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    The young lady who works for me had an opportunity to visit CA & Palm Springs last week.... She loved it.

    This time of year - October through the end of May is our "Season" weather is usually very good and your friend couldnt have had better luck as we have been sunny and in the 80's which is a bit above normal. Makes me happy to know She enjoyed it :thumbsup:

    looks like we are going to dropping back to a more normal range with highs ranging from 69 up to 80 in the next week or so - - - as to rain they still seem unsure - being surrounded by mountains it is pretty sure they will get some and even snow above 6000 feet, but whether or not any rain worth talking about will make it to the valley floor? only God knows the answer to that

    Obviously living in the So Cal desert as I do my cold weather needs are not nearly as intense as they are for many of you, at most all I need are long pants a medium weight jacket and some light gloves - - the one thing other than this that really makes my rides much more comfortable when its cold is my Bell Vortex full helmet - 8 1/2 months or more out of the year I wear the lightest little dot approved 1/2 helmet I could find at the time I got it, but when it gets in the 40's and 50's my nose starts to run and my ears get so dang cold they hurt - - thats when I switch to my full helmet.

    those other 8 1/2 months the full helmet would be way too hot and for these times the 1/2 keeps me legal and I like the protection out on the highway

    when the temp drops the full keeps my ears and nose nice and comfortable and makes it worth looking like I just stepped out of a Star Wars sequel

    just got a new High Visibility yellow shield for the Vortex today - - makes it easier to see driving home after the sun has gone down - - would have liked a photochromic shield but the dang things cost more than the helmet did

    Winter Helmet :


    Spring, Summer, Fall Helmet


    so anyway - thats my cold weather riding tip - even if you normally dont like a helmet, and even if it may not be required in your State I can guarantee that for controlling the air flow and temperature of my head I havent found anything that works as well, and I have tried

    If your on the left he is always a "hapless" idiot/moron.

    If those on the social left who are fiscally conservative dont like Trump or as you say think he can be an idiot/moron I can somewhat understand why they might feel that way - especially considering how the media tries to twist just about everything he says or does.

    On the other hand if anyone who is on the fiscal Left, regardless of where they stand on social issues, thinks Trump is an idiot/moron then that is a very good thing because they clearly lack any knowledge of finance and may even have brain damage - - because of this its best to disregard anything they say - just smile & nod - - - and don't waste any time arguing with them

    Thats right I finally got some LED's

    but they dont go on the slingshot - found an LED shop light today at Costco - been wanting a light for above my little work bench and this seems to be perfect


    I know its not as cool as LEDs for the slingshot,but at least the title got you to look

    I may not have the shop / man cave that some of you have, but this is my little work space and I like it :thumbsup:

    when it gets cold here I switch to my Bell Vortex full helmet - - works wonders at keeping the head and ears comfortable - - - in fact just this morning I ordered a new high visibility yellow shield for it - should be here Monday which is perfect timing - starting Tuesday our lows will be dropping into the 50's for my ride into work and it will be time to put the 1/2 helmet away for the winter

    Chris Steward asked yesterdays star witness the only questions that matter:

    Stewart: "I would now feel compelled to ask you, Madam Ambassador, as you sit here before us, very simply and directly, do you have any information regarding the president of the United States accepting any bribes?"

    Yovanovitch: "No."

    Stewart: "Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the United States has been involved with at all?"

    Yovanovitch: "No."

    Ms Yovanovitch is nothing but a disgruntled ex employee who got fired and doesnt like her ex boss, - - - - and when they got past the Mr Schiff's circus and asked the only questions that matter Ms Yovanovitch's might as well have been a witness on the side of the accused - - -in the end all she did is reenforced the fact that there is no proof that Trump has committed an impeachable crime and all she and the rest of Mr. Schiff's circus animals have is hate!

    I thank God that we live in a country where you are not supposed to convict people just because you don't like them. and I pray to God that the Trump haters are not allowed to get their wish at the expense of destroying this basic principal.

    wanting someone found guilty because you don't like them or because you dont like their beliefs or because you don't like their politics or, yes, because you don't like the color of their skin is wrong, and there are no exceptions, it is always wrong - period!

    Nobody has actually passed a verdict that I'm aware of. Have they? When did it happen? During that last 5 minute break? Damn it, I have to pay better attention.

    yes you do need to pay better attention - - - either that or you don't care

    Has Adam Schiff stated that Trump is guilty???? - - - - - - - yes he has!

    Has Adam Schiff stated that he wants Trump removed from office??? - - - - - - - - yes he has!

    For God's sakes man - - this guy is the judge running the hearing - - - and he clearly has passed a verdict and if you dont see it as a problem then there really is no point in even talking about this with you because you have already decided a verdict as well

    you don't care if Trumps hearing is fair and impartial because you don't like Trump and that is not something I can argue with you about - - I don't know how to deal with someone who will presume guilt just because they don't like someone so my only choice is not to even try

    I'm out of here - - no point in talking to walls

    I, like you was and still am fine with Republicans investigating Hillary for any and everything they think warrants an investigation.

