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  • Sent ya an e-mail thru the forum, never done it before not sure it went thru.

    • Hey Larry!

      I saw a message just as I got out from underground toady. Just took the time to read it while ago. We are humbled that you would think of us. I will put it on the calendar so that as it is coming time I can look at my schedule. Right now we are registered for the Eureka Springs event in September and also the Ocala race in October. My vacation time is very limited so I'm not sure how many of the smaller events that we will get to make. The way we do it is if work is going real smooth and I can cut out for a long weekend without having to turn in vacation time then we go but otherwise we don't get to. The computer says Stockport is 652 miles from Winfield so we would eat up a day coming up and a day coming home. We will see.

    • Shoot me an e-mail I'll send ya the Excel file with all the info and such for you to look over. Doesn't sound like it will work out for you this year, we're planning on making this an annual event, so maybe next year. Y'all have an open invitation. We weren't reaching out to folks as far away as you, but when Ross caught wind and decided to come in, I thought of y'all. Ross is like 600 miles away also.

  • any way to get the zello channel password

    • The password for slingshotinfo channel is posse.
      The password for Bama Slings channel is 3Wheels

  • Did you get my email?

    • I will go look now but I don't think so. At least my phone has not alerted me that I have missed one.

    • Hang on, I got it! Give me a couple minutes to get some info dug up.

    • Thank you.

  • Strangers are just friends we haven't met yet!

    Be thankful for each and every day for tomorrow is not promised!

    You can not take your money with you when you die so buy a SS and you'll never have to worry about that problem! LOL

    • NO ONE gets out alive! Seriously! I thought my motorcycles were a mod magnet money pit! The SS... I may have to to to rehab for...

    • Here for a good time not a long time !