB like I have for other items I have reviewed.

    Yellowstone this past week seemed to be a hot spot based on my FB feed. I think I counted 6 slingshot owners putting up photos from Yellowstone. And oddly...about 4 families I know were there too. lol

    Probably not waterproof. Could be expensive rain.

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    I have actually owned a Kenwood stereo in the slingshot now for 4 years. It's not waterproof...I have been caught in the rain or hail on multiple occasions. The Kenwood doesn't care. It just keeps working. I feel like Kenwood products just seem to last better than most.

    I used to live in the UK for a few years...and I know they have a gun ban... over the last 22 years of that gun ban...violent crimes still occurred...they just changed the "weapon of choice".

    I also read a report last year where in the UK where there are no guns available for purchase...there were over 300 incidents of criminals having guns in a 1 year period. I found that interesting because the big comparison was how many mass shootings were in the US that same year...I think it was just about the same. They mention that it was pretty much a fail because laws didn't stop criminals from owning guns.

    The only website that I have found that has the T-top like I want is:

    oh that case it will be a little bit of a wait.

    Per their website:

    "This is a made to order item, please allow 2 to 3 weeks prior to shipping"

    And I am going to assume powder coating might take a few days as well. needless to say...4 weeks plus shipping time minimum.

    could be, the reason I think it could be the all things top is because it is actually called a T-top - If you are correct I would expect Twist to be able to deliver faster, if I am not mistaken they are a bigger outfit than Allthingsslingshot

    they are...but they are in the middle of show season. Wrapped up SSITR went up to Chicago, heading to Barre, MA, Poconos, and Ozarks in the next month. This is literally the slowest time of the year for deliveries for them since they are on the road.

    I dont know what exactly you ordered, but if I am not mistaken many if not most of these tops are made to order, especially if you are ordering colors to match or coordinate with your slingshot or any other of the options that might be offered. It takes time to build some of these things and this can be exasperated if the item has to be sent out to a third party for things such as powder coating

    Remember most of these companies that we are dealing with are small mom & pop operations that cant afford to be maintaining large inventories of unsold products.


    Amazon has really spoiled a lot of people. I have had some issues on and off with getting products...and you just kind of roll with the punches. There isn't exactly a store you can go to and check the inventory. It's kind of the reason that for any of my big purchases I hit the shows. Vendors bring what they have on hand and what they can fit in their trailer. Sometimes the inventory is limited...sometimes it's great. I know for my first was in stock and it still took 3...almost 4 weeks to get. Just kind of the nature of things when dealing with a small production vehicle. Ask some of the Vanderhaul guys...and it takes 6-8 weeks to just get a glovebox panel.