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    I have seen many powder coated wheels and they look great - I was just a little unsure of powder coating a chrome wheel - once again you guys don’t disappoint with valuable info !!!

    As long as they remove the chrome coating you are good to go. Powder coating and chrome do not work together well.

    Chrome can be a bear to remove at times, but if they are a large company I'm sure they have those steps figured out.

    Can't wait to see how the gloss black looks! Will you be keeping the other chrome parts or going black with those as well?

    I'm no expert but there are powder coats with metal flake that will need a clear coat to get it to show. I was doing that with the Red Pearl match powder coat I used on my rear protection plates.

    You're most likely talking about a dormant powder which requires a clearcoat to activate the color of the basecoat. This information would be denoted on the powder's product description. These are not the norm though. The vast majority of powder coats do not require a top coat.

    Your Asanti wheels are made out of quality aluminum. So, no chances of rusting and if the coating has been sealed around the wheels properly then oxidation is not really a possibility. A clear powder is only needed over a color if the base does not have a UV protectant (chrome-like powder coats). Most gloss colors are UV protected and do not require a top coat unless you really want extra protection and have the wheels to outlast the vehicle.

    Been powder coating automotive parts for over 20 years and have wheels/exterior parts that have the original coating on them still rolling around.

    I wanted to follow up to see how this caliper rebuild kit held up or if there is a better kit to use. I am getting ready to powder coat my calipers and want to get the right parts to rebuild without having to go to dealer

    Should be fine as the calipers haven't changed. You can also get the parts at places cheaper than the dealer. CheapCycleParts is a great site with rather quick shipping.

    Majority of people just paint or cover the factory calipers. Powder coating is generally left for after market calipers.

    .....ok so whats the deal about the pulley, why a 105mm.......can someone explain the difference ......and where is that item acquired from.....

    The smaller the diameter pulley the higher the boost level. There are quite a few of us running the 95mm, but have the other modifications needed to run it safely. Dave has a few pulley size options available and can point you in the right direction depending on where you want to be. What is nice is you can do it all in stages if you like.

    For the boost gauge connect the sender on the vac line that goes from the BOV to the manifold. You can place the oil sender at the bottom of the block or the back of it by the "firewall". If you need any details just let me know. I've got that and a couple other gauges, but like Dave said they really aren't needed unless you are upping the boost levels.

    I heard way back in 2015 or so that the turn/cruise control was a gm part. Don't know what the part number is but it may give you a better idea where to find one.

    Back in 2015 unfortunately people thought all the parts were GM made. The Slingshot is a mashup of manufacturing. The stalk is made by the same manufacturer as the Volvo unit mentioned before, but has a Slingshot specific button layout. This is one of those parts like the brake rotors/calipers that are Slingshot only.

    IIRC, some folks have reported the Turn Signal/Cruise Control stalk might be from a Volvo, but I don't remember seeing any confirmation.

    The Volvo model has a slightly different layout. It was tested back in the earlier Slingshot days and not everything worked (cruise control if I remember correctly). It's definitely made by the same manufacturer though.

    LOL, your time must be worth far less than mine then. You're talking about hours of work.

    Plus powder coating will hold up to engine temps and chemicals far better than a rattle can clear coat job. $45 is a minimum to get a tank that size done. It would most likely cost more.

    It's raw aluminum.....that type of discoloration/tarnish will happen if not cleaned and polished regularly. It is overpriced as that is only a $145 tank with a powder coated finish from DDMWorks. You'll pay $45 to have that tank prepped and coated. May as well buy new.

    Nice! Hope it lasts! Your experience may vary, but don't hit with a "tire shine" type spray. Turned mine yellow looking vs white and then had to clean off (power washer did it). I'm back to black for now!

    Yes, none of the tire paints last. They are basically made for show purposes. If you want something that will last you could use the rubber glue on letters like I've had for going on 5 years and they clean up nice and white every time.

    Since putting in the 4 point harnesses it's kind of a joke between wife and I who's going to unbuckle and get the garage remote outta the glove box when we get back to the house. Saw this Homelink opener is now clearance on Polaris site - going to try it. Anyone have it?…0-off/2881814/?pfm=Browse

    I've had that opener since they introduced it. Comes with a metal template to mark and cut the opening in the upper dash. Been flawless since installation and the new price is much easier to handle than what they used to be.

    This is much easier to plug in. Rather than leaning in over the seats - that’s why! Lol.

    Also since yours is using the correct gauge wire and a shorter run directly to the battery your option is more efficient and less of a fire hazard than using the hair thin wire that goes to the cigarette lighter. Nicely done.

    Don't blame any supplier right now. I work in Supply Chain/Purchasing. Things are bad right now all over the world.

    • Can't get chrome plating done because the process has to be completely shut down for every Covid positive test.
    • Can't get machined metals because they can't get the raw stock.
    • My Stainless Steel supplier stopped taking any orders for 2021 and our current orders (from Jan-Mar) are pushed to 2022.
    • Malaysia is on a 60% personnel limit due to Covid.
    • UPS & FedEx are AVERAGING 8 days for international over night. I've had "overnight" shipments take 14+ days. Heck, they even stopped publishing their tracking while in route and just tell you when it's been shipped and when it is delivered.
    • Lumber prices are through the roof because labor shortages in both logging and the lumber plants.
    • Japan had 2 fires at 2 major computer chip factories, stopping their production entirely.
    • US auto makers laid off 27,000 people due to the chip shortages.
    • There are 6,000+ travel trailers sitting in Elkhart Indiana waiting for single parts to be completed.
    • And Chick-Fil-A will only give you 1 sauce for their nuggets.

    The Chic-fil-A one sauce deal is what really grinds my gears. LOL:D