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    Yea, my SS clearly is the most attractive thing on the road. The drive ability is really nice as well but is it good enough? The low end torque is pretty sweet, but when I floor it, the vehicle runs out of torque immediately. I sort of want it to be the best drive and the best racing vehicle... driving fast is exhilarating... but so is driving a 'go-cart' Slingshot with incredible steering and easy shifts.

    I think I should take the SS on a road course and see how it handles on the track.


    I have a 03' Mitsubishi EVO that's modified to the hilt (600awhp) and is extremely fast. I get enjoyment out of the pull of that car, but I can't help but to ask myself, "Is it as fun as my Slingshot?" I don't really know yet. I've had my Slingshot for a year now and only have about 3k miles on it. I love every bit of it's smooth controls and the manual control you get with shifting the gears and such. But is it my favorite vehicle to drive?

    How about you guys/gals? What makes your Slingshot worthy of the purchase? How does it compare to your daily ride? If you have a motorcycle, is it still the best thrill?

    LOL! That's a tough one. That would bother me like no other.


    Thanks @McClendons for the tips! The Turning off the remote program button AFTER the main garage door program light stops blinking did the trick! The instructions are a little off since they say that on the last click, your door should work. That's not the case. YAY! I don't have to reach for the garage door opener in my glovebox anymore!

    Yea, last night down at Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX. I pulled into the 711 to park it and just chill. It was like 12am and people were all over the place. As time went on, women would come by wanting a picture of themselves in front of the SS. Then people started to come over to me asking for rides. LOL! No, I'm not giving you a ride in my Sling unless I get a phone number! That quickly made them walk away. I'm so glad that I didn't leave it alone. I can imagine when I get back all kinds of people sitting in it, standing around it etc.. it is truly an exotic looking ride.

    I've had two of them, and both connected pretty easily to the door opener (Craftsman Opener,,,,). It's been over a year since I did mine,,,,,so could be off base on memory, but two things as thoughts. You mention that the you are pressing the small button 6X. Are you pressing it in quick sequence, or waiting a little in between until the LED is solid again? I might try waiting a little longer between pushes. The 2nd thing, and you probably did it but did not mention, but after you are done pushing the button 6 times, you are pressing the program button to store the settings?

    Final thought, I see Genie has two different versions listed for Intellicode. Have you tried pushing the button 5X as well as the 6X? I ran into that issue on a Genie a few years back, I am not sure why they are still producing two variants of Intellicode, but they were at the time.

    Hope above helps, best thoughts I have. Good luck

    Program button the garage side or the remote side?

    Anyone else have problems with their garage door programming using this remote? I have a Genie 1024 and I press the garage program button, it flashes red. I think push the small button the Mo-Door remote and it turns blue (steady light). I then start to press the button on the remote 6x. The garage door red light stops and I'm assuming it's programmed. But pressing the button afterwards doesn't yield any control over the door. I've messed with this thing for over an hour and nothing.

    Auto is fine and will reach a wider audience since most cars have done away with manual (such a shame).

    Changing the motor will alter the course of this vehicle. I may have to trade in if they make stock FI.

    That was in Houston.. what about Dallas? There is a huge crowd down in the Deep Ellum area on Friday/Saturday nights (~10pm - 2am). Cruising through there and then going around the downtown area would be really cool at night.

    I just topped it off today and it was 26.9. Driving after that...I had the mpg display up and it was jumping from 29.4 - 29.8. So driving it kinda conservatively high mpg could be possible..I was not being too conservative at that time.

    I'm nearly @ 30mpg! I cruise it though. Never really get into it hard. I love how the gas is very cheap (even for 93oct) but I get such high mpg. My EVO has a 14gal tank and it is getting beat in mpg by this thing (both driven conservatively).

    Ok have a weird noise coming from rear tire area, been to 2 dealers, first one said belt was too tight and adjusted it, didn't help, two weeks later take to another dealer and they find bolt loose,so they readjust belt, I'm hoping that's the problem....... nope. I don't know who to turn to, about ready to sell, this noise is driving me crazy.

    This is bolt left loose, and trying to upload video of noise but won't let me. Could use some help posting video

    Hopefully here's a link to the video,

    That sounds like something is rubbing up against something else. It's definitely not a warped rotor. It doesn't sound like a bearing either. Is the belt rubbing up against something? Also interesting that it squeaks right as the white hash mark on the hub screw goes to center with the rear wheel well.

    My suggestion is to install one of the small digital volt meters on your Slingshot. Sometimes you can have a bad cell in the battery and the voltage will read good until there is a load applied to the battery. By having the volt meter installed you can see some of these problems and also tell if the alternator is charging the battery and also what the voltage is at all times.

    Ride Command has a digital volt meter.

    What phone are you running? Have you tried shutting off Bluetooth and then turning it back on to see if that helps? I know sometimes it takes a minute for my phone to connect but then everything works like it should. I have an iPhoneX.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The behavior definitely is coming from the Ride Command. If I press rewind/forward, the sound is gone (even though the phone is playing the song). I have to press pause/play on my cell phone for the Ride Command to sync back up with the phone. It's not that it disconnects from the phone. It just isn't syncing with the phone. I will go to the dealer and ask for a replacement since it seems very easy to install. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

    Not the same mind you, But I've notice in the 3 weeks that i have the S/S quite a few oncoming drivers will head towards me, And then go back into their lane.....I'm thinking its target fixation ....
    The oncoming driver is staring at the S/S trying to figure out what in the world is that thing...
    Same as riding a motorcycle , Stare at a rock in your path and you'll steer into it... =O

    Very well could be. What you look at, you'll drive towards.