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    Most I have one in a single ticket was $114. That was a scratcher...which I never buy. I took it and kept what I paid for the ticket and "reinvested" in to other scratchers...all said and done, I ended up winning just over $500. I am substantially better at things that I can control...Like Poker. lol

    Looking forward to the review, I've been using Sena's for years and while they have improved marginally over those years, I'm wanting something ground breaking.

    I realize we have a lot of noise in our cockpit, and it's a challenge, but still, I want a perfect conversation :)

    Here is what I used when I went cross country to see Troy. I was really impressed with the sound. Communication over bluetooth was phenomenal. My wife said she couldn't tell I was on the road.

    The biggest issue is the sealed box you have behind the seat. I have the SSV sub box with a JL 10" and it does ok...but I have to really increase the sub volume off the deck and turn up the gain on the amp to get it to boom while I am driving at any speeds. Box design would help out a lot. There are a few ported boxes that are out there that sound a lot better at speed. One bandpass style box I have seen has been easily the best for volume, but the bass gets a little sloppy for songs that have quick drum beats. It's kind of a give and take. Unfortunately being open air you have nowhere to contain the bass.

    Will the dual 6" subs under the glove box be better? I was impressed with them...but for the bass it sounds like you are looking for...not really. To really get bass, you have to move air...and with smaller speakers, you typically need more power or more air volume...Every set up I have heard with the dual 6 inch subs, the owners used them for primarily mid-bass applications. Filling in the gap from where their full range speakers drop off and the Subs pick up.

    That's awesome! I did the same thing in a Toyota FJ Cruiser I had a few years ago. Tablets...especially with a 4G/5G connection gives you a ton of flexibility.

    Not really a mod...but I was out on a ride with a T-rex and Vanderhall a few weeks back. Hit a nasty pothole. Dinged the inside part of my week up...a good inch or so was bent in. Took it to a local repair shop and they were able to fix it for me at a fair price and it looks like nothing ever happened. Now as soon as we get good weather again, can get back out and ride.

    Just get as close to Stock numbers as possible would be my guess. The wheels I have from Twist dynamics is +35. Stock is +45 on the that should give you a good idea.

    I'm sure there's a few of us that would be interested to hear the total, all-in cost for the quad upgrade: equipment cost+shipping+install labor+4th wheel+diamond ring or trip to Costa Rica for the wife, etc.

    Anyone want to share?

    Let's just say to make things worthwhile, I booked an Alaska Cruise with Disney plus a long weekend in Vancouver for my wife, my kid, and myself. The cost of the trip was a little more than getting the 4 wheel conversion...but part of that was because of the wheel and tire that set me back more than I expected. I also have the upgraded parts not the basic kit.

    I went with the Twist Dynamics Recluse in 22" all the way around. I really wish I would had done 20" all the way around. The ride on 22" is too harsh and you can't get the performance it's capable of. The Tires would probably help. I went with the Ohtsu's that Twist offers. I think a Toyo or a stickier tire would help a lot.

    This is my second favorite windshield I have had on my sling. If you look at my avatar, you can tell I had the extra dark 9". Awesome for summer time, I personally would go with an 11" if I were to go back to a Madstad. It held up great over time and kept the wind under control.

    Okay, don't anyone laugh, but I'm watching "Doomsday Preppers" on Netflix and couldn't help but wonder if anyone out there has had thoughts of secretly modifying their Slingshot into a "Bug Out" vehicle? You know, hidden gems, cleverly disguised as mods, that hide weapons, ammo, survival tools, or anything else you might need to get out of town fast. I know, I know, but I'm bored. Humor me... lol 😁

    I have considered making mine more like an Ariel Nomad. I think now that I have done the 4 wheel would be cool to lift it up a bit and make it even more unique and possibly more functional.