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    I was just wondering if anyone sold off the stock items they removed or just took it to the dump or maybe a dealer that way they could use them. I dont see being able to actually sell the stock oil pan, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. so i either take it to the dump or i give it to coleman powersports and hopefully they can use it to fix someone elses sling that might have been damaged. although i kind of hate doing that because that person is being charged for a new item that colemans didnt have to pay for, if you know what i mean. rather than saying hey, due to a generous donation by another rider, we are not charging for the oil pan itself.

    Quick question, after modding, how often do all of you sell off the stuff you removed from your sling or do you just discard it? I have the INJEN CAI that i can sell but the rest i am not too sure what to do with it besides donate to coleman powersports so if they need to fix someone elses sling? I have the stock oil pan, absolutely nothing wrong with it, and the stock header, which of course everyone knows how rusted those get, but still nothing wrong with it. and i was wondering what to do with this stuff. now of course everyone would like to recoup some of the money they spent, but, who might need or want it?

    Ok so i finally received the last piece in the mail in order to finish my turbo install. I now am to the point that I am almost done and as soon as I am completely finished I will send pics with it. The only thing that i have left to do for the turbo is to install the blow off valve and the exhaust and then check clearance for the charge tubes. other than that, I installed the accessory fuse box, I wired up the heated seats, I wired up the front air dam light, I am installing the angle drive brace today, and then i am ready to start her back up and get her out on the street. I cant believe i have all of this finally done lol. soooo close. just a couple of things and i am ready.

    I always ran mid-grade fuel.

    i always run 91 or 93 octane, whichever is highest at the gas station i pull into. nothing less. but always running the highest octane is what i was told from the day i got it. i never challenged the fuel recommendation but i guess if i would have put some common sense into it i would have known it is a regular car engine? but its currently sitting with 93 in it so when the install is finished i will be good to go without having to worry about it.

    not able to go anywhere right now. sling still on stands and waiting on a new header so i can continue my turbo install. I had to get a new header in order to accept the air fuel ratio bung as I was not about to try drilling and threading and all that stuff for it. So i bought a new one and am waiting for it. ECM comes back today from OBD for tuning/flash, i am getting closer though.

    for the turbo kit it said to cut the air flow sensor from stock to put on the one that will go into the new charge tube. and i am not all that great soldering so i wanted to do it a different way. I had some other crimp connectors and that is how i did it. its not like there will be any pressure or pulling on the wire itself. so it should be fine. just a hot and ground connection. I also ordered some of the others you suggested from amazon. 250 pc kit. will start using those also. they look like would work great with audio wiring.

    well the instructions for installing the DDM Works turbo kit are 26 pages deep. I am taking it slow and just doing little by little until the ECM gets back and then will go into full throttle. but right now i am at page 13, halfway through and it says to cut the air intake sensor wires yada yada yada and then it says to solder them together. i dont weld and soldering is well not one of the things i am better at. IS THERE ANY OTHER PREFERRED METHOD to soldering? cant i just put to wire connectors on them, heat shrink them and that be good enough? Dave@DDMWorks can you chime in? would wire connectors be better than just twisting them together and some electrical tape? lol.

    Montrese2006 - Does this quiet your exhaust down or just a looks thing? Mine has a drag tip here and not a fan of things that come up but if that's a resonator/muffler at all I could live with something like that. Mines too loud now...

    so this is what i was using for the longest time, i had the 1320 rear exit exhaust with big tire kit on it. Never had a heat issue or anything like what your describing and i didnt wrap it.

    I have never had the pedal to the floor, but i dont drive like the family sedan either lol. i spin the tires as often as i can, i am always way over the speed limit and i dont let other cars pass me lol. this thing is way too much fun. man i cant wait to get this turbo finished lol.