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    My thoughts exactly Flybuddy ,Oh yah and the Terrafugia has always been the most butt ugly design to begin with, then they blamed their rising costs on the unexpected cost of automobile certification requirements , since they went with a four wheel design and had to add airbags etc.

    I can remember admiring Kirk Hawkins renderings , talking a $120,ooo sport plane which Quickly became $190,0oo. then the cost was $290,000 plus our world famous Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay and Icons own lead designer and another engineer , all dead from low level flight into terrain, But anyway they think they've overcome that now by finally realizing shit happens way to fast at low altitudes so now for $390.,000. they're finally into production and you get a new training syllabus that says never fly below 300 feet AGL . .

    Then I thought the Dutch had something with their new PAL V Flying car gyro plane design but oops a little miscalculation there too and it's now amazingly the exact same price of the ICON A5 $390,000.

    But the Germans have it all figured out now with their slick looking Aero Mobile which is finally into full production , problem is you'll need $1.3 mill for one of those.

    And just in the last couple months Toyota has decided to back a new road capable aircraft , The Cartivator, Sky Drive, it is supposed to be a much more affordable , road capable Drone like aircraft with three wheels and four horizontal electric drone style rotors , It's wild looking but so far It's just a 1/4 scale flying prototype but Toyota is filing patents now . Check this one out


    Slingrazor "' make sence '' is this another one of those American spelling nuances , you guys always forget the u in color , and a brunet, what the hell is sexy about that , now brunette , that's sexy !

    Our plans for next years events are not finalized yet, we will definitely be at Maggie Valley, but not 100% sure on Texas yet. We will start finalizing our plans after the new year.

    Heh Dave @DDMWorks I just got an order for a Nascar Windshield from a happy customer of your's Keith Blanchard, He was just ecstatic about the performance gain from your new cam in his already DDM supercharged Slingshot !

    I truly hope you are right @BR 4HM4 But the experts he's relying on for manufacturing expertise are chineese bicycle manufacturers and their hub motors , Currently the only two successful manufacturers of 10kw hub motors are one in the UK and one American firm , both needing over $ 25,000.. for their leading edge technology hub motors with a controller and a battery pack , No vehicle included.

    It may be quite a bit of a stretch to think Storm's manufacturing expertise can pull this off, wait a minute, did I say manufacturing expertise , I meant crowd funding , expertise after all, ,what he is famous for is raising millions before seeking the Chineese manufacturing , and finally being able to source chineese bicycles,, only after he had the money.

    It just seems very odd to me that he has had a supposed running prototype for almost a year now and has not been able to produce a single photograph showing any mechanical details yet. Certainly, when he does, and he will, convince hundreds to crowd source millions for his manufacturing he may be able to produce something , Hopefully it's not just another case of ELIOSILLYESNESS.


    well Akfinest 1 just that I only seem to find time to work on it on Sundays, so other than having the rear spreader bar made and fitting the roll hoops for the tee bars no, but I did get caught up on three dolly orders that were lagging, so maybe next week I may actually get to spend a day or two on it . Will have to because the wife just informed me we are going to a xmas event next Sunday , WTH it,s only the 13 th!

    Hi @Tx Tiger There are many great plastic water repellants that are compatible with polycarbonate windshields . The important thing is to choose a windshield polish , specific for Plastic, never a commercial Glass water repellant such as Rain X , they are far too harsh for polycarbonate . Rain x does however make a plastic repellant as well ( shown below) but it is not as easily found as Mothers or the Maquires, I typically use Maquires PlastX because it is readily available in the automotive section in most large retailers. While the best quality polycarbonates will stand up to Windex , Windex with ammonia is never recommended for prolonged use on a polycarbonate windshield by any windshield manufacturer.

    Both Novus and Maquires offer plastic restoration kits for older polycarbonate windshields Which are even capable of removing the finest scratches on an older windshields.

    Welcome aboard , and if you are ever in the market for an aftermarket windshield please check out our Nascar Styled Windshield available below.


    2018-12-12 19_52_16-.png

    Yes I too have been involved with a few companies and patents but its not all that it is cracked up to be , and very rarely unless your talking an item that is expected to do many millions of dollars a year in sales and as Patrick says has great IP value is it worthwhile . When you are in the patent pending stage of a product that is say worth $200.00 retail and you find somebody else is now producing a copy which would violate your patent if you are successful in being awarded one, the only damages you can suit him for are the licensing or royalty fees he should have paid you for using your new technology if indeed it is someday awarded a patent. And you can only suit for those licensing fees from the day you legally notified him that you believe he is violating your pending patent . That legal notification must include a complete disclosure of your pending patent application . including all your Claims and designs etc. so now you,ve had to disclose any technological information you may have had that you were trying to keep secret until such time as your patent is awarded.

