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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Your "friend" should put a good portion in real silver/gold that you can put in your bottom drawer of YOUR dresser. 5 lb silver and 1 lb gold be a good start.

    However, you need to do it in sizes of nothing larger than an oz. Fractions of an oz are even better. If all you have are large chunks of precious metals, it's like having nothing but $10,000 bills when all you are trying to do is buy a horse.

    If you're looking for alternate currencies, small caliber ammo is better.

    wokka , got a solution yet?

    You said the road was getting replaced, but then you said "mud clods." Assume you didn't mean "asphalt particles."

    One thing you might try, especially on the textured plastics, is 91% rubbing alcohol. The tiny texture in the plastice will hold dirt and give the off-black color. A q-tip and 91% alcohol worked for me.

    I just want to give a big thumbs up to the people over at Hi-Point

    So, a long time ago I owned one of their pistols. What a horrible creation. It was really only useful as a club.

    Funny side story, a cop friend of ours got jumped by a couple of punks carrying one of the Hi-Point pistols, they got one shot off, and couldn't get another one, so he took the gun away and beat one of them into the hospital with it. Upon later inspection, the gun's safety was on, but the design of the gun is such as you can fire the round in the chamber with the safety on, but the slide will not cycle because the safety actually manually lock the slide. What a piece of junk.

    Anyway, that's not why I was commenting, I was actually wanting to ask how you like the carbine. I've actually heard a couple of half-decent things about it, but not from people I know or anything, so I haven't really paid much attention. Does it cycle and function without problem? Is it fairly accurate? How do you like it?

    I just ordered this new exhaust system from slingmods. just waiting for the manufacturer to start releasing them. Release date is suppose to be middle of february or the end of february. I guess i will know then how it sounds and function. The thing that might be a problem for me is that the exhaust fumes may be pulled back in the interior sense i have a top and tall windshield. But i will never know unless i try it and see may be just one more of my expensive adventures.

    Very much looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it!

    I use LT tires because the dry curb weight on my truck is 6,000 lbs. So the fronts are at 55 psi and the backs are at 75-80, per guidance on the door sticker. Never had bad wear patterns.

    Now, on the Sling, I'm 8-10 psi under recommended pressure.

    Several threads on this forum on this topic already, so make sure you go search for those and catch all the great ideas out there.

    I keep hearing the stories, yea I have a CWP, where is it? At home in the closet. Then you have the one, yea I carry the gun is in the glove compartment and the bullets are in the trunk. Now we want to know where to put it in the SS so you will not have to carry it, WHAT? The whole point is to have it on you for your protection. Why do you even bother? I do not even buy a hand gun with a safety, that just happens to be the easy way to say it, the safety is the trigger. If I have my pants on there is a gun somewhere on me. The furtherest a hand gun is from me in a 24 hour day is probably when I am taking a shower, sleeping it is ONE FOOT SIX INCHES from my hand. If you are looking for excuses of where to carry, why bother? You will get to cry after it is all over f you are still alive. DID YOU GET THE POINT THIS TIME? I forgot this part I also carry a larger round count back-up Mag and a 50 round box of FMJ for spares just in cause we want to pop off a few somewhere.

    Gerald, not sure who you're responding to specifically, but I didn't see anything worth getting wound up about. I agree with you, on-body carry is the best, by far, but the fact is there are people for whom it doesn't work, for one reason or another. To each their own. I will, same as you, continue to advocate for every person who carries to figure out a solution for on-body carry.

    Has anybody found a decent place to carry in the Slingshot other than on you all the time. I normally carry on my waist, but after a jacket, getting in and buckling up, if I had to get to it quick I'm SOL.

    Thomas, the issue I have is that if it's accessible to you in the Sling, it is unsecured when you get out and walk away *unless* you move it and put it on your body. In most jurisdictions, that could get you a brandishing charge, if the wrong person saw it and the legal system wished to pursue it. It's been done. And it's bad practice to handle in public unless you're gonna use it.

    And yes, there are places you can put it, have it accessible, and still have it very well hidden, but if anyone *were* to get their hands on it, you could be an accessory for having an accessible firearm (again, depending on jurisdiction). So, I agree with Gerald, better to have it on you.

    However, I know you and some of your limitations, and I've seen your Sling. I almost think you would be best off with a carry solution on your upper body, either a shoulder holster, or a concealed carry vest of some sort with an interior holster. There are several options out there. Just some thoughts.