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  • The trips we do are for business and it looks like I will be back over around the 27th or 28th of November but most likely be staying in London itself. Will keep an eye out for a few day trip.

    • Keep me posted.
      However my mother-in-law is coming over from Austria around that time.

    • Ooopppss!
      Australia (not Austria).

  • Yes, it was a good stay just too short to get out much. Take care

    • Was the trip work or pleasure?

      If you are over again, we should try and meet, if I'm mobile. (But that's another story, for my thread, in the next few weeks).

    • That would be great, I have another trip coming up in a month or so. Usually make two to three trips a year. I will let you know as the date gets closer.

  • Hope all is well for you, stopped into Luton for a couple of nights on a trip. Great riding weather!!

    • Unfortunately Luton isn't one of the best places in Britain, however, it's great for access to London.
      I hope you had a great time, while in the UK. One of the few Slingshots, that we have lives just a few miles south, in St Albans.

  • Would you like an SS decal just like the picture on @mytoy's nut cover thread? The picture of the one he gave to Anita. I have one left right now. I might have to make some more. If you do just send the address. I know I have seen it somewhere but could not find it.

    • Paul Andrews
      HR4 8BT

      That would be fantastic!
      Big thanks from your European mate.

    • Oooooppss.......

      Roseanne = Rosebank
      Westerham = Westhope

      Everything else was correct.
      Too much of this Irish Ginness, during the BikeFest trip.

    • I will get it out maybe Wednesday, doctor appt. tomorrow