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    I gotta say here that no matter what the USA is the best place in the world to live - I just pray that what has worked magnificently for the last couple hundred years is not ruined going forward. I’m pretty sure the 2020 election is gonna make that decision for us!!

    Don't think I'll be moving out of the country. Wanna stick around and see how crappy DC really gets. Maybe they will have a meltdown and have to start over, maybe a another civil war. It's not America that stinks, just DC.

    I suspect presidential powers do not extend this far - and if they did they would have been used by Obama back with the Republicans held both houses

    Then we are truly a lost nation with no hope of being great again...

    My one wish before Trump leaves office is that he will use his executive powers to create term limits on all those in DC. Nobody from either party likes him so it would serve them right and that is the only thing he could do to make America great again. But will he have the balls to do it...???

    You know we joke about being our own 911 but in reality we are. I don’t care if you live in the city or the boonies if someone is breaking into your house NOBODY will be there in time to save you. I have the security system with all the cameras, motion detectors, etc that is monitored and yeah you hit the panic button and they will call the cops. Chances are whatever happens will be over long before the police arrive. So basically I have a expensive early warning system. If someone is breaking into my house you have to assume they are there to do you harm and take appropriate action. That ole sayin I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6 applies. If that means you have to have an “assault” weapon to feel safe then so be it. One of our fundamental rights is to life - if you are to protect it you need the tools to do so !!

    I have that same system only mine kills em dead before they can gain entry.... Oh wait, that's illegal.

    Those same anti gun people are the first ones to holler that they need someone to protect them when there is a problem. GO FIGURE, they cannot even protect them selfies and want someone to do it for them. Call the Police even though they would probably be dead before the Police got there.

    They probably think police officers have Crystal Balls and can be there before the shooter can get the first round off.

    I saw footage of the Dayton Ohio shooting. Kudos to our officers in blue. While everyone else was running away they ran towards. Bravery, courage & protection. The best, simply the best!

    Thank you!

    As long as those who are not willing to defend themselves don't defend themselves this will (more than likely) continue. We need many more people who are willing to defend themselves in order to stop this. People need to get their carry license TODAY! Quit running and start fighting. That's probably the only thing that will make those cowards run back into their holes and stay there.

    Looks like Trump is going to stick more stringent background checks into the immigration legislation so they have more to fight about and once again nothing will come of it. Our government as a whole are acting like a bunch of inbreds.

    They were passing legislation to find out what was in it.

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    The government passing legislation to see what's in the legislation that they already passed, Sounds about right.

    FYI - actually a little birdy told me Singapore and the Caymans are the best places to park money -Swiss banks are more secure but rate of return is much less :P

    I wonder if that's the same little bird I shot. Caught him skimming off the top.

    Sorry - nice try - you can avoid sales tax but IRS will levy an import tax if you are a US resident. IRS can be had....but they ain’t easy :00008172:

    Their easy... just gotta be rich and have lots of tax lawyers to figure out how to outfox them. What's in your Swiss bank account/off shore account?

    I always advised clients it is OK to step right up to the line on deductions but not enough to induce an audit. Once the IRS gets their teeth into you they never let go. Once upon a time a good friend had a good business going making good money. He wanted to buy a boat in the business name and write it off. I told him DON’T DO IT - It is well known that trying to write a boat off throws up red flags at the IRS. Long story short the IRS climbed up his ass until they ended up finding other write offs that were disallowed and wound up costing him far more than the cost of the boat with penalty and interest. Moral of the story - the IRS is an angry bull already - don’t ever wave a red flag - you WILL get gored !!

    Don't wanna pay sales tax on your boat... go out into international waters to sign the deal. Walla no U.S. sales tax.

    Don't forget you can claim your dogs as dependents if they qualify as a watch dog (any dog will do). I know someone who did this. Truth is we have a very sick system.