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    Mine coming up on 3/11. Procedure is nothing, prep sucks big time!

    I learned when I got my second one that applying a little vaseline after each trip to the bathroom when doing the prep cleanse can really help to avoid the discomfort that can normally result from being a human volcano 8|

    my only concern with either of these would be that something could possibly cause issues with availability when it comes time for the second shot - - - I know that some of the second shot clinics here were delayed because of the recent weather issues across the country. Hopefully with supplies picking up this won't happen again

    From what I have read a person doesn’t even start to build immunity until all least 10 days after the first shot and then it builds slowly until 3 or 4 weeks which is when you get he booster to get it to build fully and to make it last longer

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    I guess you watch and believe main stream media fake news’s full of radical liberal left snowflake commie propaganda 24/7...from well educated BLM, Antifa, peaceful rioters and looters, planned parenthood.....and the worst part is what they are doing to your kids brain in grade school, high school and college everyday....think about it......and don’t forget I’m a racist, misogamist, and all the other “ists”

    Every other lefty social platform is practicing censorship of everyone with a normal right brain....

    The end is near....2.0 is incoming

    you write people off because you say their sources are nothing but propaganda, but how do you know that your sources are any better?

    Just because you want to believe what they tell you does not make it true

    remember both sides thrive when they can divide the people and judging from what you post it certainly does not seem like the people you listen too are trying to bring Americans together

    Think about it

    I know there are many better looking seats out there, but to be honest I like the ugly plastic seat that came in my 2016 just fine - - I like that its truly waterproof and I find it fits my a$$ just fine and I also like that the valley down the center of the bottom helps to keep the water away when it does rain.

    In the end 99% of all politicians on both sides are self serving elitists' that only care about the people when they think it will get them votes.

    It is wishful thinking to believe one side is really any different than the other.

    the only true difference is which special interest they suck up to - - - and I can pretty much guarantee its never been me or any normal working person I have ever known - including my friends here

    when we argue about one side vs the other it only serves to divide us which is exactly what they want

    Divide and Conquer - - that is the goal of the elite political class and the choice is ours to either play into their game or to step back choose to not take part

    I choose the latter - Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians - - - labels that divide - - Instead of worrying about which of these labels may or may not fit my friends here I am going to go with the label "Slingshot Family Member" - - a label that fits everyone here and a label that promotes friendship and love


    My wife has an appointment tomorrow to get her first vaccine, when we first signed her up it was posted that she would be getting the Moderna version, but apparently they are now going to be giving the Pfizer version. It seems that the nasty winter weather across the country has caused a delay in the deliveries from Moderna but hasn't impacted Pfizers

    both my daughter and I got the Pfizer and it seems to be more readily available so it may be a blessing as there will be less chance of a delay in her second shot

    I don't seem to have any connection issues with t-mobile and been using them for about a year now. Only connection as I am writing and posting this.

    in the end the only thing that matters with cell service is will it work it the majority of places you will need/want it - - it doesn't matter if a service has be largest coverage area in the country if the places you live and work are in dead zones

    we were on AT&T for years they have some of the best coverage here in my area, unfortunatly here at my home the service sucked - had to walk outside and stand in the back corner of the yard to make a reliable call - - - switched to T-Mobile and the problem is gone

    In the end there is no one best cell provider one that is great where I need it could very well suck where you would need it - - you have to do the research and talk to people where you will be needing it to figure it out

    I don’t consider old age dementia to be “normal” yes he is a nice guy, but he clearly has a serious case of CRS

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    I've watched them stab and immobilize a cicada as they drag them up a tree to their nest. =O
    Damn, nature, you scary!

    personally I don't much care for anything that flies and stings - - - around here most all of the bees are now Africanized, as such I no longer swat at any bee that is bothering me - too afraid if I do it will go get all of its homies and come after me - - heck there have even been instances of bees getting pissed off at barking dogs and then going after the dogs and stinging them to death

    Yea - no thank you!