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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Thanks Kyle! We definitely had a great time this weekend and we really appreciate the hospitality and camaraderie of you and your crew. While the weekend ended without any records being broken we did manage to get both slings back on the trailers under their own power and with no personal injuries.

    Thanks again and we'll see ya in R kan saw! LOL

    Hummmm on second thought at about two grand for one and the slingshot is about 1750 pounds that's about 1.14 a pound. You can't get a good steak or chicken at that price ... maybe this IS doable.... ( just goes to show ya anything can be rationalized ) Still not going downstairs ....

    Mine was $1600 delivered. It's been well worth it and I can't imagine how I got by this long without it!

    We don't have ear plugs but we do use a set of headphones like you would use in a small plane. They are active noise canceling and do an awesome job. They block out the constant noise like the wind and the exhaust while allowing the tunes from the speakers to flow through. We can also talk to each other in a normal tone up to about 80mph. If you go much above that you have to turn up the squelch and then you have to speak louder to break the squelch to talk to each other. They were a bit on the pricey side for me but they are well worth every penny spent. Just a note, we do not wear helmets.

    We all would be upset if any flag was flown above the USA flag.

    The only flag I want to see flown above the American flag is the "christian" flag. No I'm not a bible thumper but this nation was founded on judeo christian values so I'm ok with that flag on top.

    Welcome to the forum and Congratulations on your purchase. This is definitely the place to be! Great folks here knowledgeable and willing to help you with any questions or issues you have with your new toy and always willing to help you run up the balance on your CC!

    I'd be willing to bet there will be some slingshotinfo stickers on some toll boxes inside soon! Glad to see the employees support the forum as it does support them and Polaris!

    Not political but important anyway. It was great to get to spend a little time with you this weekend even if we were fighting for our lives! LOL

    Hope you continue to improve day by day and if your ever back in Bama give us a shout!

    So we can’t handle it....????

    Do our other vehicles have a throttle delay?

    Do your other vehicles have the same hp/trq to weight ration?

    I don't know about the delay on your vehicles but the 16' F150 I had had a delay. You could hear the back of the accelerator hit the mat long before you would feel the truck move. Personally I hate fly by wire accelerators.

    Update on my unfortunate experience with Pep Boys and my original Achilles ATR SPort 2 305/30R18 tire mounting experience. See Posts # 671, 674 & 711 for background info.

    I had emailed Pep Boys corporate about my disappointing experience and a couple weeks later received a request for any additional info I wished to submit. I started prepping an answer, but forgot to actually send it back to Pep Boys (something that seems to be happening more often than I'd like). I discovered the draft email in my Drafts folder a few days ago and sent it to Pep Boys apologizing for not having responded sooner. A day or so later, I received a response saying I should soon hear from my local Pep Boys store and the General Manager called me today to verify the info he had. He then offered to replace my tire, saying that while the store is not admitting any responsibility, he felt the $100 cost of the tire was not worth generating any ill-will. With luck, I should have the new tire in about 1 week or so. I'd like to state that Pep Boys is again back in my good graces. The brake job I got there just before the tire incident seems to be working well and was very reasonably priced with a nice rebate, too.

    Are you kin to Paul Harvey? jk jk

    PS I hope to pick up a discounted shade down the road if they ever drop down to $2k. In the mean time, I am going to hang out with the local sling club and keep an eye out for a stinger roof in action. I am warming up to that one because of no side bars and a nice looking center spine with lights but I need to see it in person. Don't care for the other roofs, they just don't look right to me.

    I live in the South and I am of the opinion that any top is better than no top! If you want the best top for the dollar the meansling top is hard to beat but if you want the all around best top you know what you gotta do! LOL