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    Name calling - - really? Is that your normal way to respond when you disagree with someone?

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    It not name calling - you folks just do not see the bigger picture.

    Just look back in history this has happened plenty of time before and never ended well -- They have manged to get us to turn on each other, take away our liberties and it will not stop there. In the past it may not have been a virus but another convenient crisis history is repeating itself and no one is paying attention.

    If you honestly believe the government and politicians want to control the spread of this virus then answer me why they can let thousands id infected people cross the boarder and not even treat them just ship them around the country. I have asked that question more than once with no answer. So what is the bigger risk me going into a pizza joint or a few thousand infected people just being dumped in town?

    But I guess I am just the new big dog and don't know what I am talking about.

    I will spare ya all the pain of listening to me and step away I don't have a sling anymore and I am ruining you threads.

    You all be safe / take care of yourselves and your families because things are going to change for the worse and he virus will be the least of your troubles..

    I enjoyed every minute of my time here and the friendships I made

    At this point I do not think you can call it a Vaccine sine it has yet to prove itself. Maybe with some time, tweaking and more testing. It was an emergency to try and solve something that no one knew much about. Had they kept politics out of it and made their case with more facts than threats I think even less people would have took the poke.

    Fortunately as of today we still have a choice.

    I was joking... But do believe in individual responsibilities.

    Anywho, as I stated in the other thread, I say these things to most of you as family, and we know family discussions can get heated... Nothing but love though! I wouldn't want anything to happen to any of us...

    My apologies for not recognizing the joke.

    This is way to serious to make jokes - the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake and that is my one and only concern. I have benefited from everything this country has had to offer and I want them to have the same opportunities that I had. I have traveled to China for work for over 30 years and I see how they are under the thumb of government - all the signs are here that we could be in the same boat. Not us but our children and grandchildren is that what you really want for those beautiful little girls of yours..? I am sure the answer is NO

    I like where you're going with this...

    Then my friend we have no common ground.

    Especially since you completely ignored the poor people that are pouring in to the country based on lies. They are being used, mistreated and dumped with no one helping them. I ask you why no one seems to be concerned about the thousands of women and children sold into sex slavery by drug cartels. No one seems to care about these people - fellow humans being treated like animals.

    All while we follow the bouncing ball of vaccines. The media and the government have successfully managed to turn us against each other over who chooses to get a vaccine and who does not. They have not put forth one speck of proof to any of their claims.

    If we all do not wake up our children have no future - they will not have any of the opportunities we had.


    Phil glad you are on the mend. I completely understand the headache pain, I just got over a case of Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and the head pain can be brutal, the last time I had Ehrlichiosis also from a tick bite and spent 6 days in ICU before they could figure it out - Morphine did not even help the headaches. But fortunately antibiotics are the simple cure.

    It should be simple really, every non vaccinated, unmasked individual shouldn't go to the hospital for help... Figure it out on your own. Take your own experimental drugs

    Ok so with this logic

    Anyone with Lung Cancer who smoked should not be treated - their choice to smoke

    Anyone with HIV should not be treated if it was they choose a lifestyle that may expose them

    Anyone in a car accident not wearing a seat belt should not be taken to the hospital - it was their choice.

    You are saying that you and the government know better about how we can care for ourselves and we can not make an informed decision. You do realize these vaccines only received emergancy approval and have not been fully tested and just now we are discovering some of the draw backs and possible side effects.

    By the way these are the same people who are letting hundreds of thousands un-vaccinated people flow thru the boarder and then dump them in cities with no resources to take care of them. But no that could not contribute to the problem

    Ok so she had replaced the Oem tank & hoses to the DDM tank & Red hoses (by some other installer) and some time after that , it started overheating or leaking coolant.........she brought it to me a few days ago , i bled the air out the system and added coolant (all the while checking for any leaks which i found NONE) filled the DDM tank up to the bottom of the bubble and ran it for two(2) came on multi times bringing the temp back down to the lower 90°s and i let it run again for Two(2) ..... now today i get this pic sent to i guess its coming back for me to figure this one out.....if anyone has had an issue like this SPEAK

    ......from this pic it looks like that could be the overflow hose spitting out coolant

    Download the DDM instructions and check the bypass hose DDM adds something nay not be installed correctly

    Dave@DDMWorks not sure if I am on the right track

    Sorry ConnMan - don’t wanna turn this thread negative but we were all sold on the fact that we could return to our lives IF we were vaccinated . Now I am really pissed that Funinthesun and friends of FunCycle have it. Have we all been run down the garden path on this?? I absolutely hate the thought of going back to the mask and social distancing. We have been fed so much crap from the CDC and our government I am beginning to believe that they don’t know a damn thing more than we do!! I don’t regret getting vaccinated - I just wish they hadn’t oversold my expectations!!!

    # Ican’tbreatheinafuckin


    Never let a crisis go to waste!

    Phil - see what happens when you get rid of your Slingshot - you got Covid and I got Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    who would have thunk that those things were guardian angels?

    Hang in there brother!