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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    That's right , We've taken the Industries best sale prices and just made them 5% more affordable ! Just finished rewording a few hundred product listings on my site to help make sure people were getting the message, yes you can buy factory direct from the best manufacturers, but why would you ? When Approved Dealers are willing to work for less to earn your business !

    Hi Jason I I was just telling a Jason customer of mine who took advantage of one of my favorite Grand Opening Specials how it was one of the most affordable instant , improvements a guy can make when personalizing the interior of his Slingshot . A Custom D shaped Steering Wheel and Hub Adapter, 3 piece Customized Carpets. a Custom Shift Boot and a Carbon Fiber Shift Knob complete with Adapter, On sale for $374.70 ! WOW.

    Whether you are the same Jason or not, Your Slingshot sure looks great !

    And if your not , I got to go clean a little egg of my face lol won't be the first time !

    I am very excited about one of my newest ZZP listings . Their expertise and ability to bring down the cost of Slingshot performance parts due to their vast experience manufacturing for the much larger 2.4 Ecotech automotive arena, has just delivered absolutely the most bang for the buck for the Normally Aspirated guys.

    A Stainless performance exhaust and a header for $ 599.00 !!

    It is common knowledge by all experts involved and endorsed by one of the finest in post 25 and 27 above, that removing the factory exhaust system , with both it's cats and replacing them with a performance exhaust system is the biggest benefit to increased performance in N/A. Add to that a header and instant gains are realized.

    Combining both with a tune is absolutely the best performance gain available to the N/A Slingshot owner , but the gains are not dependant on each other.

    For $ 599.00 alone , their is no better bang for the buck , instant substantial H.P. increase and that distinct , but not loud, performance growl !

    For another $500.00 you can add a tune to that system and realize better performance gain through the midrange, However $ for $ this new ZZP performance exhaust will net you the most instant H.P. gain available with a minimal expense !

    This is the same performance muffler I run in my ZZP turbo , and the exact same exhaust muffler Kyle used to set the current world speed record for a STOCK ENGINE Slingshot (albeit turbo charged) of 131.12 m.p.h. in the 1/2 mile. Kyle has now modied with forged engine components and is running right up there with Rabtech' s fire breathing 500 H.P. DDM built Slingshot, who currently holds the worlds fastest Slingshot record of 143.45 mph. Kyles four runs at approx. 141 mph the day these records were set at Indy Airpark this past summer, were done using this exact performance muffler.

    ALL THINGS SLINGSHOT asks you, Is there a better way to make your turning intentions known ? The visible awareness of these Joker Slingshot Flow Through systems with their customizable controllers and phone App is unlimited ! Check it out .

    The eyebrow and eyelids flashing signals below could have also been programmed to be happening in conjunction with above signalling video too. There is no end to the customization available to the DIY. Guy.

    Many benefits are available when not using a SP105 controller and generic App, The flow capabilities are not limited to a few predetermined sequences. The Benefit of the Joker Slingshot system is the total customization available to any user through this custom App. and Controller

    Below is a sample remix of Joker Slingshot videos , showing custom Color Shift, Flow, Strobe, and many more, now available for the DIY type of guy with creativity. You can choose customized programming, preset before it arrives, then expand to demonstrate any unique sequencing you may desire. .


    Manufacturer Direct Pricing gets 5% more affordable when purchasing through a Preferred Distributor.

    wokka Rob the Slob The better link might be their only approved e- commerce web site distributor., You,ll see our retail prices including shipping are the same , but -

    1-When dealing with manufacturers who use a distribution/ dealership network, even the big guys like DDM , Welter , Twist, Assault, Madstad, ,ZZP,. etc they all have a designated M.S.R.P. they retail for and they are not about to cut their own dealers off by underselling them for the case of one retail sale. Therefore it is only those dealers who can choose to offer specials below factory direct pricing , like for myself my 5% back. , that comes off of my end not theirs. Of course there are times when the manufacturers will run sales but most dealers will participate in that too. So why not take advantage of any perks you can negotiate with the dealers , it will always be better than the manufacturers regular retail price.

