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    That explains Trump! Thanks Soooo much money...:00008172::00008356:

    I do know you are trying to be funny, but for those who dont I will reply

    actually it does not explain Mr Trump - he made his millions/billions which is pretty much proof that he has intelligence

    People with intelligence have the ability to make their own money and grow the money they have as Mr. Trump clearly has done

    on the other hand people who have the money handed to them cant buy the intelligence. a prime example of this are all of those lottery winners and boxers and other athletes who get handed millions and still end up broke - you can have all the money in the world handed to you but without intelligence you wont grow it and you may not even keep it

    well - it will open the throttle faster which should mean it gets you to the speed limit in less time. - - at that point if you keep accelerating and then get a ticket - - - - - - that would be on you.

    instead of all of this questioning of why this and why that

    why dont you just order one and find out for yourself - its a heck of a discount and with the 30 day money back no questions warranty you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

    wouldnt that be smarter than sitting around waiting for someone else to convince you?

    especially knowing that no one ever convinces you of anything?

    an offer this good may never come along again

    I'm sure it works like the pedalmax and amplifies the signal. At idle the signal is zero, zero times anything is zero, so no change regardless of setting.

    If you hold the throttle in position and increase the setting it on the pedalmax it will increase the rpms. I can't speak directly to the pedal commander but I assume it works the same way.

    exactly how I understand it - its simply an adjustable signal amplifier that amplifies the signal going to the throttle causing it to open faster and no matter what the setting is when the throttle is not pressed there is no input to the amplifier so the throttle stays closed and idle remains normal

    We do like ours with a couple of issues, the first is that every time we get into the SlingShot we need to fidget around the bottom part of the pad because it is just a bit too narrow to fit our 2015 stock seats correctly. The second is that they work so well to keep us cool that when the temperature drops our backsides tend to get a bit chilled. Yea, I know, just being whiny! ;)


    thanks Bill - good information :thumbsup:

    Hmmm, I just ordered, received, and installed a red-stitched shifter boot.

    from which vendor? - - Slingmods sells status racing shift boots and slingshot only sells twistdynamics shift boots and on the slingshotonly site they dont seem to offer red

    Now that I have no idea, I had a seal leaking oil on the left front, the right side and the rear was still clean.

    did something happen to the one that leaked that you know of - - or just went bad?

    thank you - - I kept the stock coilovers just in case I ever wanted/needed to send the JRIs in

    Folks: Just a thought for shits and giggles. I know the Pedal Cdr is not waterproof, but I still like where Slingmods video has mounted it. It is centered and looks like it belongs there. Anyway, rather than use the 3d adhesive, I was thinking about using black velcro and that way be able to take it off and wrap it or enclose it somehow (yet to be decided how) to keep it from getting wet. Just thinking outside the box.

    same thing I was thinking - if at some point I were to get it I will mount it with velcro like I have my garage door opener - then when I wash my sling I can simply remove it put a plastic bag over it with a rubber band around the cord to keep it safe until I am done. if I were to put it where slingmods has it I think I would put another strip of Velcro under the dash as a secondary location to move it to if I were caught in the rain