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    My friends - I think a very dangerous can of worms is being opened by the Democrats. They are determined to get at all of Trumo’s financial dealings so they can try and find some type of crime or spin it to use against him in the 2020 election. The repercussions from this are 2 fold. 1.). If they are successful do you think Maxine Waters or many of the ultra wealthy Democrats can stand a Republican scope up their ass?? If we go down the road of using the IRS and bank records with a microscope as a political weapon - who could really pass?? 2). Who would really ever want to be put under the same type of scrutiny as Trump has?? We will be left with not the smartest and most capable but the power hungry which IMO is the scariest thing on the planet - a power hungry DEMOCRAT !!

    Either way both party's are out of control and that's bad for America, very bad. Both party's suck. And what are "we the people" going to do about it? Nuttin honey. If you see a bomb with 10 seconds left on the clock all you can do is run. Of course there's always the chance China will come in with their corporate American lawyers and repossess America. Best our government declare bankruptcy before that happens, chapter 13. Weird shit Maynard.

    I've never developed a relationship with any of the Slingshot dealers here in the Houston area.

    They either had unacceptable conditions or flat-out lied to me. Before any Slingshots had even been shipped to Texas, I had experiences ranging from telling me to come down and look at their stock (they didn't have any and even told me they were still crated in the warehouse) to telling me they wanted a $2500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on a vehicle they didn't even have for me to try sitting in, not to mention around $2000 for Shipping and Prep. I went with a dealer over 100 miles away who only charged around $700 for delivery/setup and also only wanted a $500 REFUNDABLE deposit. Unfortunately, that dealer stopped selling the Slingshot. At least one dealer here in Houston has also stopped selling the Slingshot.

    Anybody have any experience with Polaris Fun Center in Bryant, TX?

    Your a very smart man. Houston is full of cons and con artist and they all work for corporate America.

    I am looking at a 2019 ,SLR Icon and Mancuso says the warranty now 12 months. Our 2017 was 24 months. Will someone please tell me what's up.


    You need to find the one at Mancuso that isn't stupid and talk to them. You can find that person (hopefully) in the service department.

    I'll say it now. If he finds something the Dems will cry foul because he has personal reasons to find something...Youth, hair and swagger.:00008356:

    Everything would be OK if we would throw everyone in DC in jail. Only then could we all have sweet dreams.

    Pulling out at the light by the time I reached 45mph I came across a puddle and hydro planed. Thanking God I was able to maintain control by turning the steering wheel the opposite way. Folks please be careful when driving in the rain especially at night when you can't see the puddles.

    Concrete or asphalt? Concrete seems to be much slicker than asphalt.

    That top has a couple nice features but misses on the styling for me. A little too busy without complimenting the Slingshot lines and style. Also not a big fan of the plastic frame vibrating in my field of vision as seen on the video. Not a bad price but for $1k I'd go with the MeanSling top - if I wanted a top.

    I had one of the canvas tops with the poles running down the front... that won't ever happen again. What a crappy design. Wind seems to want to tear your face off.