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    In the States unless you ask to have the title changed it will stay Motorcycle.... kev check in on this...


    wickedwebby IS absolutely correct EjFord the requirement to classify a vehicle for the purpose of creating the original title is a Federal one that requires all manufacturers of Motor Vehicles to do so in accordance with the specific requirements of the F.M.V.S.S. (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards ) That classification on that original title follows that chassis from cradle to grave , also a Federal law requirement , No State, department can ever change the classification of a used motor vehicle because a personal owner bolted on a mod. Therefore the classification remains the same no matter how many times a used vehicle is sold or the Title transferred.. That is a Federal NHTSA, FMVSS requirement.

    People get confused with the purpose of a Title , it is to establish legal ownership of a particular Serial numbered vehicle , This is done by attaching a FMVSS required Vin plate on the chassis of the motor vehicle when manufactured new under those FMVSS requirements. When A State LEO pulls over a vehicle , he may need to confirm the legal ownership of that vehicle and he does so by matching the VIN numbers on the title to the Vin Numbers on the vehicle. In the case of Slingshot it always remains 100 % clear to the Deputy, that vehicle he is looking at is still the one manufactured new as a slingshot as a Motorcycle but maybe registered as a Auto Cycle in most States. The title has served its purpose for him and identified the legal ownership of that particular vin numbered chassis

    . And since there are no State laws that say a personal owner cannot bolt modifications onto his own property that may make it appear somewhat different than the original classification on the title, there is no offence for bolting on mods. The only State laws that even come close to this are ones that say , ""no person shall operate a Motor Vehicle that has had the original ,minimum safety equipment removed that was required when the vehicle was manufactured new under the applicable FMVSS requirements." For example , exhaust systems, mufflers, are a FMVSS requirement on all vehicles and you can be cited for a violation for operating a vehicle with one removed.. However, there are no State Laws that say you cannot add additional safety features to the minimum ones that the FMVSS required when the vehicle was created new.. This is the case of a Quad kit , you are only increasing the minimum braking power, suspension and handling requirements when you add a fourth wheel.

    It is also interesting to note , there are only 13 sections of the few hundred sections long F,M.V,S,S that apply to Motorcycle manufacturing, and there are no Federal sections that apply to OR allow the manufacturing of an Autocycle. Therefore Polaris must always manufacture as a Motorcycle, And the Slingshot will always be stated as one on the FMVSS required Vin/ Data Plate The States that this vehicle did not match their definition of a motorcycle have passed legislation allowing this Motorcycle to be registered as an Autocycle , for the purpose of registration only, but it must always be manufactured as a motorcycle , a Federal FMVSS requirement. .So in the case of a Slingshot, which came first , the chicken or the egg, It is a Motorcycle, Irregardless of whether or not a particular State requires it to be Registered as an Auto Cycle, Because, all those State Autocycle Legislations still require it to be manufactured under the 13 motorcycle manufacturing requirements of the FMVSS.

    It,s a motorcycle , Its a motorcycle, Its a motorcycle, in ALL States, It is only registered, not manufactured , as an Autocycle, in some States.

    While Im rambling, on if anybody is interested, in many States, 13 and rising , though they now have Auto cycle Legislation, The Slingshot is still registered as a motorcycle there, as only fully enclosed cabins with operating doors and windows vehicles referred to as ELIO TYPE VEHICLES meet the definitions of Autocycles in those States . So just because you heard your State has passed Autocycle legislation does not mean it applies to future registration of Slingshots, you may be in one of the 13 and rising, States that created this legislation to allow for the registering of Elios, Appteras, and other three wheel cars. NOT Slingshots or CAN AM SYPDERS FOR THAT MATTER.

    Yep. Closed. I guess I'm missing something here as I don't know how this promotes public safety. They didn't close the roads that aren't as popular (and fun) so it feels to me like the politicians are just flexing their muscles and training the Sheeple.

    I understand if they close the businesses where people congregate but couldn't the road stay open?

    'SHEEPLE' good one,

    Yes how does going for a drive to combat boredom and keep the spirits up hurt anybody, I guess they figure people will still flock to the local retail businesses there , exposing them

    which ones, we Canucks are slow at this , spell it out please, Male ,Female or Others ?

    Hi Dave . the right side of the transmission has the reverse switch mounted there, you want the white wire, its your 12 volt reverse switch trigger but it's the negative one . so follow posts above, or if you don't want to go underneath , its pin #4 in the first of the three plugs on your Mefi Ecm , you can tap into the white on that harness (the shorter plug closest to firewall )

    Hate to admit it but the easiest way to hook up an aftermarket head unit is to buy this adapter harness from slingmods , that relay looking harness on the left ties into your reverse switch on he side of the tranny

    already got two guys interested MiM lol. The Trak Hamr, well Both are great kits and have different attributes (I do love my Trak Hamr too ) , the one thing I like about the 324 is the ability to sell a basic DIY kit for the guy who wants to save considerable $ bolting it together himself .

    I plan on selling a few of these and with a great distribution deal with these great manufacturers you can always get 5% back in points for the most affordable Quad kit here !

    Thanks rabtech I just finished everything but the camera reverse wire today on a kenwood dmx7706s . Camera works when hitting the cam button manually but I was just about to go give in and order the slingmods harness after I already hooked everything else up the hard way , AND THAT WOULD REALLY PISS ME OFF LOL then I saw this , I'll whip over and grab a relay tomorrow . the white reverse switch wire I found is #4 on the #1 ecu harness , but it didn't work when I tied it to the purple. now I know why, 12 v negative , WTH !! Now I know what to do.

    the Beverly Hillbillies made it to Maggie with a whole damn booth, four chairs, two tables, and two nascar windshields for customers, trying to demonstrate what all the new EZ Out frames could hold. Think I lost my mind but it was a fun 750 miles

    oH YES , wokka LOOKS LIKE Bullet has a better price on those now, good eye. So its been adjusted on my site back to Bullets MSRP of $ 129.99 Of course with our price match its always available at Slingmods sale price too , plus 5% back in points . Slingmods does a great job of rotating discounted sale prices on some items always, but its hard to keep track of until somebody points it out to us.

    P.S you can always ask Slingmods to price match our price match guarantee ,Plus 5 % back in points , lol But I can tell you right now, aint going to happen , So sometimes dealing with the little guys PAYS OFF, even though the mega guys have all the buying power, Hmm,,,

    " Leisurely" he could barely keep up ! No it was great getting out for a fun couple hours every day after working the booth , smaller rides are great, and I didn't laugh once when @kyle had to push his Slingshot out the down hill laneway then jump in on the fly and coast the rest of the way out of the rental complex every morning, so as not to wake every cabin, lol That drag pipe is loud !