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    Guess all of those lights you added to the sling to make sure others can always see you don’t help in parking lots - glad you are 👍

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    I have mentioned my values many times on here. No one party covers all of them and all parties hold beliefs I find stupid.

    The question is, why would a person throw themselves into a label that for good and bad will define them?

    being a centrist or a conservative or a libertarian does not require you to be aligned with a party - they are not the same - its like saying you have to belong to a church to be a Christian

    If it were up to me there would not be any parties - - I think political parties only exist so that those running them can gain power

    Heck I feel very similarly about most churches - its all about power over people - - - - not something I believe Jesus would approve of

    If you live in a heavily blue area; find a tshirt for the Netflix movie "Cuties". They'll think your voting for Biden and make your vote count.

    It shouldn't have been. The absentee ballot needs to be requested and should contain identifying and trackable information. A mail in ballot can be photocopied. least that's my understanding.

    my mail in ballot was trackable - in fact I was e-mailed when it was mailed to me and could track it and I tracked it on its return and have verified that it has been received by Riverside County and my signature has been verified and the ballot accepted

    actually this year it was more trackable than past years absentee which I could only confirm that they received it after I mailed it back - - there was no notification when it was sent out to me like this year

    I have to say I am getting very tired of all of this "Russian" BS

    Anyone says or does anything for Trump and its "Russians"

    Anyone does anything against Biden and its "Russians"

    not only is it stupid, but it also shows that apparently the people saying this think we are all stupid

    Edit - - I think blaming Russia is the new "The dog ate my homework" for those on the left and I think most people believe it just about as much as a teacher would believe the dog ate my homework story

    the democrats have pumped millions of dollars it to key races.....they have out raised the republicans...they want the senate back....that gives them the impeachment option guaranteed to go forward with replacing the president...

    This highly divided partisan far left far right crap needs to stop....they are ruining the country....more Middle conservatives from both sides need elected...…a_Democrat_vice_president

    so with all of this divide....should it be mandatory that whatever the party of the elected president a Vice President should be Of the other party. Vice President election could be held

    after the president is sworn might force more cooperation between parties...

    Vice president from the other party would simply be relegated to unimportant tasks by the President

    no point - - - seriously imagine the impeachment pressure there would have been if Trumps vice president and potential replacement were a Democrat

    I requested an absentee ballot and they sent me a regular mail in ballot. So I called the state election YADA YADA told them my plight and asked if I could just go vote in person....she said yes take all the ballot stuff I received with me....I said can I open that ballot and write VOID all over it in ink.....she said NO don’t do that...the election manager will destroy it. I don’t plan to mail it back that way....I’ll void it in front of him and hand it to him.....I didn’t get a chance to tell her my intentions...

    she did tell me they are having lots of problems....I told her the state was not prepared to conduct the election this way....

    So the heavily democratic Allegheny country election idiots sent me a regular ballot probably since They can see I’m registered I’m supposed to trust the probably democratic election manager to destroy my my option now is to demand it gets torn in half while I watch....

    What’s the odds?..

    so - - what is the difference between an "absentee ballot" and a "mail in ballot" - - - - - the "mail in ballot" I got here this year was identical to all of the past "absentee ballots" I have received in past years with the only exception being that this year the return envelope did dot require me to put postage on it - - - - other than that identical

    In the end I highly suspect that last nights debate will not change any minds - those who support Trump will still support Trump and those that support Biden will still support Biden - - - and the small % of people who are actually undecided - - - meh!

    seriously doubt anything said last night is going to cause any substantial change

    Now on a different note I dont think this election is going to be close as some people think it will be - - - - the voter turn out seems to be much higher than normal and I have a feeling that whoever wins this is going to win it big

    Could be all of the fear of voter fraud has conservatives much more excited to be sure their vote counts

    Could be that all of the Trump hate in the media has the left more excited to vote

    Could be that putting Kamaltoe on the ballot got Bernie voters excited

    Could be allot of things

    I just dont know what it is, but I would not be the least surprised if this thing ends up in a landslide one way or the other

    but....the brake lines are rusting on the inside....the moisture is from condensation between the hot and cold...the calipers heat up and cool down....

    not if the lines are stainless steel - - and frankly even if they are not I would think that external rust from splashing water and even washing would be more likely