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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Hi Glen sorry about the delays. emailed you the instructions this morning. rode home last night and got in about 2:00 AM Only social media customers so far Thanks for tagging me MiM .

    I love my black ones, get a lot of compliments on them .Reach out to Hodge , direct, for your best deal on a set if you're interested in some of these stock Slingshot ones he has left , just trying to help,,, for a friend

    first generation TrakHamr™ with the upgraded TrakPak Sway Bar +$595.00

    Not shown here, Matt's new DDM Supercharger, Ordered on Tuesday, Shipped on Thursday ! I,d like to say that's the benefit of dealing with one Distributor , but in actual fairness, it was DDM who stepped up to the plate for me with a two day fullfillment !

    If you are interested in crunching Slingshot #s edwardaneal you can chew on these for a while, they are my C.of G. calculations of a stock Slingshot I had to calculate for axle placement when I built my first hydraulic drop deck trailer for the Slingshot. You will have to excuse my scribble as they were only intended for my eyes.

    if you do the math ,these weights come out to 59.5 to 40.5 front to back weight ratio so that's not far off a production Slingshot manufactured at a 65 to 35 ratio . There are a lot of factors that will account for wokka s side to side differences ,mainly being the weight of the turbo setup on the right side and the dual rear exit exhaust , makes me wonder if the scales aren't crossed up with the right being the left. A stock slingshot is pretty well balanced with each front side weighing in about 563 and the rear at 607 for a total weight of 1734 with a half tank of fuel .

    Some important TrakHamr design criteria can be summarized here , All the additional weight is added to the rear end only where the additional shock and the transverse composite Spring distribute it equally to be carried by the additional suspension provided so the front end of a Slingshot sees no extra loading due to the increased weight of the kit and the front to rear weight ratios haven't changed much which would affect the way Polaris designed the front end to handle .

    The Differences from side to side of this turbo charged Slingshot clearly demonstrate the need for adjustable shocks to compensate , given a lot of Quad kits end up being used with force induction which adds weight disproportionately to one side The upgrade to adjustable front shocks as well is probably well advised. We sell and recommend an upgrade, if one hasn't already, to our fully adjustable coil over front QAIs for $575.00.

    I hope to be able to offer a DDM adjustable shock package for the TrakHamrs soon as they are a terrific shock package as well.

    I am sure this has already been answered somewhere in one of these threads, but can someone tell me is the wheelbase front to back the same with this quad setup as the stock length front to back? also is the quad wheelbase width the same as the front?

    The TrakHamr when used with your stock Polaris wheels will be about 2"" narrower on the rear end. The front to back wheel base should remain the same I believe , . checking into it now.

    Save travels wokka and yes you certainly do have a whole new Slingshot now to experience , with that awesome new DDM build and a TrakHamr™ Quad Conversion, What more could a guy want ! lol Please keep us updated on how you are finding things when you do make it home safely. Can't wait to get my demo Sling converted in a couple weeks and get out to some rallies to let everybody try out the new TrakHamr™ for themselves !

    It looks great.... how does it handle and hook up...

    It,ll be cutting it close but with a little luck I may have mine installed in time for the Indy airpark 1/2 mile rabtech and you can try it out there .

    Troy is trying to finish up his sold commitments and installations for a few people over the next month, a couple of them being very prominent forum members here, but that's their story to tell , so you won't hear about it from me .

    @R Lough, Effective today there are no new installations available in Traverse City Or retail sales,. While Troy Hill will always be available for Technical support and manufacturing , He is no longer involved in sales or installations .

    I,ll try to explain this without sounding arrogant on Troy's behalf, but he simply does not have the personal time available to dedicate to the TrakHamr Retail end of things. As the TrakHamr Brand has picked up momentum , Troy is very proud of his design and has put together a first class manufacturing team to support the increase in sales and has opted to turn all retail sales .installations and service over to a third party dedicated to growing TrakHamr sales.

    The Trakhamr grew out of Troy's love for all things mechanical and fast ! but it has been his spare time passion that has brought to us this opportunity. It was never meant to be a fulltime career for Troy as his daily time is consumed heading up a very busy Engineering , Manufacturing Company in the Oil Field Equipment Industry. Michigan is huge in the Shale Oil Industry and his head office is in Dallas with many employees there.

    @R Lough , The 5-6 hour installation time comes from Troy's mechanic with a helper in a well equipped shop and is pending no model year changes, or no casual days spent shopping for lug nuts. We are so confident in this number that we have included. free installation for those who want to ship their Slingshot to us and save us the cost of having to crate and ship a kit to you.

    But there is no reason a guy couldn't install one at home on a weekend as long as he is the type of guy who can routinely jack Up a Slingshot pull a back tire , swing arm and unbolt an angle drive in a couple of hours. If you don't have the experience or time for this type of installation .we are actively pursuing qualified installers in every Region Of the United States and are pleased to announce ZZP in Michigan is anxious to provide installation services as well.

    lol FunCycle , heres a test for you, just get on a long stretch of straightaway . point the sling straight down the road, Then start driving at about 60mph with the steering wheel held in one exact position for straight ahead, lol, see if you make it 200 yards with out going onto the shoulder. On a perfectly flat , machined smooth road you could go a long way without having to adjust the wheel , but on roads like we have its constant slight pressure adjustments, So what Im saying is, it's less with a quad because a lot of it on a worn road with the center crowned has a lot to do with the rear wanted to track in the direction of the slope . I know its minimal and easily corrected for with the slightest of inputs on the wheel , but its less inputs required in a quad . Not Saying the slingshot isn't a good handling machine , that's obvious to anybody who has ever ran behind you in the twisties, just saying with a quad you'd notice a little better handling . I,ll set Kyle up with one next year and maybe he'll be able to keep up this time . lmao.

    Congrats on the new setup Grant! I guess I'm going to have to make my way out to Colorado and set eyes on this myself. Having just run some drags up in Canada, I'm wondering what this will do for your times. The one turbo in our group had a heck of a time launching and I think the quad would make it much quicker and more manageable.

    While traction is an obvious gain, another great feature many miss in the first glance of a quad kit is the better handling on the roads at high speed, as the inherent issue of the Slingshot's rear centerline tire always trying to roll downhill off the crown of the road and constantly having to be corrected for is alleviated .

    Since the Slingshot is a basically good handling vehicle many of us don't recognize this shortfall as we are constantly subconsciously correcting for it, Just as many don't recognize that they are having to turn the handlebars right while leaning left on a motorcycle to make a coordinated left turn then subconsciously recovering as any turn in a motorcycle is a series of falls and recoveries.

    That inherent shortfall in a reverse trike configuration is unavoidable, and well worth overlooking as the Slingshot has many great attributes. But by adding a Quad Conversion the experience only gets better !