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    It is their property and it is their right to make the rules for "their" property. It is our right to choose where we spend our money! End of story

    exactly, unfortunately these people I keep seeing dont seem to understand this - instead of simply going elsewhere they fight, argue, push people down and act spoiled little children who cant deal with not getting their way.

    One thing I have noticed about all of this mask stuff is a very troubling lack of respect for privately owned businesses - - - people thinking they have some right not to wear a mask when the business tells them they must. - - - - - seriously are people really that ignorant that they think their rights are more important than the rights of the business owner??

    do these ignorant people think they can walk shirtless into a business with a "no shoes no shirt no service" sign out front and think it their "right" to be served?

    what part of private ownership and the rights owners have dont these people understand??

    once you step onto someone else's private property you dont have any rights - - its their property and they can ask you to leave and if you refuse you can be arrested

    seriously what kind of person yells about "rights" and then thinks other peoples rights don't count?????

    I believe that the message has be transmitted and received by those folks that have enough common sense to listen with an open mind where not wearing a mask may very well mean death to some one who unfortunately comes in contact with them. Those that really care will wear a mask to protect themselves, their families and whomever they may happen to come into close contact with. The few folk that obviously do not give a damn about anybody else but themselves, still arguing this issue, simply are going to continue to argue just for the sake of arguing. Sad! :(


    just a matter of - - - - - -

    you don’t get it yet.... it was done on purpose so the virus would spread more. And it worked. Supposedly.

    We are getting closer to the election. They want you to vote from home. They just issued a everyone must wear a mask in public or be fined and they just closed bars and restaurants again for a week.

    and it’s mainly directed toward young people. I’m in a Democrat controlled state.

    So - a question - If you really believe that your own country would kill its own people here in the U.S. to advance their own political agenda - - - why are you still here?

    If you truly believe this why wouldn't you move to a different place?

    I know the U.S. isnt perfect, but I don't believe either political party would intentionally kill U.S. citizens living in the U.S. just to have more political power - - - lots of things are very F'ed up but if I truly thought they were that F'ed up I would be out of here

    Looks like Yale needs to be renamed and some stuff destroyed.

    Elihu Yale (5 April 1649 – 8 July 1721) was an British-American-born British merchant and slave trader, President of the East India Company settlement in Fort St. George, at Madras, and a benefactor of the Collegiate School in the Colony of Connecticut, which, in 1718, was renamed Yale College in his honor.

    I would think that any decent person who attended this clearly racist institution should immediately return their racist diplomas and disavow the the place immediately 8o

    I am sure that many people might disagree with me, But I really wouldn't mind in wearing face coverings when in public places where you cant socially distance became a normal / respect thing that people just did from now on

    Seriously when I am out and about or on an airplane I really would prefer it if people kept their spit and germs to themselves - - - - and I can respect that others dont want mine either.

    just saying :thumbsup:

    So we are supposed to be terrified of a virus that we can have and never know we had it?

    actually Yes - because if you don't know you have it then you will walk around spreading it - like Typhoid Mary

    Seriously think about it - if everyone who got it felt like crap the second they got it they would be more likely to stay home and would not be out spreading it - - the germ carrying spreaders are the ones that dont know they have it

    I do kinda agree with the "they" thing... In my case the they are the media.... About 2 months ago I posted that Covid was slowing down in the news and race and LGBTQ stuff would come back.. Well, it did in a big way... Now that is dying down again and Covid is coming back... If one listens to the media there is nothing but fear being spread... A few years ago in the movie "Live Free or Die Hard" Justin Long's character says this same thing that the media is spreading fear to keep people buying and the economy going...... I know just a movie... but still. As for man bun coming for my... I say come on down.. I got something for ya...

    this to me is the problem now days - the news media is no longer a reporter of factual news - they now are a self serving reporter of opinion. and to add insult to injury with social media is now actually the primary source of "news" for a huge number of people.

    unfortunately the only solution for those of us who really care is to fact check everything ourselves - news media cant be trusted and it is sure as hell social media news cant be trusted so - if you dont do it for your self no one else will

    and the super unfortunate thing is that the vast majority wont even bother to fact check or verify - they will just pass it on as if it is fact because it came from their preferred rumor/opinion "news" source

    basically we are screwed - and we let it happen as we stood there and watched because we liked the opinion our side was giving

    they want you to be confused and scared....

    which "they" exactly are you talking about? - - the democrat "They"? republican "They"? the government "they" the scientific community "they"

    seems to me that "they" are the ones who are confused

    We are simply talking about risk. Everything comes with a risk that may or may not be limited or eliminated. I'd say there's more risk riding a motorcycle than being killed or debilitated by covid-19. I think the disk from this virus is being inflated for political gain.

    The problem I have with this thinking is that too me it seems like you are only thinking about yourself - - - now I dont mean that personally, but when we talk about most things where you take a risk the only person that the risk could hurt is the person taking it

    with a virus that there is no vaccine for that has been proven to be highly contagious when a person takes a risk that increases the chance that they might get it they also increase the risk that they will end up spreading it to many other people - - - - from a purely moral perspective do you really think that is okay?

    taking a risk that only impacts yourself - who cares? but when you walk around refusing to do something as simple as wearing a face covering you are now forcing your risk on everyone who comes near you - - remember just because you feel great doesn't mean you don't have it and are not spreading it - - fact is most people who are spreading it don't even know it?

    So anyway - this is why I do choose to wear a face covering when I cant socially distance - - - its not for me - - its simply out of respect for others

    its a free country and I will support your right not to wear a mask, but if you do make that choice I would hope you would stay away form other people who are concerned about this virus - - its a simple matter of respecting others