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  • Ok, Let me clarify the new site's mission as it was described to me. The way I understand this new site to work is that they will have free events that are built around helping smaller vendors. Smaller vendors and product developers can not afford to display there merchandise at the events now due to large fees involved in setting up booths at the current events. SOG is the link to bring these vendors to the new events that will be coming up in the future.

    One of the most important aspects of how the SOG website ties to this forum is that All the "forum" and " discussion" and "help" and "how to" and "general information" will be here on this site. They will use hyperlinks to transport you to this site for the vendors product install information and discussion on other topics. That also brings up some other new news. Each vendor on the SOG must be a vendor on this site. This is so that each vendor has a place to discuss their product (as I mentioned earlier about the discussion about the info being here) and so that our members can see the installs and help if needed. Basically If you want to bring your product to the SOG page so that you can participate in the events offered by SOG you must be a vendor here. Im not sure how that will be implemented by SOG but this step would be important to keep vendors here and to keep the product discussion flowing and growing.

    Product developers and smaller vendors should be the very happy with this new site because from my understanding and communication with Ross and Slingrazor that is what the SOG website was designed around. At no point should their be a forum environment on the other site because we have that here. The SOG site should never be a competitor to this sites traffic. If what I was told is correct then I should see an increase in my daily traffic as people find the new site via SOG's advertising methods on other media channels such as Facebook. When someone comes to the SOG site to see what events they have planned or what smaller vendors have on the market they will need to click links to bring them to this site for the product info and event discussion.

    It will be awesome if I am correct and we keep the information here and the vendor info here on this site. If everything I was told holds true then I think everyone can see why I am ok with the new site. It should bring even more members to this site. And it will bring more vendors to this site as I mentioned above.

    I am going to copy this post to a new thread and add a Thread title so members can find it easier and understand how the new site ties into this site.



  • Perhaps this is a prime case study for S.O.G. . Here was a small item tooled up for and advertised for sale in the Slingshot arena. Although it was appealing to some and did draw sales, I think they learned the hard way, it really is a small arena.

    Can a small manufacture develop , tool up for , advertise, attend the high cost shows like they did, pay those booth space fees, build and operate their own web site and survive of off the sales possible in such a small arena? You have to remember , while there are approximately 30,000 Slingshots out there so far, the vast, vast, vast majority lack any desire to get creative and modify. They are simply quite content with their Slingshots and wander no further than their local Polaris Dealer for after sale support.

    So it truly is a small market and those expenses mentioned above are real. Whether J&D was a small vendor from a forum with an idea or not, is irrelevant. The point I am trying to make here is, a small manufacturer with only one product, (inspite of the fact many thought it was a good idea and did purchase) has just too many expenses to reach as far and wide, as the relatively speaking, small customer base is. To think one can go it alone, with only one source of income from a couple hundred dollar item is naïve.

    So my question is, could a volunteer , not for profit, organisation like S.O.G. make the difference for a member with an idea, and the skills and dedication, to follow it through to an actual tooled up for and available item. Could the SOG then be of assistance , could they assist by providing stepping stones necessary for a good idea and product, to evolve into a reality at an affordable pace ?

    These are not my questions to answer, only to ask .

  • So my question is, could a volunteer , not for profit, organisation like S.O.G. make the difference for a member with an idea, and the skills and dedication, to follow it through to an actual tooled up for and available item. Could the SOG then be of assistance , could they assist by providing stepping stones necessary for a good idea and product, to evolve into a reality at an affordable pace ?

    I do not see how an organization like SOG could hurt a small vendor. If everything falls into place as planned they can only help get the word out.

    I think they will manage to bring together SS owners from all forms of social media to have a common place. Unlike for profit organizations some of the SOG members may be able to assist smaller vendor who can not make very event by showing off their products and directing them back to the source. The larger vendors with more financial resources do not need the help. The smaller independent vendors are all working on shorter margins and trying to keep retail prices affordable so they need all help they can get.

    As you know I organize several Non Profit events and at every event we have managed to put 1 or more vendors in the spotlight. Most of the time during a free dinner where we promote then raffle off some of their products. I am sure the cost of donating a few products is much less expensive than the cost of attending a show and renting space.

    But the bottom line is you never know until you try!

    I think Ross or Slingrazor could chime in and correct me or possible add to my comments

  • I have a long list of items, upgrades I want and need to do to my SS. If money was not a option I would have a truck delivery every day for a year. But I come up with ideas myself and or see it posted or at a meet and custom make my own. Still need the shocks upgrade bad and I can not make those LOL. It sucks everything cost so much but I do understand R and D. I cost a lot to machine and develop these mods. Just the time and machine work it took my buddy to make my Y pipe if sold would be over a 100 bucks. My hat off to the venders meeting our needs for upgrades.

    There are members on this forum that have done just that. Built and sold what they thought was needed. I myself made the original small luggage rack, I only made I think it was like 13 of them and the prototype is still on my SS, I sold them with very little profit to myself. Even this past summer I had forum members coming to me to build some more of them and this was done almost 3 years ago.

  • I gotta say, the organization has taken a good deal of time and thought in creating the Mission and Vision statement that drives our work.

    Our Mission is To grow a Polaris Slingshot community that supports Slingshot owners and promotes education and activities beneficial to said owners.


