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    As an exowner of the Alpha Variable the original plastic encased motor housing exhausts did have issues. Alpha or I should say Varex fixed the issue with a metal encased motor housing. I ran the variable exhaust for the better part of three years on a supercharged Slingshot without any issues and it is now on another Slingshot.

    Also, let's be real. That exhaust did not put Alpha out of business. It was the rest of the crap he tried to pull on costumer's that got him in the end. He was borrowing money from fellow Slingshot owners to keep him afloat and then abandoned them when he got his restaurant.

    But I see the seatbelts going through the right hole in the Braums. So what's the scoop?

    Seatbelts are a life safety device. I don't take any chances with them. You'll notice that if you put them through the holes at the top of the seat they are not following their intended path or as adjustable to different heights. They will be too high for shorter people and possibly too low for tall people. Probably not in most people's case, but if you go to the track you will fail track inspection with a factory belt going through a harness hole.

    So I just got Braum seats, and I figure all I have to do is take the bottom bolt out of the seat belts and thread them through the top seat hole and connect the bolt again. That's it right?

    No, the factory seatbelts are made to go around the seat/over the shoulder. Braum makes a specific protector for the seat just for that. The holes at the tops of the seats are designed for harnesses.

    I built this kit a few years back utilizing the DDMWorks filter adapter, a Mishimoto cooler that is larger than the DDM unit, and customized brackets to bolt everything up. I'd have to do some serious searching to find what all I ordered as it has been a long time.

    With the amount of time spent making the hoses and customizing the brackets, then powder coating them, I would have been better off buying the DDM kit. But, I like having one off parts. :thumbsup:

    Another thing to note. Please do not use the type of taps in Cmans pictures on a Slingshot for two reasons.

    1- They are not waterproof, they are not even water resistant.

    2- The Slingshots vibrate, a lot, and this type of tap is prone to bad connections over time due to vibration.

    Best bet is to solder and shrink wrap.

    No, your switch panel/main dash goes on top of those two ears in your picture. Think of it this way, there are three parts to that part of the dash. That is the lowest portion you have the arrows pointed to. Your main dash sits on top of that and then your painted center console parts (yours are orange) go on as the last part. That is the way all the ones I've worked on. Even ones straight from the dealer.

    if it’s the right part there is no way you should have to do all that to get it to fit....

    unless the other original parts aren’t lined up correctly....I made a lot of adjustments to my hood to get it looking right...

    Actually there are a few ways this could happen to a factory part. So, as per usual you are wrong and not helpful. 2015-2019 have the same dash angle. I've installed stereos on most years and have to clearance all the same areas due to the angle. Besides she is trying to salvage the parts she added to the dash.

    studiopeg you are on the right track! I've had sections of the Slingshot off and out in the sun before. The dash and the rear deck have thin and unsupported sections that will warp. You got this! Just keep working the heat and don't get too close or you'll see the plastic get glossy.

    Pictures or it didn't happen;)

    I love driving those sidekicks at night after and install, so much fun lighting up the road behind you :thumbsup:


    Glad I finally ditched the Alpha Variable exhaust. Even at the wide open setting the supercharger didn't feel like it was pulling as hard as it is now.

    I'll try and get a video if I can. Difficult to find someone that can video the exhaust and keep up. Maybe I can figure out a way to mount the GoPro on the back somewhere......🤔

    WraithSS Love those seats! Are they comfortable?

    I've only sat in them twice now. But, they feel comparable to the Corbeau seats that I had before. Although they are a bit more ergonomic.

    As for comfort, well racing seats are made more for holding you in place and then comfort second. If you are on the thinner side then they are comfortable. If you aren't then the bolsters would dig in to you. Hope that helps a little.

    Sorry for the late response. Here are some pics from the install and a quick video of the turn signal integration. If anyone needs a video or pictures of anything let me know. I purchased one of the original kits and it is still going strong. Just wish there was an app available.