    SAY you do properly serve somebody and after they have their experts review your full pending application, they decide your application will never be approved and awarded a patent, as most aren't, and they just continue manufacturing anyway, what now ? Well now, if and when your patent is awarded you must expense a lawsuit against him, and the most monetary settlement you stand to be awarded is the amount you can convince the judge, he should have been paying you in licensing fees for using your technologies from notification date to current. So back to the value of this lawsuit , is it worth it ? IF YOR PATENT IS ON A $200.00 ITEM which costs say $160.00 each to manufacture, distribute, advertise and sell, there is only $40.00 gross profit per unit that you will have to prove a percentage of which could have went to licensing fees, most industrial manufacturing licensing fees run about 4% of gross sale value .So you have to convince a judge he should have been paying $8.00 out of the $40.00 profit in licensing fees as that is that industry standard licensing fee, which you , by the way are charged with the burden of proving, he of course will argue it should only be 2% .

    So in the end, if a guy is selling 100 a year $200.00 items that you were able to get a patent approved on , the most your going to be able to suit him for, if you are able to convince the judge it should have been a 4% licensing fee is $800.00 dollars a year for the for the few years it took for your patent to get awarded and you to get him into court after legally having notified him and establishing your claim. So unless the guy is selling many , many thousands of these a year , the legal fees to suit him, for the licensing fees he should have been paying you for your ideas, will far out weigh the petty licensing fees it may be proven he owes you..

    HENCE like I said, more often than not, a patent is not all its cracked up to be. You cannot suit him for the profits he made off of manufacturing your item , but only your losses you incurred when he did not pay you the industry standard licensing fee he should have been paying you.

    You can also attempt to get damages for loss profits but the burden of proof is on you that you sold 200 lees of your items because he sold 200 , in reality you can only prove that if you can prove to a judge there were only 200 possible customers in the world and he took them all therefore you had no chance to make profit on your own sales. As this is never the case, almost never are loss profits awarded in a patent infringement case.

    Yes if a judge believes he intentionally knew you had a application that he knew you would be awarded on , and ignored your notice and manufactured anyway , the judge could choose to make an example of him and award you enhanced damages , but the most they can be is three times the licensing fees he should have paid you , so still peanuts unless he sold thousands of items and rarely are enhanced damages awarded because again you have to prove he absolutely knew and believed your application, he ignored , would be awarded. and that is never the case as most applications fail to receive a patent for one reason or another, usually because the patent office discovers the patent is not for NEW technology as you cannot patent prior art. so again rarely are you awarded enhanced damages .

    About the only thing you might justify the legal fees of suing on, is that the judge may award you an injunction preventing him from manufacturing your item for a predetermined amount of time . But again in most situations unless your patent is worth millions , the legal costs you must pay to obtain that just isn't worth it .

    So like I said, patents on items that aren't worth millions, aren't all they are cracked up to be . However, there is a whole blood sucking leaches industry of lawyers who will gladly tell you all day long that a patent is the end all and be all and will gladly get you one for a mere ten thousand dollars today !

    wow , it,s one thing for a guy to decide to sell rear plates of similar design but different shape, form, materials , (carbon fiber look ) different mounting systems , but when he actually buys yours SlingLow under false pretenses obviously just to use it as his template as he is too lazy or incompetent to take his own measurements , then to even use a photo of one of yours in his product adds ! that is not only totally deceptive but it makes me think the guy doesn't even own a damn Slingshot . If he did he would have simply measured his own rear deck measurements ,, a template can be made with a simple piece of bristol board from the dollar store instead of paying for one to just take measurements off. Tells me the scumbag doesn,t even own a Slingshot ! Has that rear windscreen ever even been fitted or passed any sort of road worthiness testing , let alone high speed ? I doubt its ever been on a Slingshot !

    HMMM well they do offer a service I guess, but most of their accessories are readily available on the UTV aftermarket at better prices and the thing that concerns me is where is the actual pics of their product mounted on their Slingshot so that they can properly conduct their due diligence, high speed testing , quality and mounting concerns , etc . I know I beat the living shit out of anything I manufacture and at unreasonable speeds and sometimes to the point of destruction , (no your not going to see those pics ) lol then I make the Slingshot available to you all to tire kick the hell out of it . I may not have the big budget to Be at every big event with all the fancy booths etc. But even as a small manufacturer I do make a point of getting out there to present , when and where I can and I know SlingLow does too . Has anybody had the opportunity to look at and tirekick any of these mods in real life ?