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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    This was my own design back in early 2015 and it's similar to later methods. No big deal drilling the hole, just make sure you have a good match on your tap and bolt.

    Went for a ride yesterday and noticed clutch engaging all the way to floor and difficulty shifting into any gear. Checked clutch fluid and it was bone dry. Filled it to max level and went for a ride to bleed the air out. Unfortunately, when I was about 10 miles from home stopped at a light I found that I could not get it into any gear at all. Finally rocked it into 3rd gear and got home without shifting at all. It was strange that clutch obviously was not full disengaging causing gear shift problem but it would sit still at a red light with the clutch pedal in.

    When I was 2 blocks from home I engaged clutch in a turn and lifted pedal up with my foot that the air finally got out and everything returned to normal.

    Doubled checked everything today and there is zero fluid loss from yesterday and no indication anywhere of a leak. Did a fairly long ride and double checked fluid leak or loss.

    I've been remiss in not checking the clutch fluid very often. Last time was nearly 2 years back and it was very low, didn't think much of it as I hadn't checked it before and it only holds a shot glass worth. Any suggestions as to what else I should look for?

    At one point living in Tampa I was asked to sit in on a pretty high level conference on building codes to increase safety in the event of hurricanes. Everyone had all kinds of ideas and towards the end a much older gentleman who hadn’t spoken was asked his thoughts. Never forget it - “he grinned and said “everything you guys have come up with is great but I haven’t heard one thing that will stop a flying Volkswagen”. That was all he said but EVERYONE got his point 😂

    It's all a matter of prep. Have been in SW Florida for 32 years and have gone through a bunch. Irma went right over us and we were in the eye for about half an hour. As we live next to an airport we had recording equipment and it showed peak gusts of 147 mph. Despite that there was very little damage in our community of 60 homes, some shingles on the older houses as well as pool screens and fences. Trees don't fare as well and almost always take out the power lines. Usually 7 to 10 days without power. Many of the houses are built tough with metal roofs and hurricane glass. Water and gas are gotten and stored early in season. A small inverter genset and a cheap window unit a/c will add to comfort. 2nd generator backfed into panel gives us well water, refrigerator, etc. Recreational vehicles make great lifeboats. Many Florida residents handle hurricanes about as well as Alaskans handle blizzards.

    Years back when hurricane Georges went through the Keys I was responsible for 2 facilities down there. I was able to communicate with the local employees and had loaded up a plane with the usual post hurricane supplies. When I informed them, they wanted me to dump the supplies and load it up with beer and booze. Between their prep and various organizations donating supplies, they were more worried that the island (Key West) would be dry with all of the bars closed. I was the first plane to land at Key West after the storm passed. All kinds of dead fish on the runway and our facility on the airport had entirely lost its roof and was full of water.

    I installed a Slingshotonly set back in early 2017 when they were Cycle Springs. The mounting is not as sturdy or elegant as Phils but they have worked well with no cracks or problems. Noel had done a video on them back then and it was a simple install. Of course, the main issue is building up the nerve to drill 2 large holes in your hood. When I did them I had one hole dead on but the other was a bit off and it wouldn't click in place. Some minor bending on the receiver bolt realigned it fairly easily.

    Should make a better tow vehicle if we could figure out where to put a hitch. Might want a higher gear ratio in that case. Other thing I see for the future is some kind of saddlebags like the Corbins to help cover some of that rail look.