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    Here in California we have those smog control vapor return gas nozzles and if they don't seal correctly they can be a pain in the butt - there is one station I often gas at that the only way to get it to stay on when gassing the sling is to hold the end sealing part up with my left hand and operate the trigger grip with my right - - on the other hand I gassed at a different station this morning and the nozzle worked perfectly and I could even lock it on and it kept going until the tank was full

    fortunately the tank is so small that even if I have to use both hands to get the pump to work it really isn't that inconvenient

    The only bands that I did not like in the day was Kiss which was later and the Grateful Dead and Cream and there was one more that I did not care for. I will think about it later. This needs it's own thread.

    I have/had friends that were/are total Dead Heads - even know one guy who followed them all over the world probably saw them close to 100 times - - He talked me into going one time with him and it just wasn't my thing seemed like it was more about getting stoned than the actual quality of the music.

    Agree with your statement -

    except the Unhinged movie. Why didn't she just call the police!?!?!?!?! Glaring Plot Hole.

    yes, like most movies there are always those holes, but if she had called the cops right off the bat there wouldnt have been a movie - - anyway the point, that the person you are honking at or flipping off might have just murdered his EX and her lover is worth thinking about before you hit that horn

    you never really know do ya?

    Hey country girls needed love too - but that only took a few shots and a few lies

    I will take good country music over disco any day of the week, but when it comes to dancing my two left feet don't work any better for one than the other - - Disco or line dancing - - - yea that isn't happening - - - - probably why I like The Who so much no one really dances to Won't Get Fooled Again or Baba O'Riley :thumbsup:

    I absolutely HATED that disco crap. I was a biker & used to wear a T-shirt during that era that said, “KILL THE BEE GEES” in huge letters. It was all Harleys & rock & roll for me…

    I have had to adapt over the years, I have always been into Rock, specifically The Who and also Pete Townshend's solo work, But my wife loves the Bee Gees, As such I have learned to tolerate it when she wants to listen to them, I also have to say that she has been very open to my music as well and can now identify virtually every song that the Who or Pete have released the moment she hears the first few seconds on the radio - - - Back in the days of that Saturday Night fever BS any Bee Gee song would have been immediately switched off - - Oh well - - My Sara is more than worth it :love:

    It is my opinion that being courteous to everyone around you should be the number one rule of the road. If those behind me want to go faster than I want to go I try to move out of their way, I don't care which lane I am in or what the "rules of the road" might say my rights are - it doesn't matter - I just try to be kind,

    Not only does this seem like the easiest and best way to deal with the situation, but it is also how I would hope others would deal with the situation if they wanted to get around me. - - We live in very crazy world and I have no idea what things might be going on in the lives of others on the road around me that might have them on edge or at some breaking point so why push buttons when I don't know what might happen?

    Unhinged - -good movie and it just might make you think twice before you lay on the horn or flip some other driver off

    Thanks I am headed to their site now.

    good luck hope you find something - - I did notice that some styles, like the "sports" styles seem to have more things that you can customize - - shame I didn't see this before I ordered mine - I just got the Flak 2.0 XL with flat black frames and Prizm Road Black lenses - - - they actually showed up just a few minutes ago - love them - - these here

    I ordered a new pair of Oakley sunglasses the other day and today when I was checking on the order I was playing around on their site. Perhaps this is not news to everyone else, but it it was to me - they will actually let you customers design your own pair of sunglasses, you can pick your lens, you can pick frame colors to match your slingshot and you can even get custom etching on the lens itself - like "SLINGSHOT"

    anyway for those of you who like everything to match I thought you might enjoy getting some high quality sunglasses that match your sling

    a link to one style

    I think another thing that was interesting about that story is that Raymond Maddox was described as a 37 year old "lanky" 6 footer - - and that the autopsy found no evidence of drugs in his system

    So not some huge guy on drugs as one might expect