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    Our current structure might handle 10% of cars being electric and even that's a difficult number to manage. The numbers from the current 2% will continue to slowly increase as better technologies and logistics develop. Strange part was the best type car to tackle this was the 2nd gen Chevy Volt. 60+ miles on juice and then seamlessly switch over to a 40+ mpg engine. Most drivers averaged better than 90% on electric. It was the best car I ever owned. Low profit margin vehicle so GM put no marketing behind it and they stopped making it in favor of new pure electrics with aforementioned inherent problems.


    Umm... being an astronomy nerd, I'm excited by things like the Maunder Minimum (and the global cooling it causes)

    But where is the connection to UK energy / transportation policy??

    Their policy is being based on climate change/carbon reduction. The cooling solar situation somewhat negates that and if we run into the Maunder Minimum we might want to be finding ways to increase global temps.

    The quote below is from the NY Post.

    "By 2050, our sun is expected to be unusually cool.

    It’s what scientists have termed a “grand minimum” — a particularly low point in what is otherwise a steady 11-year cycle.

    Over this cycle, the sun’s tumultuous heart races and rests.

    At its high point, the nuclear fusion at the sun’s core forces more magnetic loops high into its boiling atmosphere — ejecting more ultraviolet radiation and generating sunspots and flares.

    When it’s quiet, the sun’s surface goes calm.

    It ejects less ultraviolet radiation.

    Now scientists have scoured the skies and history for evidence of an even greater cycle amid these cycles.

    One particularly cool period in the 17th century guided their research.

    An intense cold snap between 1645 and 1715 has been dubbed the “Maunder Minimum.”

    In England, the Thames River froze over. The Baltic Sea was covered in ice — so much so that the Swedish army was able to march across it to invade Denmark in 1658.

    But the cooling was not uniform: Distorted weather patterns warmed up Alaska and Greenland.

    These records were combined with 20 years of data collected by the International Ultraviolet Explorer satellite mission, as well as observations of nearby stars similar to the sun.

    Now physicist Dan Lubin at the University of California San Diego has calculated an estimate of how much dimmer the sun is likely to be when the next such grand minimum takes place.

    His team’s study has been published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

    It finds that the sun is likely to be 7 percent cooler than its usual minimum.

    And another grand minimum is likely to be just decades away, based on the cooling spiral of recent solar cycles."

    Where I may believe that a person that does not wear a helmet on a motorcycle is being totally selfish and uncaring,


    Apparently 31 states are OK with "selfish and uncaring" people. IMO, I believe the other 19 states are selfish and uncaring toward individual rights under the subterfuge of safety when the true concern is possible financial repercussions coupled with a nanny state mentality.

    If we're going to worry about societal costs vs individual safety, then we should outlaw hang gliding, bungee jumping, muscle cars, general aviation, skiing, concussive sports, and a host of other "dangerous" activities (and who gets to determine what's dangerous).

    Florida handled the helmet law intelligently. If you're an adult, you don't have to wear it BUT, you must have, and be able to prove, adequate health insurance coverage. Regardless, I always wear a helmet on my 2 wheel motorcycle, but I strongly respect the right of others not to wear one.

    Common sense would tell me that law enforcement isn't going to interfere too much with any motorcyclist taking off their helmet(s) when obviously stopped in traffic?


    Agree, but the key word there is "stopped"..Going through at Atlanta can be 50+ miles of very slow stop and go

    Anything new in Georgia? They split off to autocycle and there's no reference to helmets in the new law BUT law enforcement seems to treat them like motorcycles still and enforce helmets. I'd really like to ditch the helmet when I get stuck in Atlanta traffic jams in the summer.

    Just an FYI if you still don't have reservations..I called Comfort Inn yesterday figuring they'd be full booked and wanted to ask to be put on waiting list. This has worked for me twice before as there are always cancellations closer to the event. Surprisingly, I was able to book a room for the week. So, if you haven't booked yet or want to get closer to the action it might behoove you to place a call.

    I always try my best to avoid entering political discussions as they:

    1) contribute to our divisivness

    2) change no ones minds

    3) detracts from our "pursuit of happiness"

    The simple answer to the witness question is that it adds credence to a very flawed political partisan process. Our political representatives do little enough as it is and seem to spend 99% of their time furthering their power base as oppossed to representing their constituents.

    Minimal enthusiasm from current owners since the model years all look pretty much the same. After 5 years a new look might be in order. As far as non owner sales there needs to be more marketing geared toward the automatic tranny and only normal drivers license needed in most states. The Can Am spyder is a good example of where buyers had the choice all along of auto or manual and went with auto something like 3 or 4 to 1.

    If you take all of the simple questions that we all get from the general public ie; what's it cost, can it go on the highway, auto, special license, etc..that kinda tells us how you need to market it.