    2- More in the case of the small new manufacturers like above , if and when there are problems, and you purchased through Slingmods, Slingshot Only or myself, your money is protected and available to you any time upon asking for a refund if your product hasn't shipped yet. That's given instantly by us e-commerce retailers and then it is we who have to pursue the particular manufacturer and possibly charge backs or what not. to get our money back . so we assume that risk for you.

    Happy Birthday Erica , Turns out a lot of good people happened on this day lol I,m afraid I may have a few years on yah though, but what the hell eh, you got all the brains and the good looks too !

    THANKS GUYS, Honestly I don't feel 59 I usually think I,m 39 , except yesterday when I slid off the front porch, covered in new ice rain overnight .Got to spend a few hours in emerge waiting on a damn exray , so I,m slowed down for a few days now, didnt break anything but MY EGO, My right shoulder knows it 59 today but the rest of me is fine ! lol .

    that's what really interested me too wokka and I do like white eyebrows and eyelids on during the daytime even just as extra tools in making myself seen.. then to have them flow into orange signals, how cool is that !


    One of my personal favorites, with the unlimited capabilities of these controllers and APP By Joker Slingshot,, is the ability to turn your Eyebrow and/ or Eyelid LEDs into Flow Through Turn Signals.

    Increasing the visibility of your Signalling intentions is a huge Plus in my Mind !

    And its available at no extra charge if you purchase the Eyelids or Eyebrows ,You'll already have the zone controller and Multi Functioning App Included.

    A set of Eyebrows, Splitter, Controller and App $213.00

    A set of Eyelids, Splitter, Controller and App $205.00

    OR,,, you can get Both for $295.00

    Available at

    All Things Slingshot is pleased to offer 12 new LED packages by JOKER SLINGSHOT. Featuring the latest advancements in Halo designs and functionality. New Halos and eyelid / eyebrows, and split halos, allow you to customize your own unique color shift schemes, combined with flow through turn signalling capabilities using the newest in app technologies.

    Many different Packages to choose from;

    -Round or vertically split halos available in 4, 6, or 10 paks, 80mm and 100 mm

    -Eyebrow and/or Eyelid packages c/w flow turn signalling capabilities

    -Lower fender side panel multi row LEDs for improved visibility from behind

    -Large multi row Polaris Grill Emblem, customizable programming

    - Large Multi Row Mirror lEDs

    - Complete packages with 6 zone controller

    All packages complete with splitters, and Bluetooth controller with Andriod / iPhone App.


    This 10 Halo LED Lighting Package contains,

    • 6- 80mm halos
    • 4-100 mm Halos
    • 3- Splitters
    • 6 zone Bluetooth Controller c/w APP
    • $470.00 Delivered. And it comes pre programmed to any color shifting , fade , strobe , scheme you choose.
    • Videos below show only a couple of many different schemes available

    Please visit my site below to view individual packages and more videos

    Thank you Kyle D , been waiting for this one, $599.oo for a performance exhaust , both cats deleted and a header included, this is going to be a good seller for the N/A guys looking for some increased performance, and when combined with a tune , it will deliver !

    Can't wait to get it listed !

    Oh and BryanL I have to second what Kyle said , it has a definite performance sound , a nice throatier sound , but do date I haven't had one person finding it loud at all !

    wow 32 more mods tp go mwarchut can't let this one slip by unharrassed lol Welcome to the forum and please click on my signature link below for a look all the mods available from the only guy with a Price Match Guarnantee Plus 5% credited back in points ensuring you will always receive preferred customer pricing after your first purchase with us .

    To summarize, that's the Industries best sale prices , plus 5% Back !

    Oh and have you checked out the way our new Nascar Styled Windshields fit those new Slingshades

    MACAWS oh yes I see that splitter would be a problem , That tow bar type winch bracket wouldn't happen to line right up with the slots in the fillers would it, they could be shaped a bit , or does the bar hinge up and down freely ?