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  • Did you want to inform crew that there is a cost to run Skyline?

  • Hey Buddy - did you get my PM about Booze and Blues?

  • Hey bro welcome home

    • Thanks! It is great to be back. Now what does a guy gotta do to get some riding weather around here. LOL

    • I don't know but I won't be back until late Wednesday - count me in after that!

  • Yeah sure does,

  • Welcome back wrench day. Has a nice ring to it. See you guys very soon. 2 more weeks till I'm outta here.

  • Hey Brother welcome to the new digs!
    Wrench day sounds great now that it is warmer

  • Absolutely!!! We must and a welcome home party !!!

  • hay brother ...hope your doing well. Love your Avatar. I am still counting the days for you to get back here. I have not done much more to mines...I have several items on the to do list but I have not gotten to them yet. Stay SAFE

    • Beth has been sending me updated pictures of the growing pile of Slingshot parts coming in. So, it will be like Christmas for Wraith when I get back. We will have to have another wrench day or ride coming soon. Should be great weather by the time I get back. See ya soon bro.