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    Now you guys are making sense... Thanks Edward Neal for stoking the fire!

    Term limits--yes, please! That would be great and the only way to make real change... How could this actually get done???

    But because it is a 2 party system, the balance we get is the exchange of Ds and Rs over the years so it balances out...

    Like Frankie55 said, I love this country and it's gotten us this far... It's not the end of the country because of Biden or Trump or Obama... Everyone just calm down and enjoy the ride... It'll balance out.

    And if it doesn't, I'll be dead anyway!

    And if your counter is to think about the future... Look up into the sky... See all those stars? Yep... We're really nothing. Just live your life and be happy... Ignorance is bliss.

    I believe you are right - if Trump runs again all we have seen up to now would have been smooth sailing. The public will man their battle stations - right and left for an epic battle not seen in the US since the Civil War - hopefully not violent. I still believe their is a silent, powerful voice that could stop Trump from running. Melania has indicated quietly that she has ZERO interest in becoming First Lady again. No matter how powerful you are you can never forget tte age old sayin - If momma ain’t happy NOBODY is happy :00008172:Let Trump be a Kingmaker not tge King!!


    I'm ready to vote GOP... And I know many others that are too (that approval rating is NOT fake news) 😂

    Problem is... I saw where Trump stated he DID NOT want (or expect) DeSantis to run... Because it'd be against him)... He's going to divide the party and the dems will be call on the dead to vote in droves...

    But I guess that's okay because BD, orangesling and others on the ledge are ready to jump... 😆


    Something I can agree with!

    Not OrangeSlingFL and his bigdog kool-aid... 😆

    Yous won’t melt, you don’t drive it enough!

    He's the only guy I know who bought a used Slingshot and it has fewer miles on it today than the day he brought it home!:D^^:D:P

    Fancy myself a collector I suppose... It's the project toy my great grandson will uncover in my garage long after I've passed when everything is up in the air (flying cars or whatever) and he's like---WTF is this?!? 😂

    I went with a Costco interstate group 34 battery and it's tight! Pushed it as far as I could, but with the welter duals, it was close... So I wrapped the battery with insulation kit and wrapped the exhaust pipe with a heat shield.

    All that's left is to pray the battery won't melt and hope for the best!

    I had to hire a N Carolina lawyer to handle some things for me and I was getting pissed because I kept getting no answer or a answering machine. Was planning on going in and blast him today but finally got an answer on the phone. The WHOLE firm was all vaccinated yet they ALL were out with COVID for 10 days just returning to work yesterday. All survived but some had a really hard time. This virus is still very bad so be careful out there. I woulda really been pissed if another lawyer took me out—- literally :00008172:

    Yes sir... A teacher lost a family member to COVID last week. They were not vaccinated though.

    Thankfully cases are down around here but this thing is like a box of chocolates...

    Stay safe everyone!

    we are now in Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak tomorrow or Tuesday.

    BTW, pulling two trailers, not pulling on trailers. And HeRSling is riding hers also. She wasn’t going to miss the chance to ride 4000+ miles herself. And she will be driving up Pikes Peak too. Hopefully driving up and driving back down. ;)

    There are the road warriors!

    I need (really want, but can't yet) to retire!!!

    Don't forget to visit Garden of the Gods too!

    Actually I have three Slingshots. My 2015 Supercharged quad; my 2021 R Quad; my 2021 S Automatic. The auto I will be selling to my sister as she can’t find one and the other two I will be keeping. My son has taken a liking to the Slingshot and drives one of mine when we go out on trips.

    NEVER going to sell the ‘15!! Too much in that one that means so much to me I think I’ll be buried in it!

    Living la vida slinga...

    Tomorrow it starts. Our EPIC Adventure! We are going on a 4200 mile road trip. We hope to travel to Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska,Kansas,Iowa,and Missouri. We have been planning this since 2019, we are excited and leaving in the morning. More posts coming, hope y’all like our trip, so come along and ride with us.

    For those that don’t know, us = dangerdarrell , HeRSling , my wife Norma, and of course the transplanted Arkansas guy from Texas, Boomer

    So come along for the ride!

    Are you going FunCycle style or trailering???


    In all seriousness, have fun and enjoy life! Very jealous Jimbo!

    Sorry BD, not my job to force my beliefs on others. And I will leave judgement to God. I am not qualified

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    You still see his posts???

    I stand behind the thin blue line... wink-squared