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    These look like they would work if I had applied the Rivnut to the plastic panel before I attached the metal panel with the 3M tape. For those who are installing a rear panel in future, I think I would look into this!

    with the rivnut, drill the hole, insert the rivnut with the tool, it compresses it and locks it into the hole, that leaves a metal threaded piece and then you can put on and take off the rear panel any time you need to. I have started using this for everything I put on now. This way i can take things off if they aren't working right.

    i install them into the plastic and then use the screws just like you would any other product. kind of like putting a screw into a light switch cover, if that explains it better. here is a pic that i installed the mats in the cockpit with rivnuts and then screwed them on. You will have to zoom in to see it.

    do you use RIVNUTS? since i had seen them used on here i don't use anything else. That tool is the next best thing to slice bread lol

    If you do any riding in a state that requires a helmet it will be.

    virginia does require helmets, however, i argue the nonremovable roof quote in the law books for virginia and ask cops to remove my roof and then find a place to store it to ride and they no longer argue with me or question it. i have not been stopped for riding without a helmet after.

    I'm 6'2 and use the slingshade. I am fine with it. I do lean a little at stop lights though lol.

    I was some what saddened to note that we had only put 4,000 miles on it this year.

    wow, and i have had mine 2 years now and am close to 3900 miles lol. i still haven't broken the 4000 mile mark. having kids and other obligations make it near impossible along with weather and work attire not able to wear appropriate clothing. i wish i could put more miles on mine.

    hey quick question for the group, i thought my battery had a death grip on it so i went out and bought a new one. well the old one got jealous and has been hanging on with a kung fu grip. So i have had the new one for about 3 months now and it has never been installed and only sat on my work bench. should it be on a battery tender seeing as how it has never been installed? just wondering

    Had mine done by appointment today. Dealer called a few days ago to say they had the parts and would hold them for me. today was OK weatherwise (mid 40's) and the 45 minute drive was no problem. In and out in less than an hour.

    are you going to woodbridge? I need to take mine in but I have not set up the appointment yet. been too busy plus due to weather the sling has been inside the garage living the warm life lol.

    here are the side shots of my 2017 with the slingshade on it. of course these were before the PRP seats.

    I have not had any issues out of it at all. some have complained that the wings might warp but I haven't had any problems. I think it makes it look more like the batmobile lol and less of an off road type vehicle. personally I don't like the flat top types. but that is just me.

    Well personally I own the slingshade. It was 2500 in 2017 when I put it on but I love the way it looks, I love how it does on the highway, very little wind gets in, but a lot of that is because of the windshield that I have also. they work hand in hand. I think that if you can get past the price of it, the slingshade, (to me) looks the best and gives it a sporty look.

    the wife and I have discussed this at length. I wanted four seats so I could take all the kids with me and drive the sling a lot more often. at least with the extra seats I can pick up all the kids at once and not have to worry about it. but I don't think that is happening so I am going to have to real in my expectations just a bit. the biggest ticket item I really want is turbo but still that is another 3 to 5K depending in which way I go there lol. wife doesn't want that either. keeps telling me I don't need it. I drive it faster than I should now lol