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    I am more surprised by the stock rear wheel dyno number being 163. Is this a common number for a stock slingshot? I thought GM only rated this motor at 173? Also love the fact that it hold the torque above 160 from 3600-5200. Would love to see how much improvement just getting rid of that cat would make.

    I agree that the drivetrain loses seem to be less than I would normally expect if it were a regular 4 wheel vehicle - perhaps the noisy angle drive that so many love to hate is actually more efficient than a regular differential - - :/

    Also worth noting Sanders holds a 4 point lead over Biden in polls for California - California has a pretty good record of picking the Democrat winner in primaries (with the exception being picking Hillary over Obama) and this year the State has moved its voting up much earlier than prior years with early voting opening the same day as the earliest caucuses and the primary in March

    February 4th, - just 11 days from now President Trump is scheduled to give the State of the Union speech infront of the very Congress that is trying to impeach him

    Personally I think it has the potential to be one of the most interesting State of the Unions in history - I will have to watch this one :evil:

    Thanks Dave, that is very helpful in knowing when to shift to maximize performance, but i was thinking more about knowing the best rpm range for optimal performance if for some reason I suddenly needed all of the power I could get in the gear I am already in without having to down shift. Is this simply a matter of staying in the range with the best torque or is it some range between peak HP rpm and torque? Looking at the torque curve in the chart Kyle posted above it seems to fit with my feelings when driving my sling that I get the best response in the 3,500 to 4,500

    going by torque in that chart it seems to agree with the 3,500 to 55,00 range suggested by FunCycle and also with my own preference of 3,500 to 4,500 as where I seem to get the best responsiveness when hitting the gas. Seems like the stock GM engine has a nice wide range where it manages to keep the torque up near the max

    I will be interested to see the graphs on the new motor to see how flat the curves are in its power production

    I am curious to know if there is a way to determine the optimal RPM range for an NA motor by looking at the RPM at which peak torque and peak HP are produced?

    Is there a formula or rule of thumb that I could use to find the optimal range to try to keep my RPM in as I go through the gears? and also to compare what that range would be if changes were made that changed things or also to compare with the new engine?

    oh - and just to be clear, when I say "optimal" I am talking best performance, not best gas mileage :P

    Thank you

    Always good to have options ?so folks can make their own choices. I thought I'd like a paddle shift on the Vanderhall and paid extra for it. Turned out, I didn't like it any better than on a car. Seemed too much the same. Went back to Slingshot and much happier. As they say "diff strokes......"

    I do think the new motor will be a nice change and with a 4 year warranty, whats to lose?

    A 4 year warranty is a very good thing to have, but if the Slingshot is constantly in the shop it would still suck. good slingshot dealers are often very far away and even if its covered by warranty it can be a royal pain to have to get things fixed

    Personally I hope that this new engine turns out to be fantastic, but given Polaris's record on recalls I am not willing to be on the front lines of finding out

    If by some miracle the Democrats actually pull this magic trick off and get Trump removed from office I wonder how long it will be before they start impeachment hearings against Pence?

    As a side note I notice that Mike seems very quiet about all of this - probably a very smart thing to do I suspect

    Some folks say it will be a stain on his presidency. It doesn't seem to have any effect on Bill Clinton so why would it on Trump? He may be the third president impeached but he might be the only impeached president ever reelected after the impeachment.

    I highly suspect this process that the Democrats are putting the country through have and will greatly improve Trumps chances at reelection - Unfortunately for them the people really are not as stupid as they think.

    DDM Sway Bar and the reinforced radiator support bar/strut bar has been installed, now it is time to start bolting everything back together. I do not know how much longer the back will allow me to work today. At this rate I might be done by April.

    FunCycle Please tell me about this "strut bar" you are installing. Some time back I heard someone talk about a brace to stiffen up the frame - is this what you are talking about? and is this something that is sill available?

    I am done stating my beliefs and/or my arguments on the issue of impeachment in either this thread or the other one that was started on this subject. I feel it serves no purpose to do so and only serves to divide friends.

    Having said this I do want to share this bit of information on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson - Impeachment has been such a rare thing in our history and as such I suspect most of us know very little about the first impeachment of a President in our history.

    Impeachment history - Andrew Johnson

    In the end what we think here does not matter - it will not change one thing in the political world one little bit

    Fact is this thread will only serve to divide the people here and to take away from our common bond of Slingshot ownership and interest.

    As such I will not be posting in this thread again

    Peace :love:

    I am a voter, I am judging by voter rule. I want the truth and I want it all. I don't care about politics, I think truth will give me what I need to know about making decisions that a voter needs. Let the lawyers present the case and debate the truth and let me make decisions based on what I get from that. That is all I care about. I don't care how other impeachments happened, I care about this one. This is a precipitating setting process that will let other presidents go in directions they want with no action to be taken against them if they do great wrong. It is the great wrong that I am concerned with. Having other countries to be do things for favors for the presidents is somethings I will not tolerate with out voicing my concern.

    I stand alone in all this, but I feel that I am voicing my opinion about a direction that needs to be stopped for future presidents to take. I want it clear, there are checks and balances in our branches of government that are there to block a president from reaching goals of personal gain in any way. I do not want him to go on his own to wage assaults on nation without informing congress unless we are in immediate threat. Folks, we are in a place where small nations have nuclear weapons and War with this type engagement could be something that may not be stopped easily until all is gone. All it would take is a guy like trump with his way of not viewed as loosing or looking weak to get us into something like this. I have seen his threats to other nations. It sounds great to Trump Supporters. "Go get em Trump, we are behind you, anything you want or need let us know".

    If not Trump, the future can produce someone that gets into office that may even be worse and has other big ideas. Without a Check and Balance power of our congress, may not be able to stop him once the foothold has been reached. I think this is the test we are under.

    what information do you need? To make what decisions?

    would you actually ever vote for Trump even if he were proven 100% innocent?

    Bill, if Trump is not found guilty by the Senate, is he still impeached. Wouldn’t that like being indicted but not convicted

    Impeached by definition is pretty much the indictment part - - including Trump three Presidents have been "impeached" Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and now Donald Trump - - neither Johnson or Clinton were ultimately removed from office

    Nixon probably would have been removed, but he resigned before the House formally impeached him so technically he was never impeached

    up to now no sitting President has been impeached by the House and then removed from office by the Senate

    I don’t think Trump is impeached until after it’s completed and he is found guilty. The House cannot impeach him but they do make a case and present their articles of impeachment. The Senate then decides if the articles are worthy of trial and can vote to dismiss first thing. The Democrats cried so much that they decided to go to step two and here the case from both sides and then if needed call witnesses and have a full trial.
    It appears to me Sam that you want to not follow protocol and jump strait to witnesses.
    If the Senate doesn’t find good cause during briefs then they can vote at that time since no witnesses are needed since there is no crime.
    If they vote in Trumps favor finding no good cause then he is no longer impeached.

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    If you were correct then no President has even been impeached - Like I said the Senate has never voted to remove an impeached president from office - - - Nixon probably would have been, but he resigned before the house impeached him so he was not even technically impeached

    if you google "list impeached Presidents" you get Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

    List of impeached Presidents