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    yea - got to be careful if the bung were to get loose and fall out gases would leak out of your bung hole

    I let my wife drive it a while back. when she got home she said, "I am so sorry I broke the slingshot." Immediately I went into panic mode and was like WTF? she says, "I don't know what happened, just pulled up to a stop light and when I started to take off again, it made a loud pop and then wasn't running right and sounds really weird." so I went out and looked all around and didn't really notice anything. I started it up and that is when I knew. I ended up having to go to advance auto parts and buy a new plug for the, wait for it, wait for it. . . . . . "the bung hole" :D

    I have the 6.5 kickers also, I have PRP suspension seats that have the centers out, if you go to slingmods you can see what I mean or look at the pics. but I have speakers behind the headrest and also down by the floor. I had hip speakers but they would be muffled when someone was sitting in the sling so I moved them forward near the feet. They sound awesome there. I don't have the arm rest speakers. have not tried nor heard them.

    that just plain sucks, I have put in the research that is for sure. it is said that you should have 1 CCA for every cubic inch of the displacement and the ecotech 2.4L has 145 CI. so anything with CCA higher than that is acceptable. Advance auto has an AGM same size as the one currently in the 2017 base model with a CCA of 385. and it is $149. only has a 90 replacement warranty though lol.

    well I did as was suggested when this first started out and took the volt meter and checked my system. there was no draw on the battery. I had my radio system installed about a month after or sooner of buying my slingshot. and here I am 2 years later needing a new one. as everyone stated, some batteries just suck ass lol. I am going to find a deep cycle AGM motorcycle battery, today if I am lucky, and replace it. embracing the suck lol

    ||I read somewhere thru this thread that older slings had full size batteries? and we unfortunate ones? maybe? with the newer models have been reduced to motorcycle batteries? yet running all the same equipment? lol anyway, mine died, it sux and now I have to get a new one. ugh. lol.

    well I procrastinated and haven't found the battery that I want to go with and when I went out to start the slingshot up this morning, well damn thing wouldn't crank over. Even though the guage said it was sitting at 12.2, when I turned the key on it dropped to 11.4 and just clicked, it wouldn't start. so it seems that I need to just go buy a damn battery and get over the whole damn thing lol.?(


    I've been looking at one of these because the Assault d-shaped wheel is so expensive.

    Have you found quality of the wheel satisfactory? Saw some comments online that worried me.

    Is the wheel stiff enough for dynamic cornering? I'm no wildman behind the wheel, but I enjoy active driving

    .I have not had any issues with my steering wheel at all. I drive pretty hard. of course that is all through town and not country roads or anything. The steering wheel is very sturdy, no give to it at all. I got it from Amazon.

    I have just the opposite as funcycle for brand name steering wheel lol, mine is the d-shape by GODSPEED now lol. And I use the NRG Short hub adapter. it doesn't add that much to the distance and have the security of the quick release.

    one of the reasons I went and bought the extra fuse box to put up front. but due to the LED controller box, I really don't have a place to install it just yet. But before I get into all of that I wanted to get a better battery that could handle all of the new stuff and not drain and die on me. yes, very much so a culpable quandary to say the least.

    I did, and they have the optima tray for 100. should the optima be the one? or any larger battery good? getting confused with options lol. I want one that I can connect to the sides as well as top for accessories but the optima looks like a very very tight fit. and yellow or blue? or red? lol. I'm not good with options lol

    well it seems that everyone has varying experiences and it seems that it is going to be potluck at best. I want one that is going to be good for accessories like the radio and lights and all that while parked because I do kids events and I let them all sit in it and take pictures and everything else and usually leave the radio on and the LED's so the kids get the wow factor. I want a battery that can take it. thank you everyone for the help and advice. I will be doing my research.

    I have done the tender when I leave it sit for a week plus during the winter, but it hasn't sit for more than 2 days due to weather and I am driving it again. this is why I am surprised at it draining like this. everyone says that you have to change the battery pan for the optima, is that true? can you tell me where you got the pan and which model of optima battery you have? I keep seeing yellow top but there are different model numbers. so which one?