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    Hi MiM saw dkf's post of your great looking sling on FB and said heh I know that guy ! Sorry to see you moving on but that new Bronco will be better family oriented lol , Its been great posting with you in the past , thanks

    Thank you kev !

    I will lurk around here time to time...

    And still looking forward to a nice body kit for a quad... Who knows, that might bring me back!

    Probably once the Sling is electric. 😂

    MiM - GRASSHOPPER - say it isn’t so!!! Had hopes you would come visit in the mountains for a ride. As said before - just cause you ain’t gonna have an SS anymore doesn’t mean you still ain’t one of us - sad for you but you are stuck with us :00008172:

    Hope that's a promise!

    And guess what? Now that the whole family fits, I won't feel so bad visiting with all that space you've got!!! I'm sure there are trails for the Bronco in those mountains...

    And then you can take me for a spin on the curves in those mountains!

    Win, win, win! 🍻

    Well MiM we haven't met face-to-face so I guess I'm one of those virile friends. I sure understand your change and wish you the best but, as chavey2 says, you don't need a Sling to hang here. Or stop by from time to time. Where are you advertising? Asking for a friend...

    And make sure to shoot us a pic when you load the family up in that new Bronco!

    Definitely not virile! 😂 But virtual, yes.

    As for advertising, well, just started yesterday. So far here in the marketplace, will be posting on Instagram, and DKF Texas offered to share on her Facebook groups (since I don't have Facebook), but I might have to borrow wife's account.

    I might also post to cycle trader.

    Y'all feel free to share as well.

    It was actually last night, but she's finally up for sale.

    It's been great knowing so many of you. Some in person, some only virtually, many of you legends. Thank you for the memories.

    Time to start a new journey. Ordered a Bronco to enjoy with the whole family. Still the open air experience. Who knows, might venture back out to New Mexico and find Tripod to explore the terrain.

    If any of y'all know the Bronco rollout fiasco, I have plenty of time to sell the Slingshot. 😂

    Probably between 6-12 months before I get the Bronco delivered.


    You can't use logic... Doesn't work for folks. Minds are made up and can't be changed.

    That's why OrangeSlingFL probably booed Trump when he said he got the booster...


    Sorry MiM didn’t look at dates on response. Anyway have a great Christmas

    No worries... I don't drive it.

    Once the Ford Bronco availability issues get ironed out, I will likely sell to cover down payment. Then I'll hopefully have the open air vehicle with room for the family.

    Of course, it's not the same as a Slingshot. Actually did take it out the other day and it definitely gives me a thrill when I do drive it. Couple of regrets I may have is never attending Maggie Valley and never running it on a track. Oh well... Maybe I'll try again when I'm retired and the new Slingshot costs $60k by that time... 😆

    It's, what, $3000 for the hood...?

    Seems cheaper to cut your own... Actually, that's free!

    And $32k+ for top of the line Slingshot? They continue to get up there!

    This is photo of the 2022 Slingshot that is scheduled to be unveiled on December 7th.Love the hood scoop and the air ducts beside the middle light.Rumor has it,it will have more power.Not sure if the new tune for the power needed more of a ram air effect or not...Pretty cool looking if you ask me.

    It's the new hood that the guy Rawlings (monkey garage?) used for his off-road style slingshot at Sema...

    Looks like they are trying to get rid of fender flap... The new hood looks like it flows better and is now a 1 piece (no more lightning bolt plastic inserts)...

    Wonder if the new hood will fit old slingshots...🤔 Dave@DDMWorks , please let us know since you like to tinker!