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    I agree, when a politician diverts tax money intended for the benefits of the very people who pay those taxes I need a better explanation than "it's the right thing to do".

    How can anyone expect any country (not just Mexico} to correct the very issues which are causing people to flee those countries if the U.S. simply continues to give up its resources. It will never change bad situations in forign countries and will only continue to hurt our country for generations. I believe President Trump raised the option of efforts to establish settlements within countries in need and providing aid at that location. The U.N. could step up and monitor.

    Sounds good to me and a very important issue could be solved as it wouldn't leverage the idea of political gain.

    The U>N. is way to busy living high on the hog in NYC.

    The revised 2021 Tax overhaul that Elizabeth Warren wants to implement is going to simplify tax filing for all. The 1040 tax form is being reduced to 2 simple lines.Line 1 - How much money did you make last year? Line 2 - SEND IT TO US

    Same one trump has. Rob the poor and make excuses for the wealthy so they pay nothing. Same oh same oh. We should discuss this worthless topic some more. NOT.

    I won't be much help here but I did low level flight over the autobahn in Germany by helicopter when I was over there. Probably the coolest thing I ever did. As far as Polaris goes I think they are lost in the woods with their U.S. products (many Polaris dealers can't sell them due to the company's restrictions) . Best of luck.

    Can't believe some of you are wasting your time talking about restructuring the tax system.... Nobody, absolutely nobody in DC (D) or (R) wants to change the present tax system. Probably the oldest and most wasteful subject to talk about in the political world.

    That's a great piece but it sure doesn't look like a Texas background with all that snow :/ My Barrett is OD green and I don't believe my cheek piece will adjust that high -- the last bunch of rounds I bought for it were $5- a round -- but are they a ball to shoot !

    If your around Dallas and further north they do get ice storms and snow. Got a foot of snow in Amarillo once back in the late 60's, ice storm in the early 80's. Bummer about Texas is there is very little public land where you could shoot a 50 cal. or anything else, gotta go to a shooting range and most of them are only out to 100 yards.

    Rudy Giuliani said this morning that he has proof positive evidence Joe Biden is corrupt. I’d like to believe he is right but Adam Schiff said he had positive proof on Trump. It is sad we have sunk to this low a credibility of politicians that it has to be proven in court before you are 95% certain - once upon a time that was higher - political spin is veiling the truth...we’ll see what happens 😂😂

    No we won't. The more BS they feed us the less we will see what their really doing... smoke screen. HEY LOOK OVER THERE! IS THAT A DUCK BILLED Platapussy? Then they pass a law we don't know what is in it and they say they didn't have time to read before they signed it into law.

    I've thought about every thing you guys have said over the last few days and I have made up my mind, I'm having chicken taco's tonight.

    You need to quit having those kind of nightmares before you hurt yourself and the rest of the country :(. :00008172::00008172::00008172: :S

    Question: if the alleged whistleblower is in fact this Eric Ciaramella and if it is true about his close relationships with the deep state. Then shouldn’t an investigation be done about his complaint and the leaks associated with it? Including Adam Shiffs involvement.

    The BS dog and pony show probably already cost billions... do we really wanna drag it out to the trillion dollar mark?

    I've heard people complain about paying taxes on winning the lottery, but whatever's left over would be a heck of a lot more than I had before!

    Most of the wealthy ones who win the lotto let their lawyer create a charity so they don't have to pay any tax. I quit buying tickets when I found out the changed the rules (texas) so you couldn't even win 5 bucks anymore.

    The Republicans can really end this quickly and send Pelosi and her cronies home with their tail between their legs by just saying one simple thing. Lets assume that EVERYTHING the Democrats have charged him with in articles one and two have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Then they vote to not allow any witness to be called since they have no reason to hear any additional evidence. The next motion is to vote on the actual impeachment and removal from office. They just have to say that while he may be guilty as charged, they don't believe that those two charges rise to the level of a high crime and as such he is found not guilty and life goes on.

    Double jeopardy prevents him from being impeached in the future for this event, so they would have to go back to square one and impeach the M***F**** a couple years down the road. I think they'll know if they attempt this again, their chances of winning the White House in 2024 ain't gonna happen

    We me you they and all others are trying to make sense outta bullshit. Good luck with that. As someone here once said their best of chance of nailing Trump will be after he leaves office and is no longer protected by DC law. The dog and pony show continues... Anybody want some popcorn? Their going to try and make this last up till election time.

    If the Inquiry was illegal to start with why do we need more witnesses. This whole SHAM is Illegal. because there never was a vote in the house for an inquiry. Pelosi took it upon herself to assign the inquiry to the comity which is illegal.

    How can it be against the law if their all above the law? Ring around the rosie pocket full of poesy.