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    I really respected George HW as he was a man of extinguished service to his country and an extraordinary patriarch to the Bush family. That being said does not make him infallible. It is very easy to attack a pro gun organization when he has 24/7 armed Secret Service protecting you from any intruder. Like edwardaneal indicated in his previous posting the 2nd Amendment is very clear and concise. If the anti gun folks would quit their continuous assault against it trying to skirt the Constitution there would be no need for an NRA. How can you call out a named group like the NRA when there are 100’s, possibly 1000’s of folks out there working every day to curtail gun rights. Besides there is already an estimated 393 million guns in the US already - be kinda hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube wouldn’t it ??!

    Depending on special interest groups to protect you is pretty infallible as well. It's all about the money not your rights. Your rights are just the excuse to get your money. It's basically a quagmire of political muck. If you support special interest do not expect any change that will benefit the people. Ain't going to happen.

    Your preaching to the choir, try sending these thoughts to your congress men and women. I am not your enemy, they are.

    We all better stock up on ammo and all the firearms you want (not trying to be an alarmist) now. If the Dems get the House, Senate, and Presidency you can believe they are coming after the guns. Only saving grace will be the conservative Supreme Court. Without the efforts of the NRA trying to keep pro gun politicians in office - the pendulum could swing toward amending the 2nd Amendment to the government deciding who should have ammo and firearms. SUPPORT THE NRA !!!

    Bush senior use to think like you, but not anymore.

    Michael E. Diamond: George H.W. Bush's public rejection of the NRA exemplified his commitment to 'duty, honor and country'

    The NRA is part of the problem, these jackass politicians only understand something if someones putting money in there pockets. The second amendment does not put money in their pocket so they pretend not to understand it. Get rid of special interest and you get rid of the problem.

    I would be willing to bet that forums such as this one are considered "social media" by the people that want to keep tabs on gun owners. pretty sure they want to check all online activity

    That may be but I've had my license for many years now and I doubt they need to check on people who are renewing a license. I wouldn't have any problem leaving this forum if need be. If I buy a gun down here all I have to do is show my license and no background check is needed.

    There is a buttload of articles on the proposed legislation to have the State Police check social media prior to issuing a gun permit. They already say that would back up the already backlogged gun permit process. I cannot find the specific article that made the quote.

    Red covered you on that one.

    Hey Bro - there are just as many bad guy anti gun folks out there - they are just not labeled like the NRA. For example - New York is trying to pass legislation whereby they can check your social media and some bureaucrat can decide if you are “permitted” for a firearm. That on the face seems intrusive but not too far out. The scary part is they just came out and said “the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to possess a firearm but NOT the right to a license to own one”. I dunno but when I was going to school the 2nd Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” was pretty damn plain and simple. IMHO these people are anti constitution and just as evil as the people that think the NRA members are terrorists. Just like everything - it is all relative to individual perspective.

    Who is they and when did they say this?

    That looks so evil, your the baddest boy on the block now.