    What is different in this scenario, that has you so crossed as an open minded pro law, pro American citizen?

    the difference is that the Democrats have selected a person to lead the investigation and to act as judge controlling the hearings who said before it all started that Trump was guilty and that he personally would see to it that Trump was removed from office

    a fair and impartial investigation would be very acceptable to me - and I would want the same if it were Hillary or Obama or any other person - - - it is what our legal system is supposed to guarantee

    Do you think Mr Schiff is impartial?

    and do you think a person who has clearly stated partial views should be selected as a judge in a case?

    when Hillary was investigated did James Comey express that he felt she was guilty before he started his investigation????? - - Mr Schiff has done exactly that

    Did Mr Comey say before he investigated Hillary that he wanted her to be guilty and would find her guilty any way he could??? - - Mr. Schiff has done exactly that

    are you so blinded by your dislike for Trump that you think it is okay to have his appointed judge say he is guilty before one shred of evidence has been presented??????

    I just broke my first angle drive this year. It cracked and didn't shatter like most. I found out once I got back from the last 1/2mi Rabtech and I went to when I removed the under belly. All the gear oil was sitting on it. I was really thankful that I had decided to put that on before the race. Otherwise that would have spilled directly in front of my rear tire which would have been bad news going as fast as we were.

    It's not as much about the amount of power as it is how the power is delivered. I had a customer that decided to do a burnout with Nitto NT05 drag radials on it that were nice and hot. He side stepped the clutch at 5k and moved about 2" and his angle drive shattered at the yolk where most do.

    While Rabtech and I are making a lot of power, the power delivery is smooth. I'm not launching hard at the 1/2 or 1/4mi runs trying to avoid excess slip out of the hole. And Rabtech has the auto trans isn't shocking the drive line or angle drive.

    Its good to know - - seems that under normal usage the angle drive should a fairly reliable component despite all of the complaints we hear about it making noise and such

    Okay - - - I have a question, We all know you are running a highly modified engine and I am fairly sure most of us know that you switched to an automatic transmission - - - the question I have is - is the angle drive still original and has anything been done to it to make it better deal with all of the power the White Beast can put to the ground?

    I have a great idea Orangeman , why don't we suspend all current investigations throughout the U.S. and never start any ever again. We can never gaurantee they will find enough evidence to convict, so why try?

    Also, if they are investigating rape and find a dead body, they better not investigate why there is a dead body in the rape suspects house, "it's out of the scope of the original investigation".

    By all means, we are a country of laws and those laws need to be obeyed, unless you commit a crime out of the view of a cop. If it is committed in the view of a cop, that cop needs to be confirmed to be in the same political party as the suspect .:rolleyes:

    the problem is not investigations - - - its the investigators

    The problem is that you have people like Schiff who publicly stated they wanted Trump out of office long before there was anything to investigate

    how can you think it is okay to let people run investigations when those people have publicly stated their intentions are to remove a president from office no matter what it takes and they said this starting the day he won? Schiff even said he personally had evidence that Trump should be removed from office long before any of the things they now say he did came up - - and he has never presented this evidence he lied about.

    How can you think that is proper?

    They have prejudged him and and said he was guilty before they even could tell you what he did - and then they started looking for anything they could find - - - - just like you they hated him and didnt want him as president and have said so

    Seriously, you seem to be a good and decent person so I ask you, is it right to let people who have prejudged and stated their intentions are to find guilt run an investigation?

    isn't it exactly this type of thing that has put so many innocent men behind bars - - investigators who decided guilt and then set out to prove it instead of actually investigating with out any prejudging?

    Seriously can you even imagine the outrage if a Judge in a court of law publicly stated that he intended to find someone guilty before a trial started???

    thats what Schiff has done and you seem to be perfectly okay with it - - - - why?

    As a side note - even you have said you prejudged Trump, from your post just above:

    "Trump is a shady, self serving piece of crap. That was my opinion of him before he ever ran for office, during his election candidacy and now as President. "

    you decided you hated him before he was even president - - - and now you support letting others who hated him before he was president be his judges - - - - - - are you looking for validation? is this why you seem so okay with all of this?

    Death Valley....Ten days and counting....Tic tock tick tock - New skin on the rear and heated seats are in:thumbsup:

    keep an eye out for burros - there are wild ones in some areas of the valley and sometimes they can be in the road - - wouldn't want to hit one in the slingshot

    also watch out for their droppings in the road - - probably not much of a problem this time of year as the roads are pretty well traveled, but back in the day when I went up there to do some photography in the summer it was all over the road