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    I don't know about the Spider but just had to swap out the ABS in My Slingshot

    The ABS system in the Slingshot is a stock GM part and designed for 4 wheels

    One port is capped off with a bleeder

    It works thru its own portion of the ECU. I do not see any regulators but I an sure it is tied into the 3 wheel speed sensors

    Thats I I got!

    Good Luck

    Hope you post the final project here

    Full set of stock pogo sticks

    Full set of stock brakes / rotors / calipers / used set of pads


    used windshield

    Good used master cylinder

    A box that says Slingshot Stuff (god only knows)

    an ABS module with a bad valve "we think"

    A used dash top from a friend that will replace the current dash top after my next project

    Stock Sway bar

    That is what I can see without moving anything

    Finally found out what has been going on with me for the past 6 weeks. Retaining too much water in the body creating problems with the breathing and weight. Also a major problem with the back. I have done totally nothing for the past 6 weeks. This is very unus=Oal for me.

    Hang in there brother..hope your doc has you on something that helps!

    Isn't Tik Tok used or owned by the Chinese communist party?

    The problem (partially) is the lying. At no point did any of these media companies say "The book 1984 gives us HUGE boners" or "We <3 communist China". They became as big as they are because of not only people on the left using them, but people on the right. They literally committed perjury during those hearings.

    To use the bakery equivalent, imagine if that bakery refused service and stopped you from buying baked goods anywhere?

    They are also trying to strangle any competition as we've just seen with Parler; which they went as far as intimidating potential future vendors to keep them from booting back up, luckily Gab has it's own servers so it will be interesting to see how big tech will try to attack it.

    I think you just call that Communism not sure but it looks exactly like what I see when I am working in China

    I am trying to rid myself of all the liberal leaning apps. I installed and started to use BRAVE web browser in place of Google. I really like it so far. I wish changing email was as easy. I have allot of sites with Gmail as my email account and it would be a pain to switch to something else. But I may bite the bullet eventually.

    DO not use they will constantly lock your account and never tell you what you did wrong

    The only way to get you account unlock is for them to send a text with a pass code - doesn't fail well with someone like me that uses a flip phone as a phone and has texting turned off.

    For personal email I highly recommend Proton Mail.

    I let all the crap go thru outlook and all my personal emails go thru proton

    FunCycle  MACAWS I am ready to meet you both in the mountains on the first weekend that the sun is out and the temp is above 60 degrees.

    And there will be no time for looking at the grass and the trees... (I can see that stuff where I live)

    And just for you two, I will disconnect my brake lights so you wont know when I mash the brakes....

    It's a deal!

    But i think we have a few weeks before this cold crap is over.


    I've had some great purchases and some not so great with harbor freight. They do have some really good deals. I've had good experiences with Pittsburgh tools and their quality. Last week I was looking for a set of E-torx sockets (female torx bits) to remove the header studs on the sling. No luck in a search at Lowes or Home Depot. Turns out Harbor Freight had a set of six (Pittsburgh) E-torx. They worked great and for $10 bucks. That's all I went in for and spent $80. Happens all the time. ^^

    They have come a long way in quality of their tools especially power tools. I rarely get out the door for under $100

    Mitch. Just wanted to send you a picture of what is waiting for you and your bride after you get your new top installed.

    As long as it is in the rear view mirror!

    You know the first rule of Italian drivers - "Whatsa behind me is not important!"