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  • Trent, I would like any information you can offer on the wheels. Need to find a full side view picture of your slingshot to show the wife so she has a better idea of the look I'm going for. Thanks a bunch.


    Got a picture from your album.

  • Hey Trent love your new paint just got tired of liking all you pics..!! Looks awsome...!!!! Great job brother...!!! Painter is a bad ass man......!!!!!!! Congratulations, looks great...👌👌

    • Thanks. The paint job just about finished Jim and I off.

  • GORGIOUS!!! I just got back from Puerto Vallarta MX and come home to some freaking AWESOME picture... Gorgious Machine!!

  • What the hell is going on at I have been trying to get my replacement parts for my Gullwing top and was told Josh and Scott no longer work there. Did Scott sell out?

  • What is the guys name that owns He really help me out big time and I need to send him a personal thank you. I plan to make a post, just not sure how to word it. I blew a tire and drove back to hotel ask him if he had a used tire. He just so happen to be changing out a set of tires and rims only 260 miles on them. Mine were worn maybe even bent. They were SL rims 20 inch rear. Bigger then I had all 3 tires and rims for 250. And to sweeten the pot when I was leaving Sat morning he palm me a 100 I was like whats that for you gave me a good deal. He just said you are a good guy. Wow now that was awesome, I always thought they were all about the money but they guy really help me out. I was between a rock and a hard place. He could have rape me and charged what ever he wanted, I had no choice. So I really want to Thanks him but do not know his name.

    • His name is Scott. Glad he took care of you.

  • We must talk at the meet about your rims. All I found was a special order to get the offset and it was way way out of my price range. I am dying to see them up close and personal. Now I have to go clean the drool off my shirt again.

    • You must be looking in the wrong place. They are about 230 a piece. I'll show you what needs to be done to make them work.

  • I just seen the video at K2 gifting. Very cool. I noticed you had 5 spoke cragar style rims. I been wanting to do that ever since I put on the side pipes. Looks freaking awesome.

  • Are you leading the pack again this year at Arkansas, had a blast last year, looking forward to seeing everyone again. Leave a night open for whiskey and cigars

  • PM d you

  • Ok here goes - perhaps a stupid question but here goes .... my stock rear tire is a 265/35ZR18. Are ALL tires of that configuration the same diameter and width? Do different manufacturers have the same numbers but the tire differs slightly or is this size "Fixed" no matter what the brand?

    Thanks for the patience on this.

  • Price for the 2015 slingshot

  • You will notice a small performance jump with CAI. The bigger gains co.e when you do the header and exhaust with a CAI. Originaly I installed just a CAI then added the others as I could afford them.

  • Do you think if I put a cold air intake on will I be able too tell a difference

  • Jeff is his name, 719-499-8773. I am sure he will be happy to answer any questions.

  • In the works. Lot of cutting, glassing, and painting going on. Going to be a different machine again.

  • anything new to your ss

  • Just tilt the switch so it makes solid contact with the actuator. Then just listen for the switch click to know the depth to be set.

  • on the NAPA far in does the plunger have to be on the brake actuator ?

  • thanks

  • i might have to get with you in the near future for a wrench day for oil cooler, coolant reroute and head bolts. did you get the cams yet

  • Hey if you are still in Bakersfield give me a call I would like to meet you.661 867 2059

  • I believe it was you at Maggie Valley with the odd rear tire config.... didn't notice front, so many things to see at that time... smaller rim with regular sidewall tire.... do you have a thread posted with details and does that config feel a bit squishy in turns.... my experience is from going from bias ply tires to radials on trailers.

    • Yes I have a different configuration than most.
      I have the base model rear wheel in all 3 spots (18 x 9.5). The fronts have 265 35 18s and the rear has a 295 45 18. The wider rims on the front gives me a lot of grip and they don't stick out much more than stock because of the offset puts most of the width underneath. The rear tires side wall is about three inches tall and about 1.5 inch narrower than a 305 30 20. The added sidewall allows me to run the pressure at 25 providing flex for grip but it doesnt flex in the turns because the back end is so light. What I have noticed is with the stock tires (or even the 305s) the corners of the side walls would scuff from the small roll the sling does in the turns. With the 295 at 25 psi it seems to flex just enough to keep the whole tread width in contact with the road.
      I like the configuration and it does give me a lot more grip under hard acceleration.

    • Something I may consider... with my next tires... don't like the threat to rims with the low profile tires. Thanks for the info... safe travels.

  • james rushing
    165 mollie road
    harmony nc
    When you get home and find the other cavas top.
    thanks for all your help

  • Still have it!!! If your sale falls through let me know because I am considering selling the whole thing.

    • the sale is not going to fall through. Just counting the days till SSITS

  • hi,,did you sell the gray top you had for sale? i am trying to work on getting the frame,,hopefully cheap haha,,thanks

  • Already registered for Maggie. If I go to Texas it will be for 2-3 days.

  • will you be attending texas or maggie valley i should be there,

  • Non fumes, I really like it.

  • Do you still like your alpha side exhaust?Any fumes?

  • It is not the entire top, just the canvas I removed when I put on a blue one. Yes I still have the canvas.