Form vs Function

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    • The very nature of the Sling is looks over comfort..If you want comfort get a normal "cager" vehicle. If it happens to be fast also, great but the reality is look, speed, comfort..Look at youtube videos of big guys having trouble getting in and out of Ferrari type vehicles. None of the super sleek cars (that we all drool over) are overly comfortable. First thing is looks and then function. It's like picking out someone of the opposite sex to date. Looks gets you in the door, function keeps you there.
    • My first car was a 1964 Porsche 356-C. it was lowered a bit, had Koni shocks and a heavy duty sway bar. In a straight line the thing was nothing to brag about, the one time I took it to the drag strip it turned 18's in the 1/4 mile. In other words it was a dog

      Where it did excel was in the twisties - going over Angeles Crest highway and other twisty mountain roads it could beat any of the American muscle of the time, cars that would have destroyed it in the 1/4 mile. This is where I learned to love my mountain roads up there I can carve the corners and have a blast without the worry or risk of the tickets I would get if I were out street racing

      In the poll I checked function, but I dont care much about top speed or power - the function I want is the kind that makes driving those twisty mountain roads pure pleasure - I want the function that will get me around those corners with both extreme confidence and comfort.

      I want my sling to be my adult go kart and I when I am in the twisties I want to be able to give cars costing many time more a run for their money :)

      As a side note if my sling looks good doing this thats okay too
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    • My goal was to keep it 100% unaltered stock appearing slingshot. I kept that commitment to myself for the first 105 miles before i dropped it off to have it turbocharged. I guess my memory's been slipping faster than I wanted to believe. Kinda makes me wonder what my avatar is all about
      If your carpet has to match the drapes,
      shouldn't your trailer match your Slingshot?
    • Form vs Function

      Bought mine because of the looks, pleased with the Bilstines that were installed by previous owner. Want to replace the sway bar to up the handling. Goes fast and bough to get me into trouble.

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    • I'm all about not spending so much money on it I end up looking stupid for doing so. Give me some comfort, give me some speed and a few looks cool and I'm done. My main goal is to wear the damn thing out so it ain't worth anything anymore and that is how you get your moneys worth out of something.
    • You can spend anywhere from $2995 up to about $8,000 depending on what options and type of turbo you're looking at. Some vendors have prebuy specials that offer huge discounts. Do a search on the forums and you'll see which one you want
      If your carpet has to match the drapes,
      shouldn't your trailer match your Slingshot?
    • MiM wrote:

      Well, due to funding, I'm just about looks... Would love to get into boost, but probably won't be happening with this Sling, but ya never know... A good deal may come around... :saint:
      I'm with @MiM on this. You need an option that says, 'I'm all about the looks but if a big ol' pile of cash shows up in my pocket, that engine might grow a supercharger!' And with my wife's lack of interest under the hood, I wouldn't even have to tell her. You know, kind of like another gun in the back of the safe...did I say that out loud?
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