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    Today wasn't the best day for ridding but it is the day we were given. Today we joined together for a short group ride to celebrate the life of a local 4yr old who lost his battle with cancer Thursday night. There were folks from all over the U.S. and reportedly at least one from Canada. Keep in mind that this little town is home to only about 5k people and the idea of this ride only came to fruition about 2 weeks ago. I also want to comment that the FB page #burnoutsforwyatt was only started about 8 days ago and is now well over 100k strong! Check out the video and fell free to check out the FB page.

    Congrats to Ghost on the winning photo:thumbsup:

    The next topic has been decided and will begin shortly!


    WAY TA GO!!!

    Sorry for being late to the game!

    Thanks for the kind words but I think I mostly won by default. LOL As more of the members here get involved there will be more votes and the friendly competition will get stronger and stronger. I'm glad that there were folks that enjoyed the pic of our sling taking a bath in the spillway but the sling itself in no way even compares to some of the others that entered. Let's get the word out about this and keep it rolling!!


    My first pole dance for the new year!

    It’s a new year!!! :00000441:
    So I am hear at the chemo bay getting my first immunotherapy treatment this year. Also having to start on my deductibles for the year.:00000450:

    Looking forward to seeing how this year is going to be.

    Lookin Good Rob!!!

    Praying for continued success!

    Just a word to the wise. That is a decent incline and it is SLICK! #2. The entrance and exit ramps are very steep so you definitely have to come and go at an angle or you'll rip the front bumper off. #3 Pay attention to the signs at the entrance that say the road is closed during rainy times. It doesn't take much water against the side of a 1700lb 3 wheeled vehicle to move it. Especially move it down hill on slippery cement.
    The above comment probably wasn't necessary but I don't want to be down there at the bottom of the spill way fishing out a SlingFish!

    Please carry us there the next time we get to ride together that would save a lot of rubbing on the sling for me....!!!😉😉😉

    You see we gotta get the girls to wear their bikini's and we'll take a fishing pole and we'll park'em in the spill way and you and I can wet a hook while the girls wash the slings!!

    As you can see from the image below some of our participants attempted to gain a tactical advantage by putting ballast (sand) in their entry. If it had been true competition with set rules then I would have complained but since it was all for fun and there wasn't going to be any winners or losers I didn't mind.102847-img-0399-a-jpg

    Then there was this cat here!!

    This looked uncannily like a car to me but he said that for today it was identifying as a slingshot so what the heck!


    Then there was this guy here who brought along a navigator!!! I was later told that it was necessary because one of them knew how to get to the starting line and the other knew how to get to the finish line. What ever it takes I guess!! LMAO!!


    This is the link I got from Sling Cat. If it won't play for you I will run it through my drone video software and load it up to youtube tomorrow when I get in from work. Then I can post a link to the "youtube" version and it should work.

    I am assuming that because the posted link allowed Gerald and myself to view the video there is no need to put it through the software and onto "youtube"???

    Just want to thanks to Dave and Mitch for putting together a great driving experience. Thanks to Ghost for putting up the video. Have more, just can't get them loaded. Big thanks to DDM for the supercharger install, the sound of it going down the straightaway is amazing. Speedometer was showing 140 at the end before breaking. Ready for another track day already.

    We had a blast!

    I apologize for adding the comments on your video but I just couldn't resist! LOL I just figured it was probably what you were thinking!

    It was eye opening to see the difference in performance between your sling and mine. Once I learn how to do curves it'd be nice to have that extra power. Hopefully I will be able to come to the next track day and continue the learning process.

    Oh, and thanks for the video. I'm not very tech minded but if there is anything I can do to help you get the rest of your footage uploaded give me a shout.

    The not-so-local independent station I watch out of Allentown PA does it correct. Most segments containing one point of view will post equal opposing views. How it should be!

    What would really be refreshing is if they would just report the facts and let the people make up their own mind without intentionally putting a slant on it.

    Check out this clip by Keith Blanchard from yesterday.

    In my defense I was trying to do the tight portions in 3rd. After this session I tried 4th and it was a much smoother ride and I feel like the lap times picked up. I was definitely getting to the red line in 4th on the front straight sooner in the later sessions. Enjoy!

    First I want to thank each and everyone that made this track day such a success! To say we had a blast would be a huge understatement. We definitely learned a few things! Still not use to making that curve at the end of the drag race. LOL

    I want to give a huge shout out to Macaw for the gift of some new spark plugs after I stretched my rods and closed up the gap on #1&#2. After borrowing Macaw's bore scope and checking things out we threw in the new set of plugs and continued as if nothing had happened. I guess you just can't keep a stock motor on the rev limiter for that long and not expect to have issues. LOL

    Thanks to Dave for loaning us the tools to get the job done. I actually did have the correct tools in my trailer but was over looking them in my haste to get the problem fixed.

    We all had a great time out there and hopefully I didn't hold y'all up too much! I will admit that I am not in the habit of watching my mirrors while on the track. In the racing that I do there is only one other opponent and they are usually in the other lane. It was great day for sure. So good to get to see everyone and spend a day together doing something that we all love and that's playing with our toys.

    You think it might be ok next time to bring a grill and cook up some burgers at the track? I hated loosing all the visiting time during the lunch break. Of course if I hadn't been out hunting parts stores and parts it wouldn't have been as bad but we won't talk about that.

    Tim & Shirl Ganey