    We all know there are more Slingshots not on forums, not on Facebook, not on Instagram, and not on Twitter than there are. Is that because they tried a forum and were met with something less than open arms? Maybe they were looking for detailed instructions on the installation of the turbo encabulator but how do you find anything on Facebook? Maybe they tried Instagram and Twitter and couldn't find what they were looking for.

    If you could talk to each owner - and you could only tell them of one place to go. One place for information/education. One place to find friends that will stand with you through thick and thin. One place to find everyday example of paying it forward. One place where you can be sure race, religion, creed, political views, etc. don't matter. One place where owners matter the most. One place to find the latest and greatest. One place where you can find rides with just a friend or rides with 100+ of the greatest people in the Slingshot world. Where would you send them? You would send them to this forum.

    It's our Vision that takes that up a notch (or 100).

    Vision: As a not-for profit organization, we will strive to grow a stronger community that:

    1. Places individual owners as a priority,

    Owners need, no deserve, no must have a voice. A voice with Polaris, a voice with innovators, with retailers, etc. People before profit - the Community before cash - the owners before the opportunity to make money. That's why the SOG is not-for-profit. Being not-for-profit is at our core and how we believe that you would build an organization built to serve members.

    2. Strives to help educate owners with information and expertise without monetary charge or further commitment - to pay-it-forward, so to speak, in hopes of promoting same,

    We've talked about it before - this forum is the perfect place for owners to find information and education. We all participate in one form or another. We all share. And we are all better for it. Imagine if you could add 1,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 more members that wanted to learn more, share more, and help one another more.

    3. Supports and promotes camaraderie through affordable organized events across the county,

    Is there a better way to experience the thrill of the Slingshot than with a group of friends? Have you ever gone to an event and miss a ride because you met new people or got caught up in helping someone? More affordable events is what we all need. Events where the Average Jane and Joe can walk in and meet owners and fall in love with the Slingshot without having to pay an entrance fee. How about events that don't make money off of the vendors - you know vendors pay what the facility charges and only that. Will we charge money if you want an event t-shirt .... absolutely - well until we find a millionaire backer that wants to pay for everything - but gouge you for a t-shirt absolutely not.

    4. Supports owner innovators through the promotion of their ideas and products,

    Some of the best products for the Slingshot have come from owners with a vision of what is needed for their ride. Not a manufacturer that has never even sat in a Slingshot saying I think I can make money off these Slingshot folks. How many great vendors have we seen come and go - some because of personal commitments elsewhere and some because they couldn't afford to keep producing their product. Think again about the folks not on this forum, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter .... how much cool stuff are they missing out on? What products are stuck in these innovators heads that they can't bring to market yet because they don't have the time or the resources to drive their day-to-day operations and innovate.

    5. Creates an atmosphere of sharing knowledge and experience, and

    We talk about it every once and awhile. What makes this forum better than any other - the Community of people willing to share and help. You see it at events - heck I was one of those new guys that had more questions than hours in the day. But I see what happened to us at our first event happen to new owners at every event I go to - questions being answered, insight being given, helping hands tearing down an entire Slingshot or replacing that darn horn fuze or troubleshooting a new turbo/supercharger install and the list goes on. The world would be a better place with more of it.

    6. Supports charitable giving and community well-being.

    This group has supported each other - St Jude's, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Veterans, strangers and close friends. This kind of giving spirit it makes us all better people.


    To answer your question - Can a not-for-profit organization like SOG make a difference for a member with an idea, and the skills and dedication, to follow it through to an actual tooled up for and available item? Could the SOG then be of assistance, could they assist by providing stepping stones necessary for a good idea and product, to evolve into a reality at an affordable pace?

    Without a doubt - if everyone does a little something. Look at me - almost zero mechanical skills - it takes me 10 times longer to do anything you mechanical folks can do but maybe - just maybe - I make up for it with a little photography skill or a little print layout skill. You help me with my mechanical questions and I say thank you with calendars, garage posters, and the like. How's the old saying go .... a raising tide raises all ships. I believe we can. With a strong backing from our membership I believe we can help innovators get their products in front of owners. I believe a strong membership can help the innovators compete with the big box sellers.

    Our Board of Directors comes from all skills and backgrounds and strengths - ask them anything Slingshot related and they know the answer or know someone with it - or ask them any questions you might have about our Mission or Vision - or better yet, share your ideas, thoughts, and hopes for SOG .... Nemesis1701 adventure4me bjk81 DKF Texas dangerdarrell ericastar76 SlingRider   Painter   Jdin MACAWS Slingrazor

    So then if YOU also believe in our Mission and Vision then sign up at and join us in GROWING a COMMUNITY that SUPPORTS OWNERS and promotes EDUCATION and ACTIVITIES BENEFICIAL to said OWNERS

  • Ross there's a reason I'm bookmarking this thread now,,,, because just like your calendars, I'm going to wear the pages out ,coming back to it time ,and time, again. There's so much said there , It's just hard to fathom all the great things that can evolve form this great group. I AM IN AWE !

    It isn't me. I just put the thoughts, experiences, and moments that our Board has shared with me down on the screen. My job is to take our vision and make it reality. You cannot believe the amount of work this team has accomplished in a few short months. The things in the works are mind boggling.

  • It appears that everyone is trying to pull in the same direction.

    That sure is great and I will support people that intend to do that.

    Some problems are bound to manifest themselves, as time passes. It is then that working closely together can make both Slingshotinfo & the SOG grow to compliment each other.

    Let's wish them both all the best, for future growth, as a team.

    All the best, from UK_Paul