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    p365 is my next one.. on sale for 499 ..don't know yet if I want one with manual safety...they are coming out soon

    I have been impressed with the accuracy and reliability of the P365. I unboxed it, loaded it, and proceeded to put a little over 1K rnds through it in the first 10 days. 0 fail to fire, 0 fail to feed, 0 fail to eject with a combination of different weight and design bullets. After it past the tests I tore it apart, inspected it, cleaned it and promptly starting carrying it for a b.u.g. on duty and often times a primary when off duty. IMHO it is a great carry choice.

    It's like the age old argument about carrying one in the chamber. If you ever find yourself in a really bad situation and need your weapon you very well may have the rest of your life to get a round chambered. Situational awareness is your best defense against finding yourself in a really bad situation and even then it's not 100%. Be Safe and Carry On!

    I tried to keep up with it when it was a hot topic. To the best of my memory like everything else it worked for some and not for others. Variables strikes again!

    Pic's please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had read that the only fix (per the post I read on another page) was the rear air deflector, due to the rear design of a sling pulling fumes up, and over into cockpit?

    That’s why I’m confused🤔 There are many post, and much talk of fume issues, but no real answers? Surely in 4 model years someone would have figured something out???

    And the search goes on. Thanks guys.

    I can tell you horror stories about exhaust fumes from personal experience. All the variables is the problem with trying what someone else is using. I once posted a video of an SS going down the road at 65mph that had two flags mounted on the very rear. Both flags were blowing toward the cockpit. That told me a lot about the aero of the SS.

    I'll tell a very short version of a very long and complicated story about exhaust fumes in our SS. There was some fumes with the stock exhaust, wind screen, and no top, no wind restrictor. Each time we changed one of those it affected the fumes as well as the noise in the cockpit and not always in a good way.

    We ended up with a Nascar style wind screen, a slingshade top, custom wind restrictor, custom heat shield and insulation from the top of the fire wall to the rear of the sling, and a custom exhaust.

    The wind restrictor has very close tolerances to the body and top.

    The insulation kit was custom made by us using Dynamat and it included making custom made panels to cover all the holes in the firewall and also in the top of the transmission tunnel.

    Since we decided to go boosted we use a very low restriction custom made exhaust which equates to it being very loud.

    Presently we have very little to no exhaust fume issues. That is saying a mouth full considering folks behind me on a ride back in Nov, were complaining about my exhaust fumes and put me in the back of the pack. They mentioned something about pepi lapew or something like that. Not sure but we are happy.

    Note: The extremely loud exhaust is not a problem because we use ANR headsets meant for light aircraft. We can converse as if we were in our family car at 100mph. We also listen to our music through the headsets.

    Bottom line, it's like everything else you've ever done. Once you step away from stock then it's a custom design with custom made problems only cured by custom made solutions. Good Luck!

    This may have been posted before. Hell, I may have posted it before. Oh the joys of getting old and forgetful! LOL

    For all you firearm enthusiasts who like to buy your ammo at the best price check out You can search for the exact cartridge you want at multiple vendors at the same time and it's in real time. It even tells you down to the second when the price check was updated. Merry Christmas! and Enjoy!

    Are you armed is another one

    Obviously he isn't from the comment made.

    I HATE wearing a seat belt but since I don't know when the wreck will happen I have to be prepared or suffer the consequences. Paranoid or Prepared? Guess that's up each individual.

    Do you carry a spare tire?

    Do you own a fire extinguisher?

    Do you have smoke detectors in your home?

    Do you have home owners insurance?

    Better to be prepared than naive, it can happen any where any time.

    My 8.5 X 20 enclosed had the E-Trac all the way down each wall including the top of the fender wells and all the way down the center. It also has the 4 standard "D" rings. It has the side door on the curb side. I would not advise having the side door on the other side. To easy to step out of the trailer right in front of some fool driving to close. Having the E-Trac set up this way makes the trailer much more versatile. My tie down location changes some what depending out what I'm using to pull the trailer. If it happens to be the dually then the SS gets pulled further toward the front because tongue weight isn't an issue and the more I can put on the truck the easier it is on the trailer tires. If I'm pulling with a smaller truck then it gets tied down further back.

    One of the biggest improvements I made was taking rabtech 's advice and purchasing some retractable ratchet straps. Hopefully he will chime in with the type and where you can get them.

    I mentioned the trailer tires above. My trailer had the smaller 15" tires on it . That is a HUGE mistake. DO NOT buy a trailer with small 15" tires unless you want to drive 55mph every where you go. Anything above 65 and these things pop like popcorn. And yes I have bought the heaviest duty tires that I can find for it. Make sure you get the tires like rabtech got on his newest trailer or larger and you'll be good to go.