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    I've got vests for my GF and I. For my son being that he is only 6, I bought a level 4 ceramic plate to lighten the load vs a steel plate and put that into a sleeve in his backpack. If a worst case scenario were to happen I would be covering his open side but he could wear the back pack like normal or in front of him if needed.

    Passports are always in the go bags. I've got multiple contingency plans in my head of what I would do if I had to get out with little to no notice. Canada would likely be my first exit strategy since the border is only 2-2.5hrs away from where we are in MI. Assuming the border is open of course. Outside of that, its a mad dash to the nearest ocean port to find a boat and figure the rest out as I go. However, hopefully it never comes to that.

    exactly - hope it never comes to that, but always keep the option open

    land border for us would probably be Mexico - under 2 hours away - - and then probably see if we could catch a flight from there to the Philippines - with my wife being Filipino we have more options and legal rights there than in most other countries

    Just to throw it out there

    I'm not sure if I saw it posted on here or if it was in one of my facebook slingshot groups, but not that long ago I remember seeing a post where a guy with a battery problem could not for the life of him get it to jumpstart with his under the hood jump posts that were hooked to the alternator, but when he removed the cover in the back and hooked directly to the battery it jumped perfectly.

    I have no clue why, but figured it was worth mentioning

    Another thing I think should be considered of value to those trying to be prepared is up to date identification and passports for all family members.

    Of course I would hope it never happens, but nothing is guaranteed, and having the option to get out of the country and legally into another could be what it takes to keep your family safe if the shit really hits the fan

    As a side note looking at the direction this country has been going recently makes this option seem much more important to me than it did in the past

    SoCal - I just want to say thank you for starting this thread - - With my Slingshot being my daily driver it has never gone more than 2 weeks at most without being driven and I have never had any need for a battery tender, but with my full time retirement coming soon and my wife's and my plans to travel that is going to change - - - thanks to this post of yours I will now be prepared when that time comes

    tender and power port plug adapter have been ordered


    I believe my Gremlin X was right around 2,400 new off the show room floor. That was a long time ago so I might be off just a little. Boy have prices changed, but then as a E3 in the Navy I made 97.50 a month.

    back around 1971 my father paid just over $7,000 for a top of the line Porsche 911-S Targa

    and I remember a few years later walking into a chevy dealer and seeing a custom corvette in the showroom and they were asking 11,000. I remember thinking to my self "who the hell would pay 11k for a chevy when you could get a Porsche for less"

    of course the prices of German cars went up much faster than American models not long after that time not only because of inflation, but also exchange rates and import costs

    Heck back in the day I remember thinking my parents were nuts when they paid $5,500 for a 1976 chevy blazer with a 400 small block - - some years later in the mid 80's I ended up buying it from them with only about 3500 miles on it

    How far will the progressives go to erase Americas past? Just wait. Only when America is stripped of it's identity will it be totally vulnerable to an easy rebuild. Getting closer every day. Anyone believe it was necessary to change after all these years to reflect the modern day? ...and the only change was removing "the American way"? Just around the corner.

    Superman just got a new mission statement: ‘Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow’ (

    As part of DC FanDome, DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee announced Superman has a new mission statement aimed at better reflecting the modern day. His new mission statement? “Truth, Justice and A Better Tomorrow.”

    they took the "American Way" part out of that saying in the movies some time back - - I remember reading that at the time it was being done improve how it was preceived when the movies were being shown in other countries - - - - Its not something I like, I don't care for them changing things I consider to be part of the superman tradition, but can understand that if more than half of your potential paying audience is not American where having a superhero that only cares about the "American way" might impact the box office

    now to something I find more disturbing is that the progressives have now managed to make Superman bisexual bisexual superman

    "Truth Justice and Both Ways"

    I had that Boost 500 and it didnt work for me i got fed up with it and tossed it for the one i have now, they probably all Chinese made.....

    Hey MADDMOE You may well be right, before I got the one I currently have I ordered a smaller unit, a Scosche 300 amp, I think it might have been the same one you posted a picture of - - anyway, got it from Amazon and as soon as it arrived I plugged it in to charge it up - - after over 24 hours on the charger it never got fully charged or at least the lights on it never indicated it was fully charged ended up returning it and then ordered the NOCO

    and just so you know I am not making this up a screen shot from my orders page on amazon showing the return and replacement last July

    probably all of them can be good and as you suggest just really crapy China quality control

    Yes that was the one I had also. That two of those and replaced the bad one with the same one. I will watch that 90 degree thing. Thanks.

    mine was the DBPower 800 - - nice starter, but like you the swelling made me very uncomfortable -- - although it still seemed to function and hold a charge

    DJohnson - - check out this link - DBPower jump starter - - they even say it right in the sales information

    • Warning - In summer and other hot weather, please avoid store the jump starter inside the car or other high temperature place. The storage temperature shouldn’t exceed 95°F (35°C) and operating temperature shouldn’t exceed -4°F-140°F (-20°C-60°C), otherwise, the battery will swell.

    oh and I guess its 95 degrees which still makes it worthless to me when for most of the year we are well above that

    also in all of my reading of reviews when looking for a replacement this is the only jumpstarter I have seen come with this kind of warning - seriously it doesn't have to get very hot out to get way over 95 in a locked car with the windows up - - what good is it if you can only have it with you when its not hot???

    they make these portable jump starters in many different sizes for different demands - there are the smaller ones like MADDMOE linked that are great for 4 & 6 cylinder engines and they go all the way up to ones like this one - NOCO 2000 Amp jump starter that are good for 8 liter gasoline and 6 liter diesel engines.

    I had a DBPower jumpstarter that I carried in my slingshot until last year - like DJohnson had happen it started swelling up. after doing some research I found out that it was a common problem with that brand if they were stored over 90 degrees which around these parts is almost every day - after doing more research and hearing all good things I decided to replace it with one from NOCO - this is the one I now carry - NOCO Boost 500 Amp jump starter - easily big enough for my slingshot and probably any car I might be asked to help

    If you run the full fender it will cost you 10 mph on the top end they are parachutes. I cannot speak to the bobbed fenders. They are even worse than the stock

    thanks FunCycle - very good information to know - - - to me giving up any performance just to change the looks a bit is a non starter - - heck most of the cosmetic things like fenders and wings are for others to look at - - sure cant be admiring them from behind the wheel in the twisties

    Push the button. Not no but Hell No! Joe is not going to last out his term she would. Joe will sleep through most of it and be on vacation the rest.

    and when Joe doesn't make it through then we get kameltoe - - - =O

    Trust me I truly dislike Hillary, but I doubt she would get pushed left like the puppet is getting pushed, and yes, I do believe at some point they will replace him and that automatically gets you the vice president unless they find a way to get rid of her too - - - and only God knows who that would get us

    Yea - - as much as I don't like Hillary I think her self serving ways would most likely keep us much closer to the moderate left than where we are going now