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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Hi Tim Ghost , I can help with a cad program drawing if you need one for yourselves , forum friends etc , You know what I would like to do with a copy , message me if you're interested

    Bring your measuring tape to MV with you. It don't take 5 minutes to take it out now that she's got it all worked out. You can measure it or trace it out either one. I'm sure each will have their own reason for wanting one but our reason it to block the turbulence and keep the exhaust from rolling over the back and into the cockpit. Everyone just needs to be clear that it is specifically designed to work with the slingshade and also that they may need to make minor altercations to the lower edge with a file for their desired clearance. I want mine as tight as possible without rubbing the paint. I thought we would have a chance today to get it out an make a test run but it has rained all day:(

    What is the DEI Complete Heat Control Kit?

    It's a set of pre cut pieces of sound deadening/insulating material like "Dynamat". We just ordered the dynamat and cut it ourselves. We covered everything from the top of the firewall to the back of the sling including up in the top of the transmission tunnel. That part required making some thin metal pieces to stick it to.

    Well she got the body lines all mapped out and laid out on a new piece of lexan then the water jet guy said he couldn't do it unless I could provide him with a cad program to go by. I have some contacts that could probably do all the measuring and write the program but I'm too impatient for all that. I got out my ole trusty rusty jig saw and did what any good man would do. That's right, I cut that sucker out by hand. Turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. Installed and un-installed it about 20 times making some final touches with a file but the finished product is nice. I made sure a thin business card would fit underneath it everywhere. I'll remove it again after a few miles and see if things are flexing enough to allow it to touch paint. If not then I think we have one that could be measured for a cad program pattern. Time will tell.

    Yes, thankfully he was located alive about mid day on Tuesday.

    We have had fun learning the drone. Still got a long way to go for sure. It is an amazing tool. Just wish we could afford a bigger drone with a serious flir camera.

    What kind of drone you using?

    We have a couple. The one we were using yesterday was a Mavic 2 Pro. It's a little easier to carry in the sling. This has been a pretty steep learning curve for me. I got my real pilots license back in the spring of 81 but when your flying a real plane it just goes the way it's pointed hopefully. These darn things move in any direction and your supposed to keep your subject centered in the frame and fly real smooth and know how to set all the camera settings etc ,etc. Heck I can't hardly take a picture with a cell phone! LOL I am having a blast learning. Unfortunately I have to be up early in the morning to go search for a 70yr old man lost in the forest. Weather permitting we will be ready to get in the air at first light if we are given the go ahead by the IC in the morning. Pray for someone to find him alive and well!

    What kind of drone you using?

    I disagree whole heartedly. There are a ton of folks that open carry in Alabama and that line about being the first target has yet to ever be proven. MOST crooks are cowards and at the first sight of opposition they tuck tail and run. I am sure beyond a doubt that countless crimes have been thwarted because the “bad guy” seen someone else had a gun besides him. You ever wonder why we as LEO’s wear uniforms and open carry? Carrying concealed is like carrying with an open chamber. Should you ever need your weapon you may have the rest of your life to get it into action.

    All that being said, I don’t always open carry when not on duty but I choose my times and places. Carry On!

    I turn to it just to see how many people are in the stands. NASCAR has got to be in trouble "BIG TIME"

    I hate it for all the hard working people and their families that keep nascar going and all the supporting business that it brings but nascar done it to themselves.

    Thankfully our rights to carry a loaded long gun in or on you vehicle or person in my home state have never been infringed. Hand guns are a different story. They think you need to pay a fee to exercise your 2nd amendment rights. Soon they will start selling permits for "free speech"!

    Most common folk lost interest when the drivers started thinking they should tell us who to vote for. We haven't watched a race in a long long time.

    Ok NOT FAIR! How can a guy who only takes pictures compete with people who have cool drones !?

    Jealous !🙂

    Those of us who don't have the luxury to visit nice places like you do have to try to make up for it some how. LOL

    In all seriousness the drone is a cool tool but this one needs a better pilot, photographer, editor, color artist, composer etc, etc. I am new to all this and I'll be the first to admit it shows but hey, how do you get better besides practicing.